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 Help wanted with search
Can anyone help me in my search for some samples who are used in many manu chao songs? Or maybe know how such samples are called, so i can specialice my search?

For example te ping in King of the bongo, and the "falling 'ping'" , which is used in many songs on the album Radio Bemba Sound System (e.d. beginning of Machine Gun and Bongo Bong)

I'll appreciate your help..ANY HELP!


gr Mdnx
p.s Im from Holland, so maybe my english isn't fully correct. My bad.
 :: Mdnx :: 18/06/2009
Great man, thanks a lot! you can mail them to: . !! Reaaly cool!

greetings Marc.
 :: Mdnx :: 19/06/2009
Bonjour, je recherche aussi les samples de Manu Chao, où puis-je les trouver SVP ?
 :: gnu :: 21/08/2009
hi can you please send samples to tnx in advance
 :: :: 23/08/2009
hi can you please send samples to thanks in advance
 :: gnu :: 23/08/2009
hola albusmismosol o quien sea,
tambien me interesan estos samples y los busco desde mucho tiempo , gracias por enviarmelos en
 :: franck049 :: 26/08/2009
Hello there, could you please send the sample also to me?? thanks in advance ;)
 :: :: 28/08/2009

sorry for my english but i'm frenchie! i am very interesting to have samples of manu chao to make covers in my house; could you help me? if someone can send to me it will be great!!

thanks in advance; my mail is:

 :: baboon :: 04/10/2009
Encontré esto en otra charla del forum Si alguien tiene cosas interesantes. enviarmelas en
 :: franck049 :: 15/10/2009

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