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The Court of Accounts supports V-day

by Beppe Grillo on 18.07.2007

The Court of Accounts supports V-day (photo by Lor3nzo)

The Court of Accounts is in agreement with V-day and its proposal for a popular law for a Clean Parliament.

Here is translation of the whole article in Repubblica.it.
People do news. Put the V-day banner on your blogs (click here). Watch out as I'll be going round the Internet to see who hasn't got it yet...

""Out, for ever, corrupt politicians: those who have a public position and are then convicted of “maladministration” must not have the possibility to be a candidate again. It was a surprise when the Court of Accounts declared its agreement with the proposal that it defines, “a bit strong, spectacular”, like that of Beppe Grillo who recently presented to the Court of Cassation a request for a popular law for a “Clean Parliament". The prosecutor responsible for accounting Claudio De Rose, when reflecting on the results achieved by the General Prosecutors office in anticipation of his period of rest, went even beyond that: "Whoever is convicted must be made to step down from the position they hold.” The ineligibility and the removal from office must be focused in particular on those who are tainted by corruption relating to tendering and fraud relating to the community, and this is a phenomenon that "doesn't look like lessening". On the same theme, the adjunct deputy prosecutor Mario Ristuccia: "In the country, there is a call for the correct use of public resources. If there is an administrator who uses them in a distorted way, an additional sanction of this type would be the guarantee that the nation needs."."

From Beppe Grillo's blog (beppegrillo.it) with Creative Commons License


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