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Records of the Chango, 2007  year   
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08001, Vorágine



 Artist: 08001

 Release year: 2007

 Label: Working Progress

 Type: Album

 Listen to it at Chango's Radio:

· Vorágine (4m14s)

 Track list:

1. Mr.Morality
2. Vorágine
3. Ketama
4. Jungle
5. Crazy strings
6. Mel
7. Ras el ma
8. Muzik & life
9. Le salut
+ ghostrack

According to Julian Urigoitia, creator and founder of the 08001 project, “life is a voragine” [hustle and bustle, in Spanish]. This is true not only from the perspective of an individual, but also of a neighborhood and even the entire globe. The worst misfortune can come together with the greatest joy.. the script is written in many different ways. The voragine daily invades, surrounds and floods the Raval - 08001's home neighborhood and also the first postal code digit of Barcelona . We explore its limits and in those situations, one can find the climax, the voyage without return, the last leg of a road towards a new, unknown, unpredictable and changing world.

Listening to the entire album is indeed a trip with no return ticket. The paths opened by 08 (as friends call the project) lead to a progress with a firm direction, constructing new ways to create and interpret music.

08's second effort, Voragine, could very well be a motion picture soundtrack thanks to the hypnosis it induces. The tracks flow as if they were scripted, narrating melodies while the lyrics provide a multi-cultural and musical dialogue.

The listener is submerged in a stream of trans-ethnic beats based on the fusion of electronica and organic instruments, sonically adorned with middle-eastern flavors like the North African raï and gnawa styles. All these textures are framed in the more modern context of dub, rock, soul, pop and even flamenco. The end result of this concoction is a record with a definite urban sound and stories told from the guts of one of the most cosmopolitan areas in Europe, the district of the Raval, in Barcelona, Spain.

The lyrics, recorded in 3 different languages as seen on the project's website [www.08001.org], are inspired by the survival of humanity in a confused planet.

The catalyst that made the making of Voragine a reality has been an intense period of rehearsals and work carried out in 08001 Studios, run by Julian. Various minds have put their unique talents in every single track of the record through great doses of spontaneity and eclecticism, which defined the creative process. The commitment of every musician in the project varies naturally, depending on the persons who come and go. Thus, we find artists who appeared in 08001's first work Raval ta Joie, and who are in Barcelona and now come with renewed energy and creativity.

Who knows if the next album will see more changes due the new directions people take, and maybe new names will appear next to the ones already on there. This risk is what makes the project more exciting and interesting. It also make the project impossible to get into a rut, as new ideas constantly enter and flow into the melting pot, reinventing track after track. It's a labor of research and love of music

Co-production and Mixing
Julian counted on the expertise and experience of Laurent Guéneau [Flam], to co-produce this record in Julian's own 08001 studio set in the Raval. Laurent came to Barcelona and lived in the Raval district for 3 months, getting his feet wet in the essence of this charismatic part of town so he could reflect its spirit through the music on the new Voragine album. With over 20 years of experience, Laurent has worked on and recorded albums for renowned artists such as Khaled, Natasha Atlas, Les Negresses Vertes, The National Orchestra of Barbes, Faudel, Ismael Lo or Africa Bambataa.

The final record making process fell into the hands of Mike Marsh from The Exchange, in London (UK). He is one of the pioneers in design and construction of music recording studios as we know them today. Over two decades of experience in the industry have put Mike in the position to master albums of top artists such as Björk, Oasis, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers or U2, just to name a selected few.

 Records: 08001

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  2003 - Album
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  2004 - Re-edition
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Vorágine · Vorágine
  2007 - Album
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 Main contributions: 08001

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  2009 - Compilation


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