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  "RadioChango" wants to transmit fiesta through music and to be at the same time a catalyst for rebellion (but not for violence) and the struggle for a better world

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 Benefit Beats
04.& 05.06. Berlin, KATO
begin: 21.30h each day

2 days of solidarity & musical resistance
Where? Kato (im Schlesischen Tor/U1), Berlin-Kreuzberg
Ticket: 8€, 2-day Ticket 14€

(buy the 2-day ticket: Disorder Rebel Store & Red Stuff)

On june the 4th & 5th there will be a massive benefit festival
in Berlin.
"Benefit Beats" is a 2 nights party in the club "KATO"
dedicated to soundsystems, djs & mcs.
Only these will present their sounds & their understanding of
culture: loving music but also resisting and fighting for a
better world.
Taking action & supporting left wing structures is also the aim
of this festival, so all the benefit from these 2 nights will be
donated to different radical left wing projects.

Fr, 04.06.:
Disrupt & MC Soom T (Digital Laptop Reggae/Glasgow/Leipzig)
Assalti Frontali (hip hop combativo/Roma)
Mal Eleve (Irie Revoltes, reggae ragga/Berlin/Heidelberg)
Detrend City Rockers (DrumīnīBass Punx/Berlin)
Leleprox (microplatform collective/drumīnībass junglist/Milano)

Sa, 05.06.:
Chaoze One & Lotta C. (hip hop/Mannheim)
Skyzominus Krew (piloophaz/dj oīlegg/mans & romstick, real raw rap/St Etienne)
La Plataforma (contrainformación audiovisual/hip hop drumīnībass/Madrid)
Lucha Amada (radical mestizo, latin-ska, drumīnībass sounds/Berlin/Bonn)

More info: http://www.radiochango.com/english/news/Benefit-Beats.html
 :: atram :: 23/04/2010

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