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 Mano Negra: Out of Time - Part 1 &2
Does anyone here know if the DVD, Mano Negra: Out of Time, can be found in NTSC format? I recently bought Part I and Part II from Amazon that were listed as NTSC but when it came it turned out to be in PAL format. I also tried MovieMars which also listed them as NTSC. The same story, when they came I couldn't play them because they were PAL. I live in Florida and my player is formatted for N. America. Now, I am wondering if the DVD was even available in NTSC format at all.
We're going to the Seattle concert. Two more weeks, I can't wait.
 :: Totok :: 26/09/2010
Sorry I have no idea Totok but is this what you are looking for?

Since you have made the effort to buy the dvd twice I see no harm in downloading
 :: Teresauk :: 28/09/2010
Hi Teresauk,
I actually found a seller on Ebay from Argentina that had a picture of the back of the DVD which shows it's NTSC so I bought once again. I'm keeping my finger crossed. Thanks for the link but I like having the DVD so I can play it on a bigger screen.
 :: Totok :: 30/09/2010

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