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 Manu at the Native Spirit Show in London
Noooooo!!! I have just seen on La Tevelina that Manu played in Brixton, London in July........why was this not advertised.......I can't believe looked amazing......I have just found this review of the gig:

Noooooo!!! He acabado de ver en La Tevelina que Manu tocado en Brixton, Londres en Julio........porque no era publicidad?......No puedo creerlo! ........pareció increíble......he encontrado esta critica sobre la noche:
 :: Teresauk :: 29/08/2008
Arrgh! I feel for you, Teresauk. I guess if they had advertised for such a small venue, the situation would have gotten out of

Great review, though.
 :: :: 30/08/2008
 :: Teresauk :: 02/09/2008
 :: piggytat :: 02/09/2008

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