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 how is the song called?
how is the song called which begins by 2:30?

Thanks for your help!
 :: eltrimelo :: 08/08/2008
dia luna ... dia pena
 :: PtitePersonne :: 08/08/2008
el hoyo?
 :: Superdoopoodoodoo :: 08/08/2008
Ah u ... el hoyo plutot ^^
 :: PtitePersonne :: 08/08/2008
sorry, but i can't speak spanish. is the song called "el hoyo" or "dia luna...dia"??

Thanks for your help!
 :: eltrimelo :: 08/08/2008
A song wrotte for Mexico City, describes differents zones in Mexico City,
and also is a way to define a what ever city,where is very difficult to
survive, to get out that is "Hole", because there is too much violence,
between people,against people, and also is a hole because the
goverment is helping it to become a deep hole, no hope to get better.
 :: LaCoyota :: 08/08/2008
el hoyo and dia luna dia pena are similar
dia luna dia pena + machine gun:

el hoyo:

I think it is "el hoyo".
 :: :: 08/08/2008
Ah, the song beginswith "Que Paso Que Paso." Then it would follow with "El Hoyo." Sometimes he follows it with Pinocchio, but that may have been due to editing for his live album.
 :: nubiasol :: 08/08/2008

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