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The TV of the living Dead

by Beppe Grillo on 14.10.2006

The TV of the living Dead The person succeeding Ghino di Tacco cried out: “Bandits”. It doesn’t matter that he nearly burst out laughing while he was saying this. This man is right. The Gentiloni reform is an act of banditry, a mess worthy of Calderoli. But because of an excess of prudence and a lack of care and attention to detail.
In a couple of years there’ll be 2 channels on digital terrestrial. Digital terrestrial is already dead. In a couple of years it will be a crypt for housing Fede and RAI 2. And this is a good thing.
But the other 5 channels will remain alive subject to the economic interests of the Telecom group, of the Fininvest group and the shabby politicians who can’t tell the difference between Darfur and Toblerone between Mandela and a lollipop (What cultural programmes? For this lot we need re-education camps for Mao’s Red Guard).
Thus nothing changes. The News will be like it is now. A tool for mass disinformation.

Commercial channels must become public companies without owners to be referred to, alternatively close them down by decree tomorrow. And if someone shouts out: “Gaglioffi”, “dirty Communists” or even “fiddledifo”, never mind. We won’t get cross.
There must be a single channel for RAI. It must have no connections with the government or the parties. Let’s be honest. Apart from Gabanelli and a few others, we just get shit in our faces from the TV. Absolutely all the advertising, all of it , needs to go to the commercial stations, without limits. That’s the best way for them to commit suicide.
Anyway TV is in its death throes. In a bit it will be buried. Let Gentiloni call up Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC. Let him explain his ‘Creative Future’ to bring the BBC to the Internet. Let him cast an eye on Google Video and on Youtube that is today the biggest Internet broadcaster in the world.
Let him bring Broadband to every home. Let him abolish the license fee. Let him cur Broadband costs in half. Let him take them to the levels of France and Germany where there is true competition. Let him denounce the Authority, change it, destroy it and if he wants, why not sell it to the Telecom that he’s always had such good relations with.

I hear mad people talking about TV, about media companies, about digital terrestrial as though they were on the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek.
When the future is in fact in the mass production of content, in fast connections and widespread coverage, in free access to knowledge, and in WiMax. RAI and Mediaset will end up like Alitalia. The Internet is ‘low cost’ and for the moment it’s without owners.

From Beppe Grillo's blog (beppegrillo.it) with Creative Commons License


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