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 Quien mas va a San Francisco?
Hoy nos vamos a San Francisco desde Seattle . Estaremos el Viernes para ver a Manu en el Festival de SF. alguien mas estara viajando para poder verlo?
 :: pato128 :: 20/08/2008
Maņana el momento a llegado... Manu Chao en San Francisco, CA.
Golden Gate Park. Espero que tenga chance de conocer a Manu en
persona. Hippies bailando. punks brincado, y los demas mariguana
fumando... nos vemos las caras en el mash-pit en el oyo de la danza de
la livertad.
 :: ALe ChAnO :: 22/08/2008
Hello !!!
then this concert ???? we wait for news !!!!
thank you
Bye bye boum
 :: manviv :: 23/08/2008
So - como les fue? Hubo trompetas?
 :: nubiasol :: 23/08/2008
I was there last night. Good show. Manu and Radio Bamba were on strage for about 1.15 mn and the set was tight, great energy and a guy that played mucho trompetas!! One interesting song was "Te souviens tu", major twist with said trompetas!!
 :: fpjbu :: 24/08/2008
One hour?! That is pretty good for a festival that size. I thought it was going to be four songs max.

Was "Te souviens tu" an upbeat performance or did the trumpets give it a meloncholic air?
 :: nubiasol :: 24/08/2008
"Te souvien tu" was upbeat, similar to this version: >> "Rainin + Cosa Live". Yes, it was a pretty good show. The only downside is that they played right before Radiohead so most of the crowd was mellow and not high energy, but the smell of pot was intense. This is San Francisco after all!
 :: fpjbu :: 24/08/2008

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