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 grabacion de un concierto de manu/REcording!
hola gente.. la razon por la que escribo.. es porque necesito saber como hago para grabar un concierto del manu en vivo.. y que el sonido no sea tan malo..porque podria usar un mp3 pero no se que tan bueno sea... ademas! es ilegal? se molesta el manu si se hace???--- escuho cualquier opinion muchas gracias..
 :: :: 24/06/2008
I would like to know that too! As far as I can understand, there are some experts here in recording, so could you pass to us some of your knowledge? I have noticed that some recordings are very good, some others not so much, but there is generally a good quality, better than an mp3 recording.
Illegal? Typically yes. So are drugs... Would Manu be annoyed? I guess not.
So please help, because it's a long summer of concerts...
 :: piggytat :: 24/06/2008
alguna idea??
 :: :: 25/06/2008
Any idea is welcome...
I think at the end I'll just use my camera and then convert the videos into mp3.
I will be happy though to listen to better ideas.
 :: piggytat :: 26/06/2008
Hi Piggytat,

Well, some concerts do not allow cameras - but some allow cellphones. Do you know if cell phones will record sound? Some messaging services allow you to record a telephone conversation - you could have someone call you to keep the phone on.

Unfortunately, if you do record a concert - you are going to get a lot of background noises. People yelling - singing along - talking!

Good luck.
 :: nubiasol :: 27/06/2008 illegal but Manu himself doesn't care about that... don't
worry. I already talked with him about that and he wants is Live music to
be shared on the net.
poor, and it's not worth recording.
If you want to record a whole concert, you should: buy something that
record well: a mini tape recorder is the best and it's not that expensive.
Some are very good quality. AND you can buy a separate microphone
(there are some very small ones), so the sound will be near perfect.
If you want to record the whole concert, don't forget to be carefull about
the orientation of the micro (not in your pocket for example) and don't
clap your hand or speak / sing during all the concert (!!!)
ĦEspero que tienes la oportunidad de grabar uno de estos conciertos!

PS: don't worry to enter in any concert with recorder, the guys usually
look at you very quickly, so you just have to put this in a bag pocket for
 :: radiogui :: 27/06/2008

Both times I saw Manu in Los Angeles, I was searched, patted down, and they even felt around my bra to make sure I wasn't bringing anything in!

Or does Los Angeles just provide fondling as part of their welcoming services? Otherwise, yes, a digital voice recorder would work well. I wonder if you could ask one of the security guards to leave it on stage?
 :: nubiasol :: 27/06/2008
hello! radiogui!.. DO you have a msn!??I really Want to hear your recordings!!
 :: :: 27/06/2008
komo me jode no entender ingles ,pero algo entendi de lo ke dijo radiogi tu me dices ok jose. lokooooooooooooooooo
 :: :: 28/06/2008
Hello! Radiogui, I recorded a concert with an Olympus voice recorder with a seperate microphone. There were four kind of qualities I could choose. I chose to record at the best quality and the result was really bad. When I transfered the files to my pc, the quality was even worse. It's as bad as with a mobile and maybe worse. My camera which is Olympus as well has a quite good, acceptable I would say, quality in recording. Do you have any idea why that happened? Maybe I shouldn't choose to record at high quality? Is it possible that this may has as a result gathering noices from all around? And there are many noices in a concert apart from the music. I would appreciate your help.
 :: piggytat :: 28/06/2008

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