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Records of the Chango, 2006  year   
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Make Capitalism History

Make Capitalism History


 Main contributions:

· Obrint Pas

· Desechos

· Sagarroi

· Banda Bassotti

 Release year: 2006

 Type: Compilation

 Track list:

1* Jeunesse Apatride (Quebec), „La Victoire Sommeille“
2* Anti-Flag (USA), “We Don’t Need It”
3* Chaoze One feat. Lotta C (DE), “Heimatmelodien”
4* Mono und Nikitaman (DE), “Für Immer”
5* Desechos (Spanish State), “Que Se Vayan Todos”
6* Banda Bassotti (Italy), “Coccode”
7* No Respect (DE), “How Much Longer?”
8* Mallacan, “Zierzo”
9* Los Fastidios (Italy), „Quel Giorno Arrivera“
10* Turbostaat (DE), “Peterantjeseinsöhn”
11* ZSK (DE), „We Will Stop You“
12* Brigada Flores Magon (France), “Pour Ma Classe”
13* Dulces Diablitos (Argentina), “Why?”
14* Sagarroi (Euskadi), “Ez eman Begirik”
15* Irie Revoltes (DE), „Voyage“
16* Obrint Pas (Catalunya), “No Tingues Por”
17* Panteon Rococo (Mexico), „La Ciudad de la Esperanza“
18* Rogue Steady Orchestra (DE), “Die Arche”
19* Klezcore (DE), “Pferdeporno”
20* David Rovics (USA), “We are Everywhere”

Block the G8!
Make capitalism history!

The next summit of the G8 is scheduled to take place in summer of 2007, on the banks of the „Ostsee“ in Heiligendamm (near Rostock). This summit brings together the self-appointed “leaders of the world,” meaning the rulers of the seven “industrialized” nations, plus Russia. The decisions to be made at this summit, of international relevance, have for the most part already been discussed and developed elsewhere in advance. This means that the G8 summit is principally a gathering of symbolic, rather than material concrete, revelance. The goal of all this being to justify and legitimize decisions through a barrage of media exposure and propaganda, thus creating the illusion that it is an open process.

It is this background which has in the last years turned G8 summits into crystallization points for protest and resistance. The past attacks on the “red zones” of power through streetprotests, barricades, and direct action are still fresh memories for most. If anything, it can already be counted as a success of the “anti-globalization” movement that its protests shed light on, and made mainstream, issues such as environmental destruction, poverty, and exploitation. The role of the G8 as protector of the social, economic, political and cultural relations which cause these issues has been exposed, and as a result of this G8 summits are now held in isolated fortresses, no longer allowing for the illusion of proximity to “the masses.”
The demonstrations, presentations, discussions, cultural and music festivals, and other diverse actions against this summit are aimed to demonstrate, above all, that we find the realities (on both a local and global level) of the global capitalist system to be unacceptable. It is our goal to show that there are indeed alternatives to this system and its inevitably accompanying catastrophes (permanent war, exploitation, oppression, ...)! Thus, the protests against the summit of world rulers provide us with a space to expose the various facets of this barbarism and explore, discuss, and organize options for resistance.

With this mobilization sampler we aim to add our grain of sand in creating the necessary preconditions for this process. We want to motivate people to become involved in the discussions and preparations, and to take an active part in the upcoming protests. The organization, preparation, and distribution of such a sampler are just one example amongst hundreds of other options! This sampler has only become possible through the cooperation of the artists and bands who have contributed songs, as well as the political groups and organizations who have come together to put it out. Thus, this CD itself is a practical example of the idea of coming together to exchange ideas and then combining strengths with others in order to make a project a reality.
The entire anti G8 2007 moobilization is so large and ambitious that any one political tendency would be completely overwhelmed by the task. The jobs in front of us like the organization of a common protest camp, of effective propaganda work, international mobilizing, financing, and much more can only be successfully accomplished as a common endeavor. But just as it is imortant to work together on this task, the sheer enormity of it also presents a wide range of possibilities for groups and individuals to bring to it their own perspectives and ideas!

In this process, it is important for us to show that this is not a fight for a “better capitalism,” or to win a seat at the bargaining table of our rulers. The “leaders” who meet at this summit have no legitimacy in our eyes, and certainly no right to decide our fates and futures! Instead of allowing the interests of capital to dictate the direction of society, we must fight to put the productivity and accomlishments of today to work for ALL of us. This means not only the delegitimization of the G8, but rather the concrete fight for global rights! In this category fall for us concepts such as global freedom of movement, an unconditional basic income, and the destruction of sexist gender norms. These are struggles which are on the surface only partial, but which are revolutionary in that they are inherently incompatible with the interests of global capitalism.

For us, the deligitimization of the G8 summit must also be expressed through practical forms of action. Therefore, we call for massive blockades during the planned days of action. For these blockades to be succesful, they will require the participation of a much larger number of people than what we have been seeing lately in protest movements. The blockades must on the one hand be in such a form that all kinds of people, with the widest variety of tactics, can participate and support each other. On the other hand, they must not remain in the purely symbolic, but rather be a concrete and dedicated attempt to cut the G8 summit off from its functional infrastructure.
We aim to show that we are not just there to protest, but that we intend to take our destinies into our own hands, and that we have but one demand for the G8 summit and the rulers of the world: Que se Vayan Todos!

Enjoy the CD, help spread it, and we wish you strength and success in the fight for another world!

Avanti- Projekt Undogmatische Linke (www.avanti-project.de)
Fire and Flames Music (www.fireandflames.com)
Lucha Amada (www.luchaamada.de)


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