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Records of the Chango, 2005  year   
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La Kinky Beat, RMXMadeInBarna



 Artist: La Kinky Beat

 Main contributions:

· Fermin Muguruza

· Dj Panko (ODB)

· Rude

· Chalart58

· Electroputas

 Release year: 2005

 Label: Kasba Music

 Type: Remixes

 Track list:

01 Freedom - Chalart58
02 Yeah Man - Santako Style
03 I Come From - Fermin Muguruza
04 No Sun - Electroputas
05 Maria Cristina - Beautifulañica Colective
06 Lo Llevas Claro - Dj Panko
07 No Sun - R Sanchez
08 Pirata Capitan - Rudeman
09 Maria - Marc Llobera
10 No Es Lo Mismo - Electroputas
11 A Mi No Me Busques - Hohmann
12 Waiting - Matahary vs Electroputas

Towards the end of 2004 they published “Made in Barna” with the new label Kasba Music, a young independent music venture in Barcelona. This first release continues to receive accolades in the media and has been presented live in concert across Spain and Europe. Among the numerous concerts and festivals in which they have participated, their performance at three in the latest Viñarock Festival in front of fifteen thousand fans dancing to the adrenaline pumping pulse of La Kinky Beat is standout.

Now they are releasing their new CD: “RMX”, Kasba Music 05: eleven remixed themes, one unpublished song and a video clip. This is a personalized revision of the “Kinky Style”, with a modern techno emphasis.

This second album is surprising for its immediacy and change of register without losing its kinky identity, as well as for new versions of themes created with several collaborating artists: Fermin Muguraza and Sorkun with the warm “I Come From”; DJ Panko, from Ojos de Brujo, with “Lo Llevas Claro!” marked by its definite drum´n´bass accent; the Italian DJ, Rudeman, with the sensational “Pirata Capitán”; Marc Llobera, from Cheb Balowski, with the colorful “Maria”; Roberto Sánchez, from Basque Dub Foundation, with “No Sun” and also Electroputas, Beautyfulañica, Hohmann… pseudonyms for close friends of the group and from the same members of the band who put the finishing touches on this delicious pastel of original songs.

If you are already a fan of La Kinky Beat, this will give you even more reason to place them among your favorite groups.
If you are not familiar with them, there is no better introduction.

 Records: La Kinky Beat

La Kinky Beat - demo & remixes · La Kinky Beat - demo & remixes
  2004 - Demo
Made in Barna · Made in Barna
  2004 - Album
  buy it at iTunes
RMXMadeInBarna · RMXMadeInBarna
  2005 - Remixes
  buy it at iTunes
One More Time · One More Time
  2006 - Album
  buy it at RadioChango | iTunes
04-06 · 04-06
  2007 - Compilation
Karate Beat · Karate Beat
  2008 - Album
  buy it at iTunes
Remixes by Zion Train & Mad Professor · Remixes by Zion Train & Mad Professor
  2009 - Single
Massive Underground · Massive Underground
  2011 - Album
  buy it at iTunes

 Main contributions: La Kinky Beat

RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I · RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I
  2005 - Compilation
Barcelona Raval Sessions 2 · Barcelona Raval Sessions 2
  2005 - Double Compilation
Mundo Mestizo 2 · Mundo Mestizo 2
  2007 - Compilation
Recording · Chalart58: Recording
  2007 - Album
  buy it at iTunes
For Ever · Fufü-Ai: For Ever
  2007 - Album
  buy it at iTunes
EsperanSaharaui · EsperanSaharaui
  2007 - Compilation
Milakabilaka · Fermin Muguruza: Milakabilaka
  2007 - Single
Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo · Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo
  2007 - Compilation
Visca la Vida (10 anys Hace Color) · Visca la Vida (10 anys Hace Color)
  2008 - Compilation
RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años · RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años
  2008 - Double Compilation
  buy it at RadioChango
Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema · Fermin Muguruza: Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema
  2008 - Album
  buy it at iTunes
La Conexión · Rude: La Conexión
  2009 - Double album
Boom Bastard · Electroputas: Boom Bastard
  2010 - Album
Proyectos de Conciencia, Vol. II · Proyectos de Conciencia, Vol. II
  2010 - Compilation
Ex-cusas · Brujo: Ex-cusas
  2010 - EP
  buy it at RadioChango
Música contra la represión · Música contra la represión
  2011 - Compilation
  buy it at iTunes
Cat Samurai · La Bundu Band: Cat Samurai
  2011 - Album
  buy it at iTunes


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