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 Manu e Josefa - Desaparecido
Hello amig@s!
Can someone tell me some words about this video because my spanish is not so good? Who is this woman and what is her relation with Manu? What are they saying in a few words?
And does anyone have this version of Desaparecido in mp3 and would be kind enough to sent it to me?
Thanks in advance!
 :: piggytat :: 03/06/2008
Iīll try to explain, sorry about my poor english..

Manu was living in Bastabales ten years ago (Bastabales is a small village near Santiago) and there he meets Josefa, she was his neighbour. Josefa and other galician people were invited by Manu to play and sing in Lyon. Josefa tells that this voyage was amazing for her because at this moment she was in a sad time, she recomends to the people travelling, going out, fly when you are having a bad time. Manu helps her a lot at this moment.
 :: oubli :: 03/06/2008
The relation between them is very goog since these days. She sees Manu as a big and good person. The woman asks Josefa, How Manu sings? Does he sing ok? Josefa answers: well... in his language... of course... (they laugh)
Josefa says that she hasnīt seen Manu for two years but she spoke with him not long ago.
 :: oubli :: 03/06/2008
When Josefa sees Manu she tells him : "you never die!!!" and Manu says: "What happy to see you, Josefa". Josefa says: "you put on weight!!! "(I think that is a way to tell him that he seems to be healthy) Manu says: "Here we are"
Josefa: It is incredible!!!
 :: oubli :: 03/06/2008
Manu says that Josefa was the queen between all the people in Lyon, he explains that she travelled by bus from Galicia to Lyon with other galician people and when they arrived in France they hadnīt voice because they came singing the whole distance. Josefa says that they treated her very well in France and the day when she went to the scene to sing she told herself that she was going to sing with desire and force for everybody in Lyon and at this moment her voice came from inside her heart... ;) Manu says respect her voice: "all flowers.. ";)
 :: oubli :: 03/06/2008
The woman tell Josefa that she seems more happy seeing Manu, her face had changed with Manu nearest. Josefa tells that she loves Manu.
The woman asks Manu: " How is Josefa?"
Manu: "For me she is a teacher of life, a teacher, a teacher of force and happines"
Josefa."how good they treated me in France!!! I embrace all them "
 :: oubli :: 03/06/2008
They talk about the song Desaparecido. Manu remembers that this song borned at this kitchen (where they are)when one day Manu arrived to this kitchen and it was there Nina (Josefaīs daughter). He remembers how at that moment Nina told: Uy !! here arrives the desaparecido!! (missing person).
At the end of the film Manu dedicates the song to Nina who lives now in Barcelona. When Manu finishes the song he says:
"It returned the song at home..." ;)

Finish. Saludos.
 :: oubli :: 03/06/2008
Josefa is a neighbour of the family Chao in galicia....Ramon Chao speaks about it
in his book "priscillien of Compostelle"
bye bye boum
 :: manviv :: 03/06/2008
Thanks a lot!!! This is a full translation and not a few words. Much better! jajaja
It's a very nice video. It's obvious that there is a lot of love in the air!!!
The only thing left... does anyone have the mp3 of this version of desaparecido?
 :: piggytat :: 04/06/2008

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