Benefit Beats (23.04.2010)

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Benefit Beats

04.& 05.06. Berlin, KATO

begin: 21.30h each day


2 days of solidarity & musical resistance

Where? Kato (im Schlesischen Tor/U1), Berlin-Kreuzberg

Ticket: 8€, 2-day Ticket 14€

(buy the 2-day ticket: Disorder Rebel Store & Red Stuff)

On june the 4th & 5th there will be a massive benefit festival
in Berlin.
"Benefit Beats" is a 2 nights party in the club "KATO"
dedicated to soundsystems, djs & mcs.

Only these will present their sounds & their understanding of
culture: loving music but also resisting and fighting for a
better world.

Taking action & supporting left wing structures is also the aim
of this festival, so all the benefit from these 2 nights will be
donated to different radical left wing projects.

* Friday night will start with a brilliant new project by incredible
MC Soom T
from Glasgow together with Disrupt from Leipzig
Soom T is famous for her former band "Monkeytribe" as well
as her solo works and massive collaborations with artists as
Mungo's Hi-Fi or T.Raumschmiere.
Well known for her electro hip hop she now works with Disrupt
from Jahtari performing great Digital Laptop Reggae.
Finally in Berlin that night there is Assalti Frontali, one of the
most important italian hip hop bands, active since nearly 20 years.
They were born from the ashes of the legendary hip hop combo "Onda Rossa Posse" has been active in the centri sociale
(occupied autonomous social center) from begin on. Their political hip hop is released by the italian left wing newspaper
"Il Manifesto".
Continuing the night will be Mal Eleve, MC from germanys best Ragga Reggae band Irie Revoltes from Heidelberg who are just
before releasing their new album. Mal Eleve will be supported by Berlin based Detrend City Rockers who will rock on afterwards
with their punky, hard rocking drum´n´bass sounds and biting visuals.
Leleprox from Milano, formerly known as DJ from italian hip hop legend Piombo a Tempo and founding member of Microplatform,
an international collective of antifa djs, will continue with his wonderful drum´n´bass & jungle.

* Saturday starts with french Hip Hop collective Skyzominus Krew from St Etienne. With Piloophaz, Mans & Romstick they have
3 MCs and DJ O´legg giving the sounds to their real raw rap.
Chaoze One & Lotta C. are the most famous & active political rappers from germany. They were the first to bring Hip Hop into
left wing structures. They often play to support protests, eg the Anti-G8 protests in 2007 at the G8 summit in germany.
Their show is as fascinating as their music and lyrics.
La Plataforma, also active member in the international network “Microplatform”, is a collective from Madrid which is producing
films about demonstrations & occupations and also provide their documentations with it´s own soundtracks, mixing drum´n´bass
& hip hop with slogans from demonstrations. They´ll come with a great video show.
Musical collective Lucha Amada will bringthe hottest sounds in radical mestizo. Being known for their great dance parties mixing
latin-ska, reggae, cumbia & raggamuffin they will present their most electronic stuff this night, from remixes of mestizo sounds
to french dub, punky drum´n´bass and hip hop.

Fr, 04.06.: 
Disrupt & MC Soom T
(Digital Laptop Reggae/Glasgow/Leipzig)
Assalti Frontali
(hip hop combativo/Roma)
Mal Eleve
(Irie Revoltes, reggae ragga/Berlin/Heidelberg)
Detrend City Rockers
(Drum´n´Bass Punx/Berlin)
(microplatform collective/drum´n´bass junglist/Milano)

Sa, 05.06.:
Chaoze One & Lotta C.
(hip hop/Mannheim)
Skyzominus Krew
(piloophaz/dj o´legg/mans & romstick, real raw rap/St Etienne)
La Plataforma
(contrainformación audiovisual/hip hop drum´n´bass/Madrid)
Lucha Amada
(radical mestizo, latin-ska, drum´n´bass sounds/Berlin/Bonn)

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