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DJ Karim (Barcelona / Bolivia)

by anne on 17.10.2006

DJ Karim (Barcelona / Bolivia) Karim is one of those personalities from Barcelona that is always seen in the streets of the Gotico and on every concert. Hes someone, who knows all and everybody and whos been known by everyone of the rich multucultural scene of the city. And he is someone, who knows how to do things right. As son of an Argentinian mother and an Algerian father he is as multicultural as Barcelona, carrying the different sounds of his two origins inside. At the age of fifteen he went on tour with Manu Chao in Latinamerica, afterwards came to Barcelona to work for different bands and bookings, ran his own Mestizo clubnight in the center of the city and is now making people dance in Bolivia. So it was just about time to ask this modern gipsy, what life is like.

When did you start Djing?
Well, I started almost coincidentally. I had been on tour with a lot of different bands, like Mano Negra, in different countries, such as Spain and Latinamerica and I`ve lived in Barcelona for seven years. I absorbed a wide range of cultural and musical diversity like that. Ive always been in contact with music and musicians, thats how I got the opportunity to start spinning music, as well. Last year I ran my own clubnight in Barcelona, called Babylon Street, for which I organized concert and was Djing, as well.

What kind of music do you spin now?
In general, Im spinning Mestizo music, the typical multicultural mix of Barcelona, but recently I started to broaden my repertoire a bit. Im playing a bit of everything now, but always staying faithful to my doctrine not to play anything commercial or pop!

Why did start with Mestizo?
Im DJing, basically because I really like this style, but also to show the people that there are new rhythms and mixtures. Im always saying There are millions of new rhythms to discover, so what Im doing is show them to the people.

What message do you want to transmit with your music?
The message I wanna transmit is definitely that people shouldnt close themselves to one or another style of music. If you close yourself musically, you also close yourself to humanity.

Do you think its possible to transmit messages via music, or even that its possible to change things playing certain types of music?
I dont know, if things can really be changed only by playing music, but what we can do is to make people conscious about the problems in our world. Im for example on tour in Bolivia now, right at the border to Brazil, and Im DJing music that no one has ever heard there before. And as they didnt know the music before, they also didnt know about Gibraltar and the immigration problems we have in Europe, for example. And thats what Im showing to them right now, by spinning music from bands that are singing about the things that are going on.

What is a good DJ for you?
For me personally, it has to be someone who transmits something. For example, when everybody is dancing and afterwards they come up to you to ask you for the names of the bands you played, thats a good DJ. On the other hand you have those, who play whatsoever and dont even have a feeling for their music, but earn shit loads of money with it.

You started as a DJ in Barcelona. Why did you leave for Bolivia?
I got some contacts in Bolivia from a friend of mine, the manager of El Gran Silencio from Mexico. Manu Chao also told me a lot about Bolivia and its great culture there. So, I wanted to leave Barcelona to bring new rhythms to the people. I mean, Im not God and I cant change anybodies minds, but what I can do is to bring people closer to new uprising things. And if they like it they can enjoy it, of course. And apart from that Bolivia is really a wonderful place to be.

How do people in Bolivia receive your music?
Only three words: DE PUTA MADRE (damn great!) !!!

In what kind of parties or clubs are you DJing right now?
It depends, but mainly after concerts from friends of mine in clubs. And right now Im on an international fare in Santacruz, which takes ten days.

What are your other projects apart from DJing on concerts and international fares?
Well, I have a lot of projects...Ill be managing the tour for Che Sudaka in January 2007 in Latinamerica and with the guys from Radio Roots (an Argentinian Reggaeband) Im preparing the new Colifata for the neuro-psychiatric hospital La Borda (the first compilation was supported by Manu Chao and contained a lot of bands from Barcelona). And Im also planning to produce a compilation with underground bands from Bolivia.

How do you see the future of music, globally speaking?
Actually, I dont know what to tell you. I cant foresee the future of music, but I think if people keep on doing good and real authentic stuff, everything will come out very well. But if they keep on producing those bands that only exist to exist and to sell, everything will go definitely A LA MIERDA (as to say f***ing downhill)!!!

Well, exactly my words. Always stay faithful to music and your soul and life will stay faithful to you!



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