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Records of the Chango, 2007  year   
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Chalart58, Recording



 Artist: Chalart58

 Main contributions:

· La Kinky Beat

· Rude

· Mamamilotas

· Jaleo Real

· Sorkun

· Bad Sound System

· Brujo

 Release year: 2007

 Label: Kasba Music

 Type: Album

 Track list:

01 Move the weed (matahary)
02 amazonic (rude)
03 hostal dub (junior)
04 super doner (dreadgar)
05 fuego in love (willy fuego)
06 ganja and roses (brujo)
07 old time (asevilla)
08 pittbull de bologna
09 lujazo (marco fonktana)
10 the momento (sito barbero)
11 steady58 (sorkun)
12 fuego in love (hernan lucky)
13 steel hazeing (bad sound system, sorkun, matahary)

“Recording” :::: Barcelona resonates reggae.

Kasba Music presents Chalart58´s first solo CD. Chalart58 is a musician from Barcelona, more precisely a drummer/percussionist, who currently is a member of La Kinky Beat, but who has also participated in projects with Radio Bemba, Jaleo Real and Fermín Muguruza Euskal Herria Jamaica Clash.

Chalart58 makes this debut with a selection of his own “riddims”, as it’s Jamaican music that pulses through his veins.

On this occasion he counts on the “worst” from each house: Matahary and Willy Fuego (La Kinky Beat), Rude (Barrio Beat), “Lucky” Hernán (Mamamilotas), Sito (Jaleo Real), Marco Fonktana (Aerolíneas Subterraneas), Sorkun, Dreadgar and Bad Sound System, among others.

“Recording” is the result of 2 years of home-brewed self-production from a mobile studio, taking advantage of the departures and arrivals from the tours, casual encounters, friends and musicians. A story that would not have been completed had it not been for the inestimable assistance and collaboration of: David Bourguignon (Radio Bemba) on guitars, Rubio (Nour, 08001) on guitars, Arecio Smith (Asstrio) and Marcel Lipi (Ranking Soldiers) on keyboards, Willy Fuego on bass and guitars and ‘Lucky’ Hernán on bass.

On this disk you will find 13 themes, mixing reggae riddims and hip hop with variations based on black music, rhythms that range from funk to ragga, in the purist Jamaican style.

Check out the graphic design: a down-to-earth montage realized by Carlos Undergroove (Da bunker), who knew how to capture the flow emitted from this disk and translate its musical concept into images.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Chalart58.


 Records: Chalart58

Chalart58 · Chalart58
  2004 - Demo
Riddims 58 · Riddims 58
  2006 - Demo
Recording · Recording
  2007 - Album
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Dub from Bcn · Dub from Bcn
  2010 - EP
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Happiness · Happiness
  2013 - Single

 Main contributions: Chalart58

Radio Bemba Sound System · Manu Chao: Radio Bemba Sound System
  2002 - Live
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RMXMadeInBarna · La Kinky Beat: RMXMadeInBarna
  2005 - Remixes
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Milakabilaka · Fermin Muguruza: Milakabilaka
  2007 - Single
Irun Lion Zion in Dub (Vol.1) · Irun Lion Zion in Dub (Vol.1)
  2007 - Compilation
Kalean · Bad Sound System: Kalean
  2008 - Album
RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años · RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años
  2008 - Double Compilation
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Pintxatu · Pintxatu
  2009 - Compilation
La Conexión · Rude: La Conexión
  2009 - Double album
Prolijo · La Limoncello: Prolijo
  2009 - Album
Proyectos de Conciencia, Vol. II · Proyectos de Conciencia, Vol. II
  2010 - Compilation
Ex-cusas · Brujo: Ex-cusas
  2010 - EP
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Con la tela de araña · Willy Fuego: Con la tela de araña
  2011 - EP
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Equinox · La Limoncello: Equinox
  2011 - Album
Cat Samurai · La Bundu Band: Cat Samurai
  2011 - Album
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Revoltosa · Bongo Botrako: Revoltosa
  2012 - Album
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Alma de Cantaora · Amparo Sánchez: Alma de Cantaora
  2012 - Album
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