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Records of the Chango, 2006  year   
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La Kinky Beat, One More Time

One More Time


 Artist: La Kinky Beat

 Main contributions:

· Rude

 Release year: 2006

 Label: Kasba Music

 Type: Album

 Listen to it at Chango's Radio:

· Give Me (2m29s)

 Track list:

1. Minimal
2. Give Me
3. Monster
4. Chronic Steady
5. Black Panther
6. Motor Psycho
7. Eternity
8. Dejar de Pensar
9. Vaffanculo
10. Fight
11. Big Drummer
12. Rebel Smile

For those of you who follow La Kinky Beat, the title of their new album, the second disc they have cut, will not surprise you. Of course, One more time, is the battle cry of musicians who refuse to leave the stage. And the truth is that these Barcelonans, formed in bands like Trimelón, Jaleo Real or Mano Chao´s Radio Bemba, have done everything including pumping gas. Or at least this is what they claim in the frank, “Mas de lo mismo” (More of the same), the last song on this highly anticipated CD.

Their debut album, Made in Barcelona (Kasba Music, 2004) and the remix album that followed it, RMX (Kasba Music, 2005), catapulted La Kinky Beat onto the stage and onto a non-stop series of concerts throughout Spain, then to Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. And just like that, hundreds of “One more times”, making the whole world dance to the festive sound and the tremendously forceful Kinky Style live.

On One more time, we find in the new musical blend a perfect beat thanks to the tremendous base and percussion line on top of which are played rocksteady, reggae, rock´n´roll, ska, hip hop, dub, funk, and the band’s characteristic, electronic jungle and drum´n´bass rhythms. This last characteristic is enriched by the Italian DJ and MC, Rude, the newest addition to the Kinky Beat family, who the band relies on to reinforce and define the electronic pulse, both in the studio and live in concert.

Also notable is the work of Tomás Arroyos (Mano Negra, Color Humano, Dusminguet), producer, along with La Kinky Beat, of One more time, who has managed to give personality and cohesion to a group of diverse songs, like the reggae cuts, “Vaffanculo” and “Chronic Steady”, the punk-rock song, “Big drummer”, the pop “Eternity”, the hip hop cut with a sense of humor, “Monster”, themes including sampling, like “Dejar de pensar” (Stop thinking) or pure Kinky Beat themes, like “Black Panther” and “Rebel smile”.

The collaborators noted on the album jacket include: Joni Ferzeta, responsible for the graphic design, who has also collaborated in the past and two ex-guitar players with La Kinky Beat, David Bourguignon, a member of Radio Bemba, who also produced the La Kinky Beat´s first CD and the energetic Madjid Fahem, also a member of Radio Bemba.

Well then, “One more time” as long as the body lasts!

Marc Isern.

 Records: La Kinky Beat

La Kinky Beat - demo & remixes · La Kinky Beat - demo & remixes
  2004 - Demo
Made in Barna · Made in Barna
  2004 - Album
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RMXMadeInBarna · RMXMadeInBarna
  2005 - Remixes
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One More Time · One More Time
  2006 - Album
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04-06 · 04-06
  2007 - Compilation
Karate Beat · Karate Beat
  2008 - Album
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Remixes by Zion Train & Mad Professor · Remixes by Zion Train & Mad Professor
  2009 - Single
Massive Underground · Massive Underground
  2011 - Album
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 Main contributions: La Kinky Beat

RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I · RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I
  2005 - Compilation
Barcelona Raval Sessions 2 · Barcelona Raval Sessions 2
  2005 - Double Compilation
Mundo Mestizo 2 · Mundo Mestizo 2
  2007 - Compilation
Recording · Chalart58: Recording
  2007 - Album
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For Ever · Fufü-Ai: For Ever
  2007 - Album
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EsperanSaharaui · EsperanSaharaui
  2007 - Compilation
Milakabilaka · Fermin Muguruza: Milakabilaka
  2007 - Single
Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo · Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo
  2007 - Compilation
Visca la Vida (10 anys Hace Color) · Visca la Vida (10 anys Hace Color)
  2008 - Compilation
RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años · RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años
  2008 - Double Compilation
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Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema · Fermin Muguruza: Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema
  2008 - Album
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La Conexión · Rude: La Conexión
  2009 - Double album
Boom Bastard · Electroputas: Boom Bastard
  2010 - Album
Proyectos de Conciencia, Vol. II · Proyectos de Conciencia, Vol. II
  2010 - Compilation
Ex-cusas · Brujo: Ex-cusas
  2010 - EP
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Música contra la represión · Música contra la represión
  2011 - Compilation
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Cat Samurai · La Bundu Band: Cat Samurai
  2011 - Album
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