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 What's Barcelona like as a city to live in?

I would really appreciate some feedback from people who live there. Lo siento, mi espaņol
sucks, but I'm working on it.

Webmaster, I hope you'll consider my subject specific enough this time to leave it as an
individual thread. Can you do that for me, please?

If you can, I promise to buy you a drink if we ever meet. And who knows, stranger things have
happened! ;^) (Plus I love buying people drinks. Even web-masters.)

Please forgive me if my tone is any way inappropriate, but I just found out my little dog (only 4
years old) might have leukemia, so I think I'll probably be drinking wine until dawn, or until I pass
out, whichever comes first. We will (supposedly) know the results of her blood tests tomorrow. I
know people here talk about heavy, serious, heartbreaking issues, so I hope I don't come
across as petty, but losing this creature would be absolutely fucking devastating.

Shit, man. I'm off topic, and sorry for that. I wouldn't wish this kind of grief on my worst enemy.

If my dog dies, I think I will take it as yet another sign from the universe that this city has given
us all it's going to. And then maybe mi esposo y yo will sell our place, sell our business, sell
everything and "buy" a new dream in new place.

So... Barcelona? What's it like?

 :: :: 18/10/2008
wow Papilloposa :) are you American? You sure do talk like one. But I like you. I'm sorry about your dog. But hey, we'll all pass through this sooner or later and happily see each other again. This is what I believe...
I'm quite off topic, 'cause I don't know anything about Barcelona. Just passed through there with the bus one very, very early morning and the port is great.
 :: Anniie :: 18/10/2008

I'm not American; I'm Canadian, and I forgive you for asking.. ;-) BTW, I like you too.

Thank you for your kind words about my little four-legged friend. We're still waiting for the lab to call, and
praying for good news.

 :: :: 18/10/2008
Papillon, Manu is going to come to Canada sometime. That's not a reason to go to live in Barcelona!
I am always a little jealous when you say you are working on your spanish, because I am not doing that at all. But then, I see that you continue writing in english and I am not jealous anymore. :)
My wishes for your 4-legged friend as well!
 :: piggytat :: 18/10/2008
Thanks for all the support and kind wishes, amigas.

The latest blood results show no improvement, and the next step is to
take Stella (my doggie) over to some fucking over-priced suburban
hospital (hopefully tomorrow) to get a bone marrow test.

If the leukemia is acute, Stella will be gone in days or maybe weeks.

If it's chronic (ironically, like my younger brother's), she *may* have a
chance for something like a normal life.

Wanna hear the best part? Tomorrow is my birthday. Here's the card I'm
imagining from God:

Happy Birthday, Bitch:

This year, as a special treat, I will kill your 4-year old dog.

I know what's BEST, after all.

Love, A Vengeful God

(Oh well, at least I've still got my very black sense of humour.)

PS Hey piggytat, you little sweetie, thanks for checking in. Just to be
clear, I've had a fascination with Spain (Barcelona in particular) long
before I even heard of Manu Chao. Plus it seems like Vancouver has
been nothing but bad luck for us for a long time, and I really think I'm
ready for a change.

I'll keep you guys posted as to Stella's condition.

Love to you all.

BTW, when (finally) Croatia (where I was born) is accepted into the EU, I
might actually have some leverage in terms or relocating to Europe.
 :: :: 18/10/2008
Sorry to hear about your pet, Papilloposa. Although not a person by any means, the loss of a pet can be just as profound.

As far as opinions about Barcelona, I cannot offer any. But given that we each have certain likes and dislikes, affinities, pet peeves and the like, the only way to know for sure is to spend some time there.

Your Spanish will definitely improve because necessity will force you to practice. Is Vancouver experiencing a similar economic downturn as the U.S.? (Which by the way, unless you have stocks or retirement plans, it hasn't quite packed a punch.)
 :: nubiasol :: 18/10/2008

CAVEAT: I'm most definitely self-medicated (by way of cheap red vino & bc bud) now, so please take
everything I say with a big ol' grain of salt.

First of all, thanks so much for simply getting in touch. In no way did I ever mean to imply that my dog is a
"person" (she likes to pretend, tho); I've lost 2-legged loved ones too, and of course, there's no

Well, I'm pretty sure I had some really erudite shit lined up to share with you, but truth be told, right now,
I'm listening to Tom Waits, blowing endless amounts of snot out of my nose, and trying SO HARD to
remain cognizant that the present moment is all we ever really have.

PS Oh, mi pauvre Web Master (Mistress?)! You must be SO pissed with me by now for hi-jacking my
own thread, but s'il vous plait, you must admit, a dying (much beloved, and young) dog is a pretty good
excuse to fuck up like I did. I'm not messing with you, I promise, and I hope you never, ever have to
experience anything like my past week. Besos.

Re: my Spanish - well, I sure hope it would improve, since the major part of my being in Barcelona in the
first place is to study Spanish.
 :: :: 19/10/2008

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