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 Tickets needed for Ljubljana 02.04.11
hi everybody,
i'm desperately seeking for three tickets for the show in Ljubljana,
02.04.11. All online tickets seem sold-out. is there anybody willing
to help ? Please contact me at

take care
 :: :: 20/03/2011
Dear firends I'm looking for 2 tickets of Manu Chao concert in Ljubljana
(02.04.2011) or Zagreb (04.04.2011). Ig tou have 2 left, please contact
me at Thanks!

Queridos amigos, estoy buscando 2 billietes para el concierto de Manu
en Lubiana or Zagabria. Si alguien sobran 2 billietes que me escriba
por favor a Gracias!

 :: :: 25/03/2011
I send you a mail ,tuesday.
bye bye bom
 :: manviv :: 26/03/2011
Thanks for your answer ! Gracias para responder! I will wait, voy
 :: :: 26/03/2011
Hey! I'm serching two or more tickets for Ljubljana or Zagreb. Everything is sold out, os if somebody want's to sell his ticket please contact me.
nice greetings from Austria!
 :: :: 27/03/2011

we need two tickets for Manu Chao concert in Ljubljana, if you have
some please contact me at

Thanks a lot.

See you there
 :: :: 29/03/2011
Matteo I sent you a mail for the 02
bye bye bom
 :: manviv :: 29/03/2011
Hey! I'm searching one or more tickets for Ljubljana.
Everything is sold out, so if somebody want's to sell his ticket please contact me.
nice greetings from Austria!
 :: :: 29/03/2011
I am searching desperately for tickets for Ljubljana, Zagreb or Serajevo....:( Please if anyone has for sale answer to me....
 :: :: 29/03/2011
Salut !

Quelqu'un aurait-il un ticket vendre pour le concert de samedi 2 avril Ljubljana ?

Hey !

Someone has a ticket to sell for the concert in Ljubljana Saturday ?
If you have, you can send me message by mail :

 :: :: 30/03/2011
Please guys, if you have tickets, even just one, send me a message on :

Thanks u
 :: Schnapsette :: 30/03/2011
Hi Guys,

I need two tickets for Ljubljana. If somebody want's to sell them, please contact me via.

thanks, muchos saludos
 :: MrGollum :: 31/03/2011
i am also desperatly seeking manu chao tickets for the 2. 4. 2011
please contact me via

thank you very, very much!!!
 :: MichiD :: 31/03/2011

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