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on 28.01.2009

1. Presenting the documentary "Insubmís a la banca

This upcoming Saturday January 31st at 10:30p.m. the documentary
"Insubmís a la banca" will be screened on the program "Gran Angular" of
TVE2 in Catalonia.

There is a short clip of the documentary on the website of "Gran
.". It was produced by the
documentarians Elisenda Trilla and M. Martí Freixas. The documentary
reflects on the bank expropriation action made public by Enric Duran
last September 17th. Enric himself participates with a self-interview
that was sent to the documentary's producers.

A quote from the producers: "with 'Insubmís a la banca' we gave sought
to bring ourselves closer to Enrica Duran--within the possibilities of
our protagonist's legal situation--to discover his motives,
contextualize the action and get his opinion on the world that surrounds
us. And above all to do so before the action is diluted in our society
of the spectacle."

The thirty minute documentary has a Creative Commons license and will
soon be available online for discussion and video forums. It is in
Catalan; as such, an important task will be subtitling and copying it to
other language according to people's interest. Additionally, if the film
earns any money for its producers, everything over the cost of
production will be given to social movement projects.

More info here:

2. The Crisis Collective and the bank users strike campaign hit the streets

Last Monday, January 19, the first meeting of the bank users strike
participants took place in Barcelona. The next meeting will be on
Monday, February 2. A group of people willing to do talks explaining the
campaign has already come out of the meeting.

There was a talk en Torelló last Saturday. There are other scheduled.
The closest ones are Friday February 6th in Gijon and Saturday February
7th in Vilafranca del Pendes. The talk in Gijon already has confirmed
details: a 7p.m. in the Garcia Rua room.

A guide to doing talks has been uploaded to the web to facilitate the work of
everyone that wants to organize talks about the proposals and projects
of the Crisis Collective. For communication people are using the
regional action forums and email lists.
There are lists in Catalonia, País Valencia, Madrid, Andalusia,
Euskalherria. Now we're gathing strength in Gallecia, Asturias, Illes
Balears and Castilla la Mancha.

There is also a chat area available online for groups that want to meet virtually to organize

People and groups that want to organize an action or talk in their city
can put themselves in contact with us to make it happen.

3. The community of debtors grows and the "subweb" opens

During the past weeks the number of people that have approached
17-s.info to look for information and advice related to their problems
with bank debts has grown exponentially. Until a few days ago we were
responding to them with a system of forums, but it became so large and
disordered so we have created a system of questions and answers
organized by categories that will make the information clearer. This
system has been put in place along with the "subweb" at
http://www.17-s.info/es/morosos, that also includes a link to the FAQ
in a more direct way. This helps a lot of people  entering looking for
information that they can find without having to add a new question.
There other resources, such as a forum of previous questions and a
debtors' chat, that  can be found there.

4. New Improvements in the web
We have added a forum
on the website where we announce new improvements in the sites. Among them are
the "subweb" for the debtors community and the chat. Additionally, we
have introduced a system of private messages among users and a secondary
menu to access forums, blogs, and the debtors community. We have also
improved the comments function.

5. Remember: we'll be out in the streets on March 17th with a new
publication. Don't forget to sign up to help distribute. Soon we'll be in touch with those that have already done so
and we'll get going informing them of its new contents.

6. Updates from Bank Strike North America

Bank Strike North America has been improving its online forums
 to allow organizers to share what banks and credit unions are there in their area. Bank Strike North
America has been collaborating with the Rising Tide Network around the
'Break Up with the Bank action against Bank of America that will occur on February 14th. We've also created an
announcement list. To subscribe, visit. Finally, don't forget to search for 'Bank Strike' on Faceboook!

Colectivo Crisis

Bank Strike (North America)


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