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 US Ticket Prices
The ticket prices for the US tour are ridiculous! WTF?!
 :: miriah :: 08/10/2010
also...working class folks can't afford $60-260 ticket prices...hmmm anti-
 :: miriah :: 08/10/2010
the price for the tickets => 32,50 $
soit 23 euros
certainly if you want to see manu en el smoke out can buy the ticket 400 $ ...VIP with champagne... WC the same that the star...the meeting with manu (bla bla bla...bla bla bla)...freedom to buy the ticket 400...500...600 $
I think that no manu decide the admission price.
bye bye bom
 :: manviv :: 08/10/2010
well the shows in portland seattle and san fran were about 40 dollars IF you gotten with advanced when they went on sell specially the one in SF sold out fast! i found scalpers from 80 bucks up to 122 dollars which is a rip off! but im hoping to get tickets for smoke out the general adminsion is 100 dollars but u get to see ALL the line up which is amazing im deciding whether i should go i live in utah but i can go to any of them... may the jedi force with me
 :: :: 09/10/2010

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