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Ola, Bonjour, Hello Manu Chao fans :)

I am a Media student at Sussex University, in the UK, writing my final project on Manu Chao's transnational music.
I am writing one section on his popularity, and would like to get some ideas and opinions from his true fanbase (other than my own!)

If any of you have a little time to spare, please answer some of the following questions:

* What appeals to you most about Chao's music?
* Which of his songs are your favourite, and why?
* Would you say Chao's music has influenced, helped, changed you in any way?

(For statistical info):
* What languages do you speak?
* How are old are you?
* What is your nationality?

Muchas gracias to anyone who answers this :)
 :: coconutface :: 14/04/2009
1. Its very hard to tell, so many things! But maybe that I feel its real music, from a real person, and kinda like world-music, or more, a mix of music styles I love. (It was love at first "sight", when I heard at the first time, it was maybe 10 years ago, and Manu is still my all time favourite).

2. Very hard to answer again and choose just one... Umm... Maybe Desaparecido. Why, why... The music. (I didnt understand the lyrics for a long time, I just check their translates lately).

3. definitelly

4. my own language is hungarian, I speak english, a little german, and italian too.

5. 32

6. hungarian

Good luck! :)
 :: AnitaHu :: 14/04/2009
Hm, I think u should write this survey in spanish too. Use Google Translate!
 :: AnitaHu :: 14/04/2009
Coco... Honey... It seems to me that the thesis or topic you are choosing for your final report might be a bit too "square" which leads to, somewhat, conventional questions (such as the ones you asked).... which leads to nobody answering your post. Keep in mind that music is an element that estimulates our sense of hearing, which might be described as a neurosciencific process, involving a physcological course of action... a bit too complex! Personally, I think, that you asking people such a question like "What appeals to you most about Chao's music?" is like asking us, how does our temporal lobe in the brain process Manu's vocals? The question of what appeals people to something is a bit too basic.... I think that when something "appeals" to any of the human senses, it pleases one of them (per se, hearing), trigering nerve impulses which estimulate various regions of our brain, thus promoting a psychological reaction. Personally I think, that music in general, doesn't just appeal to people because of a nice vocal or a good guitar accord, but it appeals, because of the way how we perceive it!!!... it is all about Perception my friend... the first time I heard Manu Chao's CD Clandesino, I thought to myself... "Darn, this guy is so fucking basic.... all of the CD is done with the same guitar accords" the reason why I loved that CD so much, though, was not because of its lyrics or accords, but because my perception of the tunes rapidly took me back to my childhood memories, when my father would sometimes sit and play the same accords on his guitar over and over again... Through clandestino, I was taken back to my childhood... just because of the repetition of the guitar accords... I also don't believe in answering questions such as, "Which is your favorite this, or your favorite that?" This world is so enourmously beautiful that, why limit ourselves to favorites? I don't need a reason to like something.... I just like it and that's it... I don't question myself aobut what is my favorite.. so... my dear friend... perhaps you are asking the wrong questions... perhaps you should ask questions that have a deeper meaning, rather than what and why... ask, How? Don't worry about such simplicities.... may be you should formulate questions like, "Does Manu Chao's Music offer its audience a sense of, A)Political Awareness. B)Cultural Integration. C)Social Reflection. D)All of the above... Or you could also like something like, "How would you interpret MC's music, A)It is so pretty. B) It's cool C)Good for smoking weed. D) It stimulates a sense of social action...
Remember coco.... you can know a lot about your audience, just by asking the right questions.... I hope this helps!!! ;)
 :: anairad :: 17/04/2009
"This world is so enourmously beautiful that, why limit ourselves to favorites?" Amen to that!
 :: BatmanI :: 17/04/2009
anairad where are you from? I love your spirit
 :: Julioo :: 18/04/2009
Thanks, gracias friends for your responses :)

Also thanks for the tips anairad! I understand what you are saying.. it is difficult for me to ask such limiting questions, but I am writing on a very specific topic (the transnational sound and its ability to revive political ideals within youth communities) .. I wish I was writing a more broad book on Manu Chao and his political, cultural, social realms.. and his audience's interpertations.
Who knows, maybe in the future!!

and yes, i agree completely.. why limit ourselves to favourites? i enjoy ALL of chao's music :)

Peace to all!
 :: coconutface :: 25/04/2009
Hola Coco,

Probably you have already finished with your text - but I've just noticed this and I want to reply to your questions anyway :D

What appeals to you most about Chao's music?
It will be that light and bright but at the same time very deep feeling that comes from his music. And very importantly: this incredible mixture he does with different styles etc. I started to listen to his music first because it was in Spanish and I learned Spanish and fell in love with it. Then it is the fact that he sings also in Portuguese, French, English, Arabic... portunhol...:-P But talking about the music itself... I LOVE RUMBA! The lyrics: he has important things to say and it makes a difference.

Which of his songs are your favourite, and why?
Wrong question :D How many can I choose? :)
Desaparecido, Despedida, Mentira... Bixo, Mr. Bobby, Primavera/Me gustas tu... RUMBA DE BARCELONA... Tristeza Maleza, Me Llaman Calle, Mama Cuchara... ah wrong question, I can't choose.
Why? Mainly because of the tunes and the rumba, also very much because of the lyrics. Yep, honestly, I started to learn Portuguese because of Bixo (thinking about: is it Portuguese? wow, this language is so so cooooooooool! ;)). Also, Manu is my Spanish teacher, I love his lyrics! Also, memories, memories, beautiful memories... :) Anyway, probably I would choose a live version of kind of any of his songs.

Would you say Chao's music has influenced, helped, changed you in any way?
Definitely! In so many ways! Like beforehand I listened only British-American music (a little bit of Hungarian, too but not really) and didn't know about the rest of the world, I didn't really have alternatives. Since then... I got to know hundreds of bands through Manu: people/bands he plays with, bands in Latin America, Latin Europe hehe, Africa... He opened a new world, a new perpective for me. Also, I became much much happier person. I wear lot of colors, too :D Yes, Clandestino has been with me on the road, at home, in trouble, in happiness, ALL THE TIME for 10 years now. I just can't get enough of it.
Accordingly: I made a lot of friends from all around the world (eg.: found a friend here on the Forum who is from Marocco but lives in Germany and speaks Spanish, and we went together to Genoa to see Manu ;)).

What languages do you speak?
Hungarian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, PORTUNHOL ;) (and as a result, I understand Gallego :))
French still to come ;)

How old are you?
I turn to 33 this year.

What is your nationality?
Ciudadno del mundo ;)
I was born as Hungarian :)

Van egy Manu Chao Magyarország topik itt a Forumon ám, nézz majd be néha ;)

Sorry I've just greeted AnitaHu in Hungarian :)

Allright Coco, I hope you could wright a serious work, even if the subject isn't as wide as you wish.

 :: narzissus :: 03/08/2009

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