Compilation Lucha Amada (14.10.2011)

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Compilation Lucha Amada

Benefit compilation "Lucha Amada - Musica Rebelde" out now: compiled by the dj collective Lucha Amada celebrating it´s 10 years´ anniversary this double cd in a book format brings together most famous mestizo bands like Manu Chao, Fermin Muguruza, Obrint Pas, Watcha Clan, Los de Abajo, Kultur Shock with new talents from nearly all over the world - all bands have their aim to change the world in common, making an end to poverty & capitalism. 

All benefits from the compilation are helping support two projects: Agua para todas, a waterproject in Chiapas/Mexico & Afrique-Europe-Interact, an antiracist network opposing fortress europe. Musically we do have Cumbia from Buenos Aires, french Hip Hop, Latin-Ska from Mexico-City, Balkan-Punk from Seattle, Patchanka from the Pais Vasco, Jungle-Ska from Prague and lots more...

Released on the german label Jump Up this compilation consists of 40 songs, some of them exclusive and nowhere else released.

Support this compilation, get a copy to review it, spread the news about it, resell it....just write to: luchaamada@gmx.de for infos...

Lucha Amada – Musica rebelde
CD 1

01. Watcha Clan – Im Nin`alu
02. Mauresca – cooperativa
03. Unité Maü Maü – rebelles
04. Assalti Frontali – mamy
05. Barriobeat feat. Bad Sound System – Musika resistente
06. Lengualerta – Hasta Siempre Comandanta
07. Soom T & Disrupt – puff the police
08. Desechos – ragga al tiempo (Remix)
09. Irie Révoltés – manipubation
10. Ki Sap – si quieren guerra
11. Esne Zopak – pasodoble
12. O Jarbanzo Negro – kaskagorri intro
13. O Jarbanzo Negro & Inigo Muguruza – kaskagorri
14. Obrint Pas – alegria
15. La Familia – todos unidos
16. Ma Valise – ceuta
17. Panteón Rococó – abajo a la izquierda
18. Guts Pie Earshot feat Vias – infinita tristeza
19. Paco Mendoza – revolucionario
20. Collectif Mary Read – dans l´ombre de l´histoire
21. Fermin Muguruza – ezin ihesi Berlin

CD 2

01. Los de Abajo – actitud calle
02. Kumbia Queers – feriado nacional
03. Sagarroi – herriko plazan
04. Microplatform – antagonista a vita
05. Yacine & the Oriental Groove – goumari
06. Color Humano – una sonrisa por delante
07. Esne Beltza – etorri zaitez
08. Joxe Ripiau – positive bomb (DZ Remix)
09. La Plataforma – eskuela taller
10. MiKKim – rub a dub rock (instrumental)
11. Patchanka – doc boots
12. Hechos Contra el Decoro – esto es lo que hay
13. Mallácan – tristura
14. Moyenei – morenita regresa
15. Cheb Balowski – el dimoni ha fet un crit
16. Che Sudaka – el futuro es tuyo
17. Manu Chao – put it on
18. Antidoping – all of me
19. Kultur Shock – revolutionary song
20. Piratas Urbanos – turn off your TV now

Lucha Amada

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