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 For sale: 2 Manu tickets (LJUB) + hostel
Two people of our group can't come with us to the Ljubljana concert. So we have two tickets for sale. We have made a reservation in a hostel for the friday and saturdagnight also. So we prefer to sell these tickets to people that also need a place to sleep. You will sleep in one seperated private two person room in a hostel in the centre of Ljubljana. We, a group of 11 dutch students sleep in the other rooms. The cost are 55,- for the to tickets and 100,- (25,- p.n.p.p.) for the hostel. So for 155,- euro's in total you have the two tickets and a place to sleep.

Hopefully somebody likes this offer and we can help each other with this. Mail me: or

If you want to buy the tickets only, please make an offer....

Thanks a lot and with best regards,

Bas Schuurmans
 :: Bas :: 28/03/2011
I am sorry, but the tickets are sold, so please don't respond anymore. Thank you!
 :: Bas :: 29/03/2011

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