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Happy New Year for everybody!!!
 :: Pi :: 01/01/2010
Hello! Excuse me for my bad English. I`m from Moscow, Russia. Can somebody tell me about Tonino Carotone`s family, his wife or girlfriend and children. I can`t find in this forum topic about him.
 :: Russian :: 19/01/2011
there's a lot of topic about Tonino Carotone in this forum, just use the search box at the top of the page:

Maybe no one speaks about his family, this information is really personal so I hope that nobody will start doing it. Bye!
 :: webmaster :: 19/01/2011
Thank you very much for your answer. In our country we know all about our artists. We like to discuss about it. Not long ago we began to listen Tonino Сarotone. Manu Chao we know for a long time. Tonino is not known in Russia as Manu Chao. Thank you.
 :: Russian :: 19/01/2011

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