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 English-Speaking Fans IV
Okay, guys. Happy now? ;^)
 :: :: 01/04/2009
No, I'm not happy!!! We said No 5 Pap! Don't you read numbers???
 :: piggytat :: 01/04/2009
Pap!!! We wanted 5! Now we need to wait to finish thise one and than next one is 6! Piggy take it easy...we'll wait next one...
 :: :: 01/04/2009
You guys are too much.

And for the record: I don't think you're stupid, Piggytat. I think you are more intelligent than you are willing to admit. I've read your posts, lady. You don't fool me!
 :: nubiasol :: 01/04/2009
Oh...your here.......about time!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 01/04/2009
Nub, I'm not trying to fool you, only Teresa! I made her mad, so now I'm saying that she can't get mad with idiots - like me. I can't think of anything else. And yes I am stupid, because I thought I was clever and that I can understand good and bad people - don't believe it anymore.
 :: piggytat :: 01/04/2009
Piggy - I left you a message on English Fans III
 :: Teresauk :: 02/04/2009
I read it! So, maybe you are mad at me. Is that the meaning? Why are you torturing me? I have to sleep...........
 :: piggytat :: 02/04/2009
I am joking : ) Sleep well Piggy wiggy!!
 :: Teresauk :: 02/04/2009
why did it have to be 5 and not 4 ?
 :: :: 02/04/2009
No, I don't read numbers, piggy! I was an English major; I don't DO math.
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Good morning, everyone!

Bixo... As piggytat stated, we are not ordinary people here. When we must do something, it is inherently something different and... dare I say?... special. :)

As such... my take is that any ordinary forum group would merely move on to number 4 after number 3, but we... yes, WE... are of the minute population who deem consecutive numbering unimportant and drab.... and therefore felt number 5 would be the most fitting successor to number 3. Viva the numerical revolution!!!!

(but I must ask, Miss Piggy... why only skip one number??... and why not switch to letters?... or a number and letter configuration?... )

Teresa... thanx for the babylonia youtube link!!! So much energy in his music. I swear I'm going to need 2 gallons of water hooked onto my belt when I finally see Manu in concert.... otherwise I will go into shock from dehydration.

p.s. ~ I'm with stupid.
p.p.s. ~ Looks like the media called it right yesterday, huh? Geez... thank goodness the police were there to keep things calm. :P
 :: :: 02/04/2009
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Haha fish, you stupid...? OK, than everyone are stupid, how divine...We look very intelligent thanks to pap and nuby, but that is only mask... But as you see, even Pap don't know to count... :-)

Piggy you are confusing me with your intelectual posts...
 :: :: 02/04/2009
"thank goodness the police were there to keep things calm. :P"

yeah, let's all have a drink to the police! what would we be without them, hey??

come on everybody , all together for the police:
"hip hip hurrah!"

by the way, someone died, but thank goodness, he was no policeman...
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Amen lola.
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Someone died? Really?
I haven't heard anything and it's a strike today, so no news on tv or radio, so if someone can say something more.
 :: piggytat :: 02/04/2009
With all due respect,I don t know what a mess about who and howmuch is someone stupid.
Forrest Gump got the best interpretation :"stupid is as stupid does".hehe
I am glad that we are still all here no metter on what page and also think that we are some kind of weirdous.haha no ofence.
And this riots in U.K.....more disorder was when Sex Pistols sailed on river Thames and sing the "hymn to a Queen" ;-) but and this is for commend.
People in Croatia are sheeps and noone would dare to go out to protest, but not becuse of fear than because passivity.
Regards 2 U Terry and keep movin ;-)
Marija -- you`re so funny with your comments LOL :-)))
 :: kariola :: 02/04/2009
I haven't heard anything either...

BTW Piggy, how is situation in Athens ...? Have proterst stopped...?
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Kariola people here are...idiots...when we are talking about protest. All of them just want to fight with police and to relise their angry becouse I don't know, partizan lost football match or something simillar...! They are going on my d***! I would send them to jail and buy buy boom!
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Ok its bye bye boom.
 :: :: 02/04/2009

... and hey... where's Teresa? Is anyone getting worried about her?

Let me tell you, tho... this whole thing is a rude awakening for me. Here I was thinking that the English were the prime representatives of all that is orderly and proper. (wink, wink! ;) ...)

And yes, Marija... me stupid. :) ... at least I strive to be! (nice Gump, reference Kariola! I have to watch that movie again.)
 :: :: 02/04/2009
478 posts to go!
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Look fish, when someone is gone for one day, that is state of emergency., especialy if is during the protest...Same thing was with Piggy, I think she wasn't coming here for days...
And Teresa was here today, so, unless she come till tomorow than we'll start to wonder...She is on work I think...

Aaa, i need to go now but I don't want to... :-((
 :: :: 02/04/2009

And now 476!
 :: :: 02/04/2009
The big protests have stopped. But there are still groups of people burning banks, shops and cars almost every night. The police can't get them. I'm not sure that they are trying. Generally criminality has risen lately, no one seems to be able to do anything about it. You can get killed for a few euros, things do not go well unfortunatelly. I don't know if something could be done to change this situation, the government do not seem capable to do anything.
 :: piggytat :: 02/04/2009
... maybe they should broadcast Manu Chao music through speakers on every street corner? :)

... I can't focus on work today. Ay, yi, yi... gotta move to one of those "open office" environments today. We've been working in leased office space for the past year or so. The movers just came to bring all our stuff to the new office, so I'm sitting her with nothing but my coffee and my computer (...and all the dust that is now very clear to see once everything was removed from my desk!). ... and I don't wanna go!!! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH... I don't want to sit in a huge room with no walls and people all around me. I'm getting wigged out just thinking about it!!
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Oh phish i'm gonna get depressed. you made me think of my previous office. it was in a house, ground floor, next to the garden. and then we moved to one of those office buildings...
 :: piggytat :: 02/04/2009
Yes,one dead person in London,it was on croatian news today,and
about 90 arrested persons. F*** the police...
Phish,you are funny person,you made me laugh after this horrible day at
work.At least no-one died.It is the worst part of my work,to loose a
patient,and sometimes I wish that I work in some office with my desk
and computer in front of me...
 :: canabinola :: 02/04/2009
Sure enough the commentators here are addressing the pent up energy of youth who have never had to work an honest day in their life. How the hell do they know?

No commentary on capitalism. No commentary on moral obligations. Sometimes unfettered greed hides behind capitalist ideology. Every system that is in place be it capitalism, socialism, communism was put in place by human minds and hands. Sure it develops a life of its own and we must deal with whatever system we are born into, but this does not mean that we cannot address the excesses of a system.

For all the accussations of our left-wing media, we don't cover this.
 :: nubiasol :: 02/04/2009
 :: :: 02/04/2009
I told you! She is intelectual!!!
 :: piggytat :: 02/04/2009
Ok, now translate it on english please.

Who killed that guy...? Police...? Again...?
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Yes, Nub! We may be english speaking, but not native...
 :: piggytat :: 02/04/2009
I *think* (and that's a risky claim before I've consumed my first cup coffee) that what nubie is saying is essentially:

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Phishy - Oh duude, NOT the "open office" floor plan!! I feel for you, I really do. I'm sure you've figured this one out on
your own, but just in case, here's a tip. Always have a work-related window open behind the much-loved bright red
browser window like the one I'm looking at now. That way, when the office busy-bodies (and every office has one)
come lurking, you can deftly hit the Close or Minimize button, and all that remains for Snoopy-Pants to see is
evidence of your dedicate labor. ;^)

On a more serious note:

Since we've been on the topic of world news lately, WTF is going on in Afghanistan?? I heard on the news last night
that they're talking about LEGALIZING RAPE. Now that's gotta be one of the most horrifying things I've heard in a
long while. Just makes me shudder.
 :: :: 02/04/2009
WHAT??? Legalising rape?? F**** cussed people,can`t belive.I am
 :: canabinola :: 02/04/2009
Correction: They're not merely talking about it. They've f***ing done it:

canabinola - The Afghani government has legalized rape within marriage, but that's still barbaric. Also, women are not allowed to
leave the house without their husband's permission, and child custody (I guess in divorce cases) will be granted to fathers or
grandfathers. On the news last night, they showed the most awful footage of men beating women IN PUBLIC, like the women
were livestock. Unbef***inglieavble.
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Legalizing rape??????
You have got to be kidding :O
 :: :: 02/04/2009
This f*** world really go crazy...I know about Afghan,I am so sorry for
women who live there,not only in Afghan,just look some countries in
Africa,or South America..killing and raping are parts of their lives.I am so
mad!!!! It hurts me.And when some of my friends told me "I am not
happy,I need a man,I want more money..."or stupidity like that,than I like
to say "Be happy that you are not living in Afghanistan!
 :: canabinola :: 02/04/2009

I can't belive, what is going on with this world...!?

F***ing wordl! Who is going on moon with me?! I can't belive! I can't stand this anymore! ***********************************************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: :: 02/04/2009
 :: canabinola :: 02/04/2009
Legalising rape, not allowing women to leave their homes.....I would like to hear their moral argument for that one!

Nubie - I have really noticed over the passed few days that a large percentage of people in the UK seem to have the opinion that anyone protesting is a no good, hippy drop out. They don't even open their minds to think about the issues. And liike you say hardly any mention of capitalism, globalisation etc. I have heard comments like "why don't they get a job and do something useful". I mean why does the fact that someone is protesting mean that they must be unemployed!! They just want to sit there and put their f***ing TV's on and brainwash themselves and think that it will all go away.
 :: Teresauk :: 02/04/2009
...something useful like making money for your boss. jejeje very useful!
 :: piggytat :: 02/04/2009
Well said Piggy!

Anyone know any good jokes?
 :: Teresauk :: 02/04/2009
Teresa they could be employed but when they return from protesting they will be most cases...
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Your right Marija cos bosses don't want employees that stand up for themselves.

Guess what its Friday tomorrow : )
 :: Teresauk :: 02/04/2009
well it was about time to come that friday! :-)

Becouse they are idiots (bosses), and they don't want to have ''troublemakers''...
 :: :: 02/04/2009
No good, hippie dropouts? Oh riiiight, like the guy I read about that lost his IT (Info Technology) job in London, and is
now finding that when he applies for a new job, he's competing against about 150 people. And this is high tech we're
talking about; these are educated, highly-skilled, hard-working people, not a bunch of whiny slackers like so many
pompous gits would have us believe. Grrr...

Teresa - Hooray for Friday! But have you heard, Thursday is the new Friday. I just heard my glass of wine say that. ;^)
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Oh, and you wanted a good joke. Well, how about a lame riddle instead?

Q: What's grey and comes in pints?

A: An elephant.

 :: :: 02/04/2009
Poor guy...And I think that this story is simillar with others that were protesting...
 :: :: 02/04/2009
Afghanistan - now wasn't the U.S. supposed to make that a happy place? Governments! To quote Papilloposa: Grrr.

OK. This may be TOO U.S.-specific, but here it goes. I heard it from Phyllis Diller:

So Monica Lewinsky walks into the dry-cleaners and tells the woman behind the counter that she needs her dress dry cleaned.

The woman behind the desk looks up, distracted, and asks, "Come again?"

Monica responds. "No. Orange juice."
 :: nubiasol :: 02/04/2009
I can't think of anyone I know who hasn't been affected by the economic crisis. Last year at this time, we'd just come
home from a trip to Colombia. We still had plenty of savings and a really big project lined up for when we got back.
Well, the client's client decided to work with some other organization, sooh - NO big project - and for us that meant
at least a month of income was gone. And just at that time (perfect!), we got stuck with a huge bill because the roof
on our building had to be fixed. Work got slower and slower through last spring, summer, and then of course fall
really kicked our butts. Now we're up to our tits in debt, but at least it's on a line of credit with very low interest.
Believe me, I'm well aware that many, many people are far worse off than we are. Perspective, eh?
 :: :: 02/04/2009
nubie - LMAO!!

phishy - Please tell me the new open (shudder!) office space will at least have partitions. You poor, poor guy!
 :: :: 03/04/2009
This one is from a Spanish-language newspaper, Qué Más. (Jueves 30 de Noviembre de 2006, pagina 18.)

Una mujer, bastante alcoholizada, sale de un cabaret. Dando traspiés llega a su automóvil, un precioso y elegante BMW. Al no poder abrirlo con las llaves, cae sentada en la acera y al volver la vista hacia abajo, ve sus genitales y exclama:

-¡Por ti, tengo este auto!
-¡Por ti, tengo estas joyas!
-¡Por ti tengo dinero!
-¡Por ti tengo viajes!
-¡Por ti tengo a cualquier hombre!

En eso, a consecuencia de la tremenda borrachera que traía, se orina. Asustada, voltea hacia abajo y balbucea:

-¿Por qué lloras, si no te estoy regañando?

Llega Pepito a su casa y por la cerradura del cuarto de sus papas los vio haciendo el amor. Y su mamá abierta de piernas, le decía a su marido:

- Amor, dame un hijo.

Y al otro día, en su recamara, mandó llamar a su papá, y abierto de piernas le dijo a papá:

- Dame una bicicleta.
 :: nubiasol :: 03/04/2009
Hey, sorry, Pap. I didn't mean to put a joke under your economic woes. It appears we're both online.

As far as the economy is concerned, the ones with the least are always struggling to survive. Now it's caught up to the rest of us who make a somewhat decent living. Our policies are coming back home to roost.
 :: nubiasol :: 03/04/2009
Pap - I like the joke! I know how you feel about the finances.....I am paying my 3rd utility bill via credit card. Great joke by the way!!

Nubia - Now when I saw those spanish chistes I thought great I can share these with my spanish class next week!! But after reading them.....have decided it might not be appreciated ; ) Were those printed in a regular daily paper???? Ja Ja
 :: Teresauk :: 03/04/2009
MESSAGE from brain

When the body was created, all the parts wanted to be boss.
Brain said: "Since I' managing all parts of the body, and I think instead of them all, I will be the boss!"
The legs told: "Since we carry body where he want to go and we are doing what brain decided, we would like to be Chief!" This continued and eyes and hands and heart and lungs ...
Then, the ass said that it wants to be boss. All were laughing and believed that it was absurd, to ass become the Head. Ass was very insulted, gathered and refused to perform its task. As a result the brain has been disturbed, Eyes got bigger, legs started shakeing, hands weaked, and the heart and lungs had great difficulties to carry out their functions.
At the end, everyone were praying to the brain to allow ass to be boss. And that is how it was. Now, everyone are doing their job and functions but ass just sit and shit.

Moral: To become the Head, he doesen’t have to be genius, it is enough to be generally ass.

Many regards, brain.

Pap no offense… :-)
 :: :: 03/04/2009
Marija - LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 03/04/2009
Look this,how cute :-) Manu is singing Sube carreteiro with some granny
 :: canabinola :: 03/04/2009
Some granny!! Yeah I have seen something about this before. I think she is an old friend who he used to know when he lived in Galicia.
 :: Teresauk :: 03/04/2009
It seem so. An old friend. They are great,both :-)
 :: canabinola :: 03/04/2009
I agree :-) and what you say to this? :-0 arghhhhhh
cant stand it anymore,wanna scream all over the place..uff but I am a parent I have to cool down am losing my compas... zoinx!
 :: kariola :: 03/04/2009
Yes. There's an interview portion where the woman is just floored to see him - she is SO happy that she keeps hitting him.

Teresauk, yes the jokes were in a free weekly newspaper. Not all the jokes are sexual. Actually, they are mostly clean - this one was a surprise. If you want jokes to share with the class, I can look at this week's issue.

I'll have to go to the more Spanish-speaking side of town because they don't carry it here in these English-speaking parts.

Marija. Good moral. Sometimes it takes being an ass to get things done your way.
 :: nubiasol :: 03/04/2009
Teresa your loling to much... :-)

I try to imagin picure of that granny and Manu, what great soul he is...
 :: :: 03/04/2009
...and this.Who can pay for this.Nobody!
Stranger in the night,AIDS in the morning lol
And just wanna say how much I despise male chauvinist pigs that go so far to rape womens.
Womans should be take justice into their own hands and cut off their penis. Evil scumbags.A disgrace for all men.
 :: kariola :: 03/04/2009
This granny attracted my attention some time ago.
 :: piggytat :: 03/04/2009
I forgot to say that the subject that attracts my attention for the moment is Mala experiencia en Bs As. I find it very very amusing. Jejeje. I'm a gossip girl, I admit!
 :: piggytat :: 03/04/2009
A kariola your craking me up...! :-)

But your right, I agree with you...They should, when they go out, instead of mobile carry scissors...
 :: :: 03/04/2009
Marija why do you wanna spoil my entertainment???
 :: piggytat :: 03/04/2009
That's so sweet, about the friendship between Josefa and Manu. Impossible not to love the guy!
 :: :: 03/04/2009
Find The Phish! Where could he be, where could he be?
 :: :: 03/04/2009
Piggy,great! Now I know about Josepha,Manu`s old touches my
heart ;-)

Kariola,well,helloo :-) how are you my friend?

what do you say about this one:
 :: canabinola :: 03/04/2009
Just in case my last message confused anyone. Find the Fish:
 :: :: 03/04/2009
Marija - I am sorry but I am going to LOL again......I just red the "Mala experiencia en Bs As" and saw your comment at the bottom : ) Where do these idiots keep coming from?

Kariola - Your on top form today, v funny!

Pap - where the hell IS the fish?

Nubie - Oh yes spanish jokes please, if you happen to be in the right neighbourhood!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 03/04/2009
Idiots are our friends! Don't talk bad about them. We may have one here...
 :: piggytat :: 03/04/2009
Piggy I don't see idiot here and I'm not blinde......unless...... :-)
 :: :: 03/04/2009
Ok peas, sorry piggy if I spoiled your entertainment.
 :: :: 03/04/2009
Oh Phishy Phishy Phishy Phish!
 :: :: 03/04/2009
I think he is still shocked by Nubiasol's intellectuality. xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 03/04/2009
There is NO fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 03/04/2009
Then why do the butler and that dominatrix tranny keep looking for it, hmm? Why does the butler
claim the fish did follow him where'er he did go???
 :: :: 03/04/2009
Has the butler eaten it?
 :: Teresauk :: 03/04/2009
Well, he DOES look a bit shifty-eyed...
 :: :: 03/04/2009
I think the elephant has guilty look.
 :: piggytat :: 03/04/2009
Oh yeah, that elephant is definitely hiding something!

OMG, I'm supposed to be working on some web copy for a client right now, but I just can't get
into it. Good thing there's no real deadline. Of course if there was, it might be just the fire under
my ass I need!
 :: :: 03/04/2009
Pap do you know where the fish is???
 :: piggytat :: 03/04/2009
Why does the butler have whiskers......................or is that a clue????????
 :: Teresauk :: 03/04/2009
Canabinola - I like your Buddha pic on blip : ) I see you are a RHCP fan......good taste ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 03/04/2009
I don't know why what's up with the whiskers, Blip Girl! But I now suspect that the butler and/or the elephant might have been
craving sushi ...

 :: :: 03/04/2009
Whiskers = Kitty cat = fish lover!!!!!

Blip queen teresita!!!!!!!!! I know your'e still getting through your working Friday.....but its Friday evening here....I have a bottle wine...some family (clink clink) and blip for the background music.....oh and a couple of spliffs too ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 03/04/2009
Excellent! I'll join you in that in about 6 hours, when Lexi (aka "Naughtius Minimus) and I are back
from doggie training class. ;-)

BTW, hubby & I & a bunch of friends are off to see The Beat tomorrow night at a fun old venue.
They're probably grand-dads by now, but I bet they can still kick some ska butt!
 :: :: 04/04/2009
BTW, you're spinning some great tracks, DJ Teresita! I keep adding them to my playlist and bouncing on the big
purple exercise all I use as a chair. I love the Black Uhuru / Thievery Corp remix!
 :: :: 04/04/2009
They are a great band.....didn't realise they were still going.....have a great time at the gig and I hope Lexi is a good doggie woggie at her class!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 04/04/2009
BALL. That's big purple exercise BALL.
 :: :: 04/04/2009
BTW your playlist reminded me of Black Uhuru.....great band........its kind of gone into a reggae vibe over here at the moment!!
 :: Teresauk :: 04/04/2009
alo alo!
Nubiasol, i sent you the song you asked.
I think I can't keep my eyes open any more...
Have a nice weekend boys and girls!
 :: piggytat :: 04/04/2009
¡Buenas noches, Piggytat!
 :: :: 04/04/2009
I'm getting quite concerned about Phishmanson. I fear he's trapped in Cubicle Hell and we may have to send in the
POW-LF* to Massachusetts on a rescue mission!

*People's Office Workers Liberation Front

 :: :: 04/04/2009
100 messages in no time... you guys are on !!!
 :: :: 04/04/2009
Thanks, Piggy. And I do mean THANKS!!!!

You see my clunker of a car died a couple of months ago (sniff) and I had to buy a new used one. This new (used) car has a CD player and well, all I have is tapes. YES, tapes! This car is so noisy I can't hear my tapes from my portable boom box very well.

So now I get to create Manu Chao CDs because I don't want to wear out the originals. Yes, I have bought every single Chao and Mano Negra CD I listen to. After listening to Rosa Mayor (where he cracks up mid song) and Put It On, I am more than happy to support this artist. But hey, if those songs aren't for sale, I can't buy them, now can I?
 :: nubiasol :: 04/04/2009
Oh and Bixo,

We have created a nice community for ourselves, haven't we? And if my memory serves me well, Pap started it all.

As anyone heard XTC's Dear God? I just flashed to Piggy's comment on prayers.
 :: nubiasol :: 04/04/2009
...and good morning! I am enjoying a few moments of happiness with a cup of coffee and my pc. Oh, the precious free time!
No Nubby! I thank YOU because you gave me the opportunity to become a better person for 5 minutes. xoxoxo
Good that you have a new car! Your dead car went to find Pap's dead computer. Or is it the opposite? I guess you can't go anywhere there without a car.
And yes I think Pap is to blame for all that.
I'm really holding myself not to make another comment on prayers.
Have a good day!
 :: piggytat :: 04/04/2009
Morning to all! Or good day,it allready noon. Rain stops,thanx good.

Teresita,great playlist,I listen you from time to time,usually in the
evening,during the dinner :-)

I like golden Buddha too,perfect face,isn`t it? Peacefull and full of
happiness :-)

Yes,I like RCHP,actually,I listen to them for a long time,even longer than
 :: canabinola :: 04/04/2009
Check out the thread: Les Rues De L'hiver

It was funny. And cute.
 :: nubiasol :: 04/04/2009
v cute...maybe we should start one of our own?
 :: Teresauk :: 05/04/2009
English Beat. Was. SO. Gooood! Feet hurt now. G'night. Zzzz... ;-)
 :: :: 05/04/2009
 :: piggytat :: 05/04/2009
Mykonos! Humus!

 :: :: 05/04/2009
Hey could anyone post a link to download the "Si Loin de Toi" version they're talking about in the other thread ? Or email it to me ? Just click on my name to find my email address. Thanks!
 :: :: 05/04/2009
someone sent it to me already, thank you !
 :: :: 05/04/2009
when they have all finished chasing themselves round and round in the pursuit of fake money that don't exist, only the usefull people will be left.
 :: mickish :: 05/04/2009
...god said!

Pap, actually humus is not greek, all the rest in the video are true!
 :: piggytat :: 05/04/2009
mickish your right...but is chaising ever going to stop...?
 :: :: 05/04/2009
 :: Teresauk :: 06/04/2009
 :: Teresauk :: 06/04/2009

Did Piggytat send you the MP3? In not, Piggy would you mind if I forwarded the song to Bixo Chango?


I don't have outlook. What is your email?
 :: nubiasol :: 06/04/2009
Nuby, it's not mine, you can do it whatever you want! But yes I sent it to Bixo.
 :: piggytat :: 06/04/2009
I never tire of this man - not even his lai lai lai's
 :: nubiasol :: 06/04/2009
Nuby you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's perfect!!!
 :: piggytat :: 06/04/2009
Yes nubiasol, thank you piggytat !
 :: :: 06/04/2009
Oi! Manus caballeros
It's always something new here and I am still waiting for someone to suprise me and said that Manu is back to the old continent.
Canabinola and a couple of us were moved to the idea that it would be great that this summer we gonna make a open air party by the sea and play just manumusic in all variants and everybody will dance from dusk till dawn (as the real vampires:-))).
I hope that we will realize this project.
Your migty speakers, amplifier and the aggregate cant wait to use them.
Heh Canabinola?Uye! Respect to you uber alles :-)

Phish -- I hope that you saw Babilonia.You had a plenty of time to manage.
Nubi -- you`re original :-))

I can hardly wait for Sham 69 in Croatia 06.06.Teresauk R you listening to these old punk band?I don`t listening anything in last few years except I am focused on our Manu,but I like to go to concerts as our comrad Phish.
Just wanna dancing and be wild.Thats natural heh?...or not? :-0
 :: kariola :: 06/04/2009
Nubiasol,great song,thanx for sharing :-) Belive me,and I can never get
tired of Manu,too,and there is nothing better and sweeter for my ears
than listen to Madjid playing guitar.Paco de Lucia is nothing for

Kariola,uye! :-)
 :: canabinola :: 06/04/2009
Can you send it to me please piggy or nuby...?
 :: :: 06/04/2009
 :: piggytat :: 06/04/2009
Thank you...
 :: :: 06/04/2009
CHANGE IS COMING to Marija's mailbox!
 :: nubiasol :: 07/04/2009
Nub, are you following your president's travelling?
He is in our neighbourhood.
 :: piggytat :: 07/04/2009
Kariola - Are Sham 69 still going? Yes I remember them well...."If the kids are united then we'll never be divided" & "Come on, hurry up Harry come on. Were going down the pub" Very intellectual lyrics!!!! Ha Ha It should be a fun gig I hope you enjoy yourself and go completely loco and dance like the party pixie!!!!

Nub - Thanks for the youtube link........I love Manus lai lai lai's!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 07/04/2009
Nuby I don't understand, what change...?

Teresa I love his voglioyoyoy voglioyoyoy...
 :: :: 07/04/2009
That Mala Vida vide kicked ASS!!!!!!!! Thanx, Kariola! I never figured you tapped into Zappa, either! He's... uhhh.... ummm... not quite sure how to describe Frank, besides "unique"! LOL

Pap... the open office has restricted my access to this forum. I've only been able to log in long enough to catch a few postings here and there before I have to close it down... many Mr and Mrs Snoopy Pants in my neighborhood.... sigh.....

Kariola... I'm afraid I must disappoint you. Still haven't checked out that concert, yet. Work, family, work, family... y'know? Managed to go to a show this weekend with my wife, tho!!! A group named moe. was in town. Fun stuff!!!! Great venue, too. The new House of Blues in Boston. Security was too strict, tho... so no puffy.

And yes... I am intimidated by Nubiosol. :P

And never forget... the fish is eternal... the phish just is... and the phish will always be... ... ... or something like that. I lost my mojo on that one.

Nice to read all the banter. You guys are awesome!!!
 :: :: 08/04/2009
whoops... sorry... nubiAsol. :)
 :: :: 08/04/2009
Hi Marija,

I was playing off Piggy's statement. YES WE CAN! was a key phrase in Barak Obama's Presidential campaign. So I followed it with another one: CHANGE IS COMING TO AMERICA! But I changed the last part because Piggy was adding something to your mailbox.

And no, I haven't followed Obama this past week. I will catch up, Piggy.
 :: nubiasol :: 08/04/2009
Ohhh that...... :-)
Hehe, I didn't know that I have that song...That is track 13 (I think) on Manu&Madjid album...

Fish good your back, everyone freaked out in one moment... phisy phisy phisy...
 :: :: 08/04/2009
Fuck, I couldn't open the page all day. But now it's night.
Nuby, he was in Turkey. Thanks god he didn't come here, the shop owners couldn't afford one more round of distructions.
 :: piggytat :: 09/04/2009

Manu and Madjid have an album?
 :: nubiasol :: 09/04/2009
Nuby its Manu&Madjid live on rtl studio 2008...
 :: :: 09/04/2009
Teresauk -- Yes Terry you know what I mean.
Sham 69 is not my favourite band,and I think that they are too old for this shit hahaha but the most important is that always
something happens and not to surrender to routine.
I hate routine.

Marija -- I have that gig.Tanx God for Canabinola :-)

Nubiasol -- There is no more that moron Bush(amBush)
so we haven`t something to rebel against,
but I don`t regret that, he won`t miss to me ;-)

Canabinola -- C ya :-)

Piggytat -- I had the same problem yesterday, and I was pissed becuse I had inspiration for writing but force majeur....

PhishM. -- I surprised you with Zappa heh ;-)?Even myself.
Mala Vida was firsth song that I hear
and then I started to listen Manu Chao(I listened Mano Negra
but it is not counted) ;-)
I am glad to hear that you visiting concerts.
What can I say except enjoy.
Your wife will probably carry you home
afther you smashed yourself like I do (drogado y borracho :-))
It`s important if you had power to transform yourself
from unrestraint savage on concerts to acceptable
member of society in ordinary life.I am proud transformer hahaha
Ooops shame on me for promotion these wrong values.;-))

 :: kariola :: 09/04/2009
Nubiasol,Manu & Madjid is my favorite home-made album :-) I had
recording of Manu and Madjid playing accoustic in rtl studio,but it was
full of comercial between songs.I cut them all and made an album with
14 songs,probably best playing of Manu and Madjid I`ve ever heard.I can
send it to you :-)
 :: canabinola :: 09/04/2009
Hi Peeps!

Glad to see the site is back up. I just HAVE to share my first LOL of the day with you:

 :: :: 09/04/2009
Canabinola, is this an audio or video? RTL is tv or radio?
 :: piggytat :: 09/04/2009
Canabinola - That album sounds great! If it's not too much trouble, could you
send it to me too? (Depending on what you mean by "send". I assume you
mean email. Snail-mailing a CD would be too much trouble.)

 :: :: 09/04/2009
I will put it on rapid share...just gve me little time.Starting now...
 :: canabinola :: 09/04/2009
I think it was recorded from radio
 :: canabinola :: 09/04/2009
 :: canabinola :: 09/04/2009
Copy and paste link to work
 :: canabinola :: 09/04/2009
Now you see what I ment when I was talking about Canabinola... :-)
 :: :: 09/04/2009
You ROCK, Canabinola!! Muchas gracias.

 :: :: 09/04/2009
Enjoy Pap ;-)
 :: canabinola :: 09/04/2009
Thanks Canabinola!!!!! I will enjoy that tonight with a glass or 2 of vino!!
 :: Teresauk :: 09/04/2009
Teresa, I don't trust you with vino!
 :: piggytat :: 09/04/2009
I've listened that album (praise you Canabinolita) lots of times, but Tracks 5 and 7 are perfect. Just perfect! I have put it on my mp3 player so I can listen it anytime, anywhere.
Does anybody know names of these songs?
 :: :: 09/04/2009
5 is zapato viejo,
and 7 is lo peor de la rumba/libertad...
 :: :: 09/04/2009
Thanks Marija :)
 :: :: 09/04/2009
De nada mujer...
 :: :: 09/04/2009
piggy - what do you mean?
 :: Teresauk :: 09/04/2009
canabinola, thanks!
 :: nubiasol :: 10/04/2009
Listen girls,I didn`t know names of french songs and no 1,so I all called
them by numbers.maybe some of you can solve that.Nubiasol?
 :: canabinola :: 10/04/2009
I'm not shure about it but let see:
1. sonar colombia (with ~ over n)
2. clandertino/por donde saldera el sol/circi caliente
3. politics kill
4. sube carretero
5. zapato viejo
6. me llaman calle/la vida tombola
7. lo peor de la rumba/libertad
8. ?
9. amalucada vida
10. por donde saldera el sol/kira
11. la ventura
12. ?
13. si loin de toi
14. ?
 :: :: 10/04/2009
Teresa, I mean that I don't trust you that you are going to drink only one or two glasses... and with that music...
 :: piggytat :: 10/04/2009
Piggy - You were right! And my chocolate easter rabbit now is only an ear and I feel very sick : (
 :: Teresauk :: 10/04/2009
jajaja poor rabbit! You will be just fine! I can't say the same for the rabbit!
 :: piggytat :: 10/04/2009
The tracks:

Number 1 is called: L'express de Hielo
Number 8: Les Yeux Turquoises
Number 12: Le Bruit du Frigo
Number 14: L'automne Est Las

I don't why number 14 makes me sigh so. Under the fine rain / Autumn is tired
 :: nubiasol :: 10/04/2009
Perfect! Now we know all titles :-) I`m gonna change it right now,Manu`s
songs can´t be named by numbers,I should send this here before.:-)
Hope you like album...
 :: canabinola :: 11/04/2009
Ok,here is another one of my favorites,and of course another great show
of Manu and RB,playing from Girona,Espana...soul-touching music..may
I just mention Cabra da peste,El cuarto de tula,Alas rotas,Funambe or
Lo peor de la rumba...mmmmm...
Maybe you allready have this but,anyway...

copy and paste,again..i don`t know why I can`t write long lines here..
 :: canabinola :: 11/04/2009
Good girl C'binola... :-)

Guys i'm looking for song candela from buena vista but version that manu is singing it...Does someone have it or I'm lost case...?
 :: :: 11/04/2009
Does anyone have "La Dibobera" the hard rock version they've been playing lately... ?
 :: :: 11/04/2009
I have the acoustic version. Does that help?
Thou I believe everybody here have it already...
 :: :: 11/04/2009
Well, the reason that we all have it might be becouse we have here C'binola... :-)
Bixo have you tried to find it on youtube and than you can just make mp3 file of it...?
 :: :: 11/04/2009
I found it. Bixo, can I send it to your e-mail?
 :: :: 11/04/2009
Does anyone have one million euros?
 :: piggytat :: 12/04/2009
Piggy - I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 12/04/2009
The immediate answer just broke my heart. Not even one minute of hope...
 :: piggytat :: 12/04/2009
What is the meaning behind the pictures in the thread: Tour News 2009? The first one I saw looked like a guy who was about to dash Piggy's hopes (the third link from the bottom). Then an American Indian (or Canadian Indian) smoking a pipe.

 :: nubiasol :: 12/04/2009
Ahem. That's Tour DATES 2009.

Hey, Marija (I just flashed to Hey, Mama!)

Didn't he sing that song (Buena Vista cover) with the Musicarios?
 :: nubiasol :: 12/04/2009
Savannah,you have some other version of La Dibobera,not one from
Rare tracks album?? Can you send it to me? My son is crazy about that
song,he set it like a ringtone :-)
 :: canabinola :: 12/04/2009
Canabinola - Thats so cute that your son has Manu as a ringtone : )

Nubie - I think Dave Clark started it. Whoever he is. I have no idea why he is on a MC tour dates page and his music sounds like total s**t to me. Its all very strange!!
 :: Teresauk :: 12/04/2009
Nubi i really don't know. I heard it few times and that was it...Do you have it...?
 :: :: 12/04/2009
 :: :: 12/04/2009
Song Funambe (or Pará De Beber?) Anyone have lyrics?
 :: canabinola :: 13/04/2009

voparar de beber não paro
parar de fumar é ruim
amigo para, no paro,
so si me llevan para Funambé
parar de beber no paro
parar de cheirar tambien
amigo para, não paro

O dia que voy morir, Eu quero minha sepultura
Trecientos litros de cachaça sin mistura...

Para de beber! Não paro. ¡Para de fumar! É ruim
¡Amigo para! Não paro; só se me levam pa Funambé…
 :: :: 13/04/2009
Odlicno! I mean,great! thanx :-)
 :: canabinola :: 13/04/2009
Ma nista, i mean nothing... :-)
 :: :: 13/04/2009
Thank you savannahsong, that's the version I was looking for, I had it in acoustic. If you can get this rock version in very good quality, send it this way. Thank you very much.
 :: :: 13/04/2009

Try this link:

It doesn't have the Candela track, but it may be embedded in other songs that he mixes as he sings.
 :: nubiasol :: 14/04/2009
Thanks Nuby, but I have it and there isn't candela... :-( Thank you anyway...
Guys on this link:

you have concert foro alicia on mp3 format. That is his best concert! Now you can get it on mp3 for free! :-)
 :: :: 14/04/2009
Bixo,you have another harder version of La Dibobera on Foro Alicia
(estacion Mexico)...they haven`t played it lately (2006) but it is good :-)
 :: canabinola :: 14/04/2009
Marija, I'm a little confused...!
Candela I guess you mean El cuarto de Tula. No?
If so, where have you heard another version apart from this one in the cd with los musicarios???
 :: piggytat :: 14/04/2009
Just a little???
Piggy I heard it on Exit and I can't remember where else.
He is singing - Chiero Candela a a a...
I don't know if that is just one of his flash moment song but i know i heard it few years ago, and again he was singing chiero candela as last year...Oh I confused everyone! Even myself!
 :: :: 14/04/2009
Now even more....!!!
Marija, concentrate and tell us the title of the song, or something similar...
Are you sure about chiero candela? (and not se cogio candela?)
Ok, I'm ignorant - and stupid - but you may drive Nub crazy.
 :: piggytat :: 14/04/2009
Hehe, that wouldnt be soo bad... :-) for Nuby...

I don't know title of song or lyrics, I was googling but I didn't find anything.
Chiero Candela he was singing 100%, I want Candela, I remember that clearly.
 :: :: 14/04/2009
Hi guys,

I just want to say TRUST ME ON THIS ONE ... and watch it through to the end. Really. You'll be glad. :-)
 :: :: 14/04/2009
Thanks Pap.....Yes yes yes yes yes!! Living proof...don't judge on appearances!
 :: Teresauk :: 15/04/2009
I trusted you Pap and you didn't disappoint me! Really amazing!!!
 :: piggytat :: 15/04/2009
We are too slow heree!
Why> Why?

I don't knbow.
 :: :: 15/04/2009

 :: :: 15/04/2009
I had tears in my eyes by the end of it. :-)
 :: :: 15/04/2009
Oh no Pap... ;-( Dnon't cry pls...Im going to cry....Hehe what is word for -stucati- I can't find it in diconary....But i cant stop! ;-((( My friend, kira, has sad hi to all of you. How? That is weird right..? he's just dog! Wow....
 :: :: 15/04/2009
Said to all...
 :: :: 15/04/2009
Uvye!! To all of you! After a long long time!

Stop stucati Marija! And the word for stucati is bray, pound, triturate, pulverize, pestle! That's what my dictionary says! Choose!!!!!!!!!
 :: travarica :: 15/04/2009
It was a good kind of crying, Marija. I was so happy for that woman. I hope she goes far! :-D
 :: :: 16/04/2009
Obama family have a new dog! It likes to eat tomatoes, so Barrack was concerned about his garden, but his wife told him that they don't have tomatoes in garden! So they are very happy now!
I think in all this mess that is happening in the world these days, this deserves to be on Croatian news!
 :: travarica :: 16/04/2009
I choose pulverize!

Hahaha, you don't know how I'm happy now becouse Obama family is happy!
Now I can rest in peas!
 :: :: 16/04/2009
Travarica - lol It was on the news over here too.....I don't care what dog he has or what dress Michelle is wearing!

I was interested to read that there was an official statement the other day from the White House in Spanish and not English for the first time in history. They are trying to improve relations with Cuba for when Fidel dyes. Obama seems to be off to a good start...lets hope he keeps it up!
 :: Teresauk :: 16/04/2009
I suspect Fidel passed on some time ago and has merely been propped up with sticks for photo ops. ;-)
 :: :: 16/04/2009
Fidel is Highlander! He is immortal!

Good choice Marija! You want rest in peace or in peas:)?
 :: travarica :: 17/04/2009
U miru :-)
 :: :: 17/04/2009
I'm with all of you on the dog topic. I just hope they don't have those silly Christmas dog videos that the Bushes used to show. I can see keeping traditions that have meaning - but this just seems childish. I hope the Obamas don't keep THAT one up.

And resting in peas would be a little messy - at least she wrote peas and not pees. (Sorry, still thinking about the dogs.)
 :: nubiasol :: 17/04/2009
Who let the dogs out??
I'm glad for them that they have a dog, but really do I must watch that on news!? I just hope that Obama will be in media talking more about American politics and not showing his family and pets to the rest of the world!
 :: travarica :: 17/04/2009
I hear Portugese Water Dogs are very smart. If something happened to Biden, "Bo" would still make a better VP than Dick
Cheney was!
 :: :: 17/04/2009
"Just let me sniff that dignitary's butt, Mr President. I'll tell you his real agenda!" ;^)
 :: :: 17/04/2009
"We have a situation, sir. He's got WOMDs in there!!!"
 :: :: 17/04/2009
"Sorry, Mr President, I was wrong. He just had baked beans for lunch."
 :: :: 17/04/2009
 :: travarica :: 20/04/2009
ECHO ECHO ECHO echo echo echo echo ec..............
 :: Teresauk :: 20/04/2009
When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out

Lovely song.
Push you to do something eh?
 :: kariola :: 20/04/2009
Great words.....who is the song by?
 :: Teresauk :: 20/04/2009
 :: :: 20/04/2009
Very moving.........thanks lola : )
 :: Teresauk :: 20/04/2009
We are way to fast...
 :: :: 20/04/2009
Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Kommunist.

Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.

Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
habe ich nicht protestiert;
ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.

Als sie die Juden holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Jude.

Als sie mich holten,
gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte.
 :: travarica :: 20/04/2009
Danke Travarica
 :: Teresauk :: 20/04/2009
We are way too sloooow!
We do not we communicate lately?
Teresa, you are very lucky about Britain's got talent. I think it's very very amusing.
Have you seen the Cypriot dancers? SO FUNNY! I'm not sure about the second episode. Was it interesting as well?
Sorry for not being able to make a serious conversation once more.
 :: piggytat :: 21/04/2009
We do not we communicate lately?
What kind of english is this?
WHY I meant WHY!
 :: piggytat :: 21/04/2009
communication breakdown....................
 :: travarica :: 21/04/2009
manuchaolanguage piggy...uvye!
 :: :: 21/04/2009
The U.S. tortures according to the memos. But some commentators are more upset with its release than with the fact that torture happened.

Strange world.

Other than that, it's like living in a furnace over here. HOT.

A Manu piece I found on the internet - I haven't seen the whole thing. People do look like they are having a lot of fun, though. But I'm not bitter!
 :: nubiasol :: 22/04/2009
The video seems interesting Nuby, unfortunately I can't see it all at work.
Here is the (simple) question of the day:
What is happiness?
 :: piggytat :: 22/04/2009
 :: :: 22/04/2009
Happiness is visiting this site one day and discovering that Manu is coming to Vancouver!
 :: :: 22/04/2009
One day Pap..... one day!!!
Thanks lolalola!
 :: piggytat :: 22/04/2009
Today would work for me! ;-)
 :: :: 22/04/2009
Well its about time that he put tour dates over here....
That is for good start of my happiness, next step would be that he comes here!
 :: :: 22/04/2009
Would you like to arrange an appointment in a chat room? In radiochango or somewhere else if someone has any other idea? I was thinking that if we can't meet in a chat room we would never meet in any other place... The point is all of us to be there. What do you think?
PS: Teresa where the f@ck are you???
 :: piggytat :: 22/04/2009
my internet wont to open chat room.... :-(
 :: :: 22/04/2009
Ok, I wanted to say - my internet don't want to open chat room!
 :: :: 22/04/2009
 :: travarica :: 23/04/2009
Hi guys! I have just got back from 3 wonderful days in Carcassonne, France. I didn't want to come back but unfortunately I have to go to work. Happiness for me would be not having to work for a living ; )

Travarica - What the hell is that crazy guy going on about!
 :: Teresauk :: 23/04/2009
France - lucky you! And very good definition of happiness!

And I have no idea, who the guy is, or what is he singing, I found it on youtube, trying to find something else! But when I saw this video I had to share it with someone! And with lyrics in this video, who can be better for that than english speaking people!
 :: travarica :: 23/04/2009
Travarica - It is very funny.......Is he really singing in English? It makes no sense to me at all and I am a native speaker : )
 :: Teresauk :: 24/04/2009
I have no idea is he really singing in english! I can't recognize any language in his singing! Maybe it's esperanto!
 :: travarica :: 24/04/2009
Why do dahlias upset him so? They're beautiful flowers and clearly demonstrate Davey's love!
 :: :: 24/04/2009
My friend Kate brought us a lovely bouquet of dahlias for Easter. They're still sitting on the table in front of
me. I'M not upset at all. ;-)
 :: :: 24/04/2009
I think Davey should tell the ungrateful son of a bitch were to go!!! ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 24/04/2009
Too right, TeresaUK -- Davey should send his dahlias to some nice boy who deserves them!
 :: :: 24/04/2009
Well, those yellow dahlias look a little cringy there, Pap.

Some of the words seemed spot on - but I have no idea what to make of the phrases: 2V? Apparently, the guy who posted the video just wrote what he thought he said. It's obvious he is singing Otis and not "It is."

The song inspired my curiousity and someone said that at times artists use words to convey (an emotional) meaning rather than use words to state something.

The lyrics are funny though. A good laugh for the day, especially the esperanto comment. (Great. Now I won't be able to get that song out of my head!)
 :: nubiasol :: 25/04/2009
LMAO "Terrys terriers"
 :: Teresauk :: 25/04/2009
But Davey and his cringy dahlias got nothing on this... Prepare for heartache. When Goths Hurt:

F*cking Trevor -- bet he never bought her dahlias, the smug bastard!
 :: :: 25/04/2009
Ha, ha - I remember that video with Trevor.

You know, Teresauk, I didn't remember the "Terrys terriers" part, so I listened to it again. What makes me crack up ever time is 1:37. You see: "WAAAAA!" and you're thinking, "What? I don't hear anything." And then a few seconds later, you hear the guy.
 :: nubiasol :: 25/04/2009
LOL F*cking Trevor!

I love the WAAAAAA bit too.....perfect comic timing : )
 :: Teresauk :: 25/04/2009
 :: :: 25/04/2009
Marija - I have signed!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 25/04/2009
Teresa :-)))
 :: canabinola :: 25/04/2009
thank you!
 :: :: 25/04/2009
Hey Marija & Canabinola I think your "MANU CHAO HRVATSKA" will need to be "MANU CHAO HRVATSKA II" very soon ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 25/04/2009
Really...? ok, will, work on it... :-)
 :: :: 25/04/2009
Marija - Just a thought as it seems to be growing very fast....we changed this one after on 500 or so I think : )
 :: Teresauk :: 25/04/2009
Oh and Piggy where the f*ck are you???????
 :: Teresauk :: 25/04/2009
We are waiting for webmaster to tell us :-)
 :: canabinola :: 25/04/2009
Haha... :-)
 :: :: 25/04/2009
I signed it, I think - it didn't give me any confirmation.
 :: :: 25/04/2009
Thank you Pap!!! :-))
 :: :: 25/04/2009
Teresa, I'm very busy, because you've got a lot of talent!!! ;)
On the other hand, would anyone like some cuca cula? Maybe you lulalula?
 :: piggytat :: 26/04/2009
nice petition, PAP... we should start one to bring MC back to Canada dont you think ?
 :: :: 26/04/2009
Thank you Bixo!!! :-)) we made to 52 just for one day!!!
 :: :: 26/04/2009
Bixo and Pap... :-))) thanks
 :: canabinola :: 26/04/2009
Miss Piggy - Cuca cula?
 :: Teresauk :: 26/04/2009
Bixo - Hell, YES!!

Dearest peeps, I've followed canabinola's example and started a Bring Manu back to Canada
petition, so please sign. :-)
 :: :: 26/04/2009
Ok, this is second time that I singed first hehe...good luck Pap and Bixo...
 :: :: 26/04/2009
Good luck guys!
Thou I hope you'll understand if I wish he would come to us first :)))
 :: :: 26/04/2009
Pap & Bixo - I signed!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 26/04/2009
I signed!
 :: travarica :: 26/04/2009
One information about the guy from video, and language he's singing on!
Christian Vander (born February 21, 1948) is a French drummer, musician, and founder of the band Magma, who sing their songs in Kobaïan, his constructed language.
 :: travarica :: 26/04/2009
Thanks for the support, amigas! Hubby & I came home after a birthday party last night and watched the Babylon en
Guagua -- I'm just jonesing to see those guys live again!!
 :: :: 26/04/2009
I signed both, but the one for Croatia states that the email has already been used. Hmmmm. Someone signing on my behalf or a faulty memory.

Hey, Piggytat. Our birthdays are coming up soon.
 :: nubiasol :: 30/04/2009
Hey Nuby! NO THEY ARE NOT! At least mine!
I won't have at all birthday this year. I decided and I'm not changing my mind!
 :: piggytat :: 30/04/2009
 :: :: 30/04/2009
Great images! I am impressed :-)
 :: canabinola :: 30/04/2009
Great images! Funny comments about the UK!

But I don't agree with the comments about MC's music. The writer claims MC hasn't made a good CD since Clandestino. I completely disagree with this!! I must admit La Radiolina is a slight let down for me personally but at the same time this CD has 2 of my favorite MC songs of all time on it "Me llaman calle" and "La vida tombola".
 :: Teresauk :: 30/04/2009
Very cool! Thank you, nanougdr.

Stay healthy, everyone!

 :: :: 30/04/2009
I agree with you Teresa! And about Radiolina,Me llaman Calle and La Vida tombola are only
two songs played in Manu`s old style,I don`t think that other songs are not good but I don`t
like that new sound on Radiolina,too much electric guitar,I am not used on that sound from
Manu,but on the other side,whole album sounds perfect live! Totally different,just great!
 :: canabinola :: 01/05/2009
'Unfortunately Manu Chao lost is grip on writing good music for a decade.'??????
I completely disagrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!!! I understand that most people believe that Clandestino is his best album, but there are really GREAT songs in all his albums. Me llaman calle and La vida tombola are ONLY two of these great songs.
 :: piggytat :: 01/05/2009
The person who wrote that obviously don`t like Manu,because Manu`s
music you like or you don`t like! Every album and every song are great
on their own way.

Manu Chao is the best musician in whole world,and you who wrote
that,don`t comment anymore,just keep photographing,you do it better ;-)
 :: canabinola :: 01/05/2009
Good that he was robbed!
 :: piggytat :: 01/05/2009
 :: canabinola :: 01/05/2009
LOL : )
 :: Teresauk :: 01/05/2009
Piggy - Is this flu virus anything to do with you???????
 :: Teresauk :: 01/05/2009
Keep your voice down Teresa...
 :: piggytat :: 01/05/2009
Yes, it is strange to make so attractive photos, to begin the article in a laudatory way and then to finish by negative criticisms, finally, we hold only that ( the bad criticisms) photos are magnificent, it is photos of somebody who loves the artist, nevertheless.
I like his 3 cd, they are not alike as much as we say it, and Radiolina is more electric, that changes exactly, that calls back Mano Negra.
 :: :: 01/05/2009
Kitapena. 'nuff said.
 :: nubiasol :: 02/05/2009
The thread is so quiet lately ... it's making me uneasy!

Hey, has anyone heard Amadou & Mariam's album "Welcome to Mali"? From reading the reviews, I'm guessing it's a lot more commercial than Dimanche a Bamako (one of my favourite albums EVER). Any opinions?
 :: :: 04/05/2009
Hi Pap - yeah where is everyone? I guess MC has gone quiet so we all have too maybe.

I don't have the "Welcome to Mali" album but I have "Sabali" which I really love and play it all the time. It seems to be used as background music to everything on british TV at the moment. I think Damon Albarn had something to do with it?. But I agree Dimanche a Bamako was one of my fave albums ever too. But judging from "Sabali" it has a completely different feel to the last one.
 :: Teresauk :: 04/05/2009
Ah, Damon Albarn and Mali music - Spoons is my favorite. Very ethereal.

I haven't had much to say Pap. Although I check on the thread almost every other day. I did find myself wondering how everyone's New Year's resolutions have panned out. It's been five months.

Magosa is one of the tracks that Amad & Mar sing live:

Has anyone heard their track Chauffeurs? That's the track that Manu first listened to and was blown away by - I've been curious to hear it, but I can't find it.
 :: nubiasol :: 05/05/2009
Hola Nubiasol,

You can find Chauffeurs on their official site:
Click on Album and then Wati, it's number 7...
or the full version here:
 :: :: 05/05/2009
Thanks lola. I think I will try and get hold of Welcome to Mali it sounds really relaxing.

Nubie - I can't remember what my news years resolution was anymore....might have been something about being my own boss. Well that may be coming true but not in the way I had planned : / My finances are in a BAD way and I decided last week to ask my boss for a deserved pay rise....his response was yes but I will have to work more other words not a pay rise but overtime!!! I turned it down today and had no option but to hand my notice in out of disgust for the way he has treated me after all my hard in a few weeks I will be unemployed : (
 :: Teresauk :: 05/05/2009
Do you have a plan B Teresa?
And how do you feel about it?
 :: piggytat :: 05/05/2009
Hi Piggy - Plan B is try to get work that I can do from home. I do bits but need to get more customers. If it all goes wrong...I have 3 weeks for free in Malaga, Spain looking after a friends cats in the summer and maybe I will go missing out there somewhere and never go back to UK and mu debts : (
 :: Teresauk :: 05/05/2009
So... plan B AND plan C!!!
 :: piggytat :: 05/05/2009
Teresa - Sorry to hear your boss is such a dickhead. Wishing you best of luck in growing your own clientele.
You can do it, chica! :-)
 :: :: 06/05/2009
Thanks Pap! Its scary and exciting at the same time.....probably not the best of times to be starting up on your own though : /
 :: Teresauk :: 06/05/2009
Hey DJ Teresita! It was nice to pay with you last night :-) And chill up,I
wish you all the best in starting your own job!
 :: canabinola :: 06/05/2009
play..not pay
 :: canabinola :: 06/05/2009
Actually, Teresa, in a way it IS the best of times to start up on your own. What we're finding here is that people who might
normally work with ad agencies to get their marketing material done can't afford the prices these places charge, so small
business people like us are getting some nibbles. Knocking wood for both of us!

I haven't DJ'd lately but will check out what my amigas have been playing! I want to figure out a way to upload my own stuff and

 :: :: 06/05/2009
Thanks for the words of support guys!!

Pap - Maybe you are right. I guess I can charge less working from home than established companies.

Canabinola - Hi Blip was funny as we started playing at exactly the same time last night!!
 :: Teresauk :: 06/05/2009
Put that smile on face girl as fast as you know! You'll lose all your nerves if you continue like this! If you already haven't...
Everything is going to be allright... :-)
Like Manu said - this world is very sick! And we need to fight against it!
Come on, back on your feat!
 :: :: 06/05/2009
Marija - Thanks! You have made me smile : ) You are right I have to keep positive and everything will work out in the end.

YES I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 06/05/2009
Yes,we started at the same time :-) ,I am sorry I couldn`t stay longer.
Pap,I don`t think we can upload our own stuff :-(
I sent them mail and they refuse me...
I have to admit I got used on that site,I blip allmost every day :-)
 :: canabinola :: 06/05/2009
lol canabinola you are the blip Superstar DJ!!
 :: Teresauk :: 06/05/2009
Haha,my listeners just coming and coming,when I was starting I wasn`t expected this. I
would like to have more songs to blip,of course,bands that I am day they put
me so much new songs,and the other day they were gone :-/
 :: canabinola :: 07/05/2009
How are you holding up Teresa? It's difficult, but it's always a good idea to save a little bit of money for those unexpected situations.
 :: nubiasol :: 07/05/2009
Nubie - The problem is that I don't earn enough to pay my bills let alone save up!!! I am minus money on my credit card and continously in overdraft in my bank account. And my debts are from paying bills not from over spending (apart from the lovely iMac that I recently brought....but thats for work purposes, so its an investment). Also my boss messed up the payment dates of my salary recently and that completely messed up my budget (el cabron!!!) If you don't have a partner and only have one salary then its impossible to pay the bills in UK as I suspect it is everywhere. My car has had problems about 4 times in recent months and my mum ended up paying for it to be fixed last week and she is a pensioner and doesn't have a lot of money herself : (
 :: Teresauk :: 07/05/2009
Sorry guys I am going to whinge some more!! I need to let this out!!!!!

So....I have been having really bad financial problems and have told my boss on numerous ocassions about this. But he doesn't give a s**t he is quite happy to let me struggle while he tells stories of all the things he has brought and the building work he is having done on his house. We are a small company so its all very personal....not like a large corporation or anything. So thats why when I finally asked for a pay rise and he would only offer me more working hours I had no choice but to leave....out of principal......I can't work for an evil, selfish, money grabbing, tight bastard any longer......even if I end up homeless.....I have my pride!!!!

Thanks for listening....I feel better now : )
 :: Teresauk :: 07/05/2009
Hey Teresa - No need to apologize; vent away anytime. It's good that you've got the "lovely iMac" because it'll
enable you to do freelance work. One route you might want to explore is contacting ad agencies and bigger
graphic design studios and offering your services on a contract basis. Freelancers are more affordable for
these companies than in-house employees. This might also be a good time for you to build a website with a
portfolio of your work on it. Best of luck and keep us posted!

 :: :: 07/05/2009
Teresauk I deeply sympathize with you because I myself was in such a situation. When I realized what I did, I entered a state of great panic and despair, because I did not have anyone to whom you can rely or turn to and I had to take care about my younger sister.
For one month, I searched for a job, answered to all ads and I've found better.
If I understand well, you are starting your business-I guess you will probably work more perhaps from scratch for less money, but I believe that you will be happier.
I sincerely wish you all the best in the world!
 :: :: 07/05/2009
Pap - I am going to work on my website this weekend so that I can start advertising. Yeah good idea about contacting other studios I think I will try that too. I need to get things planned so I can hit the ground running at the end of the month.

Savannah - Thanks for sharing your story, I am glad you managed to turn the situation around. I think I will be happier in the end too, but I expect I will have to struggle at first, maybe this time next year things will be so much better : )
 :: Teresauk :: 07/05/2009
Good attitude, Teresa.

But I must say, we're on fire again. I can see the flames from work:
 :: nubiasol :: 08/05/2009
Nubie - Yeah I saw that on the looks bad. Is that your view from work? I'd get out of there now if I were you!! The only disadvantage of living in a lovely hot climate I guess. We have the opposite problems over here we are all drowning in too much rain!
 :: Teresauk :: 08/05/2009
15,000 residents evacuated .... thats scary!!!!

Nubie - On another subject. I still find it really freaky that your Governor is Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 08/05/2009
Sorry about the fire, it must be terrible to watch that.Fires are also frequent here.Last summer it
burned almost all nature in the surroundings of the city.Everything is black and looks
depressive.The beaches are no longer the same.

Teresa- :-) Arnold is really freaky...
 :: canabinola :: 08/05/2009
I know. I apologize for my fellow voters' bad taste! But he won in a special election because Governor Davis was recalled from his post - so he didn't need as many votes to win as he would have in a real election. But he can't run for President, so I guess that's good!

I still have a place to sleep - luckily! If I walk down the hill from where I work, I can see the flames - of course, I'm not there now. My employers have been evacuated.

How much rain are you getting Teresa?
 :: nubiasol :: 08/05/2009
Hey Nubie -- that looks really bad! Please keep us posted to let us know you're okay.

 :: :: 08/05/2009
Nubie - How are the fires? It seems the rain here is not as bad as they forecast but the la primavera still hasn't settled in over here, I still have my heating on in my house tonight.The wind is still not warm!

Has anyone come across this clip before? It's great but a very strange Italian TV show, were it seems everyone joins in, even the audience become part of the show!!
 :: Teresauk :: 10/05/2009
Also I have just seen that there is a book about Manu being released in June called "Manu Chao Le Clandestino" written by Andy Vérol. who is a friend of Manu. it seems to be in French so not sure if it will be translated into other languages or not.
 :: Teresauk :: 10/05/2009
Thanks for the heads up on the book. I think the Italian show was filmed before or at the time Radio Bemba was formed. I have seen it before and thought it strange that the audience could participate as they did.

The fire is 40 percent contained, so some of the evacuation warnings have been lifted. Looks like I still have a job. Phew!
 :: nubiasol :: 10/05/2009
And presumably you still have a home. I'm glad you're alright!
 :: :: 10/05/2009
Hellooooooooooooooo is anyone there????????

I just wondered if anyone was aware of this
 :: Teresauk :: 13/05/2009
it's SMOD!! It's Amadou & Mariam's son. Manu used to jam with his hip-hop band while working with A&M in Bamako, and ended up producing their last (third) album.
More info here:
 :: :: 13/05/2009
Thanks lola!
 :: Teresauk :: 13/05/2009
And filmed in France (Paris, perhaps?)

Thanks for the links - I would not have stumbled this on my own.

And yes, Pap, I still have a home. Thankfully.
 :: nubiasol :: 14/05/2009
I need some help.
Does anyone know why I sometimes get "This video is not available in your country" on youtube? And the video I wanted to see was in my favorites just a few months ago.
Is there some moral police or something?
Nothing kinky, I wanted to see RATM Sleep now in the fire :)
 :: :: 16/05/2009
Hi Savannah

I got the "This video is not available in your country" message as well. Funnily it was a RATM video and I also thought that someone somewhere was trying to decided what I can and can't watch!!! But then I noticed that there is now a new message on youtube that asks for you to confirm which country you are in. Once I did this everything worked fine again : )
 :: Teresauk :: 16/05/2009
Thanx Teresa, thou I can't find it... I looked up, down, left, right, click here and there, nothing...
Looks like I'll have to try more :)
 :: :: 16/05/2009
Hey, Michael Moore directed that video! Interesting - no wonder Tom Morello worked with him on Sicko.

Papillo and Teresa, how are you jobs coming through?
 :: nubiasol :: 16/05/2009
Savannah - Guess what I just tried to view the same video and I get "This video is not available in your country" as well!!! Has this been banned from youtube in some countries?

Nubie - I still have 2 weeks left to serve at my job and I hate it so much. Me and the boss are not speaking and he has put a password on his computer because he obviously doesn't trust me. I told him I am going to work for myself so now he thinks I am going to steal all of his customers or something. Its really depressing and I can't wait for it to be over : (
 :: Teresauk :: 16/05/2009
Oh, but that's normal bosses behavior, isn't it. They are funny. If you would do such things as steal his customers, his password wouldn't help. Not anymore anyway :)
If you are considering how to hurt him (can't think of better word), here's my suggestion: SMILE!
You will feel better as well :)
 :: :: 16/05/2009
Nubie - Work is picking up, thanks for asking. (*Knocking wood*.) Right now I'm scanning in a
whack of sheet music to put together a songbook for a church. Not the most exciting gig in the world,
but we're in no position to turn it down! Also, we've got a cool new client who manufactures a line of
shoes not unlike those less than esthetically pleasing but reportedly very comfortable Crocs. Pretty
stoked about this one, actually.

Teresa - Hang in there, girl. If the boss is feeling threatened that you'll take clientele with you when
you go, then you must be good! You're gonna do just fine.

BTW, I love the SMOD video. It seems everything Manu touches turns to gold!

Re: RATM - I searched for that vid on YouTube and it was taking forever so I gave up. Although now
I'm really intrigued, especially since Michael Moore directed it. BTW, Moore has been here several
times; he seems pretty fond of us Canucks and the feeling is mutual. He's more or less an honorary
 :: :: 16/05/2009
 :: :: 16/05/2009
Great video!!!!

Thanks for the support guys! And you are right I am going to smile sweetly for the next 2 weeks like I don't give a sh*t and that leaving his sh*tty company is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Glad work is picking up for you Pap, well done! I am also glad I am not the only one who doesn't like Crocs!!
 :: Teresauk :: 16/05/2009
F**k YEAH! I love those guys. Admittedly math has never been my strong suit, but how Anti-Poverty = Anti-Family I
will never understand. Thanks for the link, savannahsong.

Teresa - Oh man, Crocs are heinously ugly, aren't they? ;^)
 :: :: 16/05/2009
The Crocs only look cute on little kids. The adult versions look like shoes you wear when you're gardening.

Good attitude, Teresa. Hmmm. I wonder how Piggytat is doing.

I forgot about the content of that video. I laughed when I saw the guy with the suit rocking to RATM. The people in the audience are not actors, by the way.

The video reminds me of a quote from Jon Moss (Culture Club drummer) when they asked him if he liked being rich. He said, "Well, it's easier to be miserable with money than it is to be miserable without it."

Well, in regard to hymn book - that's not a bad job. I worked in a laboratory where I would weigh cow turds for nitrogen sampling - and then get to smell it as it cooked in the oven. Fun times!
 :: nubiasol :: 17/05/2009
Now, I downloaded RATM video and now I'm considering should I put it on youtube or not? It seems to me that copyrights might have been the issue with previous video.
Any suggestions?
 :: :: 17/05/2009
Weighing cow turds for a living now that is even more of a sh*tty job than mine ; )

Savannah - Go for it!! It will be interesting to see if they let you keep in on there for long.
 :: Teresauk :: 17/05/2009
RATM records for Sony "The Shark" Entertainment so I think putting their video on YT would result with my ban from YT, SWAT unit breaking into my flat, taking everything I got and making me and my family their slaves for the rest of our lives.
OK, I'm exaggerating but first option is more than possible.

And I' m celebrating: over 5000 views on my video I posted on YT.
Champagne for all! :)))
 :: :: 17/05/2009
You know, I do see notices that state, I do not own the copyright to this material. If this is violates terms of use, please notify me and I will remove it from this site.

Thank you.

But your address could be banned by YouTube - perhaps that's not a good risk.

Good video. Every time I see a video, I just itch to see him LIVE!!!
 :: nubiasol :: 17/05/2009
Ah, typo: "If this violates" - no is.
 :: nubiasol :: 17/05/2009
Savannah - You've got 5,008 now, nice recording!!! I tried recording them on my phone at Glastonbury but the stage looked like a black shadow in the far distance : (

BTW - Any Gogol Bordello fans out there? I watched "The Pied Piper of Hutzovina" last night. I have been getting into this band more and more lately. It is the first time I seen anything about Eugene and to be honest he is a little different to what I expected. He really didn't seem to like the girl who was filming him did he? Has anyone else seen this documentary?
 :: Teresauk :: 17/05/2009
Oooh yeeeaaah! I didn't see that film but I am wearing their T-shirt all day today :)))
If you get the chance, you have to see them live!
Crazy people :))
Love them :)
 :: :: 17/05/2009
Nubie - How much does the average cow turd weigh, anyhow?

Teresauk - I'm a big GB fan. I saw that documentary and felt so sorry for the filmmaker. She was obviously in love with him,
so it must have been painfully difficult for her, especially after the girlfriend showed up.

savannahsong - I've seen them live 3 times. They're amaaazing! Funnest gigs I've ever been to.
 :: :: 17/05/2009
Say the whole truth Par. Say that he's the man of your dreams!
 :: piggytat :: 17/05/2009
No. I'm married to the man of my dreams. :-)

(Sorry for any projectile vomit that statement may have caused!)

But if any celebrity guy did have my heart (hypothetically speaking, of course), it wouldn't be Eugene. And that's all I'm gonna say. ;^)
 :: :: 18/05/2009
Sorry Pap who is it???? Manu?
 :: Teresauk :: 18/05/2009
 :: :: 18/05/2009
Well I would have said my celeb crush was this guy.....until I just found this clip on youtube. Jesus he can't sing : /
 :: Teresauk :: 18/05/2009
O mein Gott im Himmel!! That's about the cheesiest thing I've ever seen.

Just stick to acting, sweetheart! :-0
 :: :: 18/05/2009
Ah, Teresa - you've ruined my fantasy! BUT according to some youtube poster, the video is from a movie - so it is supposed to be bad!

Quieeeero que me quieeeeeeeras. Great - now that song is going to be in my head all day.

I had to weigh 5 or 10 grams of the stuff - I don't remember the measurment now, but I had to slice into it and put the matter on a scale.
 :: nubiasol :: 18/05/2009
Hey Pap, we're both online!
 :: nubiasol :: 18/05/2009
And so it is:

Phew - my fantasy has been restored!
 :: nubiasol :: 18/05/2009
Gael I forgive you!!!!!!!!! That movie looks so good. Gael and Diego Luna I can't wait to see it!!!

Nubie - You still haven't explained why you needed to measure shit? What good can come of such a deed?

BTW - Has anyone else noticed on the home page, the 3rd cancion on La Radiolina es de puta madre!!! I haven't heard that mix before!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 18/05/2009
Hey, what a cool remix! De todo dar is right - although your wording, Teresa, is much more colorful!

I'm not sure why I had to weigh cow turds - it was part of the job. We also tested kitty and dog poop to make sure the pet food was well formulated. The nitrogen testing probably had something to do with something similar.

Believe it or not, pet food is more rigourously tested in the U.S. than human food.
 :: nubiasol :: 19/05/2009
I do apologize for my use of colorful language ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 19/05/2009
Not only weighing the turds, but then baking them -- kind of takes "cow pie" to a whole new level, doesn't it?

Re: colorful language - don't apologize; it's way more fun than black and white.

BTW, I'm starting to think that Manu has forgotten North America exists. No talk of touring here at all. Sniff. :-(
 :: :: 19/05/2009
Ah, but the Parisians get to see him live next month. Even then - that's the only date that appears on his MySpace page.
 :: nubiasol :: 20/05/2009
The nerve of that guy, having a life! ;^)

I wonder if he'd be willing to brave this side of the Atlantic in the winter months?
 :: :: 20/05/2009
I am sure there are more dates to be announced!

I don't have the money to go see him even if he comes anywhere near the UK : ( In fact I would prefer to see him outside the UK to be honest.
 :: Teresauk :: 20/05/2009
A bar or hotel lobby would be nice.

Teresa, shouldn't you be in bed by now?
 :: nubiasol :: 20/05/2009
LOL At the moment I stay up late because I don't want the morning to come : ( I don't want to go to my horrible job : (
 :: Teresauk :: 20/05/2009
Help us! We're drowning!
 :: :: 22/05/2009
Sorry guys that we moved to other topic, but in one moment our heads have started working on english so we needed a little rest...

Pap it seems that Manu is runing away from swine flu, and that is why he is in Europe.... he'll come dont worry, espranza para siempre!
 :: :: 22/05/2009
Swine flu? Well, he can sing with a mask on, can't he? ;^)

BTW, I just watched the film Frost/Nixon last night, and I had no idea (I do love Google) that the David Frost who interviewed Richard Nixon is the same David Frost who interviewed Manu. He didn't wear red socks in the movie though!
 :: :: 23/05/2009
LOL Yes David Frost is a very highly regarded interviewer in UK. When the jokes were made about his red socks I must a admit I felt a bit protective for old Frosty.
 :: Teresauk :: 23/05/2009
:^) He (well, the actor) actually comes across as a very likable guy in the movie. And Frank Langella is absolutely stellar as Nixon. I recommend it!
 :: :: 23/05/2009
Do you still remember the red socks? I think they were combined with a red tie.
 :: piggytat :: 23/05/2009
He is a nice guy. He usually does serious political interviews so I was surprised he had the relaxed Manu singing a song on his show.

Maybe Frosty had red under pants on too ; )

Thanks for recommendation Pap! I saw "Everything is Illuminated" with Eugene in it last night. I liked it and Eugene was very cool!!
 :: Teresauk :: 23/05/2009
In my country one of the universities went to strike because they think education should be free of charge. I support them: I signed the petition, went to their plenum and so on...
After 30- and so days the strike is over; they gained nothing but they were heard and maybe someone in high position will think about it
and maybe just maybe do something about it.
Now, I would like to hear your opinion: do you think education should be free of charge for all, how does it work in your countries...?
 :: :: 24/05/2009
I forgot to say that primary and high school are free of charge, this is only for high education.
 :: :: 24/05/2009
LOL!: "Swine flu? Well, he can sing with a mask on, can't he? ;^)"

So what do you mean you're drowning? I don't get it, Papilllo.

Oh, Savannahsong - we pay almost $2,600 in fees and mandatory health care every three months (four times a year) for college. And that does not include textbooks. In the U.S. higher education is not free at all.

It should be free to in-state students, I believe. But we have strange priorities. We have as Crass once said, 'crazy obsessions like locking people up / not letting them out" mostly for drug-related offenses. So California spends a lot of money on prisons, but not on higher education.

High school and below is free only because the people who created the school system wanted to Americanize American Indians, immigrants, and everyone else. They were designed to build a national identity, but now we see it as a basic right. Once people see something as a basic right, it is hard to deny them whatever that something may be. There are people in political power who want to cut public education out of national and state budgets though - but I don't think they'll succeed.

An uneducated lower class scares people - a poorly educated lower class is not as scary.
 :: nubiasol :: 24/05/2009
Nubie - Re: "We're drowning", I just meant that the thread was way down on the subject list. We can't have that! ;-)
 :: :: 25/05/2009
 :: nubiasol :: 27/05/2009
¡Me gusta tambien! It's very catchy, isn't it?
 :: :: 28/05/2009
Piggy must be celebrating her birthday big time because she hardly appears as of late.

Looks like it's just you and me and Savannahsong!
 :: nubiasol :: 29/05/2009
i thougt she said no more birthday celebration...?
 :: :: 29/05/2009
Hey Nubiasol :)
Wuz up? : )))

The summer is coming and it's going to be long and painful for me...
I'll be working like a dooog :P- this week only over 50 hours... (I'm writing from work 'couse nobody is watching right now : ) )

OK- all mysteries are solved:
youtube doesn't allow unauthorised videos anymore (or any music video for that matter- only amateurs work) and some hackers has hacked them with porn. hehe
I guess they want some money now... yeah, well...
I have downloaded RATM DVD and I loooooove the energy! They so rock! I certainly hope to see them live one day..


(can you tell I'm a bit stressed? ; ) )

Teresauk how are you doing?

And here's a joke:
Two IT guys are walking down the street. They see a nice girl, and one of them says to another: Too bad, this is read only stuff.
 :: :: 29/05/2009
Hi guys - we need some new recruits to this little english speaking forum!

Piggy - Stop watching talent shows and get back on this forum!! Sadly I don't think the cypriot dancers are going to win : (

Savannah - Why are you working so hard? 50 hrs is far too long unless you are paid very well. What do you mean no music videos on youtube??? What about all the clips of Manus videos?

Well guys the good news is I have just got home from my last day at work!!!!!!! I am so glad it is over and as expected I think I have been duped out of some owed holiday pay. But at least I am FREE!!!! And I have promises of lots of work which will keep me going for a while if they keep to their promises! Sooooo I will be celebrating all weekend....infact I have cracked open the vino tinto already!!! : )

 :: Teresauk :: 29/05/2009
Hi Teresa, join the club of free people...travarica and i will be your companieros...!
 :: :: 29/05/2009
Cheers Teresa!!! :)
 :: :: 29/05/2009
Marija - Yes who needs money when you have freedom : )
 :: Teresauk :: 29/05/2009
 :: :: 29/05/2009
im glad tha your feeling better teresa! :-))
 :: :: 30/05/2009
 :: :: 30/05/2009
Can you see dailymotion from the UK? I find that many videos exist on that site - sometimes in better shape than the ones in youtube.

Still, it's only a matter of time before these agreements expire in other countries.

I wonder how they calculate use? Every time you click on the link or everytime the video is watched in completion?

 :: nubiasol :: 30/05/2009
Nubia - Thanks for the tip about dailymotion. Yes we can see it in the UK but I was not really aware of it before.

Back to the subject of Anouk I just found this video on youtube. Its the first time I seen the video for this track:
 :: Teresauk :: 31/05/2009
 :: Teresauk :: 31/05/2009
I'm almost positive Anouk is also in this video (King of the Bongo). I think it's the same person as the one in Out of Time Man.
 :: nubiasol :: 31/05/2009
Yes that is definately Anouk
 :: Teresauk :: 31/05/2009
OMG, we're halfway down Page 2! Can't have that.

Is Anouk the longtime girlfriend journalists keep mentioning?

BTW, Teresa, congratulations on your new freedom! How are things going sans Boss from Hell?
 :: :: 03/06/2009
I tempted to write *bump,* but decided not incur the webmaster's (s'?) wrath!

No news to report. Taringa (Sorguin) has kept me busy with his collection. Have you seen it? He has concert footage, documentaries, interviews. The works.

I sound like spam, don't I? No relation, no affiliation - just giving him credit for his fan-ness.
 :: nubiasol :: 03/06/2009
Hi people! Hope you're all alive! I suppose I am!
So Teresa, you're free! Enjoy! Win a lottery and travel! Or be happy at home, drinking and listening music! That's what I do! But I'm doing that for years, so it's not such a fun anymore!
And Anouk is the girl in all the videos! she's also in Out of time documentary!
 :: travarica :: 03/06/2009
wait, there are 2 anouk right...?
 :: :: 05/06/2009
2 Anouk in the world?? I think there are more than two!
It's the same one in all the videos!
 :: travarica :: 06/06/2009
yes, but when you tip on google anouk, there is some blond singer...
 :: :: 06/06/2009
Yes, that Dutch girl. Obviously a different Anouk.

Is the one in the videos M's girlfriend?
 :: :: 06/06/2009
Hi guys!

There is another Anouk as well, the Fufu Ai one, who also is the artist on the Expo page.

Anouk Khelifa is the one who sings with Manu. I read somewhere on the internet that she is singing on a song on the new album by Bob SInclar on a track called "Born in 69". But I can't find it anywhere.
 :: Teresauk :: 06/06/2009
i dont think she is pap....
but, she was kissing with him and in lot of videos there shi is...hmmm...
 :: :: 06/06/2009
LOL, what a tough job for the poor girl! ;^)

I've always been quite curious about the Mystery Girlfriend. She's often mentioned, but I've never seen a picture of her. I imagine her as beautiful, but not in that snooty high fashion model way, more friendly.
 :: :: 06/06/2009
Yeah tough job ; )

I don't imagine that she is his girlfriend now, but maybe in the past.....
And I am not jealous in anyway whatsoever ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 06/06/2009
yeah, what poor girl.... :-)

teresa dont be so shure about it, look at him back then... ;-P
 :: :: 06/06/2009
LOL, well OK I admit it I am just a tiny bit jealous ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 07/06/2009
hehe, ofcourse we are...just a little.....
 :: :: 07/06/2009
 :: :: 07/06/2009
 :: travarica :: 07/06/2009
Great concert! Madjid is excellent! He always makes me laugh as he does some crazy leg movements when he playing : )
 :: Teresauk :: 07/06/2009
yes teresa, i cant understand how can he play soo good while he is
doind that crazy stuffs...he is great....
 :: :: 07/06/2009
i forgot, thanks trave!
 :: :: 07/06/2009

ha teresa, what do you say about thise...? more jealous...? :-P
 :: :: 07/06/2009
Yeah Marija he is sounding good and looking very very good : )
 :: Teresauk :: 07/06/2009
weird, you didnt writte LOL in your last post...
are you alright..?
 :: :: 07/06/2009
Cheeky!!! I haven't written those 3 letters for ages ..... only once yesterday I think!!
 :: Teresauk :: 07/06/2009
well done! only one day, but soon it will be better, two days, 4 days, and
you'll stop writting it...!
 :: :: 07/06/2009
lol Teresa
 :: travarica :: 07/06/2009
trave, nemoj, to me tako zivcira.... :-P
 :: :: 07/06/2009
izazivas bika...
 :: :: 07/06/2009
Or even this one:

Ah, the energy.
 :: nubiasol :: 08/06/2009
 :: travarica :: 08/06/2009
nice one.... :-)
i love in manu that he can just with his guitar, and voice ofcourse, make
such great atmosphere....
 :: :: 08/06/2009
Were are sinking again!!

I was thinking, what has happened with the petitions for Manu to play in Croatia and Canada?
 :: Teresauk :: 09/06/2009
we have around 200 signatures...and we dont know what to do next....
 :: :: 09/06/2009
Well, I just checked, and the Canada one has a whopping FOURTEEN (14) signatures. Feh!
 :: :: 09/06/2009
well done papi!
 :: :: 09/06/2009
Marija, you do know I was being sarcastic, right? 14 signatures? That's
just sad.

Actually, when I look at the tour dates, I'm quite discouraged. There are
some September shows in
France, and I doubt very much the band would tour North America in fall
or winter. Sigh... I give up.
 :: :: 09/06/2009
Oh, and now I see they're touring Brasil & Argentina in winter... not even in my hemisphere!

I really DO give up.
 :: :: 09/06/2009
lol Papillon! Brasil & Argentina were last winter!!
Keep the faith girl !! ;)
 :: :: 09/06/2009
OMG, my brain is seriously stuck in STUPID mode today! Those Brazil and Argentina dates are from LAST winter.
 :: :: 09/06/2009
what? again argentina and brasil..? no way papi...where have you seen
 :: :: 09/06/2009
ahahaha, go get some sleep girl.... ;-)
 :: :: 09/06/2009
pap do you have maybe all episodes of fawlty towers....? :-P
 :: :: 10/06/2009
Sorry Marija, I don't. But I love that show!
 :: :: 10/06/2009
me to! ;-)) i cant finde to download episodes damn....i love jhon clees,
hes unbelivble..... ;-)))
 :: :: 10/06/2009
LOL! That's one of my favourite episodes... "Oh, I see. You're volunteering to go
out and get some meat. Not necessary! We have meat here!"

Anyway, try this: -- free software to use to download torrents -- fawlty towers torrent
 :: :: 10/06/2009
aaaa thanks pupi! thats also one of my favourites..! they are playing it on
tv everyday so sad for my neighburs that have me..... :-P
anyway, i dont know if im retarded or no (first one it seens like it), but im
tryngo not to laugh becouse when i start laughing i cant see and hear
what else john is going to do! first one right?

dont mention the war...!
 :: :: 10/06/2009
"They started it!" :^)
 :: :: 10/06/2009
haha, but his walk is killing me!
 :: :: 10/06/2009
Those legs are half a kilometre long!
 :: :: 12/06/2009
hahahaha, oh god....i enjoy watching him everyday.....haha...
have you seen him acting hitler..??? ahahaha
 :: :: 12/06/2009
 :: :: 12/06/2009
 :: :: 14/06/2009
So, Pap - shall we call this thread dead?
 :: nubiasol :: 22/06/2009
its not dead, its just quiet... :P
 :: :: 22/06/2009
I wanted to say that Anouk is one hot chick : )
There. I said it. : )
 :: :: 22/06/2009
por dios savo :P
 :: :: 22/06/2009
: D
...see.... that's why i kept my mouth shut
 :: :: 22/06/2009
nubiasol - Hell no! It's not dead; it's just resting.

Who did something fun for summer solstice?
 :: :: 22/06/2009
haha muy bien savo... :)
papi & nubi nice to here you girls again :)))
 :: :: 23/06/2009
Hi Guys!

As this is the official site why is the tour info never up to date??? There is much more info on the myspace site.

Also does anyone have the Prince Fatty mix of A Cosa?
 :: Teresauk :: 23/06/2009
Hi Teresa!

Ahh, I see what you mean about myspace. So much for the possibility of
a Norte Americano* tour in fall. Poop.

Sorry, I don't have the Prince Fatty mix you're looking for.

How's everyone's summer going so far?


*However, my husband and I have put out a wish to the universe that
maybe our friend the travel agent can get us a good deal to Barcelona in
September or October. And then ... who knows! ;^)
 :: :: 24/06/2009
Hi Pap - Good luck with the Barcelona trip! I like putting wishes out into the universe....I am basing my whole life on it at the moment....I put out a wish to be self employed.....and it became a I am wishing for customers and trusting that they WILL come.....before I have to pay my rent : /

Summer over here has been a bit wet but has finally started to heat up. I spent my lunch hour today sunbathing, listening to Manu on my headphones and trying to avoid insects.....Yes I am one of those girls that runs off screaming and waving my arms around at the sight of anything with six or (god forbid) 8 legs!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 24/06/2009
Oh dear ... I guess you're not one for camping then!

And speaking of camping, this past weekend we attended an amazing event called Burn in the Forest,
which has nothing to do with pyromania but a lot to do with fire dancers, beautiful light displays and at
least 6 DJ stages set up around the site. The dancing was fine! The people that put this thing together
started out as a Vancouver contingent of folks that go to the Burning Man festival in Nevada every year
around Labour Day. Over the years they've morphed into a collective of artists, musicians and assorted
good-natured freaks. Met so many nice people. Check out this Youtube link of a guy fire-breathing; we
saw this performance:
 :: :: 24/06/2009
That sounds cool Pap. I have seen the Burning Man festival on TV it looked really good. Summer always makes me think of festivals.....I wish I could afford to go to one!
 :: Teresauk :: 24/06/2009
put that one in universe too teresa... :P

well im going in croatia in september but i dont know what will be
earlyer, montenegro and kopaonik....i still wait my summer to start pap!
 :: :: 24/06/2009
Our festive tent:

 :: :: 25/06/2009
 :: :: 25/06/2009
Ah what a cute tent! AND on top of sand - that is so much better for the bones, don't you think.

Oh, poop, indeed. I guess North America is in the eh category as in not very inspiring. But come to think of it, it's freaking far.

Summer has been pretty good. We had some rain, lots of fog - esp. in the morning. It doesn't feel like summer, but we don't get the full heat until August, September.

Congratulations on your self employment, Teresa. (I must confess I wrote elf employment and was about to hit send when I saw it. I know people take odd jobs, but that would be strange.)
 :: nubiasol :: 25/06/2009
Teresa - Yes, congratulations. I hope you're being a client magnet. Have you tried approaching non-profit organizations?
They generally don't have the budget to work with ad agencies or fancy-pants design studios, and the work can be so
satisfying. Lately we've started working with an organization that helps asbestos victims. We're revamping their marketing
material to raise awareness and attract funding. Really nice peeps, too.

Nubie - We do love our little tent; it takes all of three minutes to put it up. That, BTW, was one of the most beautiful campsites
I've ever seen. It's like that cliché painting everyone's parents have over their sofa: pristine river valley surrounded by
majestic snow-peaked mountains. It's amazing -- those colors actually exist in real life!

I guess it's a good thing you guys are getting rain after all the fires a while back, huh?

I like the sound of "elf employment". They're so cheerful and energetic -- I'd hire one! Actually, I read a funny anecdote by the
writer David Sedaris. It seems he'd worked as an elf at Macy's in NYC during Xmas season. Apparently the scariest aspect of
the job was dealing with the crazy-eyed parents waiting in the Santa line with their little ones.
 :: :: 26/06/2009
Very funny!

This is a little bit of slow humor, but if you like kitties, this MAY amuse you:

And this one - which is a response to the one above - may just make you laugh:
 :: nubiasol :: 03/07/2009
kalimera everyone
 :: quovadis :: 04/07/2009
 :: quovadis :: 04/07/2009
nubie - thanks, those kitties are so kyuuut! i like the translation one too -- it's always about the treats! and
dogs are even bigger moochers. ;-)
 :: :: 05/07/2009
Alcohol was the answer......what was the question?
 :: quovadis :: 05/07/2009
ahahaha quovadis this video is from serbia...
Cop. ok grandpa take a deep breath and blow in this and can u hurry so
we can leave..

old guy..... u want me to blow in it..

after he did ..they laughed... and the old guy was like listen mother fucker

hahahah its hard to translate..
 :: :: 05/07/2009
quovadis & Marija - I take it the old guy is drunk or do they just think he is drunk? He looks so old I can't believe he can manage to drive anyway!
 :: Teresauk :: 05/07/2009
teresa he is over drunk... :P
 :: :: 05/07/2009
please translate it ! I can't ? I just understand..... pitchku :)
 :: quovadis :: 05/07/2009
maybe the old guy was afraid that the bottle was empty :)
 :: quovadis :: 05/07/2009
Is that a breathalizer that guy tried to drink? The guy was that tanked?
 :: nubiasol :: 05/07/2009
yeah, thats it nubi.... :)
quovadis thats enough that you understand :P
 :: :: 06/07/2009
for sure Marija ?
 :: quovadis :: 06/07/2009
yes ;)
 :: :: 08/07/2009
Ah, some life on the page.
 :: nubiasol :: 09/07/2009
Someone must have brought in a defibrillator. ;^)
 :: :: 09/07/2009
I love this guy! He's one of the colorful denizens of my neighborhood whose goal in life is to entertain people by
dancing around in wacky spandex costumes. Ladies and gentlemen, Spandy Andy!
 :: :: 09/07/2009
Hi Papilloposa - thump thump.

I found an old interview with Manu Chao (during the Mano Negra days). Surprisingly, I found his hat/cap rather attractive.

(And now, let's check out this Spandy Andy . . . )
 :: nubiasol :: 10/07/2009
That was touching in an off-the-wall way. The camera turned off too soon!
 :: nubiasol :: 10/07/2009
There was a guy in Santa Cruz, CA that used to skateboard around town dressed like a clown to feed people's expired parking meters. He'd just dump a few quarters into the meters and skateboard to the next parking meter. There are no videos, since this happened before the days of youtube. But it was humorous to walk around town and see this bright orange wig whiz by.

Here's link to the story - they guy actually got in trouble for his good deeds.
 :: nubiasol :: 10/07/2009
LOL! I love the image of the city council all wearing clown noses -- what
a great story! :-)
 :: :: 13/07/2009
Hello guys!
It's been a looooooooooooong time.
Nice story and nice answer to those that believe that one single person cannot change things.
 :: piggytat :: 13/07/2009
She's ALIVE!!!!!!
 :: nubiasol :: 14/07/2009
I hope you didn't go to my funeral.
 :: piggytat :: 14/07/2009
Hi Piggy! How's summer 2009 in Athens?
 :: :: 15/07/2009
Hey Piggy!!!!!

Summer in the UK has been 2 weeks of beautiful sun and 32 deegres heat and 3 weeks of rain and thunder and grey skies ....... as usual : (
 :: Teresauk :: 16/07/2009
Teresa, you have to leave this country. It's not for you!!! You are a sun-flip-flop chica! Here.... hot as usual, but not very good for me so far.
 :: piggytat :: 16/07/2009
Oh no we don't like to think of you as a sad little piggy!!! I hope nothing too bad has happened?
 :: Teresauk :: 16/07/2009
No, nothing too bad, but it's a bad time for piggs.
 :: piggytat :: 16/07/2009
Or maybe piggggggggggggggs
 :: piggytat :: 16/07/2009
Ohhh a puzzle for us to work out!!!

"Pigs" as in the plural of pigs, as in more than one?
 :: Teresauk :: 16/07/2009
Jeez, how do you hold the g's for that long without looking like you're having a seizure?!!?!?

I found this new clip - not of Manu Chao, though.
 :: nubiasol :: 16/07/2009
Thank you for that, Nubie! I listened to Mazzy Star quite often back in the day. It was my go-to chill music. Ahhh ...
 :: :: 17/07/2009
She's going on tour sometime soon by the way - as Hope Sandoval and the Warm inventions (not Mazzy Star). New album in September.

Lyrically and vocally, she has developed. Second favorite artist after Manu Chao, of course.

By the way, speaking of Manu, have you seen the man's latest performance in Russia? He is in damn good shape. Makes me feel a little rotund!
 :: nubiasol :: 19/07/2009
Yeah damn good shape ; ) I think he may have been having a slight wardrobe malfunction though...ha ha!!
 :: Teresauk :: 19/07/2009
Ja ja ja ja, indeed! A sight for the eyes and a laugh for the belly.
 :: nubiasol :: 20/07/2009
Here is the link I was referring to - maybe it wasn't Russia. Ooops!

It's the L'Hiver Est Là - Live at Solidays video.
 :: nubiasol :: 20/07/2009
Meow, indeed.
 :: nubiasol :: 20/07/2009
Meow!!!!!!!!! Yes you were right it was at Solidays. He is obviously toning that body up a bit too much ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 20/07/2009

 :: :: 20/07/2009

Nubie - Check out the craziness going on in the "Barcelona en otoño" thread. Fingers crossed!!!
 :: :: 23/07/2009

One of the downsides of being broke is you just can't say later and leave to another country - like Spain.

I'll check out the page now.
 :: nubiasol :: 23/07/2009
Yay, Papi and Teresa!

That's great! Hopefully there will be tickets for all of you. Keep us posted.
 :: nubiasol :: 23/07/2009
I hear you. We've just barely made it past broke status ourselves and still need to do
some serious number crunching before we book a trip for real. But we've got a lot of
outstanding invoices out there in Clientlandia, so, as I'm fond of saying, fingers
 :: :: 23/07/2009
I am so broke someone else had to pay my rent for me last month!! So I really don't have the money to go to see MC but I have a personality fault which sometimes means I make the wrong choices : /
 :: Teresauk :: 24/07/2009
As long as they good consequences!
 :: nubiasol :: 26/07/2009
As long as they LEAD to good consequences. (8 point font and aging eyesight don't mix)
 :: nubiasol :: 26/07/2009
Normally they are expensive but fun consequences and happiness is more important to me than money : )
 :: Teresauk :: 26/07/2009
You only live once. As far as I know, anyway. ;^)
 :: :: 26/07/2009
I am so excited!!
 :: Teresauk :: 26/07/2009
crikey, Manu looks good in the Solidays video- I almost had to have a cold shower after seeing that lol
 :: david uk :: 26/07/2009
david uk - Hi stranger! I this place seems to have been abandoned lately!. Yep he is looking and sounding good!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 26/07/2009
Hi David! So, is that wedding still on? Remember, I've got dibs to be a bridesmaid! ;^)
 :: :: 27/07/2009
David - There is a spare seat in a car going UK to the Calais gig if your interested?
 :: Teresauk :: 27/07/2009
Go David, gooooooooooooo!!!
Oh guys, I wish you to have very very much fun!!!
 :: piggytat :: 27/07/2009
Yes David, come with!! It'll be cheap with expenses split 4 ways, not to mention ludicrous amounts of FUN!!

Piggy - Thanks for the good wishes; I wish you could join us too!

Teresa - It's Officially Official now -- all flights booked and paid for. Woo-hoooo!
 :: :: 28/07/2009
I would love to go and see Manu, but as I'm not on a fixed income I can't- biut have fun everyone and send pics amd videos!
 :: david uk :: 29/07/2009
Piggy - Thank you!!

David - That's a shame, I understand your problem cos I am in the exact same situation : (

Pap - Wooo-hooooo!! I wonder what the supporting band is?
 :: Teresauk :: 29/07/2009
David, take the f@cking seat, because it's a BIG temptation..........!!!
 :: piggytat :: 29/07/2009
Ha Ha!! Miss Piggy is back on top form : )
 :: Teresauk :: 29/07/2009
LOL! You know when you see cartoon characters going through some kind of intense dilemma, and they've got a little
angel sitting on one shoulder, offering sensible (but boring) advice, while a little devil sits on the other shoulder,
always pointing out the fun option?

Hmm... I wonder which advisor piggy would be??? ;-)
 :: :: 29/07/2009
Hola Marija - No woman no cry!!!!!!!!!!!

Piggy - you naughty little devil : )
 :: Teresauk :: 30/07/2009
hi guys, nice too see that everyone is back :))
 :: :: 30/07/2009
 :: nubiasol :: 30/07/2009
Hey Marija! Kako je ljeto? It's hot, hot, hot over here. I've been swimming in the sea every day.

Nubie - LOL, that's perfect!!

 :: :: 30/07/2009
pap its to hot over here too....around 35 everyday....i just came back from
mountain, and there was everyday like 15.....and its a really mess, last
night i couldnt sleep becouse of heat....i will get used to it in a while....
and on august 2, im going to sea,in montenegro....finnaly sea! and in
september again sea, in croatia.... :)
so my ljeto is about to start ;)

nuby great picure, they look like twins :P
 :: :: 30/07/2009
Hi everyone! It's hot, the sea is here near, but lucky as only I can be, I don't have time to go on the beach! I was only four times this summer, and now it's already august! I know Marija is enjoying, what's up with others??
 :: travarica :: 03/08/2009
Hi Travarica - Over here it has been humid and wet and this has lead to swarms of insects everywhere. So many wasps!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 04/08/2009
Hola Teresa! You have problems with insects? I have my spray to fight with mosquitoes, they are my biggest enemies now!
But yesterday it was raining, raining here in paradise! And today sun again!
 :: travarica :: 05/08/2009
531 messages.....shall we start another thread?
 :: Teresauk :: 06/08/2009
 :: piggytat :: 06/08/2009
 :: Teresauk :: 06/08/2009
It's not necessary. And Marija obviously got her fast internet at last.
So, who has a problem? I don't have a problem. Do you have a problem?

 :: piggytat :: 06/08/2009
Is Piggy feeling a little grumpy?
 :: Teresauk :: 06/08/2009
Was it the photo?

By the way the humidity is bad here as well. All you have to do is stand and you'll sweat.
 :: nubiasol :: 06/08/2009
Marija - Cool bunjee jump!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 09/08/2009
 :: :: 10/08/2009
Clever, Papillopsosa - so when are you heading over to paradise to see Chao?
 :: nubiasol :: 10/08/2009
Hi Nubie! We fly out of Seattle on Sept 2nd, arrive in Barcelona* midday Sept 3rd (Mr Pap's b-day). We'll stay
in and around Barcelona for most of our trip. Calais wouldn't have struck me as an obvious choice to see the
show, but then TeresaUK mentioned she could probably make it there, and the temptation to meet a forum
friend (coupled with a cheap inter-euro flight) proved irresistible, and so... the 3 of us will meet up somewhere
in London and drive to Dover, where we'll catch the ferry to Calais to see the show on Sept 13th. I'd hoped
the venue (the Calypso) was a night club, but it seems to be a sports arena, so we'll need to be pretty wily to
make our way to the front, but hey -- I'm up for it! (Heh heh! Eat your greens, Teresa!)

 :: :: 11/08/2009
*Not that it matters anyway, but my fascination with Barcelona came before I'd ever even heard of
MC. Pretty stoked about going there!
 :: :: 11/08/2009
URGGGGHHH! Sports arena?

Well, I guess an initimate bar gig wouldn't be advertised, now would it? That would be ideal. A decent place to relax and swoon.

Still, the energy is probably going to be different from Canada, I bet. Drink plenty of water because I'm sure it will be warm if you try to go up front. Very warm.
 :: nubiasol :: 11/08/2009
Sports arena! I have a feeling that I am going to feel like I have done ten rounds with Mike Tyson after this gig. I better start the fitness regime now ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 11/08/2009
How's this to wet your appetite for Barcelona!

Does any know if "El Mariachi" is open?
 :: Teresauk :: 11/08/2009
Don't worry, Teresa -- Mr P is 6'4" and works out. Those slamming boys will have to go through him to topple
you and me!

BTW, the venue news is not all bad -- capacity is just over 3000 (not huge), and by the looks of our tix, it's
festival seating. This will mean we'll have to show up early to wait in line, but knowing MC fans, even that will
be a party unto itself!

Re: El Mariachi -- Thanks for the awesome article! That bar is already on my agenda, as are one or two
others rumored to be owned and/or frequented by MC. I figure we've got about a 3-night window of
opportunity before the band leaves for their French tour. I'm not a stalker, but I play one on TV! ;^)

Nubie -- Yep, I'm sure the energy will be different from Canada, but certainly not less. I looked like a
drowned rat after the gig in Toronto a couple of years ago. Very attractive!
 :: :: 11/08/2009
You play one on TV????
 :: Teresauk :: 11/08/2009

My quip was a play on words of the statement "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV", which
originates from a cheesy old TV commercial in which a daytime soap star pitches some over-
the-counter med or another.
 :: :: 11/08/2009
Yeah, it's that Canadian/American popular cultural references that I immediately understand, but leaves others scratching their heads.

A drowned rat? Now that is a visual. How about this one:

Mike Tyson? Too funny.
 :: nubiasol :: 12/08/2009
 :: nubiasol :: 12/08/2009
Nubia - Hopefully Pap won't look as pissed off as that little cutie ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 12/08/2009
Well, I've never bathed a cat (and wouldn't venture to try!), but I've seen two dogs look very much like that little pooch.
They just look so incensed... Oh, the indignity! Lexi chased me into the water last week and thus unwittingly
experienced her first swim. You just don't realize how much of it is fluff when you see their wet, skinny little stick legs
and tails!
 :: :: 12/08/2009
Clandestino -- I listened to it it during a work-out the other day (after not having heard it for a while) and
realized I like this album really, really a lot. Maybe more than the others. D-oh! Is that like a parent admitting
she likes one kid better than the other(s)? ;^)

Nubie: I've been meaning to post this for you, so here it is. The man with the devil's cheese?????
 :: :: 16/08/2009
WTF?!?! I have no idea what that means!!!!!

I was watching Spandy Andy this morning and thought of you.
 :: nubiasol :: 16/08/2009
Pap - Why is the devils cheese called coriander? And what does the guy have against cats? I guess this is another USA/Canada thing?
 :: Teresauk :: 16/08/2009
¡Hola chicas!

The cartoon character is Roger the Alien from (yep) an American TV show called American Dad. In
this particular episode, Roger takes on the persona of Mexican singing sensation, Cilantro. Cilantro
es muy famoso, and apparently, while the dog is his sweetheart, the cat... not so much.

Spandy Andy was recently on TV, auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and, erm,
seems to have experienced a little wardrobe malfunction...
 :: :: 16/08/2009
But he fixed it!
 :: piggytat :: 16/08/2009
Don't touch the hand rail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pap - Enjoy!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 19/08/2009
Thanks, Teresa! That's some of the coolest graffiti I've ever seen!
 :: :: 19/08/2009
Papilloposa - Lucky devil. Hope Sandoval is going to be in Vancouver (the Red Room) on September 22, 2009.

Hey Piggy, he fixed his pants but they tore again.
 :: nubiasol :: 19/08/2009
Thanks, nubie. That should be an intimate little gig; the Red Room isn't a big venue.
 :: :: 20/08/2009
 :: Teresauk :: 22/08/2009
Ah such a cutie in that video. Man, you guys must be getting excited about seeing the Great One himself. OOOOOOOOH.
 :: nubiasol :: 22/08/2009
Great video, thanks Teresa! Yes Nubie, it's fair to say I'm getting pretty excited! :-D
 :: :: 22/08/2009
Nubie - I am so excited as well :D

Piggy - I hope you are OK and that the fires surrounding Athens are not effecting you or your family and friends!! I just saw it on the news and thought of you chica!!
 :: Teresauk :: 24/08/2009
I saw the news this morning and though of Piggytat as well. They did not look pretty. Hope you are ok, Piggy.
 :: nubiasol :: 24/08/2009
same story chikas, it look like hell athens thise days...piggy hope
everything is alright....
 :: :: 24/08/2009
It's really nice when someone thinks of you... Thank you chicas, I'm fine!
I think of you a lot too, it's just that my thoughs don't want to become words lately...
 :: piggytat :: 24/08/2009
Glad you're okay, piggy. We've had wildfires here in BC as well, in the interior close to
where my parents live. Although a lot of forest burned down, at least not very many people
lost their homes.
 :: :: 24/08/2009
piggy your alive! good to hear you chika!
2 nights ago, in flat next to my family happened thise
thank god everyone is ok...
 :: :: 24/08/2009
Pap, I thought you would write: although a lot of forest burned down, at least not very many people lost their lives...
If anyone laughs, let me know...
 :: piggytat :: 24/08/2009
Marija - That looks scary, what happened to cause the fire?
 :: Teresauk :: 25/08/2009
they still dont know...but ther werent in flat when that happend, so probably they forgot something...
 :: :: 25/08/2009
Marija - That does look scary. The same thing happened last summer in an apartment across the
street from us. Someone had left a pot on the stove and forgotten to turn it off.

Piggy - ¿Como? I wasn't trying to be funny. There was never any danger of people getting hurt, but
thousands were evacuated from their homes as the fire moved down the mountain.

On a lighter note, check out this little cutey. I've never seen anyone enjoy a carrot so much:
 :: :: 25/08/2009
Pap, I know you weren't trying to be funny. I was! So, I meant if anyone laughs at MY joke.....
 :: piggytat :: 25/08/2009
Piggy - I get the joke!!! Nobody cares about the forest and animals and birds that live there.....just as long as the humans are safe.

Pap - That is so cute, I love hedgehogs. I tried to save the life of a sick hedgehog once but it wouldn't eat and eventually died. I was so upset : (
 :: Teresauk :: 25/08/2009
 :: Teresauk :: 25/08/2009
Quite the contrary, Teresa. A lot of people here feel very strongly about ecosystems, myself
included. Poor critters. And poor Teresa's hedgehog -- I'm sorry the little guy didn't make it.

Great youtube vid, BTW! I love Balkan Beat Box, and that cool shadow animation syncs
perfectly with the song.
 :: :: 26/08/2009
Pap - I know that you care about ecosystems ...... I just think that's what Piggy's joke was ..... But I may have got it wrong.
 :: Teresauk :: 26/08/2009
Hello chicas!
F@ck the joke. I didn't get it either. xo
I got fired yesterday, after 5 years. xoxo
This MUST be the first day of the rest of my life. RIGHT???
I wouldn't have the courage to leave on my own.
So, I guess it's a good thing to leave a job that is killing you a little be little, with money in your bank account. xoxoxo
PS: When is your trip starting Pap?
 :: piggytat :: 29/08/2009
Piggy - Your boss is a cabron and doesn't deserve to have 'Piggytat" as an employee. Its better to be alive than in a job that eats away at your soul day by day until there is no Piggytat left!!! (I know from my own experience). Try to be positive and another better job will find can anyone not want the skills of "Piggytat"!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep smiling chica : )
 :: Teresauk :: 29/08/2009
Teresa, I'm not sure about cabron.
I was thinking more about hijo de puta. xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 29/08/2009
welcome to club piggy...! :p dont worry, live shit to stink, you will found
other and better job soon...yeah i like that hijo de puta mas de cabron...
smile on face and keep on, always look on bright side of life :)
 :: :: 29/08/2009
I think fucking hijo de puta is even better : )
 :: Teresauk :: 29/08/2009
 :: Teresauk :: 29/08/2009
life is pice of shit when you look at it :)
 :: :: 29/08/2009
Life is quite absurd, and death is the last word! :-)

Piggy - same thing happened to one of my best friends just a few days ago. The company
was going down like a sinking ship, and a lot of people were let go. She's pretty f***ing happy
though -- she'll be paid in full until the end of December, actually paid for leaving a job she
was getting pretty bored with anyway. So hang in there! Sometimes things happen that seem
like shit at the time, but turn out to take your life in some fantastic new direction. Wishing you
the best!

BTW, we leave here on Tuesday morning; will spend a day and evening in Seattle and then
fly to Paris midday Wednesday. We'll have to hang around the airport for a few hours before
our connecting flight to Barcelona, but we have a remarkable capacity for amusing ourselves.
Must admit; we're pretty excited -- haven't taken a trans-atlantic flight since the summer of
2001 (pre 9/11 - you know, back in the good old days when flying was still fun! ;^)
 :: :: 31/08/2009
If life seems jolly rotten
There's something you've forgotten
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing : )

Piggy - Hope you are managing to smile chica?

Pap - I was going to ask you if you had been to Europe before, but you have just answered my question. It seems so strange that we are going to meet...I still can't believe it!! Ha Ha!! Oh and try not to get arrested for stalking Manu!!! Have a great time ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 31/08/2009
I'm trying Teresa! But don't forget to remind me especially with your poetry!!!
 :: piggytat :: 31/08/2009
 :: Teresauk :: 31/08/2009
Teresa, I'm hiring you!
Continue the good job!!!
 :: piggytat :: 31/08/2009
"Fetchez la vache."


"Fetchez la vache!!!"

Pauvre vache! ;-(
 :: :: 31/08/2009
 :: :: 31/08/2009
Ja ja. Pre-9-11 days. God I hope they don't keep eulogyzing (spelling? haven't a clue!). Let me enjoy my Friday without the spectre of Cheney. Ah, sweet chuckles, Pap.

Yeah, well, they don't hand out prizes for just surviving, so I guess I'll best be on my way.

Speaking of way. Here is a Luis Rodriguez poem I came across that seems to capture the mood of those Monty Python videos.

The Object of Intent is to Get There

One lifetime meets another lifetime
in a constant lifetime of wars.
Leaning cities greet us at every station
and every wound points to the same place.
If your unique pain cancels my unique pain
then there is nothing unique about pain.
What's left to do
but carry your troubles to where they're going;
once there, you stumble on the rest of us.
 :: nubiasol :: 02/09/2009
On a better note, here is another by Everton Sylvester. I've edited the poem because it is quite long.

Dilly Dally
I rise each day
to yet another shock
from dis alarm-clock culture.
And I miss de sound
of mi big red cock
as him beat him chest
and crow welcome song
to de sun
from de fowl-shit covered
guava tree pon de hillside.

. . .

Well I live in mi building for five years now
and mi neighbours dem still don't know me.
But solace from anonymity.
And every time I bite de apple
de apple swallow me.

. . .

De Korean polish him apples dem clean
and arrange dem in stacks of red, gold and green.
Say him want Rasta to fell welcome. Seen?

Still I yearn for de breeze
from de Natty Bay sea
as it cool down de sweat pon mi back
Long to feed dry coc'nut to mi cock.

So I dilly
and I dally
and I wonder
how much longer
I can philander
Cause each time I bite de apple
it swallow a piece of me
Still it hard to love de fruit
if I never did climb de tree.
 :: nubiasol :: 02/09/2009

That's "Say him want Rasta to FEEL welcome."

Anyway, enjoy your adventure Pap and Teresa. We're rooting for you.

 :: nubiasol :: 02/09/2009
Hey, Pap.

DUH! The webmaster has kindly posted a link to the Siberie LP:

I wonder what those Amazonian people who priced the CD for over $100 will do now?
 :: nubiasol :: 06/09/2009
Yeah it looks like there are new remixes on there too : )
 :: Teresauk :: 06/09/2009
Is tomorrow the BIG day????????
The BIGGEST of the BIGS???
 :: piggytat :: 12/09/2009
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
 :: Teresauk :: 12/09/2009
Don't forget to have a great time and take some photos and maybe a video for the poor guys (the rest of us)!!!
 :: piggytat :: 12/09/2009
You guys must be so excited - we expect a full report when you return.
 :: nubiasol :: 13/09/2009
Hello guys!
Long time since I wrote anything.
I'm just looking forward for the new live album!!
Just a question?
The release date will be the same in all european countries??
Living in Greece and can't wait a second longer!
 :: :: 13/09/2009
Any infos yet?
It is going to be the edition with the book and the dvd here in Greece also? doesn't really helps.
The search box doesn't give ANY results whatsoever.
Try to type ''Manu Chao'' and it says no results found!
Useless piece of @@@ !!!
Please answer !
Ante re patriwtes :D
Apelpismenos Manu Chao-istas! :D
 :: :: 15/09/2009
Hi guys!!! The concert was absolutely great!!! The lovely Pap and I had the best time!! It was a great venue and not too big so there was a good view of the band and good acoustics. They played for hours and I lost count of the amount of encores at the end. We danced ourselves crazy and in the end I was so exhausted I could hardly move. My feet still hurt!! They have so much energy I have no idea how they manage to keep going. Manu was looking in great shape, he obviously gets a good workout from all of that jumping around ;-) I tried to take photos but most of them didn't come out very well. In fact there are only 2 which are any good. I am sure Pap will have more photos to share when she gets back from Barcelona.

They played all the usual songs and lots more of the ones in French (obviously as it was in France) than I have seen them do before. Which was really nice to hear. All in all a great gig : )

Ephemar - I don't know if the release dates are the same across all of Europe but it is available in UK on 19th October from
 :: Teresauk :: 15/09/2009
19th??! Wow that's not acceptable!
I hope will get my hands to it some time soon...

Happy u had a splendit time at the gig :D
 :: :: 16/09/2009
If you've got 8 spare euros for the delivery, you can get the French collector edition right now (within 3 days) from here:
 :: :: 16/09/2009
I'm aware of that,thnx.I'll wait a little bit more to see if I can get it at the local Fnac store...otherwise I'll purchase it online :)
 :: :: 16/09/2009
Happy happy happy day!
Went to the local Fnav store and purchased the limited edition box at 21,90 euros!
There was also the standard edition at 19 euros I think.

Here's some pictures:




















 :: :: 16/09/2009
Arghhhhhhhhhh I screwd it up with the fotos....
 :: :: 16/09/2009
Just use the link begining with http guys,sorry for the mess...
 :: :: 16/09/2009
Same question: which Fnac?
 :: piggytat :: 16/09/2009
Glyfada ;)
Ruuun piggytat ruuuunnn :D
 :: :: 16/09/2009
F@ck! I'm a fat pig, I can't ruuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!
 :: piggytat :: 16/09/2009
It looks good Ephemar ....... I guess I will have to wait another few weeks for my copy.
 :: Teresauk :: 16/09/2009
Teresauk,don't you a have a Fnac store nearby?
It looks like they have it from day one since it's a french based company.
Only a guess...
 :: :: 17/09/2009
No we don't have Fnac stores over here : (
 :: Teresauk :: 17/09/2009
Hola Teresa et al!

We just got back in last night, and I'm stupid with jet lag but otherwise feeling pretty good. Weirdly enough, it's actually
warmer here right now than it was in Barcelona on our last day, where it rained and chilled to the point where I had no
choice but to stop and buy a sweater. Oh well, a Vancouverite can always use more sweaters!

Teresa - Will post a couple of pics and video snips here, and will email you a bunch of stuff, including the MP3s of that
compilation CD I'd told you about. Please email us your pics too.

Nubie - Thanks so much for your efforts on my behalf! I now know how to access Le Siberié (sp?) and will do that.

¡Tired abrazos para todos!

 :: :: 18/09/2009
Glad to see you made it back in one piece. You and Teresa now have a visual image to go along with your posts.

I should be jealous, but I'm not. Just knowing you two made it happen (well, three if we count the husband) makes me feel giddy for some reason.

Oh Piggy. If a wolf were to chase you, what would you do?! I suppose it depends on the wolf . . .
 :: nubiasol :: 19/09/2009
Pap - Hope the rest of the trip was good fun? I bet you could both sleep for a week after all of that craziness ; ) Am really looking forward to seeing those pics etc, as Mr Pap is such a wiz with the camera!! I will email my pics over to you as well.

Nubie & Piggy - I don't think Piggytat's need to run from wolves ...... they are experts in the Miss Piggy karate chop .......hiiiiiiiiiiii ya!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 19/09/2009
Yes Nubiasol, it depends on the wolf. If the wolf was the one I wanted I wouldn't do anything... xoxoxo
I have my baionarena copy (limited edition) since yesterday!!! There is a poster of Manu as well in it!
 :: piggytat :: 19/09/2009
Piggy - How is Balonarena? We saw a big poster advertising it along
Las Ramblas in
Barcelona, and it was to be released Sept 16th (the following day),
which is the day we left. I
actually looked for it at the airport, but no luck. Guess we'll have to wait
to get our hot little
Canadian hands on it like everyone else!

Nubie - Aw, thanks for the kind words. We spoke of you and wished you
were with us. I hereby
invite any of my forum buds to stay with us not if but WHEN Manu next
plays in Vancouver.

Teresa - Hey chica! We're finally caught up on our sleep and missing
you already!

 :: :: 19/09/2009
Hi Pap,

I hope you didn't go to that Sandoval gig - it received bad reviews. After reading them, I became ever so impressed with Manu. He doesn't stalk off stage in a huff. He enjoys what he does and he does not mind if people record his concerts.

Such a breath of fresh air.
 :: nubiasol :: 25/09/2009
Hi Nubie,

No, I didn't go to that gig. I forgot about it, and obviously just as well. As for Manu "waking off the
stage in a huff"... bigtime au contraire! They came out for so many encores I lost count! Maybe Hope
had PMS. ;^)
 :: :: 25/09/2009
 :: nubiasol :: 06/10/2009
Oh wow, that makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at it! Amazing
how young Sir Bob was.

I just posted on my FB page that I'm jonesing for Balonarena, but it won't
be released here till mid November. Oh well, November is a month here
that needs something for people to look forward to. :-)
 :: :: 06/10/2009
Anyone heard of Champion? (Formerly called DJ Champion.) These guys are from Montreal, and
I'm going to see them on November 7th; should be great fun. I love the guitar riffs in this:
 :: :: 06/10/2009
There is life!!!!!

13 days until Balonarena is release here ...."13 días me vuelvo loco"!!
 :: Teresauk :: 06/10/2009
Canada and USA understand each other for one more time.
Pap think about putting Christmas in November... hmmmm
 :: piggytat :: 06/10/2009
Yeah Piggy - We posted at the same time!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 06/10/2009
But we don't have the same time.
 :: piggytat :: 06/10/2009
Only 2 hours Piggy!!!!!! Its late in should be asleep!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 07/10/2009
Let me think about it.
No! Because I still don't work!!!
Lucky me!!!
 :: piggytat :: 07/10/2009
Yeah work is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmmmmmmmm but money is necessary!!!!

But happiness is more important!!! I hope you are happy Piggy!!
 :: Teresauk :: 07/10/2009
Yes, I'm very happy Teresa.
We have the socialists now in the government, so we don't worry about anything.
 :: piggytat :: 07/10/2009
Yes Piggy!!

The PASOK party has the POWER please tell us more!!
 :: Teresauk :: 07/10/2009
The truth is that there is much hope for better days, because things were going bad, really bad. We'll see. Let's not get very excited. (But they can't go worst.)
 :: piggytat :: 07/10/2009
Change is good!! Lets hope they live up to their promises!!!

We need change over here too!!
 :: Teresauk :: 07/10/2009
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I'm pretty sure this is only a North American holiday and it actually
happens a month earlier in Canada than the States, but still, I love the
sentiment of it and in many ways I enjoy it more than Christmas. There's
very little commercialism associated with it; it's just a laid-back long
weekend focused on sharing nice meals with loved ones and
expressing thanks for one's good fortune. I'm definitely thankful!

 :: :: 11/10/2009
That's nice Pap. I often wondered what Thanksgiving was all about.

Where are the english speakers these days?
 :: Teresauk :: 11/10/2009
Has anyone else been following the "impressions à chaud sur "BAIONARENA" thread?

I don't have my copy of the CD/DVD yet but I have downloaded some of it (naughty me!) and the my first impression was that there was something strange about the recording. The performance and songs are great and I love them very much. I am not an expert in these things but it really lacks atmosphere and you can't hear the crowd as much as I would of hoped. I noticed that there are similar comments in the "impressions à chaud sur "BAIONARENA" thread. So I just wondered if anyone else had an opinion?
 :: Teresauk :: 11/10/2009
I too have a downloaded version (not the DVD, though) but will buy the
disc set anyway when it's released
here. My collection needs to be complete, and I definitely want the videos
to watch on our reasonably nice

I agree with your comments, Teresa -- great performances and fun
versions of songs, but the applause is
muted way down, and there doesn't seem to be much continuity between
the songs. With some of them, you
can hear the end (cut-off before the next track) quite abruptly. Still, these
are relatively minor complaints and
I love the album overall. We had a carpet repair guy here last week and I
was playing Balonarena in the
office. The guy made a point of saying he really liked the music and asking
what it was. Of course I took the
opportunity to recruit yet another fan! :-)
 :: :: 12/10/2009
Good for you!

I let someone listen to Manu's Proxima Estacion and he did not dig it at all. It wasn't pure enough in his opinion. Oh well. It got me thinking, though. Some people out there probably can't stand his music.

Poor souls.

I did manage to see Hope Sandoval, Pap. Whatever funk she was in in Vancouver must have been over by the time I saw her. I wonder if the Canadian border patrol is being more rigorous?

It was a great show. Her new album is definitely better than the last one.
 :: nubiasol :: 16/10/2009
I wonder what your friend means by "pure"? He's probably not an electronica fan, I'm

LOL about the border patrol! Hope may have been a bit moody, but she doesn't seem
the type to be smuggling guns or blow. Seems more likely that she'd sneak some BC
bud back home with her. :^)
 :: :: 17/10/2009
Hey guys, who here is any good at French?

Because I'm really curious about the thread titled "fabulation ou réalité ?", which got locked down
after only 8 posts. I did a google translate on the messages, and of course these translations are
never very good, but it seems that people had posted a couple of articles that basically imply MC
is a cheapskate who doesn't share near as much of his wealth as we'd like to believe, and the rest
of the band gets paid "union minimum". Whether or not any of this is true, I think it looks really,
really bad when this kind of thread just gets locked down. If they can't provide solid arguments to
the contrary, wouldn't it be better to just leave it alone? Hmm.
 :: :: 19/10/2009
What did Craig Ferguson say once? Never meet your idols.

Still. Unless the band leaked info about their wages, how would anyone know? Another thing to think about is touring expenses. Do they pay those or does Manu handle that financial tidbit. Gross pay always looks more impressive than net pay.
 :: nubiasol :: 24/10/2009
 :: Teresauk :: 26/10/2009
What is the name of the song (Africa?) on the opening page? It appears to be a duet.

It's always an warm experience to listen to new music from Manu. Just when I think I've heard them all, along comes one that removes the furrow from my brow.
 :: nubiasol :: 27/10/2009
Hmmm not sure why my post about the Manu interview has been moved to the tour dates post!!
 :: Teresauk :: 27/10/2009
Hi guys!
Long time Manu fan here, new on the forum.
I was browsing this thread and read about the Manu and Madjid interview on RTL - is it still available for download somewhere ?
I'd love to listen to that - I love anything Manu, but unplugged acoustic guitar is by far my absolute favorite (the KCRW radio interview was my favorite album for years ;) )...
Please tell me if you know how I can get it. Thanks!
 :: :: 28/10/2009
 :: nubiasol :: 28/10/2009
 :: nubiasol :: 28/10/2009
live on rtl, enjoy!
 :: :: 28/10/2009
Hello my friends! How are you?
Teresa you made my day!!! I listened to the interview and it was very very nice.
I like a lot when he gives interviews in english and i can understand everything.
 :: piggytat :: 28/10/2009
Yeah Piggy! I am glad someone liked it!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 28/10/2009
Marija, thank you, thank you, thank you ;)
Nubisol - thanks to you too - I found about that site on the french-speaking forum, tho it seems to have only videos downloaded from youtube so the audio quality is not the greatest.
By the way, you guys should also check out
and in particular
(another one I found on the other forum).
They have some stuff for download (not the RTL concert tho ;), so many thanks to Marija once again hehe).
 :: :: 28/10/2009
nothing :)
 :: :: 28/10/2009
I didn't catch the name of the song nubiasol asked that plays on the opening page.Could you please....?????
 :: :: 02/11/2009
 :: :: 02/11/2009
Love you!!!!!
 :: :: 03/11/2009
Hi guys!

I miss you and hope everyone is having a good fall. I've been quite busy (which
is a good thing), but I'm looking forward to checking out some of the links you've

¡Abrazos desde Vancouver!
 :: :: 04/11/2009
Hey, Papillo,

Chao is in South America - getting closer!
 :: nubiasol :: 18/11/2009
Yeah there is life on the English thread!!!!

Nubia - Have you checked out the Namaste interview on the News section? Its in Spanish so maybe not everyone will be able to understand it. But it is really good...and surprisingly spiritual. He even talks about love....and who is the girl in the pic????? I actually think its the girl interviewing him but see what you think ;-)
 :: Teresauk :: 18/11/2009
Nubie - True, though I can't imagine him setting foot on Canadian soil (mostly covered with ice and snow by
now) any time soon.

Teresa - Looks like a good article; too bad my Spanish sucks. Whoever that girl is, it's clear from the
expression on her face that she's fallen "under the spell." BTW, I love that Manu shows his grey hair in one pic
and reading glasses in a couple of others. Kind of comforting to know he's gracefully aging with the rest of us.
 :: :: 25/11/2009
Holaaaaaaaa chicaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!
The interview is very very nice! I agree with you Pap. Of course he is aging with you, not with the rest of us....... xoxoxo
I agree with you too Teresa! I agree with everyone! I love everyone! Like Benini said when he won the oscar I think.... I want to make love with all of you! jajaja .... well not really, but anyway!
We are a little dead lately... we need a some life here!
Kisses to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: piggytat :: 25/11/2009
I agree, Piggy, but I have been incredibly busy with a deadline.

I haven't forgotten your translation request by the way.
 :: nubiasol :: 13/12/2009
Need the album from SMOD badlyyyyy!!! Can not order it @#&@%^#@&^#^&%@#^%$@^%$

 :: :: 14/12/2009

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