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As it has been proved who are the ones who are actually robbing, I will soon come back to public activities.

by Enric Duran on 17.10.2008

Enric Duran's release, one month after September 17th
As it has been proved who are the ones who are actually robbing, I will soon come back to public activities.

One month has now passed since I made public the expropriation of 500,000 euros from 39 banks and yet, no formal complaints have been confirmed against me.
The information published by the mass media has not developed into any judiciary process.es

This fact, together with the silence of politicians and bankers related to this matter, makes me suspect that they are willing to not accuse me inr order to prevent further awareness.
What other reason could there be for not denouncing me? If they consider it a crime, they should report it, as it is the duty of every good citizen, isn't it?

Maybe it is too obvious for people to see who the real criminals are. Many serious matters have occured around the international financial crisis since the CRISI publication came to light. The headline of the publication launched on the 17-s: Do you think banks are robbing you? has been answered with no shades of gray through the over 2 trillion euro aid that the US and the EU have warranted to private banks with citizen's money, harming them by issuing public debt, or anyway through inflation.

While these bank holes are filled up with public money, the majority of the main investors and financial executives have seen their personal assets increase by sums that are thousands of times the income of working people.

So, our September 17th denunciation has been overshadowed by the facts. It is not just about the bankers anymore, as it has been proved that politicians and bankers go hand in hand to plunder people's wealth. Bankers fund politicians, politicians fund bankers.

In view of such evidence, it seems clear that my bank disobedience action has raised much affection and support from the civil society to be denounced by the totally discreditted (with good reason) financial institutions.

Are the financial powers conscious of what the judicial immunity of my action will mean? A clear demonstration that banks have lost their legitimacy, now passed on to us, the ones fighting for social change? Or maybe they just think that people won't find out about this?

Don't let them think they can get away with it. If the all-powerfull claim for silence, we need to make noise and be heard.

This armed robbery into which the financial global crisis has developed, is gradually outraging more and more people. Millions of indebted people are living through the offense of seing themselves abandoned to their fate, not to mention those who are starving to death, whilst the richest are being helped. We all have seen on whose side some governments are.

Meanwhile, such powers don't want to recognize that the real solution requires a change of the system. Capitalism, dependant on exponential growth, is close to exhaustion, as we have reached the limits of natural resource consumption and it has been proved by the current crisis that financial speculation, without a real base, ends in nothing. No supervision nor control will turn virtual money into energy or food.
More and more people from society and specially from social movements believe that the real solution requires degrowth and social justice.

In order to get to these solutions, we need to abolish the current financial system. The liquidity needed by the people and the productive sectors can be covered by other means. We do not need private banks nor financial companies.

As for me, in view of the lack of formal complaints thus being able to actively develop myself in social mobilizations around the historical juncture we are now in, I will leave the secrecy and will come back to public activities soon.

Enric Duran
Banks disobedient. October, 17th 2008

P.S. In case there is still any doubt about the veracity of my action, you can find in my blog http://www.enricduran.cat a video and a document showing it. (catalan and spanish version)



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