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 Espoir - Esperanza - Hope !
L'Espoir ne sert rien sans Action ! La Esperanza no vale nada sin Accin ! Hope is useless without Action !
 :: nonmaiscestvrai :: 22/04/2012
dis moi pas qu'c'est pas vrai???
 :: paete :: 23/04/2012
qui cherche qui,l?? lol
 :: Loulou69 :: 23/04/2012
paete mais puisque j't'dis que c'est vrai voyons non mais !
 :: nonmaiscestvrai :: 23/04/2012
I think it's that first you have to be desesperate to get to hope and really
fucked up to get to the real action... I mean for the majority of people work
like this, I think. This why it's so hard with all these walfare states and
artificial growing and fake hapiness. Ignorance is the worst... these
people will never act until they can watch tv and eat hamburgers! These
people doesn't even hope, it's clear, as they don't think anything could
and/or should be better....
 :: narzissus :: 25/04/2012
 :: paete :: 26/04/2012

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