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FESTIVAL NO DAL MOLIN - Vicenza, 3-14 september 2008

by Marta Presidio Permanente on 14.07.2008

FESTIVAL NO DAL MOLIN - Vicenza, 3-14 september 2008 It’s been almost 20 months since we’ve been camping on the property adjoining the Dal Molin airport in Vicenza, the site of the future base; we want to impede the construction of a new U.S. military base just 1500 metres from the town centre.
You probably know the story; it’s the story of women and men willing to rebel against the war and to defend their future and the one of generations to come. In these months we’ve been organising large demonstrations and several actions, such as planting 150 trees inside the Dal Molin area and occupying the Vicenza prefecture, which cost us 30 police reports. We have also rediscovered the value of creating a community, of human relationships, of staying together: that is why in September 2007 we organized a 10 days Festival, and we want to repeat it this year.
In October, in Vicenza, a consultation referendum will take place on the US projects, a possibility that had been denied to us for 2 years now; in September – from 4th to 14th – we will organize the second edition of the No Dal Molin Festival.
On the 21th June our so-called summer campaign began, with a view to raise the citizens’ awareness once again on the sad destiny Vicenza is bound to; the September Festival is perhaps the last occasion to voice our protest.
The No Dal Molin Festival is not just a simple festival, it’s not just music, beer and sausages; last year, for instance, there were many occasions for exchange and debate, featuring the contributions of well-known people such as: Naomi Klein, Mustafa Barghouti, Alex Zanotelli, Don Gallo and Tano D’amico, who decided to come in order to understand what is happening in Vicenza.
In the 2007 edition of the Festival there were also contributions from several artists, who, irrespective of market laws, wanted to give us the present of their precious performances: Mercanti di Liquore, Assalti Frontali, Folkabbestia, East Rodeo, Luca Bassanese, Piccola Bottega Baltazar, OPB, Mario Pirovano and Patricia Zanco. We believe we also gave them a present by enabling them to experience this movement from the inside, a movement made up of “common” people who’ve been challenging their certainties for 2 years now. Among these people are housewives, fathers, students, intermittent workers, retired people, children, who revolutionized their daily life and rediscovered the beauty of sticking together to react against impositions from above. Last year the Festival was full of the ideas, energy and creativity of a community who believes the time has come to choose its future.
But this not only our story because in recent years many Italian people have been mobilizing to defend their territories and their dignity, from the Val di Susa to Chiaiano, people are struggling against environmental devastation and against a cultural and political model that does not want to hear the claims of citizens. The only answer this pseudo-democratic State is willing to provide is threatening to send the army wherever protest takes place. This is why, in September in Vicenza all these groups, all our friends and mates in this struggle will be present, all those people, who, from northern to southern Italy, believe, like we do, that a new way to do politics exists, in a truthful grass-root movement.
We are calling for your help: please contribute to making this 10 day experience unforgettable, with your presence, your performance, your support. We are asking you to put your creativity side by side with our multi-faceted pacifist experience. The Festival is also our way to gather the necessary funding for the mobilization, for the maintenance of the Presidio Permanente (our activist camp), for new initiatives.
We want you to be part of this struggle and we hope that, together, we shall overcome…

Contacts festival@nodalmolin.it
Marta +39 3495882851
Alessandro + 39 3477267897



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