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Records of the Chango, 2007  year   
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Sota Zero, Llestos



 Artist: Sota Zero

 Main contributions:

· Dj Panko (ODB)

· Jaleo Real

· Macaco

 Release year: 2007

 Type: Album

 Track list:

01 Llestos
02 No Deixis De Pensar
03 Vella Per Dins
04 Del Cel Al Món
05 Per Tu
06 Fas Venir Calor
07 Mai Més
08 Avançar
09 Jo De Petit Vull Ser Com Tu
10 El Límit Del Silenci

Sotazero premieres with Llestos, the first free access record edited in Catalan.
The album could be downloaded since the release´s day

Sotazero have finally launched their first album with a pioneering offer in Europe: it is an exclusive free downloaded catalan record.
Llestos will be released on the 17th of December through Edicions Singulars record company and it will be on the net too with free download.

Under Llestos as a title, the rumba fusion band from Barcelona continues developing its musical life counting with the support of the people who have proved their success.
The agreement with Edicions Singulars, dated on 30th of January of 2007, is a step forward to break hierarchies and rules. For the very first time the musicians - the ones who, authentically, compose and perform their songs- have the exclusive rights to sales of the record.
All of this has its roots in Tercera Via, the first independent musical promoter company in Catalonia. This has provided an unique opportunity to talented musicians like Sotazero to have a chance to show their music around the Catalan country.

The Sotazero´s single “No deixis de pensar” has already been downloaded by one thousand people in only a week on www.myspace.com/sotazero, where about 18,000 people have been logging on during the last few months of the year.

Exclusive collaboration in Llestos

Llestos was recorded from January to August 2007. There was the special collaboration of well-known musicians like DJ Panko (Ojos de Brujo), Jaleo Real, Lichis ( La Cabra Mecánica), Macaco, Dennis “Huevo” (Radio Malanga), Vall Samba and Kayo Malayo. Many of them were present the 14 th of November in Sala Apolo2, where the Sotazero´s record was launched live. The event took place in the distinguished catalan club where more than 300 people could shake with their songs. Also they thanked people who had been present during the recording and in Llestos´edition.

Sotazero. In live performance

After playing in about 50 places in 2007, attracting over 20,000 people, the rumba, funk, disco and reggae fusion is still going. Sotazero have just anounced the 2008 tour with 15 venues already booked.
The record´s launch is travelling around the country. On the 14th of December it is landing on Girona where Sotazero will play in Sala de Cel at midnight. Tarragona is the next destination for the 22nd of September where the band will play with the tropic-funk group Arangu, in Rasquera.
Sotazero have been in important venues with regarded bands like Lax'n'Busto, Obrit Pas, Skalariak, Gertrudis and Jaleo Real. Similarly, they have been playing in many of the most famous places like Sala Apolo (BCN), Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, La Mirona (Salt), Pasternak (Vic), Apolo (BCN), Mariscal (L'Estartit), Gràcia´s Annual Festival, etc.

Tercera Via

SotaZero are one of the 11 bands in Tercera Via which, as an association, was born because of the absence of resources, help and confidence from companies of the musical sector to bands uncyaning their career in Catalonia.
Tercera via offers promotion to the bands included in it giving new values of catalan music. It also produces its festivals, tours in clubs around Catalonia and País Valencià; even debates with the best professional teams. Tercera via´s aim is to build a new generation of musician from musical and social perspective. To achieve this, it promotes new bands, with creative minds, own style, solid purposes; always working with live music. Up to now Tercera Via can count with 120 bands that everybody can find by making a click in www.terceravia.org

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