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 Spanish language schools in Barcelona?
Can anyone recommend a good one? And yes, I know the official language there is Catalan, but I've always wanted to
visit Barcelona in particular, and I've always wanted to spend a length of time (maybe 2 months) somewhere studying
Spanish, so it would make sense to combine those goals.

Muchas gracias in advance for any advice.
 :: :: 11/08/2008
Ay, que bueno que vas a ir a Barcelona - quizás te encuentres unos amigos que quieren ayudarte con el lenguaje.

¿Cuando piensas ir? ¿A que practicar, no?

Buenos deseos, Papilloposa! Te deseo lo mejor.

(And, of course, in terms of advice, my message is utterly useless!)
 :: nubiasol :: 12/08/2008
Muchas gracias por un mensaje amable, nubiasol. Si voy, será probablemente en la primavera de 2009. Pero es
todavía una fantasía por ahora.

A good friend came back from Barcelona a few years ago and said to me "Dude, this city was MADE for you." Of
course I was intrigued. All that twisty Gaudy architecture. And tapas. And bars that don't even open till 11 pm. Yeah,
I think maybe my friend was on to something...

BTW, my obsession with Spain, Latin America and Spanish long pre-dates my familiarity with Manu's music. (As
much as my husband likes to contradict and tease me about that!)

 :: :: 12/08/2008
Hey, pretty good!

You'll have to tell us how it goes when you return.
 :: nubiasol :: 12/08/2008
Re: You'll have to tell us how it goes when you return.

You say that like I'm actually going. Excellent!! I'll take that as a vote of confidence and keep
visualizing. But it WOULD be really great to find a school that isn't exorbitantly expensive or
limited to rich 19-year olds who are there more to party than to study. Not that I have anything
against partying, or 19-year olds -- I just don't want to stick out like a sore thumb.
 :: :: 13/08/2008
Papillon, according to the lack of answers, I would like to inform you that there are not any spanish language schools in Barcelona. Sorry!
 :: piggytat :: 13/08/2008
¿Como se dice "Aw, shit!"?

 :: :: 13/08/2008
 :: nubiasol :: 13/08/2008

Papilloposa, intenta con este sito que te dejo! suirte!
 :: :: 14/08/2008
¡Muchas gracias, Cina! ¿Eres de Barcelona?

Nubiasol - I knew that; my question was merely rhetorical. :-) BTW, I enjoyed your story about the
two small dogs. My dog weighs a colossal 8 pounds and she can outrun me. One time some
fireworks scared her, so she took off down the seawall near our place, and there were Mr P and I
running frantically after her shouting "Stella! STELLA!!" (Yeah... guess what her name is.) We got
some funny looks!
 :: :: 14/08/2008

I'm hoping to study Spanish in Barcelona, probably in spring, and would like to ask a couple of questions
about the city.

Please email me personally if you have a minute:

¡Muchas gracias por su ayudar!
 :: :: 16/10/2008

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