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Tie a white band, fight poverty !

by Christina Haralanova on 03.02.2005

Although they have different ideas on how to overcome poverty,the groups and individuals that have come together in WSF 2005, arrived at a consensus that leaders should do more on this issue. Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2004, the International Facilitation Group of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty identified some broad policies to unite anti-poverty actions around the world. Here in WSF 2005 the movement continues : thousands of individuals, organisations and trade organisations from across the world became even more involved. The campaign says : NO to the rich and powerful imposing unjust trade agreements, indiscriminate liberalisation and privatisation on the poor, and YES to everyone's right to food, livelihood, water, health and education. The main issues being addressed by the White Band Campaign are : Trade justice ; Debt cancellation ; A major increase in the quantity and quality of aid ; and National efforts to eliminate poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals that are sustainable and implemented in a way that is democratic, transparent, and accountable to citizens. The major policy for eradicating global poverty is a higher priority. The year 2005 has become the time and opportunity to ask politicians and leaders what they are going to do to eradicate poverty. It is also the time to demand that they act on it now. This is an alliance of all people who believe in ending poverty. It includes existing coalitions, community groups, trade unions, individuals, religious and faith-based groups, campaigners and more. Tie a white band on your wrist, fight against poverty !



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