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The yellow cloud

by Beppe Grillo on 20.04.2006

Numbers, numbers, numbers. The earth talks to us through numbers.

1.6 million square kilometres in China are covered with a cloud the colour of sulphur. 200 Million inhabitants in 562 cities search the sky to see if they can see the sun once more. In a single night in Beijing 20 grammes of toxic dust and sand fell on every square metre of the city for a grand total of 300,000 tons. Itís like being on the beach without the problems of the sunís rays and getting burnt. This is how the people of Beijing can save on sun glasses and sun barrier creams.
The immense yellow cloud (and how could it be any other colour?) is depositing its fall out all over the Pacific.

Korea, Japan and the United States are importing sand polluted by China without paying customs duties.

This is the true global economy. The one that encourages the circulation of sand and goods and increases the Gross Domestic Product. The global economy of the great tunnels and the great bridges, of the multinationals without political control. Of all those cars in a queue, of so many empty trucks of so much clean cement.

This concept of the economy that is separated from the planet and from people in China is producing deforestation, desertification and drought. Itís producing illnesses of the lungs and of the skin. Itís producing pollution caused by the coal fired electricity generating stations. Itís drying up of the great rivers.

But at the same time, luckily it produces the growth of the Gross Domestic Product of 10% a year, what all the yes-global people in the planet admire, as well as enormous urban spaces with 20 to 30 million inhabitants.

In this scenario, there is however a good bit of news even for the Chinese people. In China new cars are registered sparingly because imported petrol is not sufficient.
The supply of petrol is drying up and so its price is going up. Prices of 100 dollars a barrel are not far off.
The Chinese people will have to start car sharing. I hope that the petrol dries up before the planet ends.

From Beppe Grillo's blog (beppegrillo.it) with Creative Commons License


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