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Ménage à trois

by Beppe Grillo on 19.07.2006

Banks, companies and the media. The threesome that wins big stakes when you play the Italian Lotto. The banks possess the companies or more often their debts. And when the debts are too big, they transform them into bonds for affectionate clients. Banks and companies possess the media that highlights their virtues. The great Italian publishing houses are called Tronchetti, Benetton, De Benedetti, Berlusconi, Luca Cordero. They are personalities emerging from the entrepreneurpublisherbankers. They are individuals with super power. They are ever-present on the Boards of Directors.

In their own bodies, or as ventriloquists using the independent Directors.
It’s a bundle of wool without individual threads. It’s a jumble in which everything is the contrary of everything else. It’s managed by an oligarchy that has debts in the companies and profits in their own bank accounts. The media cannot judge the companies and the banks that own them. The banks have nothing to gain by forcing into bankruptcy the companies that are participants in the control of the banks and are already failed. The companies in difficulty use the banks to transfer debts and they use the media to ensure that the collapse does not emerge.

It’s a Bermuda Triangle. An association of interests. A black hole in which the citizen disappears. The shareholder disappears. The reader disappears. The banks stay on their feet solidly anchored to political power. One after the other, the companies are plundered. The media live from State support, with our taxes and from advertising.

There’s something morbid, sickly, something like a red light film for sado-masochistic managers in these connections. Why can’t a bank just be a bank, a newspaper just be a newspaper, the company just a company? Why do we have to have a system in the place of an economy? Perhaps because the economy no longer exists?

Prodi hit the taxi drivers who hit the journalists. Bersani has equalised and the Italians have lost. If Prodi were to attack the strong powers what would happen? Will he lose 10 to 0? If he imposes a net division between information, finance and companies, how long will his government last? A week? But if he doesn’t do this, how long will Italy last?

From Beppe Grillo's blog (beppegrillo.it) with Creative Commons License


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