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 Lovebox ticket tonight - Wanted
Je cherche une place pour le Lovebox ce soir, a prix coutant (ou moins....:D). Si quelqu'un a ca, merci de me contacter ici ou par mail ...Je vous serais eternellement reconnaissante!!! ;)

hola, estoy buscando una entrada para el Lovebox esta noche. Si alguien tiene una a su precio original, se lo agradeceria.infinitamente!! ;). mi mail :

I'm looking for a Lovebox ticket for tonight, at face value . If anyone's got a spare, pls contact me here or send an mail to . thanx!
 :: :: 19/07/2008
 :: :: 19/07/2008
UUUUUUUUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: :: 19/07/2008
Hmm, that would have been Saturday.

Were you able to get a ticket? I hope so. If so, how was the
 :: :: 21/07/2008
c'est vrai ça ? pas de news du(es) concert(s) anglais ?
 :: EmmaP :: 21/07/2008
Hey! hola moody bird!! ;) how are you?

yes, i did actually and for free on top of that!! which was quite lucky considering they were selling for double face value on show day!
How was it? Well, ...I'm not sure if I'm the best personn to answer that , lol...
He got excellent reviews in the press, so I guess it was good ;).
For me, as a frenchie, Mano Negra fan from the early days, I was a bit disappointed... The show was good, as always, but too short (less than 2 hours) and I found the crowd very soft and mellow...Nothing compared to the complete madness of the 3h30 long shows they've just played in France...and that I couldn't manage to attend!!
How about you? did you manage to rob a bank or sth, to get the cash for san francisco?? if not, there's still time left :) !!
 :: :: 21/07/2008
Hey, lolalola!

I'm not particularly moody any more -- I've been reading a lot of Eckhart Tolle AND it's summertime! :-D (Oh
yeah, and we have tix to Gogol Bordello in October.)

Happy for you that you got to see MC & RB at Lovebox. I know what you mean about festivals, though. The
bands rarely get to play for very long.

Alas, I'm not nearly clever enough to rob a bank, but I'm thinking about maybe starting a dominatrix business.
Lots of rich guys in this town who would love to be told what worms they are! ;^) (*Cracking whip*)
 :: :: 22/07/2008
Ooh, baby.
 :: nubiasol :: 23/07/2008
Secretly, I only want an excuse to wear those stiletto-heeled, thigh-high boots... ;^)
 :: :: 23/07/2008
High guys! Nice to hear from you all!

I totally agree frenchie lolalola about the atmosphere of a festival. I went to Glasto and as it was my first time at one of his gigs, I was hoping for the madness and histeria....but it was a little subdued. Still fantastic on MC & RB's side but it was the crowd that let it down. And all the bands had such a small time the time you had got into the vibe they were saying goodbye. I did have a ticket for Lovebox but had to sell it at the last minute due to cashflow problems :( I have actually decided to go and see the band in France or Spain next time around....and not at a festival.
 :: Teresauk :: 23/07/2008
Hi Teresauk!

Sorry to hear the festival crowd flatlined like that. Also sorry to hear you couldn't go to Lovebox due to
cash-flow problems... maybe you should have invested in some high boots and a whip! ;^)

I wonder if bands prefer festival circuits to regular tours in part because of the shorter sets? MC &
RB's tour last summer would have been exhausting for guys half Manu's age, so in that respect, I can
understand the appeal of festivals from a musician's point of view. I also read somewhere recently
that Manu has ankle tendonitis, the poor guy, so all that jumping around he does on stage must be
pretty brutal. Makes me admire his enthusiasm even more.

 :: :: 24/07/2008
Hi Pap!

A whip & high that could be the way to go!

Well how can one man bounce around so much for so long!! So MC has ankle tendonitis......I have noticed that he wears some sort of bandage on his leg around the knee area....a result of too much bouncing? It made me laugh at Glasto because there was a bit to the side of the stage where you could see kind of semi backstage....the rest of the band where playing a kind of intro main stage and you could see Manu bouncing around, punching the air backstage :)

I did notice that MC has posted a statement in French on the "News" section and mentions something about a double concert at French is slightly dodgey so I may have mis-understood. But does he mean that he did another gig in London?
 :: Teresauk :: 24/07/2008
Teresauk - my guess is that they performed on two consecutive nights at Lovebox. Anyhow, it
was cool to see a personal communique from Manu. I did the google translation thing with it.
It's not perfect, but better than naught.

Enjoyed your bit about the bouncing around backstage. In Toronto last summer, a few
minutes before the show started, Manu peeked around the backstage curtain, then came out
for a second and jumped up and down a couple of times, grinning mischievously at the crowd,
which of course went nuts. The man is a living pogo stick!

I wish he'd bounce his way back to our neck of the woods.... :-)
 :: :: 25/07/2008
They actualluy played 2 gigs in a row. Lovebox till 10.30 and then at 2 AM a benefit event to support indigeneous cultures of America.....
 :: :: 25/07/2008

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