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 English-Speaking Fans II
The English Speaking Fans thread grew too large.

Tandja, are you aware that an English version of a Mano Negra book will be available early next year?
 :: nubiasol :: 08/12/2008
 :: :: 08/12/2008
David uk - Yes, I live...
I'm glad to hear that... :-)
 :: :: 08/12/2008
Marija - The Mano Negra book is available now as I brought one myself
 :: Teresauk :: 08/12/2008
Ahaaaaaaaaa! Where can we find it? If we don't live in UK?
 :: piggytat :: 08/12/2008
 :: david uk :: 08/12/2008
Yes really, how can finde it if we are not from UK???
 :: :: 08/12/2008
Hey, did anybody notice padlock that is staying next to title English Speaking Fans...?
What is that for...?
 :: :: 08/12/2008
It means that the subject is closed. You can't write anymore there.
 :: piggytat :: 08/12/2008
Hehe...We finally made it... :-)
 :: :: 08/12/2008

I don't remember where you are from, but Amazon. com ships items to different countries in Europe.

The link for delivery information in Western Europe:

The link for delivery information in Eastern Europe:

The above links provide shipping information. If you live in Austria, Germany, China, Japan, then Amazon has its country-specific sites:

Hope this helps.
 :: nubiasol :: 08/12/2008
Hi nubby, It helps and thanks...
I live in Serbia, so If that could be eastern europe,
then It may work...!

Thanks a lot...!
 :: :: 08/12/2008
aaaa!!! thanxs nubiasol, thank u david uk!!! i can't wait!!! hi all the neighbours:)
u made me veeeery happy!!!
now i'll borrow ur link to croatian fans topic:)
 :: tandja :: 08/12/2008
Yay! We've moved on to Part II.

I could make a 5-course dinner in the time it takes to load the original thread. Okay, that's an exaggeration...
maybe only 3 courses. ;^)
 :: :: 08/12/2008
Hi pap...!
Finally to hear you...!
I've read your post about Mona Lisa...You made me laugh for about next 10 min.... :-) That's not healty...
 :: :: 08/12/2008

Actually, I think laughing for 10 minutes IS healthy -- just don't hurt your back!
 :: :: 09/12/2008
Speaking of backs - how is yours coming along? I don't mind the wrinkles, but the aches I could do without.
 :: nubiasol :: 09/12/2008
I've read in some magazin that people who are laughing more, they live longer...
And you'll live less if you smoke cigarets... They've sad, 5 min. for one cigaret...
I don't konw that this is trye or not...that's what they say...! :-)
 :: :: 09/12/2008
Anyone who wants to make a manu chao music exchange, please visit:
 :: :: 10/12/2008
Is anybody here...????
 :: :: 11/12/2008
Hi Marija - I'm here (mas o menos), but I haven't been able to sit for long periods of time lately. Yeah, the
back. :- (

Hi nubiasol - Thanks for asking. My lower back is still f**ked up, but not as bad as it was. The good news is,
it's nothing very serious. I've been seeing a chiropractor, and she says it's an irritated joint and some
surrounding muscle putting pressure on the nerve. Her work + my stretches should = improvement, hopefully
soon. This IS getting boring. BTW, I went to the NIN concert last Friday, nice and buzzed on painkillers... It
was pretty funny. An amazing show with the best stage effects I've ever seen, but still, I'd find myself drifting
off occasionally, and then waking up and going "Oooh, aah, wow! Go Trent!" Very surreal! ;-)
 :: :: 11/12/2008
Hello Papilon...!
I feel you pain... I'm also having problems, but with my knee...
I'm going tomorow on some analysis...My God what are they going to
do with me I don't know...!

I hope that these stretches are going to help you...! :-)
 :: :: 11/12/2008
Good luck with the knee, Marija! What happened? A sports injury?
 :: :: 12/12/2008
Oh Papillo, be careful - the last thing you need is a herniated disk. And Marija, be kind to your knees. Ah, the beauty of old age, eh? The drugs do wonders, though, don't they?

You know, I haven't been to a good concert since Manu Chao came around in 2007. Heck, I haven't been to ANY concert. Thanks to my local library, I discovered an artist named Sia. I found a video on youtube:

Have you heard of her? It's a moody song, but I enjoy listening to her voice.
 :: nubiasol :: 12/12/2008
Nubiasol - I listened to the song by Sia - its nice thanks. But I had to listen to it a couple of times because it is so similar to a song by a british singer called Adele.....see what you think
 :: Teresauk :: 12/12/2008
Adele will play in the Roundhouse in London saturday 20th (and just before, on thursday, Superamazoo and Gogol bordello)
 :: nath47 :: 12/12/2008
Thanks, Teresauk. There IS a similarity in melody and vocalization! Their tones are different. Sia's voice is more squeaky and Adele seems like she could sing at the top of her lungs, but is controlling the strength of her voice.

I had heard one Adele song and decided I didn't really like her (yes, based on one song - I know: how judgemental of me.) But I like this one.
 :: nubiasol :: 12/12/2008
Hi all,

Thanks, nubiasol and teresauk -- I enjoyed both those songs. Generally, I do tend to prefer strong, throaty or
unusual female voices. Not a big fan of what I call that breathy "waif chick voice" that's so prevalent in rave music.

BTW, trust me, nubiasol - I AM being careful. We had seats at the NIN gig; I wasn't bouncing around down on the
floor, although I still enjoy that kind of action when I'm in my normal physical state. (Which is strong, healthy and
often convinced it's a 25-yr old!)

Marija - Hey, I thought of you when I saw this on the news recently. If you live in Belgrade, you might want to go
visit these little sweethearts before they grow up...

WARNING: Cuteness crime in action:

 :: :: 12/12/2008
nath47 - Thanks for the gig update! I am so sad.....both Manu and Gogol Bordello in the UK this month and I have no money and am being treated like a slave at my job so I can't go to see them!!! :-(

Pap - You know it has taken me hours to work out who NIN are......then I got it....Nine Inch Nails.....god I am so dumb sometimes!!
 :: Teresauk :: 12/12/2008
yay! my ticket for Manu arrived today- 4 days to go :-)

that's just as well cos I have to have some tests at the hospital next week and the gig will help me take my mind off things...

 :: david uk :: 12/12/2008
How nice to see all of you here...

David - Who will worry about health problems when you got ticket
for Manu's concert...! That can wait...! :-)
Hey, mabye it will be Manu live on BBS Prime...? Will he, will he...???????

It's not sport injury, It last for about 6 months and doctors aren't shur what it is,
so today, I felt like some mail, I was going from one to another doctors, and they
didn't finde anything...Exept they took all my blood and left me just few drops of
it, I'm fine...I'm pritty shure that they are in closer future going to manage with my
brain...I need to wait monday to go on another analysis and It's makng me crazy..!
Mabye Nuby your right, drugs do wonder,why am I losing time on this crap? :-)
And Pap little lions are soo sweet that sometimes you just wont to hold them
but that's not possible so I turn back to my freaking dreams... :-)
 :: :: 12/12/2008

 :: :: 13/12/2008
What I liked most about the video link you sent (the one with the liones) is that there is no commentary. You just see the critters - although it bothers me somewhat to see such majestic creatures behind cages... tamed as they are.

Just out of curiousity, which is the best city you've visited or have lived in? And two, do any of you know if there are job opportunities to teach English in Spain (or any other non-English speaking European country)?
 :: nubiasol :: 13/12/2008
Ooops. That lions, not lionEs. It's late. Even the word "lion" looks funny to me.
 :: nubiasol :: 13/12/2008
Country that I visited many times is Greece, and It's nice there, I was on Thasos and Halkidiki, I can't remember in what city I was than, but the sea is great...!
 :: :: 13/12/2008
Hello my friends!
How is your Christmas spirit? XOXOXO!
It finally seems that just one month is enough to save a year from the complete disaster.
Have you ever felt happy, but afraid to say it, because every time you feel happy something bad happens and spoils your happiness?
I have this problem all the time, so I'm not saying that I am happy, but that I am optimistic for the future and certainly for the year coming.
How did your 2008 goals went? I didn't do any of the things that I wanted or had planned, but I did others. I'm thinking about not putting goals for this year. It might be better at the end. If you don't have great expectations...
Did something very good of very bad happen to you that year?
Nubie, about the english lessons, I don't know, but I guess that there must be opportunities in Spain. I also think that it would be better to go to a country that you speak the language, so for you Spain would be perfect. Of course I remember that in high classes we were speaking only English, we were not allowed to speak Greek.
In Greece we consider learning English absolutely necessary. My mother used to tell to my brother - who wasn't a fan of studying - that even if you become a dustman you have to know English. That wasn't true finally, it was an exaggeration of those that parents use, but it did him some good since he didn't become a dustman - he works in the tourist industry. The competition between teachers is high of course, and the prices for the lessons not so high as for other languages, but there is always place and need for GOOD teachers. That's a general problem, it's really difficult to find good professionals.

Just out of my curiosity this time, I would like to ask you if you have heard anything about what's happening in Greece the last week. If yes, please tell me what, because I'm really curious to know if and how our news come to you.

 :: piggytat :: 14/12/2008
Happy Xmas everyone!! Everyone seems to have health problems on here so I wish everyone a healthy 2009!!

Hi piggy - I reached my goal of passing the 2nd year of my Spanish degree!! I got the result last week and now only have 1 year to go!!
My other goal of just being happy has been harder to maintain.....I hope I will be better at it in 2009 : )

As far as the news about Greece is in the news over here every day. The BBC says there are violent riots on the streets of Athens because of the shooting of a young boy.

It sounds terrible....Is this affecting you Piggy?

Daviduk - I hope you enjoy the concert!!

Nubiasol - About teaching English in Spain. Yes there are lots of opportunities in Spain. Mostly in the major cities but I lived in Spain for 2 years and often saw jobs advertised in the local papers in many smaller costal areas too. You will need a TEFEL and some places like you to have an English language degree as well. I have heard positive and negative reports about life as a teacher of English, I think its quite a hard job and probably easier to do if you have other teaching experience. I think most people without teaching experience don't keep it up for long. A friend of mine taught in Costa Rica but only managed a few weeks and says she would never do it again. But I guess you need to have a strong confident personality to be a teacher anyway. I did notice a few schools in Spain offering to teach you the TEFEL course and then supply you with teaching work. One of these was in Valencia City but I can't remember the name of the school - perhaps you could google it if you are interested. But I think you would do very well as a fluent Spanish speaker!!

There is an interesting article about the salary etc here
 :: Teresauk :: 14/12/2008
Hi Piggy and Teresa, and Merry Crismtmas to all...!!!

Piggy - Well I heard about that young boy and It's terrible...Honestly I don't watch
news much, I knowed just few thing about protest and I didn't have much time
to read about it or watch, but thanks to Teresa I get It all...

We had a similar situation but it was about Kosovo, I think that you've all heard
about that becouse It was on BBC and prity much on every chanel...
How is situation now in Greec Piggy..?

And Merry Cristmas again...! :-)
 :: :: 14/12/2008
Thanks Teresauk - very helpful information. I may never do it, but it is something to think about in the years ahead. (Our economy tanked recently, so there are public institutions that are not hiring workers next year.)

Piggytat, I only heard a snippet of it on CNN. The bombing in India was covered extensively, but our news is so myopic that unless Americans are killed in riots or some other local calamity (that is, non-nature related events - we're big on natural disasters), we don't hear about them.

I know you are ok because you've logged onto the site, but you were absent for a while. Are you ok?
 :: nubiasol :: 15/12/2008
OK. That last statement is contradictory. I meant to say: I know you are alive, but are you well?
 :: nubiasol :: 15/12/2008
Yes Nubie, I'm fine. I'm not at all directly affected by what's happening.
The story is simple: A policeman killed a 16 year-old boy, without any reason and then many people went out to streets, others protesting peacefully, others breaking everything they could - and in fact everything. There was a mess in the center of Athens, Universities, in many other cities, in greek embassies abroad, in most police stations.
There was an underlying dissatisfaction for the government, a general frustration because of the economic krisis, unemployment etc (plus we have a conservative government that is accused for corruption) and people just exploded.
Personally, I am against ANY kind of violence, BUT - and there shouldn't be a 'but' here, I can say that I could see it coming - I don't know how the politicians couldn't see it or pretended that they didn't.
 :: piggytat :: 15/12/2008
I don’t have much hope though that something will change. Ok, when we have elections, the government will probably change, but that doesn’t say much. Two political parties govern Greece for the last 30+ years, so I guess they are both responsible for what’s happening. People are responsible too, because these two parties get more than 80% in every election. What I hope is that the left wing – which is of course divided in two parties and really can’t agree to anything - gets stronger in the next elections.
 :: piggytat :: 15/12/2008
Yes Piggy, and I heard the damage is huge, and also, that in Paris about 300 peopel in signe solidarity with Greek protestants, two nights ago, geather infront of Greek embassy...
That's so nice, people from one country in some way are helping (or mabye It's better, are trying to help) people in other... :-)
 :: :: 15/12/2008
Two things that I heard these days and impressed me most are that Italian anarchists came from Italy to Greece to help and that some people were selling stones - 3 stones for 1 Euro. I don't know if it's true, but if it is, it's funny...
 :: piggytat :: 15/12/2008
What will people do just to earn some money... :-)
 :: :: 15/12/2008
Hey Piggy, or anybody, do you know web from I can downlowd songs and videos for free...?
 :: :: 15/12/2008
Marija - I use for Mestiza type music but no videos. I am also looking for free music sites of different styles of music but I haven't found a good one yet.
 :: Teresauk :: 15/12/2008
I'd just like to say it's my birthday and I'm going to a certain gig tomorrow.

That's all :-)
 :: david uk :: 15/12/2008
Happy birthday David!
I want Manu concert for birthday present too!
 :: piggytat :: 15/12/2008
Happy Birthday David...
I think that you tomorow you are going to get best present ever...!!!
 :: :: 15/12/2008
And Teresa thanks...
 :: :: 15/12/2008
Happy Birthday, David UK!! In addition to the gift of Manu, I hope you receive good news about those tests. Keeping
my fingers crossed for you.

Marija, what's happening with your knee?

Well, like Teresa said earlier, I wish everyone here good health. As a kid I'd roll my eyes when my parents used to say
"You've got nothing if you don't have your health." Now I understand the truth in that cliché. I'm even considering
letting them know they were right! ;^)

Piggy - The Canadian media has been keeping us informed about the situation in Greece. I'm glad you're not directly
affected, but oh dear, that poor boy. It seems like every country's police forces have something to be ashamed of. Here
in Canada, the cops are notorious for their abuse of the TASER (a gun-like weapon that's meant to stun people, but
not kill them). Although the weapon is supposedly non-fatal, the fact is numerous people have been killed by its
misuse. There's one particularly tragic story about a Polish immigrant that was killed at the Vancouver International
Airport. The cops shot him 3 times; he stopped moving, and they shot him 2 more times anyway. After over a year of
"investigation", the officers aren't going to be charged. Here's a recent link about the story:

Nubiasol - I don't like to see those lions behind bars either, but given the fact that there are only about 100 of them left
in the world, maybe breeding them in captivity will eventually save the species. Hopefully there are plans in place to
reintroduce them to the wild. BTW, at the risk of jinxing myself by sharing good news prematurely, I actually managed
to work out the other day. Love my chiropractor -- maybe I should bring her flowers! :-D
 :: :: 15/12/2008
Oh, TERESA UK -- Congratulations on your successful Spanish studies!

Good advice you gave to nubiasol, too. Teaching isn't for everyone, as I also discovered. I love learning languages,
but teaching requires a level of extroversion I just don't have. I truly admire good teachers, though.
 :: :: 15/12/2008
Just a funny video - irrelevant again of course - just to make you laugh.

 :: piggytat :: 15/12/2008
She sings well! Actually, Shakira is a very good lyrics writer in Spanish - she hasn't mastered English yet, so some of her English lyrics can make one scratch one's head.

Here's another, but not quite as funny as the one you sent, Piggytat. At the end, this woman switches from a Shakira impersonation to a Charo one.
 :: nubiasol :: 16/12/2008
Hi everyone...!
I don't know why but I today fell so happy....!!!
I can't wait to hear news from David after concert...!!!
 :: :: 16/12/2008
off to get the train now

(I should be too old for this kind of thing lol)
 :: david uk :: 16/12/2008
Ah, nonsense! We go through enough turmoil as we get older - why shouldn't we relish those moments that bring us excitment? So we feel like teenagers for one day - heck, ENJOY IT!!!!!

(Although to be fair, I would have thought the same thing if I was the one smiling while on my way to a Chao concert!)
 :: nubiasol :: 16/12/2008
Papilon - Even I don't know what is going on with him, 6 months ago I started to
feel pain in the knee and till now the pain is harder with every day...Mabye it will
stop after New Year I don't know why but it would be nice... :-)

David - We insist to hear from you every detail from concert...! :-)
I agree with Nuby, what's the matter David, go there and feel free...!!!
My God, I'm so exiting about this concert I just don't know why...
What's wrong with me...????
 :: :: 16/12/2008
Nubia & Piggy - The Shakira clips are so funny thanks....I need cheering up after the week at work I am having!!

"Whatever, It don't matter. I can sing about pancake batter!!"

Everyone - Its really bitter sweet to image Daviduk is there now, dancing, pogoing, singing to MC & RB.....and I am not :( I'm so near but so far!!
I just hope he gives us all the juciy details tomorrow!!
 :: Teresauk :: 16/12/2008
If I were you, and If I can't make It to concert, I will probably waching television with hope that mabye there is live his concert.... :-)
 :: :: 16/12/2008
I promise you Marija that I am watching every channel and radio station I can find......I would not be suprised if he does an interview or something while he is here.....he is here for 2 days......I will report back if I find anything!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 16/12/2008

Are you familiar with these: (the original) (the cover)

The Morrissette cover is not a parody, but she changes the tone of the song. I could do without the original (it's silly to me), but I like the cover.
 :: nubiasol :: 17/12/2008
Nubia - Thanks for that!!

Yes I know the original and I agree its silly and kind of degrading to women in my opinion. But I had never heard the Morrissette version and its excellent!! Isn't it Ironic!! I always like Alanis stuff anyway!
 :: Teresauk :: 17/12/2008
ah, that was fantastic!
 :: david uk :: 17/12/2008
 :: :: 17/12/2008
Stop teasing us David!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 17/12/2008
ah, that was REALLY fantastic!
Would that be ok?
Come on David!
We want details!
 :: piggytat :: 17/12/2008
sorry folks!

I'm sitting here still with a big smile on my face after last night....

It was a fabulous show, so much energy- on stage and in the crowd. I can't remember the setlist as all the songs ran into each other and it almost becameone two-hour long song, with one song becoming another and another etc...

I do remember the show started with El Hoyo, which was a great opener, getting everyone dancing, even upstairs where I was... the secuirity kept telling us to sit down but no one listened to them lol I could even feel the balcony shaking- normally I would have been scared stiff but I was too bus enjoying myself.

One favourite moment was when they did Me Gustas Tu, and Manu snag "Que Hora Son en Inglaterra?" which got a cheer :-)

I also remember Clandestino, which was great, with the whole audience singing.

I left after 2 hours as I wanted to make sure I had easily enough time to get my train. They were still playing then..... In fact I could have stayed a bit longer as I got to the station early.

I got home to Nottingham at about 2am.... I'm a bit tired but very happy :-)
 :: david uk :: 17/12/2008
it seems that you left us speechless.
before the concert i wasn't jealous, but now i am a little. in a good way though.
david, i think because of you, i had a nightmare last night.
i went to a MC concert and just when he started singing, i realized that i had forgot my camera. i don't know if that says something to you...
did he sing volver and si me das a elegir?
 :: piggytat :: 18/12/2008
Oh piggy what tragedy... :-) Have you know about camera on mobile...? :-)
Piggy is It better to have nightmare or being awake hole night...???

David that is BETTER...!!!
Have you got some video or picure from concert...?
And did he sing rumba de barselona and blood and fire...?

PS: Sorry for this much curiosity...
 :: :: 18/12/2008
Hi to everyone!

David-I'm happy for you but jealous at the same time!

Piggy-I'm a bit late with this, Idon't know if everything is ok now in Greece? It was on croatian news every day, I couldn't believe how people can destroy a whole town, how vandalism can be present in all parts of society, they also were on some Greek tv station, demanding a new government?!

Ok! Let's talk about positive things! Do you know where will you celebrate newyear? I'm waiting for the last moment as always, and then I start to panic, but in the and I always have a great time!
 :: travarica :: 18/12/2008 the end...
 :: travarica :: 18/12/2008
No, it's not over. There was another boy shot last night, but luckily only injured in the hand.
The police investigates how it happen...
What I would like to do for the new year eve is to invite my friends in their pyjamas and have a party, against the usual things of the day that demands to wear your best clothes and really do your best to look nice.
Not very possible to happen, so I'm listening to your ideas!

PS: Marija are you looking for some logic in my dreams???
 :: piggytat :: 18/12/2008
Hi gang, and happy holidays!

Marija & Travarica -- Stretan Bozic! :-)

David -- So glad to hear you had a good time! It must have been
downright painful to drag yourself away while
they were still playing, huh? Those boys certainly do put on a great long
show! Never underestimate 40-
somethings, n'est ce pas?

Teresa -- sorry to hear they're working you so hard at the job. It's gotta be
time to stop being so grinchy any day
now, yeah?

Nubie -- ¿Donde estas?
 :: :: 18/12/2008
Oh, yeah -- I forgot to say:


 :: :: 18/12/2008
I was just watching some documentary about Greece! They interviewed some professors and students about all that is happening right now, they were talking about unemployment and small salaries, so they all support protests, but not a violence that is happening!

papilloposa-hvala, Sretan Bozic, takoder!
 :: travarica :: 18/12/2008
Sretan Bozic Travarice i tebi Papilon....!!! :-)
And everyone, Happy New Year and holidays and Crismas..!!!

Piggy - Oh I see...!!! Your nightmare was that you forgot your camera...!!!
Oh what fool I'm, I really wonder myself what was I thinking...!

PS: I really like your idea for pyjamas and party, I will rather stay home with group
of friends and make little party, then go to some party...
I don't know..I've never liked huge partis, there was every time some peopel that
make me feel sick, I hate to see people that are so anoxious of attention so that
they are acting drunk and things like that...
And also I would like to celebrate new year in nature with friends and with guitars
and camp fire...
But also,like Piggy It isnt possiable...
Next one to bring out ideas...
 :: :: 18/12/2008
Hey everyone....I am really looking forward to a new year now.

There will be the new president of USA, and even though the world seems to be collapsing around us, its just the old ways making way for the new. I believe that there is a divine plan to everything and there is a reason why MC will be singing his songs in 2009 and a reason why people like us meet up on sites like this. Just think we are gonna be some of the people that help change everything....starting with your neighbours, just like MC says!! Is that cool!!

Marija - I prefer to spend new year at home with friends and family as well. But I think your idea of a campfire and guitars sounds perfect.....but I think it should be on a beach with a campfire and guitars and plenty of beers!!
 :: Teresauk :: 18/12/2008
what a positive, upbeat view of the coming year, Teresa- let's make it happen :-)
 :: david uk :: 18/12/2008
Hi David.....are you still smiling? Thanks for the gig review by the way!!

Viva la revalucion!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 18/12/2008
yes I still haven't got that smile off my face !

sorry for the abence of a setlist folks, it is all a bit of a blur - but a very nice blur :-)

what is everyone up to for Xmas? I'm off to hungary on Sunday for 10 days....
 :: david uk :: 19/12/2008
by the way, someone in the French section of this site posted this link from Tuesday's gig
 :: david uk :: 19/12/2008
Thanks for the link......funny cos that was the song that was in my head before I looked at the link....looks like a great gig!!!

Do you have familly in Hungary David?

I am spending xmas with my family in suffolk uk, and resting after an awful pre-xmas coping with work because my boss is in hospital and I am left to keep the business going while he is ill....and am working 11 hrs a day at the moment!! But I will appreciate the xmas break more than ever this year!!
 :: Teresauk :: 19/12/2008
11 hours a day- well that's okfor a day ro two but after that you seriously risk running yourself down... hopefully you'll get a decent break over xmas....

I kind of have family in Hungary... Ilived there for 8 years and always spend Xmas over there with my ex and his mum - a nice, simple Hungarian Xmas :-) I was hoping for snow as they often have white xmases, but it's warmer than here at the moment so I am not holding out much hope.

I had somegood news today- I had some very worrying blood tests which made my doctor send me for aliver scan- I went this morning and all is ok- phew! I can have a glass or 3 of wine this xmas lol
 :: david uk :: 19/12/2008
Very funny, Piggytat: "ah, that was REALLY fantastic!"
Papillo - welcome back!

That is so strange david uk because my sister said it was snowing in the desert where she lives. Snow! We're having a cold cold winter in California. They even shut down the highway that leads to her house - so none of us can visit her now. So I will be - take out your violins - spending the holidays by myself.

For some reason George Thoroughgood's song comes to mind: "I drink alone."

But on the positive side, my sister is putting several tamales (a Mexican food stuff made of corn meal (maza) with chicken or pineapple filling) in her freezer for me. Eh, better late than never, especially because they are a pain in the neck to make.

Hey, Teresauk: Do you at least earn overtime pay for working past a certain number of hours?

So does this mean that everyone's health woes are slowly improving - perhaps disappearing in 2009?????
 :: nubiasol :: 19/12/2008

Rumba de Barcelona - UK show:

Now you can be there in spirit . . . whenever you want!
 :: nubiasol :: 19/12/2008
And for your drooling pleasure:
 :: nubiasol :: 19/12/2008
Guys, don't you sleep? Yeah ok, we don't have the same time I know.
Nubie, one post two jokes
No 1: take out your violins...
No 2: Do you at least earn overtime pay for working past a certain number of hours?
Teresa, if you really do, tell me to come to work there, because I don't expect a cent for overtime work, like most people I guess...

Did you check the links of the Taratatatatatatatata show?
 :: piggytat :: 19/12/2008
Teresa - 11- hrs a day...Wow...Hopefully that will change by Xmas...

David, you see, the gig must helped you...

Nuby - Thank You...! And Thank You...!!!!!!!!!!
Mmm...thise tamales sounds great...I know that I sad I want to be vegetarain, and
try to, but It's not going...
 :: :: 19/12/2008
Hi guys!

I'm really enjoying your messages and links. Drooling pleasure, eh? Well, it does look like Manu has been working out.
He and Madjid can both save money on their shirt wardrobes. ;^)

Piggytat -- I definitely sleep, especially at this time of year when the days are so short. Hell, I hibernate like a bear. I laid
down around 8 last night just to read "for a few minutes". Well, I read about 2 pages, then closed my eyes, then opened
them, and it was bedtime! Now it's morning and I'm enjoying a"healthy" breakfast of coffee and chocolate.

Nubiasol – Have we finally broken the weather, or what? (Only I thought it was supposed to be global WARMING.)
Snowstorms in California and Nevada? Now I've heard everything. Re: Navidad on your own, I don't know whether to feel
sympathy or envy. El Esposo y yo are flying off on Tuesday to spend Christmas on the prairie with his parents, 2 sisters,
their spouses and 7 (count 'em) SEVEN children (goofed up on sugar and toys)... we'll all be safely ensconced in
grandma & grandpa's condo for 3 days... because God knows, going outside for walks won't be an option -- we're talkin'
temperatures of minus 30 degrees... CELCIUS (!!) I really do love my nieces and nephews, but did I mention the number
SEVEN? Yeah... make mine a double Scotch, please.... ;^) Anyway, the folks have a 'puter and internet, so I may even
check in on you Christmas day, under the guise of checking email.


Merry Christmas • Feliz Navidad • Stretan Bozic • Joyeaux Noel • Happy Hanukah • Etc • Etc

 :: :: 19/12/2008
Yes I did have a drool too!! He is looking slightly more toned than usual ; )

Pap - I must admit the thought of minus 30 degrees fills me with terror!! I am like a moan like hell when it is minus 4 over here.....I think I would die if it were any colder!! I am one of those people who hate snow or anything cold....I can only eat ice cream if the weather is above 25 degrees.

Everyone - no I do not get paid overtime......which is what is making my blood boil.....but I am actually going to demand it or I will be joining the unemployment statistics if he refuses to pay me.....uuuuuuugggg!!!!!!
But I have had jobs in the past that paid, time and a half for overtime....but those jobs are hard to find these days. I am thinking that maybe I need to be my own boss in 2009!!! Plus it is my birthday today (and its the big one!!!) and a client has sneezed all over me all week and now I have the flu, so I am spending my birthday in bed!!! : (
 :: Teresauk :: 19/12/2008
yes, manu did look rather fine on Tuesday. Do you think he'd marry me if I asked him? lol

Teresa, what do you do for a living?
 :: david uk :: 19/12/2008
Happy birthday Teresa! Even with that flu.
David, sorry, but certainly not! He's against marriage...
-30 is the hell i think. although they say that's it's hot in hell not cold, well, it would be my hell anyway. my heart would just stop.
the weather forecast says that there will be snow in Athens at Sunday night to Monday morning.
do you think that we might get so lucky so as not to be able to go to work on Monday? - we are not used in snow here and when it's snowing nothing works.
it would be nice for Christmas to snow... and to go on vacation earlier.
 :: piggytat :: 19/12/2008
Piggy - Thanks for the birthday wishes! I hope you get a snowy xmas and that lots of extra time off of work ;-)

David - Its fun that we can drool over MC & Majid with you!! I am a graphic designer - same as Pap (I know that because she posted the excellent link ages ago about "White Space Eliminator!!!" which had me and the office in stitches!!)
 :: Teresauk :: 20/12/2008
Teresa, is it your birthday?

it was mine on Monday- not sure if I believe in astrology, but I always seem to get on well with sagittarians :-)
 :: david uk :: 20/12/2008
David - Well it was yesterday the 19th, so yes I am a fellow saggy!!
I think there is some truth somewhere in astrology but not in the stupid things you get in papers and magazines. I hope you had a better bday than me? But I am off out for a curry tonight and a few glases of vino....even though I am not well and my taste buds don't seem to work ; (
 :: Teresauk :: 20/12/2008
awww virtual hugs to you Teresa :-)

I am off out soon to go shopping (I HATE shopping)- I'm flying to Hungary tomorrow and my ex has given me a shopping list of things to get for him and his mum.... I almost had a row with him last night lol I was enthuising about the gig and he said "Manu Chao just releases the same music with slightly different lyircs each time" .... slap!

have a good evening :-)
 :: david uk :: 20/12/2008
Thank you David you're a sweetie!!

OK.....I know why he is your ex now!!!! I hear so many people say this about Manu.....and its so annoying. To me it shows how creative he is....he can use every tune or lyric in so many different ways. He can add more to each song whenever he plays it. There are not many other artists out there that can do that!

David you're gay....your supposed to love shopping!! ;-) Well I actually hate shopping too....I once had a boyfriend who went shopping with me and made me buy in his words I would look like a proper girl!!! As proper girls (air heads!) walk around with a collection of shopping bags!! I guess I don't have to explain that he was a total looser and hopefully I never see him again as long as I live!!!

Anyway have a great xmas in Hungary!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 20/12/2008
Poor Teresa! :-( If curry doesn't make your taste buds work, you might want to consider a transplant! I hope you
feel better soon. Me, I'm up at 3 a.m. with insomnia and an upset tummy. Guess which little piggy ate too much
chocolate? Hint: not the one in Greece. ;-)

David -- How nice that you're on good terms with your ex and his family. (Manu-related blunder
notwithstanding.) BTW, just think -- if M did say "yes", you guys could get married legally in Spain... Can I be
your bridesmaid? ;>) Anyway, safe travels and have a great holiday.

You guys crack me up!

 :: :: 20/12/2008

Teresa -- I applaud the goal of being your own boss in 2009! Mr P and I work out of a home-based office, and I
must say, I do love a job which I can show up for in my pajamas. Working independently can be a bit stressful
when things slow down, but the freedom is great. When we've had a good few months, we can get a fellow
designer to take over while we travel. That's how we were able to go to Colombia last spring. Finances kind of
suck right now, but oh well, that's the case for most people these days. Hopefully not for too long.

BTW... Indian curry or Thai?
 :: :: 20/12/2008
Happy Birthday Teresa...!!! How are you feeling today...?

David, safe travels tomorow and happy holidays.......

Hmmm... What a hard question...Let me gess, You...????
ps: Pap did anybody sad to you that you are loco...??? Every time that you say something, I'm laughing like crazy...! Nobody is making me smile like you do so thank you for that.

pps: We made it to 100...!!! And now 101...!!
 :: :: 20/12/2008
 :: :: 20/12/2008
Oh yes, I forgot to ask why is M against marriage...?
I think he would be great as a houseband.
 :: :: 20/12/2008
Hi Marija!

I think he tried it once and it didn't work out. Anyway, it might be hard to be married to someone that's away so
much of the time. That's just my opinion, though. I'd also find it difficult to "share" my partner with 5 million other
people. And a lot of those people probably look like models and film stars... tough on a woman's (or a guy's) self-

I'm glad I make you laugh! Hey, do check this out -- I posted it on Videos Humoristiques as well:

Crystal meth is not your friend, boys and girls:

Anyhow... my tummy is starting to settle down so I'm gonna try catch some more sleep now.


 :: :: 20/12/2008
Pap - thanks for the business advice. Youre lucky that there are 2 of must make you feel more confident to have someone else to back you up. I like the creative side but hate selling myself and all the crap talk that you have give clients....I just want to sit at my Mac and get on with it.

Oh and its an Indian curry by the way ...... lime pickle, mango pickle and pashwari nan ... I can't wait. The heat from the spices will probably make my nose run but surely I will be able to tase it.

Marija - Thank you!! And about MC and marriage....maybe he doesn't want to do the traditional thing. Maybe he finds it too restricting with his lifestyle. Maybe he just doesn't want to commit to one person.
 :: Teresauk :: 20/12/2008
Oh yeah Pap I forgot to say I hope you feel better soon after your chocolate overdose!
 :: Teresauk :: 20/12/2008
Yes you're right.......You know, It's sad becouse he isn't going to have children...But that is his life and he is one to decide about it...

OK...My tummy is now upset from smiling and also my cheeks....!
I think that my life is like this 1/3 sleeping, 2/3 smiling. Is that normal...?
 :: :: 20/12/2008
Marija good news! He already has a son.
And I really can't understand what makes you think that he would be a great husband - I'm not saying the opposite, I'm just asking what makes you think that.
A great houseband, certainly, althought a bit noisy!
 :: piggytat :: 20/12/2008
Oh that is soo nice...!!!!
There isn't some special thing, but I feel and see that he would be...It looks stupid but, I don't know...He is unique...
 :: :: 20/12/2008
Hey Piggytat - you beat me to it!

I thought the same thing when I read houseband.
 :: nubiasol :: 20/12/2008
Happy Xmas or whatever you celebrate to everyone

how great to have found this forum full of lovely people :-)
 :: david uk :: 20/12/2008
 :: :: 20/12/2008
Maybe we are not so nice. We look nice in the beginning, but if you get to know as better, you may don't want to know us at all. Who knows!

 :: piggytat :: 21/12/2008
Thanks for the good cheer, Piggytat! ;-) Luckily for David UK, we can't test his assumption about us and make him change his mind.

Actually, you may have a point, though. Papilloposa may not be in the Christmas spirit an hour into the 7-children-in-tiny-household festivities (unless the wine is REALLY good). I'm hoping she shares the experience - if only to smile along with her.
 :: nubiasol :: 21/12/2008
On a serious note, how are things in Greece? Have things quieted down?

I just finished reading an article in Rolling Stone magazine about the drug violence in Mexico caused by narcotraficantes, but unfortunately, it also affects regular town folk as they, too, are getting mowed down by gunfire. It made me think of the violent hotspots around the world and I thought of you.
 :: nubiasol :: 21/12/2008
Hi Piggy & Nubia - I just read that yesterday the violence in Greece was really bad and students were throwing molotov cocktails. And a protest in favour of immigrants rights turned to violence because the protesters threw eggs at the police. I ask myself how can you fight violence with violence and why do they think this will solve anything?
 :: Teresauk :: 21/12/2008
If they are fighting violence with violence, in the end they are going to kill each other and they didn't do nothing exept huge damage on city and on people...
 :: :: 21/12/2008
Exactly Marija I agree its totally pointless...what a shame :-(
 :: Teresauk :: 21/12/2008
je crois que les anglish n'ont pas apprecié de se faire bousculer....
olala les pauvres....
 :: :: 21/12/2008
I can't understand you... :-)
Teresa - Yes, It is...That is tragedy when they don't know how to stop violence...The crime in world has reach souch big level that nobady can stop it and that is what wrong...
 :: :: 21/12/2008
Gaetan - Sorry I am having trouble translating "bousculer" it translates as "Hustle". I think perhaps you mean english people don't appreciate violent protests? I can only speak for myself not the whole english population...but I understand very well the anger felt and the need to protest and stand up for what is right. I took part in the poll tax demonstrations here in London in 1990 which turned into riots by the minority. But throwing petrol bombs at everything and everyone is anger directed in the wrong place. This is just affecting the ordinary people of Athens. Maybe they should take their anger to the home of the corrupt Greek government and the banks. Its just my opinion thats all : )
 :: Teresauk :: 21/12/2008
Well, I think that those peopel that are throwing petrol bombs and destroyng the city, they don't care about it, they are holigans and thay wont just to fight...Belive me, we have had similar situacion here about Kosovo, and normal people will protest without violence and those people care, in the other hand, people that say that car about the protest, this is their excuse to destroy anything and to fight withe police and relise their fury.
So this will be my opinion about violence in every protest.
 :: :: 21/12/2008
Hello LOVELY people!
How is your Christmas spirit going?
It must be getting stronger and stronger every day!
Pap you are a very brave woman. I'm not sure I would go there...
I can't say that things here get better, it's just that TV doesn't show what's happening in a 24-hour basis anymore. Or is it that I haven't opened my TV for a few days?
They are not tired yet for sure. Personally as I have said before I'm against violence. But even if we accept that violence is necessary to achieve some goal, what are they trying to achieve? To destroy innocent people's properties? To make the government resign? It's still there... And now the state is going to give money to people that their properties were destroyed. And this is OUR money, from OUR taxes and I'm sure it could become something better if there was not that need. Not everyone that protests use violence of course, but you know they are making more noise. I think that they want stop before they kill a policeman. And I'm pretty sure that they are gonna kill some poor guy that has nothing to do with this. I'm not optimistic.
 :: piggytat :: 21/12/2008
Hi Piggy, Marija & everyone - I think everyone in the world should all have christmas spirit everyday not just at christmas regardless of religion!!

To change the subject onto nicer things I have just decorated my xmas tree and put coloured lights on it and a star on the top! It looks very pretty!
And I am going to wrap some presents for the family and put them under the tree for christmas day.....its so exciting!
 :: Teresauk :: 21/12/2008
Sorry, Teresauk. But I am going to pick up that last thread.

I beilieve gaetan5545 wrote that the English (which I assume means English-speaking people) do not like to be upset. Poor things.

If in fact this is what he meant, it is true. We may not go out of our way to feel upset. BUT and this is key, this does NOT mean that we bury our heads in the sand to protect ourselves as in: Oh no, upset feeling, please go away. I can't handle it. Happy clouds, everyone. Happy clouds.

Piggytat, you have a point. While the protestors get some relief by expelling their negative energies by destroying things, you pay for that relief via your tax dollars. It puzzles me that most of the images I have seen show men acting up, not women.

OK, Teresauk, now for some good cheer. Last night I walked through our version of cold (50 degrees F; 10 degrees Celsius), the colors of the Christmas lights just made everything look magical. I felt at peace. Then I walked through one block and it seemed like I walked by a bonfire. The chimney smoke was intense. How much air pollution do those things generate? Aside from that, it was a nice walk. Even two dogs watched me pass by with a nary a bark.
 :: nubiasol :: 21/12/2008
Ah, editing skills: Nary a bark - I was going to write without a word, but then realized dogs don't talk. Oops.
 :: nubiasol :: 21/12/2008
Nubia - I think dogs talk to each other (kind of) they do talk in a way ; )

And about the previous thread....if that is what he meant.....I am still confused as to what his considered appropriate reaction would be? More negativity perhaps?

And you think 10 c is cold....thats our summer! lol
I went out for a meal last night and then a nice walk through town to look at the xmas lights. Its nice to have a few moments to kid yourself that the world is a nice place.
 :: Teresauk :: 21/12/2008
There must be something in the water that we drink, we - weird creatures - english speaking people.
It's very very cold here too, but I can't see any snow - it seems that we'll finally have to go to work tomorrow.
Let's all pray for some snow, even if we are not religious, it's for a good cause.

 :: piggytat :: 21/12/2008
Hi to everyone...!
Actually, Teresa, I'm having It. Yesterday I sad to my friends Happy New Year after middnight, so we selebrate It last night.

Piggy I know how you feel...

Nuby, that is what I like about Chrismas most...City is so beytifal...!!! And you feel like you're in movie...! I like American Chrismas, with big chrismas tree in square and everything is in red, green and yellow, and if is snowing..mmm...I watch too many movis I know...
~Happy Chrismas~
 :: :: 21/12/2008
I must admit Piggy, I've never heard that somebody is praying for snow...!!!
I know about indians that are calling rain, but snow...!!! :-)
Hehe...I'm going to pray with you for snow...

Teresa our summer was like 40 c and higher...!!! And 10 c is like...hmm...mabye when is sun in winter...
 :: :: 21/12/2008
Maybe your prayers for snow were succesfull, Iwas watching weather forecast for next ten days and they say that this two weeks are going to be very very cold, with snow! In place where I live it's 12 C for now, but I'm planning to go to Bucharest for New Year (MAYBE), and there's already
-6 C! I don't want to know what will be in ten days! Last year I was in Sofia and there was -15 C, and it wasn't really for an outside celebration!

By the way, happy birthday to Teresauk and David uk!
 :: travarica :: 22/12/2008
And about Greece! Those hooligans are calling themselves Anarchists!
But their anarchy is not going to help anyone! Just like piggy said, they all are going to pay for that damage, 'cause government money is actually people+s money! So all Greek people are going to pay for their violence! Not helpful! Protests should be for making things better, not to make them worse!

Marija- think Manu has potential to be a good husband! Try and inform us! You said that you dream about marriage with spanish guy!
P.S. and you promissed me that I'll be your guest in Spain! I'm waiting!
 :: travarica :: 22/12/2008
"English (speaking) people" don't like to be "upset"? If that's actually what he meant (my French skills are minimal), um...
WOW. Just a wee bit judgmental, no? Not to mention a fine example of over-generalization. Hey, a lot of English
speaking people I've met absolutely thrive on being upset. Upset is the new happy! You guys know the kind of people I'm
talking about -- they couldn't put a positive spin on the second coming of Christ if it happened. They wouldn't know a
positive feeling (like love, joy or hope) if it bit them in the ass. Anyway, that's just my 2 recessionary cents' worth. ;^)

Since people are sharing local weather details, I'll do the same. Vancouver has one of Canada's mildest climates
(probably similar to London or Amsterdam), so we really don't get snow all that often. The past week has been an
exception. It's not very cold right now (maybe minus 1 celsius), but my neighbourhood looks like a Christmas card. It's
very pretty, I admit, although it's going to be an absolute b*tch to get to the airport tomorrow, and the place is sure to be a
zoo once we get there. Deep breaths, deep breaths...

Anyway, I found this great website with pictures of Vancouver's West End (where we live) in the snow. I hope you enjoy

BTW, Teresa, your tree story made me smile. We have an angel on top of ours.

Okay, there are about a thousand things I should be doing right now, but I so much enjoy having my coffee with you
guys. :-)

If I'm not able to post again till we're back from the Deep Freeze Zone, I wish all of you a wonderful week! Let's share our
stories afterwards!

xo xo
 :: :: 22/12/2008
Travarica, mabye that will be my wish for New Year, who knows what will happend after...And don't worry, you will have a nice room in our house...Especialy for you. Hey, mabye could Manu (if we, you know, get married???), meet you with some of his frieds???? Kuzis...? :-)

Papilon my eyes are gone when I saw picures...! Are they reall...????
Oh...I would like to live in your neighbourhood...! It really looks like a sceen from
a movie...!

Safe travels and come back soon...!!!
ps: I honestly hope that you are going to survive week in 7-chilldren-trpped-house.
 :: :: 22/12/2008
Hi to everyone.....what a great bunch of weird english speakers we are!! Shocking hey???? I had hoped for better really....but there you go! I think Marija had the best response!!

Hey travarica....happy xmas and new year to you!!! And yes I am interested to hear why MC would make such a good husband!!!

Pap.....please keep us updated on your xmas exploits!! The pics from your neighbourhood look magical!!

Abrazos para tod@s xxxxxx
 :: Teresauk :: 23/12/2008
Relax people!!!
Gaetan was only just making a joke about people not enjoying being bumped into during the pogos in the pit at the recent London gigs. Nothing more.....

Happy Holiday everyone!

From The Nasty Mofo haha
 :: :: 23/12/2008
Yeah, well, when you rely on translation tools, you're bound to misunderstand, but we did preface our statements with: IF (he said what I think he said).

Maybe people pogo in London, but in Los Angeles people punch and throw their body weight around. I've seen people pogo - there's predictability to the movement. When people flail their arms and fists around like they were the Tasmanian (spelling?) devil, then you get bruised. No big deal there - annoying, but not life threatening.

However, when you have people who are just shoving you just to shove, then there's the danger that you will lose your footing. If you fall, you will get trampled. That almost happened to me - I couldn't put one foot on the floor because there was no room and one of my arms was pinned to my side. Some guy standing next to me saw me and tugged me into the pocket of space between his chest and someone else's back. Of course, that space closed up real quick. It's funny now, but I must have looked like a terrified squirrel at the time because he could tell I needed a rescue.

Oh and about the Nasty Mofo - can't let it go, can you?! ;-) I had forgotten about that!
 :: nubiasol :: 23/12/2008
We are bad bad people.
Speaking for myself, every year I make promises (to myself) that I will become a better person next year. Which means either that I am perfect now, or that I don't keep them. I think it's No2.
Seriously now, we must be giving the impression that we are ready for a fight...



PS1: I can't remember the Nasty Mofo story.
PS2: If someone believes that there is a revolution happening in Greece right now, sorry to disappoint you, but there is no revolution. A revolution needs more people. And I think that if it happens, it's something that is going to rise from people, not political parties. But how can people be in favor of this thing if their own properties are being destroyed?
 :: piggytat :: 23/12/2008
Neither do I. Nasty Mofo...hmmm...that isn't lookin familiar.

Piggy why do you want to become better person, you are more than better person. You should love yourself, and people love you how you really are. You don't need to change, that wouldn't be are Piggy, you willl become someone else...

XOXOXO to you Piggy...! :-)

ps: I really can't understand why people are destroying properties when in the end they are going to pay and they soport it after all?! (I'm don't meen that everyone are favor of this)

Nuby&Teresa&Piggy&Papilon&David&Travarivce HAPPY HOLIDAYS...!!!
To everyone...!!!
 :: :: 23/12/2008
 :: :: 23/12/2008
Happy happy holidays to all of you! And I wish all of us to become a better persons, but we know it's impossible! WE'RE PERFECT!

Marija, if you marry Manu, I want Tonino Carotone, keep him for me! Kuzis?!
 :: travarica :: 23/12/2008
lolalola - Thanks for the translation!! We will be more careful with our babel fish efforts next time ;-)

travarica - Don't worry Tonino is all yours......I am not sure I see the attraction myself ;-)

gaetan5545 - I am old enough to remember when Maradona put england out of the world cup with "the hand of god".......I am not the biggest football fan but I enjoy the World Cup and the Euro Championships......and when I watch Maradona, even I can see that he is almost dancing with the ball.....I do understand why he his such a hero for everyone.

Anyway......I am off to nurse my sick cat who has had an operation to remove cancer from her breast......I am waiting for the results to see if the cancer is benign or its gonna be an anxious xmas for me....but I will give her lots of love and strokes and hope for the best.
 :: Teresauk :: 23/12/2008
Teresauk. I hope it is benign. It seems strange to me that so many pets are becoming afflicted with diseases that we associate with humans.

I saw this video and was moved not only by the music, but how this young woman moves her body so gracefully. Just the way she lifts her body off the floor around 0:14, it is soothing to me. I hope it will be the same for you:
 :: nubiasol :: 24/12/2008
Travarica - Kuzim! :-)
Hehe, this life is soo good...Hey I saw pic of Manus son and he is beautiful...
He is on his father, he have his ojos and labios...

Teresa, I'm soo sorry to hear that....poor little cat...Let just hope to best!
And about "hand of god" and Maradona, I agree with you, he is like god for others and his magic with ball...I also love waching football and this Euro was
great...! Especilly becouse my ex hate Spain and I love it, so I was glad to see him
loseing his nerver that night...

Nubi - I' say just WOW...Just that.
 :: :: 24/12/2008
Teresauk- hope your cat is OK?!

Nubiasol- I'll just say WOW like Marija....don't have anything to say, not only on 0:14 part, the whole video is amazing........
 :: travarica :: 24/12/2008
Nubia - Yes it is amazing how someone can dance like must take amazing dedication.

Nubia, Marija & travarica - thanks for your wishes for my little pussycat! She is getting over her operation at home....she has pain killers everyday and a nasty scar.....but is managing to purrrrrrrrrr every time she is stroke and eating like a horse!! So I guess it is a good sign!!

Happy Xmas everyone!
 :: Teresauk :: 24/12/2008
Merry Christmas from me to all of you and for yor little kitty Teresauk. Marija can you tell me where you saw a pic of Manu's son. Iwould love to see it. Happy New Year from Austin, Texas!!!!!
 :: :: 25/12/2008
Here it is:

Travarica posted this on manu's family few days ago...

Teresa, I'm glad to hear that things are going better...
I gonne now. I need to decorate my crismas tree and get some sleep...
I got up at 6 p.m. and I'm soo tired....

Happy New Year to all of you...!!!
 :: :: 25/12/2008
How is everyone xmas going...??? :-)))
 :: :: 27/12/2008
It came and went! It was nice waking up at 8:30 in the morning - no alarm clocks going off at 6:00 a.m.

As much as Karl Marx gets criticized for his communist ideas, he had a sympathetic view of human nature. In one passage, he states we should have the freedom to be fishermen one day and a poet the next. He disliked the regimen industrial society imposed on the human body because he thought it countered our humanity. So we bend and shape (and discipline) our bodies to meet the needs of capital and our souls be damned!

Of course, we don't have to . . . as Tom Morelo (Rage Against the Machine guitarist) once said: In this system we have choices: We can either chose to work or we can chose to starve.

Happy Monday to all!
 :: nubiasol :: 29/12/2008

“America touts itself as the land of the free, but the number one freedom that you and I have is the freedom to enter into a subservient role in the workplace. Once you exercise this freedom you've lost all control over what you do, what is produced, and how it is produced. And in the end, the product doesn't belong to you. The only way you can avoid bosses and jobs is if you don't care about making a living. Which leads to the second freedom: the freedom to starve. ”
— Tom Morello, Guitar World

 :: nubiasol :: 29/12/2008
he he...i dig this kind of post !!! ;)
 :: :: 29/12/2008
Tom Morello:

Just in case some Manu Chao fans are unaware of his music as a solo artist. (Overshare? Sorry - too much caffeine and free time - a dangerous combination!)
 :: nubiasol :: 29/12/2008
Hi Nubia - Thanks for that great quote. Feel free to's a welcome relief from the festive overdose that I am going through ; )

Yep xmas/new year holidays......a time to relax and reflect on what the fuck we are doing it all for??? I sure as hell don't know!
 :: Teresauk :: 29/12/2008
Ohh...What plesure...doing nothing...relax infront of tv and sleep.....

ps: Papilon (if you somehow get to net), I'm going today to zoo to see little lions...!!!

Happy non-working days to all...!!!
 :: :: 29/12/2008
hello everyone from Hungary... hope you all had a great xmas... I certainly did :-)

back to the UK tomorrow :-(
 :: david uk :: 29/12/2008
Hi David...! Nice to see that your back...! :-)

I just got back home and outside was -8 c...!!!!!!! I become freezer...!!
I can't feel my fingers.........I'm hardly writting this now...........It's soo cold...........
 :: :: 29/12/2008
Hi everyone - I want to share my good news!!! My kitty cat just got given the all clear by the vet.......she does not have malignant cancer!!!!! I am sooooooooo happy!!!!! She still has stitches from her operation and a collar on so she can't rip them out with her teeth. So she is one depressed cat at the moment.....but a very fussed and loved cat nevertheless!!
 :: Teresauk :: 29/12/2008
Hi Marija - You have my is about 1c or 2c here and I am freezing too!! This week on TV it says that we will have -8c also.....I hate the winter!!
 :: Teresauk :: 29/12/2008
Hi All!

I'm back and I missed you guys...

Teresa -- I'm so happy to hear your kitty is cancer-free!!! Feline kisses to her from Lulu and Misha; canine besitos
from Lexi the Papillon... xx xx xx

Well, after 31/2 days (spent indoors) on the arctic-like prairies, I'm actually quite pleased to be home again to 3c
and rain. It's all relative, isn't it? A few days ago, we had such a phenomenal dump of snow here in Vancouver that
trees broke. Big trees. Cars parked outside were under white powdery blankets nearly two feet thick; even if people
could dig their vehicles out, a lot of them still couldn't move as many of our roads were knee-deep in snow. The rain
is melting it now though, and I can't say that I mind. I don't ski or snowboard, so I find winter (and snow) vastly over-
rated. Give me Mexico any day...

Marija -- Enjoy the wee lions! They are soooh cute!

Nubie -- Caffeine and free time... Ahh, two of my favourite things! BTW, that was a beautiful video of the Russian
gymnastics. Heartbreaking, though, when the coach says "You're fat." The look on that poor little girl's face; she
was obviously devastated. Harsh, but I guess the strict weight control must be a necessity of the sport. Not like
modelling, where it's just so a girl's body comes across as an attractive clothes hanger in photos. Okay, I'm in a
good mood, so i won't even get started on eating disorders and all that tragic shit...

David -- I'm looking forward to hearing about Christmas in Hungary. :-)

What's everyone up to for NY's Eve?

I think we're going to round up some friends and head to our favourite neighborhood watering hole. It's got nice
staff, a gorgeous view of the bay, good drinks and appies at reasonable prices, and a great DJ. Best of all, it's 5
minutes' stumbling distance from home! ;^)
 :: :: 29/12/2008
Teresa......tomorow here is going to be -12 c.........I don't know what am I going to do...Today I went out prepared like I'm going in Russia, and tomorow I'll need twice more....! And I now that I'm going to be cold even if I look like polar bear...!

I'm soo happy for you and your kitty...!!!

Papilon,hehe, good to see you back...!
I think the fatal combinatin will be - somthing c, it's raining and the anoying wind.
Terriable. Horror.

Mexico...??? Anytime....!

And I really, don't have ideas for NY's eve.....
I can't bring all my frieds home, and I can't bring 5 becouse than I'll need to call another 5 and all around...
I'm not lover of partys and things like that....
And it leaves me with, to go out with friends in center...but this isn't good idea becouse as I mentioned earlyer, It is going to be -12 c...!!!
Soo I'm very confiused. Can somebody help me or I'm lost case...???

I think that is the other...
 :: :: 29/12/2008
Marija & Pap - I will be staying at home with the family but with music on tv for new years. I love to watch the fireworks around the world at midnight on the TV. And in uk we have a tv programme called "later with Jules Holland" with lots of live world music for news years...a couple of years ago Manu was a it is tradition for me to watch Jules Holland (he was in the punk band The Squeeze - Up the junction??) and to drink lots of wine and dance. It is toooooo cold to go out and most bars charge an entrance fee at New year.....which is crazy!

So Marija - stay in with family is my advice!!
 :: Teresauk :: 29/12/2008
Oh and......Pap - feline besitos back to misha, lulu & lexi!!! I saw on tv images of the freezing snow that has been in the US that breaks power lines etc. We don't get that kind on snow over sounds like you had something similar in Canada.....I would be so grumpy if I had to live in those conditions.......roll on the spring!!! x
 :: Teresauk :: 29/12/2008
Thanks Teresa....I'll be first at home with family, and than after NY I'll go to center becouse I found out that will be a good concerts and it's free also....
And I don't minde that my nose is going to be red, it's going to be great...!
 :: :: 30/12/2008
Wow.....I just settle dispute with old friend from school. We havent been speaking for one year....becouse of some idiot....I was blinde.....What fool I was.........Apologize to all, I'm still under impression.........In one hand, I'm very very happy, but on the other I'm feeling stupid becouse I let time to pass by and do nothing......
 :: :: 30/12/2008
Good for you, Marija! May all our petty misunderstandings see the light of day.

Nothing more to say!
 :: nubiasol :: 31/12/2008

 :: piggytat :: 31/12/2008
HAPPY NEW YEAR.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let all of your wishes,goals and dreams make true.
Be happy, healty and live for 100 years more.
Happy New Year everyone!
Virtual hugs to everyone!
 :: :: 31/12/2008
Stretna Nova Godina, Marija!

Happy New Year • Feliz Año Nuevo • Bonne Année

xo xo
 :: :: 02/01/2009
 :: :: 02/01/2009
Happy New Year everyone!!

Pap - Are you lot crazy? Its snowing and your swimming!!!!!! lol

I have just been to see the movie "Che: Part 1" .......Its a great film do go and see it.....I was a bit worried that it would be given the Hollywood (re-write history) treatment but was pleasantly suprised.....and my god how gorgeous is Benicio del Toro!!!!!!!! My affections for Gael Garcia Bernal, Jonny Deep and Javier Bardem now have a serious rival ;-)
 :: Teresauk :: 02/01/2009
Ha ha ha.
I wouldn't take off my cap on that weather and they are swimming.

Yesterday I was waching Bear Grill (do you know who is he? If you don't, he have his progran called Ultimate Survivor and he is going all over the planet to show people how to survive in dangerous places.), he was in Sibir and he jumpped in ice-cold watter!!! And he took down all his clothes exapt socks and pants..!!! And I forgot to say that he is out his minde...!!!
On -34 he is going swimming...What is going on with people thise days...
 :: :: 03/01/2009
Hi Teresa

Thanks for your comments on the Che film- I had heard a review on BBC Radio 4 which said a similar kind of thing to you- that the film avoiding Hollywoodisation. I think I'll go and see it.

d x
 :: david uk :: 03/01/2009
Travarica - Have you heard the new CD from Tonino Carotone - Ciao Mortali???......There is a new song with MC called "Pornofutbol". I am expecting a very creepy video to appear judging from the past MC & Tonino video!!

Marija - Do you mean Bear Grylls? yes I know of him.....he is very crazy!!

David - Welcome back!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 03/01/2009
Yes Tereasa, and sorry for that...
 :: :: 04/01/2009
Teresa -- I'm looking forward to the Che film and am also a Benicio fan. My sister-in-law and I both have a little
celeb crush on him that started with the movie Traffic. Yum!

Marija & Teresa -- Hey, they don't call it The Polar Bear Swim for nothing. On Jan 1/09, I was still sleeping off a
bit off excessive cheer, but I have done that swim a couple of times in the past, much to my mother's disbelief. It
does get rid of a hangover, that's for sure!

David -- Welcome back! How are the wedding plans going? Remember *I* was the first to ask to be your
bridesmaid.... ;^)
 :: :: 04/01/2009

I can't belive that you done that.

I really can't.

Isn't that watter ice-cold...?!? And also it's snowing! And you'r walking around like in summer!
I can immagin what was going through your minde: It's swiming time. It was about time! Yes mum, I know that is cold outside, and I'm not going to get sick or something like that, It's party over there and I need to relax myself in that lovely water...It's like big tub you know... (just kidding, no offence)

Oh Papilon...And how are you feeling after...? You know you could get sick very fast after Polar Bear Swim.
Today I went running for an hour, and I made mistake, it was -9 c, and yesterday I drank tequilas....I better don't tell you what happend next...
 :: :: 04/01/2009
Hello to everyone!
I wish you the best for this year! I wasn't on net so I'm a bit late!
Thank to all of you for your wishes!
So, did you have a good time on new years eve?

Teresauk- I'm happy for your cat! No, I didn't here new Tonino's album! You like him also? He's such a crazy guy! I can't wait to see his new videos also!

David- where were you in Hungary? In BUdapest?
I was in Budapest now, for three days, including new year! It's a beautiful city! But it's too too much cold! I had a great time there, but now I'm in bed with fever! So this year didn't come with health to me!
 :: travarica :: 05/01/2009
Hello and welcom back Travariceee...!
Hey, I was thinking about you yesterday while I was waching MC concert on exit.
It was about time to play him...And they could play Cardigans sometime...
 :: :: 05/01/2009
thanks for the welcome back Teresa

great news about the Manu special on Radio 3

and I have just booked front row seats for Jane Birkin at the Barbican

the year has started well :-)
 :: david uk :: 06/01/2009
Hi Maria? Where were you watching exit concert? Can I download it?
 :: travarica :: 06/01/2009
Hi David - Jane Birkin...she's the mother of Charlotte Gainsburgh isn't she? I think Charlotte is so cool.....She great in "The Science of Sleep" with Gael ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 06/01/2009
Travarice I have bad and good news...
Bad is that I wached it on tv, and good is that I'm waiting response from a friend that is working on tv, so I asked her if she could get me video from concert.
So is there any way if I get it, that I could send it to you somehow..?
 :: :: 06/01/2009
Hi gang,

Does anyone else hate insomnia as much as I do? Arrgh, nearly half past two on a week night... no me
gusta! I'm gonna need IV caffeine in the morning...

So, just checking in to see what's new. Anyone got some more film recommendations? Tonight I watched
the Coen Brothers' latest, Burn After Reading. Great if you like dark humour, which I do. Stellar cast too...
George Clooney, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand (the pregnant cop in Fargo), and Brad Pitt, who's
quite hilarious. If anyone's seen the film (or intends to see it), OMG, there's a scene where we discover the
"invention" in George Clooney's basement -- LMAO, and that's all I'll say! ;^)

Gonna try that sleep again now... G'night all... zzz...
 :: :: 07/01/2009
Hello to all english speaking fans!
Trave;I have the Exit,I will send it to you....but,I wanted to ask,can anyone
write me lyrics of El Contragolpe song? Nubiasol?
 :: canabinola :: 07/01/2009
Hi Canabinola,
This version:


Y ahora veras lo que es tener las alas rotas
Y ahora veras lo que es sufrir con la derrota
Lo que me hizo tu maldad no tiene nombre
Pero ha llegado sin piedad el contragolpe

¿Por qué me dices que ya estas arrepentida?
Que hiciste mal que soy el todo de tu vida
Pero ya es tarde para cargos de conciencia
Y en el pecado llevaras la penitencia

Tenía que cansarme alguna vez de tus mentira
Tenía que cansarme de rogar todos los días

Y ahora veras lo que es tener las alas rotas
Y ahora veras lo que es sufrir con la derrota

Por libertad, bueno

¿Por qué me dices que ya estas arrepentida?
Que hiciste mal, que soy el todo de tu vida
Pero ya es tarde para cargos de conciencia
Y en el pecado llevaras la penitencia

Tenía que cansarme alguna vez de tus mentira
Tenía que cansarme de rogar todos los días

Y ahora veras lo que es tener las alas rotas
Y ahora veras lo que es sufrir con la derrota
Lo que me hizo tu maldad no tiene nombre
Pero ha llegado sin piedad el contragolpe

Por libertad, bueno
Suena la guitarra

¿Por qué me dices que ya estas arrepentida?
Que hiciste mal, que soy el todo de tu vida
Pero ya es tarde para cargos de conciencia
Y en el pecado llevaras la penitencia

I modified the lyrics Borgetti had posted on a previous thread. Apparently, in another version, Manu sings:

Pero ya soy feliz, ya no te quiero más
No busques mi perdón vete de aquí

Did you want an English translation?

Papilloposa: 2 Days in Paris. Surprisingly funny.
 :: nubiasol :: 07/01/2009
Oh, and it's: Tenía que cansarme alguna vez de tu mentira, not TUS mentira
 :: nubiasol :: 07/01/2009
Yesterday I couldn't sleep, it was half past three and I needed to get up early...!
I figured it out that when I can't sleep, I just need to change place where I'm sleeping, so I go to living room and sleep on couch...
And It's working...! Maybe you should try that...

Canabinola can you send it to me please please please...?????

P.s. Which is your favourite movie..?
 :: :: 07/01/2009
Thank you Nubiasol! Yes;I wold like to have english will
do it better than my translating software.
Of course I will send it to you Marija,tomorrow morning you will get link.
 :: canabinola :: 07/01/2009
El contragolpe means torn wings? This software I have translated it like
counter blow...I can`t wait english translation...
 :: canabinola :: 07/01/2009
Marija - Oh yeah, I've done the couch thing a lot; unfortunately, it's too
soft and I think it helped mess up my back a couple of
months ago. Sometimes if I lay on it and read for a while and then go
back to bed when I'm sleepy, I can manage to get a few

My favourite movie? Well, it's hard to narrow it down to just one, but
these immediately come to mind:

• The Graduate (60s film, Dustin Hoffman's first role)
• Breakfast at Tiffany's (another classic, with the lovely Audrey Hepburn)
• The Party (with Peter Sellers... "Birdy Num-Nums!"... cracks me up
every time!)
• Young Frankenstein
• Everything is Illuminated (with Elijah Wood and Eugene Hutz from
Gogol Bordello... yes, he can act!)
• Down By Law (early Jim Jarmusch film with Roberto Benini and Tom
Waits... yes, he can act too!)

Nubie - Thanks, I'll check out 2 Days In Paris. I remember Julie Delphy
from Broken Flowers. (A Jim Jarmusch film. Are you a fan
as well?)

Ever since we picked up a PVR (a TIVO-like recording device), my
husband and I have been recording some excellent TV shows
and watching them at our leisure... commercial-free! :-)

We also download stuff from the web, or friends burn us discs of stuff
they've downloaded. The latest thing we've been enjoying a
great deal is a show called True Blood. If you like vampire stories, check
it out. (Warning: It IS pretty graphic, and a lot edgier than
Buffy or Angel.) It has the COOLEST OPENING CREDITS EVER. The
theme song has gnawed its way into my mind and won't go
away. Enjoy!
 :: :: 07/01/2009

Y ahora veras lo que es tener las alas rotas / And now you will know what it’s like to have broken wings (OR: And now you will see what it’s like to have broken wings)
Y ahora veras lo que es sufrir con la derrota / And now you will know what it’s like to suffer from defeat
Lo que me hizo tu maldad no tiene nombre / What your wickedness did to me has no name
Pero ha llegado sin piedad el contragolpe / But the backlash has arrived without mercy

¿Por qué me dices que ya estas arrepentida? / Why do you tell me that you are now repentant? (OR: Why do you tell me that you are now regretful?)
Que hiciste mal que soy el todo de tu vida / That you did wrong, that I am the love of your life
Pero ya es tarde para cargos de conciencia / But it is too late now for loads on one’s conscience (OR: But it’s too late now for weights on one’s conscience)
Y en el pecado llevaras la penitencia / And in the sin you will carry out your penance

Tenía que cansarme alguna vez de tu mentira / I was bound to tire of your lie some day (OR: I had to tire of your lie at some point)
Tenía que cansarme de rogar todos los días / I was bound to tire of begging every day (OR: I had to tire of imploring every day)

Y ahora veras lo que es tener las alas rotas / And now you will know what it’s like to have broken wings
Y ahora veras lo que es sufrir con la derrota / And now you will know what’s like to suffer from defeat

Por libertad, bueno (For freedom, good)

¿Por qué me dices que ya estas arrepentida? / Why do you tell me that you are now repentant?
Que hiciste mal, que soy el todo de tu vida / That you did wrong, that I am the love of your life
Pero ya es tarde para cargos de conciencia / But it is too late now for loads on one’s conscience
Y en el pecado llevaras la penitencia / And in the sin you will carry out your penance


Pero ya soy feliz, ya no te quiero más / But I am happy now, I don’t love you anymore
No busques mi perdón vete de aquí / Don’t look for my forgiveness, leave from here (OR: Don’t look for my forgiveness, get out of here)
 :: nubiasol :: 07/01/2009
I'm drawing a blank with "weights on one’s conscience." I keep thinking of "it weighs heavy on my conscience," but there's a phrase that refers to that moment when you become aware of what you did: BLANK of conscience. I can't think of it right now.

Also, the song title appears to be Alas Rotas, not El Contragolpe.

And I caught a mistake (10-point font just doesn't look as big as it used to):

Y ahora veras lo que es sufrir con la derrota / And now you will know what it is like to suffer from defeat
 :: nubiasol :: 07/01/2009
Papill: Broken Flowers - recommend? I still have to watch Cat People.

The documentary that just left me speechless is Bus 174 (it's about the a young man who hijacks Bus 174 in Brazil - it's a true story and you see parts of the hijacking because the media was present when it happened).

Amores Perros with Gael Garcia Bernal is another movie where I had to keep telling myself: It's a character. He's not real. It's a character. I must have identified too strongly with Gael's character.
 :: nubiasol :: 08/01/2009
Bus 174 trailer:

Amores Perros trailer:
 :: nubiasol :: 08/01/2009

Wow, both those trailers look pretty intense, but good. I find I have to be in the right head space to watch disturbing films. (I
keep putting off No Country For Old Men cuz I know it'll be very hard to watch, and that kind of thing can stay with me for a
while.) Neither of these are "Friday night with friends" kinds of flicks, I'm guessing!

As far as Broken Flowers... Meh... I found it compelling enough but didn't care for it as much as some of JJ's other films.

BTW, are you by any chance confusing Cat People (for which David Bowie did the theme song, as I recall) with The Hunger?
It's been a long time since I've seen either, but it seems to me that Cat People was a bit cheesy. I could be wrong, though --
it's happened once or twice in the past. ;^)
 :: :: 08/01/2009
PS Okay, there's disturbing, and then there's really f***ing disturbing. Some years ago, a bunch of us were over at a
friend's apartment -- for Friday night videos, actually -- and in his infinite wisdom, our friend had decided that all of us
would be sure to enjoy Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Suffice it to say, my drink and I were the first out to the balcony... I
don't think I lasted half an hour. Within 10 minutes of my bailing, everyone else filed out to join me. Of course I've never
seen a snuff film, but from what I saw of Henry, I'd venture to guess that it's a pretty accurate imitation of the real thing.
*SHUDDER* I think if I'd watched the whole thing, I would have puked and/or had nightmares for weeks.
 :: :: 08/01/2009
Thanks again Nubiasol,I really like this song...I read english
translation...great it is called Alas Rotas....may I ask you one
more favor,please,Circo Caliente lyrics? Greetings from Croatia.
 :: canabinola :: 08/01/2009
Wow a lot of activity on this forum....well done gang!

Thanks for all of the lyrics Nubia!!

As for fave movies: I am a massive fan of Amores Perros as well. I recently watched Maria Full of Grace which is about "Mules" smuggling drugs into NewYork from Latin America, and was a great but disturbing film. Yes Pap, No Country for Old Men is great but quite dark, but I do recommend it. As far as snuff movies go I watch a few years ago a spanish movies called "El Tesis" which is all about the snuff industry and I found that really disturbing as well.
 :: Teresauk :: 08/01/2009
Oh and I just remembered has anyone seen La Princesa, with Me Llaman Calle as the theme tune?.....I liked it so much I brought the dvd.
 :: Teresauk :: 08/01/2009
 :: canabinola :: 08/01/2009
Canabinola- welcome to english speaking fans! MC Hrvatska is slowly dying since he was in Pula! Waiting for your links for exit!

Marija- you don't have to make tv interventions for exit!

Teresauk- I watched La Princesas, and I didn't like it that much! It was too boring in some parts! I mean it has a good story, but something is missing,...

Papilloposa_ Young Frankenstein?? I adore the movie!
 :: travarica :: 08/01/2009
Canabinola - E hvala ti...! I'm not familiar with method so can you act like I'm 5 year old...?

Papilon - Yeah...I forgot that you have problems with back...I thint the wining combination will be: reading in the bed.
And also, I'm looking for dvd recorder becouse thise days they are playing manus concerts I don't know why....Last nighte my frend called me to say that I have concert on some chanel...You could gess...I DON'T HAVE THAT CHANELl!!!!!!!! What luck do I have I cant belive...

Nubia - Thanks on lyrics...! And everything else...!


Teresa - One of disturbing films, that I also love, is "Man on Fire" with Denzel Washington...
I love comedies, one of my favourite is "Fish called Wanda", and also Jim Carry movies...And the best series ever for me is "Only fools and horses"...I love it!

:-) Virtual hugs to all...!
 :: :: 08/01/2009
Canabinola ok I get it...
 :: :: 08/01/2009
Good Maria..I tried that link,everything works.
Travarice,unfortunatelly our forum is really dying,I am sorry for that,but
Manu is always with us,english or croatian forum,it isn`t matter.
 :: canabinola :: 08/01/2009
Canabinola thanks!

Circo caliente for you ( I hope that the lyrics are correct)

Que no va a pasar ahora
Que mas puede ya ocurir
En este circo caliente
Que nos toca compartir

Que no pasara manana
Que mas puede suceder
Renovar las illusiones
Para no desfallecer

La familia de payasos
Ya ha vuelto a aumentar
Con una funambulista
Hija de la tempesta

Ya esta el perro futbolista
Ya se olvido de ladrar
Por compartir caravana
Con un gato de astraca

Que no va a pasar ahora
Que mas puede ya ocurir
En este circo caliente
Que nos toca compartir

En este mundo ambulante
De todo puede ocurir
Han crecido los enanos
Y se ha pinchado el fakir

Que no va a pasar ahora
Que mas puede ya ocurir
En este circo caliente
Que nos toca compartir

Que no pasara manana
Que mas puede suceder
Renovar las illusiones
Para no desfallecer
 :: travarica :: 08/01/2009
Great Travarice! Whose is this song? Some ?? Peres,I didn`t
understand Manu when he says his name. And Sube carreteiro? It is
traditional latin-american song,but I don`t know from where.
 :: canabinola :: 08/01/2009
Mission completed! Exit downloaded! havala Canabinola!
Marija- did you download it?
Now I have something to do today, 'cause this is my fourth day in bed, with fever! Great start in new year!

Canabinola- it's Gato Perez song!
And Sube Carretero is song in galego, Galician language! So, it's galician tradidional!

I don't know if you need lyrics, but here they are:

Eu (io)chorar chorei o domingo a tarde,
eu (io)chorar chorei o domingo a tarde,
que veña lorenzo que veña lorenzo que diga a verdade,
que diga a verdade pero con cautela,
que diga a verdade pero con cautela,
tua nai e meiga tua nai e meiga teño medo dela,
teño medo dela e ela non me come,
teño medo dela e ela non me come,
tua nai e meiga, tua a nai e meiga teu pai un mal home,
eu chorar chorei o domingo a tarde
eu chorar chorei o domingo a tarde
que veña lorenzo que veña lorenzo que diga a verdade,
que diga a verdade pero con cautela, que diga a verdade pero con cautela
tua nai e meiga, tua a nai e meiga teño medo dela,

Sube carreteiro sube que o carro vai voando,
sube carreteiro sube que o mundo vai fogando,
o deixame subir o carro carreteiro o deixame subir o carro que me muero,
morena por ti¡¡¡

todo o mundo contra min morena por que te quiero,
todo o mundo contra min y eu (io) contra o mundo enteiro,
o deixame subir o carro carreteiro, o deixame subir o carro que me muero,
morena por ti¡¡¡

A lailailaila....
contra o mundo

Baixa milagreira sube, baixa sube baixa sube, sube milagreira sube, que o mundo vai fogando,
o deixame subir o carro carreteiro o deixame subir o carro que me muero
morena por ti¡¡¡
contra o mundo

Films! I recommend to all movie La fille sur le pont (girl on the bridge), with Vanessa Paradis and Daniel Autiel(my favourite actor)! That's one of my favourite movies! If you like french movies!
 :: travarica :: 08/01/2009
No,I don`t need that lyrics,but thanks anyway..and for informations too :)
Now when you mention movies,has anyone watched Perdita Durango
movie,with Javier Bardem and..her name I`ve forgot..little sick movie...but
 :: canabinola :: 08/01/2009
I ordered a poster last week for Manu's "Me Llaman Calle"- it came today and is great :-)
 :: david uk :: 08/01/2009
Travarice I need help, can you tell me step by step how to download it I don't know why it isn't working...
 :: :: 08/01/2009
Perdita Durango- I don't like that movie! It is sick, but it's boring too!

Marija- You open the link and in the bottom of the page you will se something like free download or something similar and just click on that!
 :: travarica :: 08/01/2009
Marija- Sorry! You have to click on download with file factory basic! It's also at the bottom of the page!
 :: travarica :: 08/01/2009
David - I really like Wozniak's art. Is this the poster you ordered:

Travarica - Get well soon! You poor thing, four days is a long time to be sick.

Teresa - That's exactly what my husband said about No Country - very disturbing, but he recommends it. I will watch it at some point. Fargo was
very disturbing too, but at least it had the dark humour to offset that. Lest you think I'm a total lightweight, one disturbing-but-great film I have seen
is Blood Diamond.


Apropos of nothing, I thought I'd share these with you guys. Both bands are from Vancouver, with DOA being pioneers of hardccore punk, at least
around here. The Poppy Family, who does the original, was a VERY different band altogether. Enjoy!
 :: :: 08/01/2009
David - Oops, my link for the poster didn't paste. I'll try again:
 :: :: 08/01/2009
Papilloposa - I like the poppy family! what are they? brother and sister or husband and wife?
I don't think that I'll get well soon, these are some mutant viruses!
 :: travarica :: 08/01/2009
Blood Diamond is absolutely wonderful film and should have definately won the oscar for best movie. I think the best of it was that.......ooops I must not spoil it for those that haven't seen it.
I strongly recomend Madagascar 2 Escape Africa. xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 08/01/2009

yes, that's the one :-)
 :: david uk :: 08/01/2009
Thanks for the movie reviews....I am going to rent "Blood Diamond", "Bus 174" and "Perdita Durango" as they all sound interesting....I will let you know my opinions soon!

David / Pap - I like Wozniak's style also. I don't have a Wozniak poster. But I have a really large poster that takes most of my bedroom wall of MC & RB with a strange person with a skull for a head and it is playing an accordion....I love the style of all MC's posters and CD covers.
 :: Teresauk :: 08/01/2009
canabinola - thanks for the Exit Festival.....its a shame it ended when the Sex Pistols were about to come on stage....I think it would have been funny!

Has anyone seen the film "Slum Dog Millionare"? It looks very interesting
 :: Teresauk :: 08/01/2009
Teresauk- I have the same poster on my wall!!! Haha! I took it on the street when MC was playing in Zagreb!

Marija - hope you downloaded exit?!
 :: travarica :: 08/01/2009
I didn't go on main stage, on exit, to listen sex pistols, 'cause it was too much crowded! But I went to a smaller stage- world music stage- and there I was listening a great band Orkestra del Sol! I think they're from Scotland! I'm not sure! I've heard them for the first time, and I really enjoyed!

That's the link for them! If anyone wants to listen...........

I have one more film to recommend, maybe the UK people watched it, Withnail & I! That's really a legendary film!

I'll try to watch Bus 174, sounds interesting!
 :: travarica :: 08/01/2009
Hi there! Finnally I find you my old Manu cro-crew :-)) my english is not so good but this forum is good way for practicing :-0 I see some issues about movies and I find myself spanish movie fun so I wanna recommend some movies that make me sad :-( All about my mother(Todo sobre mi madre),and laugh :-) Belle epoque,Crimen ferpecto and unfuckable Torente 3logy.For every taste my virtual compadres. Smokeing regards from Croatia!
 :: kariola :: 08/01/2009
Travarica - Mutant viruses are the worst! Maybe you need more garlic in your diet? ;^) Susan & Terry Jacks
(of the Poppy Family) were a married couple but they divorced a long time ago. I've met Terry's brother a few
times at parties -- he's a postal worker and a very nice guy. Small world, hey?

Kariola - Welcome! Kako si?
 :: :: 08/01/2009
Teresa --

To revisit a dialogue you and I had a while back about work... Yes, I'd be the first to admit that it's much easier to run a small biz with a partner. Having said
that, we've had rather a shitty past several months, financially speaking, so we can't afford to rest on our laurels these days. That's where all the self-
promotional action comes in, and yeah, I find that stuff incredibly difficult. No doubt I come across as a windbag on this forum, but the written word is one
thing, schmoozing face to face is quite another. I'm actually kind of shy around new people, at least until someone pours a couple of martinis into me. ;^)
Be that as it may, I've sucked up my insecurity and joined BNI, a business networking group which has weekly lunch meetings. I've been with them since
July/08 and have gotten some work as a result. It took a long time before I stopped dreading the meetings, but I've gained confidence and it has become
easier. Anyway, if you do decide to work independently, you might want to look into BNI. They're international and there may be a chapter close to you.
Here the links for the main website and the one for Europe, if you're interested:

Go get 'em, chica!
 :: :: 08/01/2009
Hi guys! :-D

Dobrodosla Kariola! Ni ja ne znem bas najbolje engleski pa da ti kazem da nisi jedina... :-)

Travarice I tryed, but It seems that my net is to slow so I'm gona get a faster one at the end of January...Oh I hope that viruses are going to go soon...Just drink tee and sleep...And spend your time watching MC concert...

Piggy I can't wait to wach Madagascar 2, but it's shame they sinhronize movie here...For movies-cartoon I love shrek, every part is great, but the first for me is the best...

Smokeing regards ha? :-))
 :: :: 09/01/2009
Princesas - I liked the movie, but it is as if you peering into someone's life. Although it's a Spanish movie, it ends like many French films do: They just end and you have to think about the significance of the final scene. They are not like American films, which tend to tie everything with a bow (happy endings). Blood Diamonds - I know I saw the one with Leo Dicappio (spelling?).

Papilloposa, thank you for saving two hours of my life. Yes, it's THE HUNGER I wanted to see. I've made note of the other films people have recommended. Terry Jacks - isn't he the one who wrote "Seasons in the Sun":

Travarica, get well soon.
 :: nubiasol :: 09/01/2009
Marija -- Kariola isn`t female,he`s guy(not gay;-)) tanx 4 welcome
Papilloposa -- am very sleepy this morning but I can handle it. must keep working. and manuing in my head :-)
Canabinola -- where R U?tanx for all manu discography that you supply me.very very selfless. uye! :-)
 :: kariola :: 09/01/2009
Yeah,Kariola! Welcome! I have to say about movie you reccomended Todo sobre mi madre,I was little sceptic,remember,you were asking me
for days to watch it...but after I watched ,it really disturbed me,I was
thinking about it days after..good movie with strange story.
Perdita Durango...I like it although it is kind of sick,but I like Javier
Bardem,this was absolutely wacky role for him,and after all it is really
bizarre love story.
Marija did you download Exit? Do you want me to put it on some other
file host? I put it on that filefactory because I was the fastest for upload.
 :: canabinola :: 09/01/2009
Kariola...sorry... :-))
Canabinola it's ok I download it, but it last for half hour. Is your same or something wrong is with mine...? Anyway thanks again...! :-D
 :: :: 09/01/2009
Yes,it lasts only 25 minutes,I know...I thought it will be much longer,but it
isn`t,I download it from video and mp3 topic on this forum
 :: canabinola :: 09/01/2009
Nubia - I think your point about Hollywood movies being all happy ever after and spanish movies not. Is the reason I prefer spanish movies....I like to see gritty reality I guess. But saying that a bit of escape-ism is need sometimes too.

Pap - Thanks for the words of wisdom about working for yourself. I have heard of BNI and I must admit it scares me as I think you have to stand up and give speeches etc about your business? I would die if I had to do that!!
 :: Teresauk :: 09/01/2009
Hola!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my mutant viruses are gone! I'm finally able to go out!
Pozdrav to all Croatian english speaking fans!!! We're easily all moving here!

Marija-I know it's too short! I was watching it yesterday, and when I was totaly into it, then the end! Just like that! Seems like 5 not 25 minutes to me!

Kariola-welcome! You choose good movies! Not only Todo sobre de mi madre, I like all Almodovar's films! But I can't believe you watched Crimen Ferpecto! That film really made me laugh! And of course legendary Torrente!! Hehe! I like spanish humour!

Papillo - I really like the Poppy family! I like a bit older sound! They inspired me to listen Jefferson Airplane, after a long long time! Now I'm in some kind of psychedelic mood!

Canabinola - You're the best! You really made me happy with Exit, maybe that was my cure! Speaking of Javier Bardem, I like him as an actor, but I didn't like Perdita Durango! But I watched that film years ago, maybe if I watch it again, I will change my mind!
 :: travarica :: 09/01/2009
Travarice I'm glad that you'r fine and healthy again.
And it's same story with me! It allways need somethig to end when it's best...
But it's better than nothing... :-)
 :: :: 09/01/2009
Ola 2 everybody.A long time I have tryed to find some similiar bands who play music like manu but without results.Can someone recomende some artists?I have some good bands who sing on vela puerca,ska p,la kinky beat,canteca de macao..they`re not like manu but not so bad."think globaly ,act locally" he said in one interview and that`s the core of his(ours)ideology.he`s untouchable.salute!
 :: kariola :: 10/01/2009

Try the wib page on this forum:
 :: nubiasol :: 10/01/2009
Lots of healthy material.thank you very much Nube.
 :: kariola :: 11/01/2009
I was listening La kinky beat yestrday,I am not very one
moment they sound like a bad copy of Radio Bemba and in another like
Mano is not bad influence for some band,but it is worst thing to
sound like copy of another band...what do you other think?
 :: canabinola :: 11/01/2009
Everything what recall me on Manu is good for me, even if it is plagiarism.That`s my opinion.Manuchao is way of life.;-)
 :: kariola :: 11/01/2009
I also don't like copys...They are earning on modificat idea of somebody else.
I'm not saying just for la kinky beat, for everything that is copy of something.
I think that is stupid to copy something, if you are so retarded that you can think
anything else, you better don't do it.
 :: :: 11/01/2009
hello folks

can anyone help me here lol

Corinne on the French bit of the board posted a link to download the Charlie Gillett programme with Manu- I did the download but my laptop won't play the file as it is an rar file- does anyone know what I can do to play it? It was such a beautiful programme....
 :: david uk :: 12/01/2009
Hi David!
Did you try right click and extract?
 :: piggytat :: 12/01/2009
hi piggytat

I downloaded winrar and it seems to have worked

this programme is beautiful :-)
 :: david uk :: 12/01/2009
Razor Maria ;-).can people have idols or some model of behevior even if you called them copycats?Obviously Manu inspirated many bands, why we must judge them?Or my comprehension is wrong :-0 I passed the main thing.nevermind.One and only is still mr.Chao everything else is irrelevant.
 :: kariola :: 12/01/2009
Interesting dialogue re: influence vs/ plagiarism (a pretty strong word, no?). IMHO, every artist is inspired or influenced by
something or someone, often another artist. I guess it comes down to making a distinction between inspiration, imitation, and
blatant ripping off. The first song that came to my mind after reading the above comments is MIA's Paper Planes, which
samples a riff from The Clash's Straight to Hell. I suppose MIA uses the riff quite creatively, but Paper Planes still gets on my
nerves. It makes me sad to think that most of the teen demographic that song is aimed at wouldn't even have a clue who Joe
Strummer was. Old and bitter? Who, me? ;^)

Teresa (and whoever) - I saw Slumdog Millionaire on the weekend and highly recommend it. Plenty of that "gritty realism" you
referred to a while back, but also some feel-good payoff. I won't say more; no spoilers! I also finally saw No Country For Old
Men, and yes, as I expected, hard to watch but well worth it. Gorgeous cinematography, stellar acting (that Javier Bardem
character is one scary-ass mofo!), and of course, you just can't go wrong with the Coen Brothers for directing. And, since I've
been on a bit of a roll in terms of expanding my film-appreciation horizons, we rented Shortbus the other night. I thought to
myself, "Self, if you can deal with with graphically violent content, you can deal with explicitly sexual content too." Well, not
only was it explicit, it was REAL. Having said that, I wouldn't call it porn either. I found it to be a very good film, with a funny,
moving and compelling story (basic premise: adventures of a sex therapist who's never had an O) and fine acting. Oh, and the
music was good. Well, gotta go. Deadlines to meet, (figurative) butts to kiss. BTW, Teresa, I'd bet good money you wouldn't die
-- if I can do it, so can you, believe me. :-)
 :: :: 12/01/2009
It is good to have influence,everybody has some..I just wanted to say,
that when I listen to some band I don`t like to notice that they reminds
me on some other band,especially if it isn`t so good...but,I like when so
me artist or band elaborate good songs..just listen to Mano Negra Illegal
album,or Manu`s Side story...I really like that :)
 :: canabinola :: 12/01/2009
I don't know why I think that this time is good for confessions, but I want to say that I DON'T LIKE GOGOL BORDELO!


PS: sorry Pap...
 :: piggytat :: 12/01/2009
LOL! That's okay, piggy! A lot of people don't. Psst... Don't tell ANYONE, because in some circles, this would get me shot, BUT... the
sound of Bob Dylan's voice makes me want to sledge-hammer the speakers it's coming from! ;-D
 :: :: 13/01/2009
Any more secrets? I'm very curious...

PS: sorry again Pap, i really have tried. and the singer is like a cartoon, or is it just my idea? xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 13/01/2009
Kariola I agree with Pap and Canabinola, we should know to make difrence between inspiration and imitating somewon are something...
Pap I watched trailer for Slumdog Millionare and it seems really interesting...
Also it had been yesterday all day on tv...
ps: Butts to kiss...??? :-)) Ah Pap you missted me...! :-))

Hugs! :)
 :: :: 13/01/2009
I listened to some bands who were not only reminding me on Manu Chao, they sounded really like a bad copies of his music! And I don't like it either!
One thing is to be inspired by someone, but when you at the same time have something yours in music, when you're not trying to sound exactly like someone else! Than you can't be interesting, 'cause the original would always be better!

And one question, does anyone have english translation of song Kira/ Cabra da peste!
 :: travarica :: 13/01/2009
Marija - To kiss someone's ass (or butt) is a North American idiom that basically means that one is trying too hard to please others.
This is something many of us deal with in our work, I think! ;^)
 :: :: 13/01/2009
Piggytat - Don't be sorry, everyone has their own taste. I can easily see Eugene Hutz as a cartoon too, but I actually like
that! I've also "tried" to like Bob Dylan (I appreciate the things he stands for and understand why he's an icon), but man,
every time I hear his voice (especially in the really old folk songs), I think "Who is strangling that poor goat, and why?"
 :: :: 13/01/2009
hormons! hormons! hormons! hormons! y ahora que? Why am I female?

I like that poor goat Papilloposa! Like the goats song, not crazy about the voice!
 :: travarica :: 13/01/2009
Il solo contra tutti ;-) hehe me and my mary and juana...and I goin take a nap now.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 :: kariola :: 13/01/2009
AAA! Pap you AREN'T NORMAL! :-D Poor goat...! :-D
Oh man... I needed 10 minutes to come to myself after this... :-) insane... :-)
Travarice I'm very sorry that your female... :-P :-)) you don't have luck...... :-)
Who don't like here??!! :-)

Oh what a nice laugh... :-))
 :: :: 14/01/2009
Marija - Maybe I'm not normal, but I'm harmless. ;-) Anyway, I think *normal* is highly over-rated!

Check out this parody of a Bob Dylan video. If you look at the words on the cardboard signs, you'll see
they're all palindromes. (A palindrome is something that's spelled the same backwards as forward.)
 :: :: 14/01/2009
Wird al yankovich rulez! Hehehe! Palindroms are perfect!
Papilloposa you make my day!

Marija - It's nice to be a female 24 days a month!

And I'm asking again if someone has lyrics for song Kira/ Cabra da peste?
 :: travarica :: 14/01/2009
Tracarica, i'm not trying to be rude (because first i don't want to be rude and second there's no need to try - i have a natural talent) but if you put kira or cabra da peste in the search above. you'll find what you need.
The truth is that i'm not putting a link, because there are a few answers and you can look for yourself and find exactly what you are looking for.
travarica is a woman and kariola is a man and david is gay! el mundo al reves! lol
 :: piggytat :: 14/01/2009
tracarica? no! traVarica! sorry!
 :: piggytat :: 14/01/2009
Hi Travarica (See? Some of US get it right the first time! - Hiya Piggy!)

Here you go:
Oreyeye posted these song lyrics. I am relying on translation tools for the Portuguese-to-English translation as well as words that look similar to Spanish words:

Vamos ruta Nordeste... Vamos la... / Let’s go (on the) Northeastern route... Let’s go to…

Yo no soy brasileiro / I am not Brazilian
Yo soy filho do Nordeste / I am the son of the Northeast
Yo soy cabra da peste / I am the goat plague
Yo gostei do Ceara / I like Ceara

Yo soy estrangeiro / I am a foreigner
Vagabundo e cachaceiro / A vagabond (or bum) and ?
Soy galego e atrevido / I am Galician and daring (insolent?)
Perdido no Ceara / Lost in Ceara

Ai vai minha menina / There goes my girl (OR Woe is my girl)
Ai vai minha mulher / There goes my woman (wife) (OR Woe is my wife)
Ai vai meu cavalo / There goes my horse (OR Woe is my horse)
Vem por um camino / (That) Comes through a road

Sube mi pueblo sube / Rise, my people, rise
O beijo da mulher / The kiss of a woman (OR The kiss of a wife)
O beijo da mulher / The kiss of a woman
O beijo da mulher / The kiss of a woman
O beijo da mulher / The kiss of a woman
é como o beijo do dragão / Is like the kiss of a dragon

Surprisingly, I like Bob Dylan quite a bit - from his first album where he asks for his grave to be kept clean to his last where he announces to the world that he is love sick.

Perhaps Greg Brown is more your style? Lyrically, he is very strong as well.

half the people you see these days are talking on cell phones
driving off the road & bumping into doors
people used to spend quite a bit of time alone
i guess nobody's lonely anymore
'cept you & me babe 'cept you & me

it's raining sheets of rain everything is cold and wet
nobody's going out of doors
they're all at home living it up on the internet
so i guess nobody's lonely any more
'cept you and me babe 'cept you and me

Complete lyrics to this song:
 :: nubiasol :: 15/01/2009
Travarice I was kidding if you let to.
Piggy&Nuby(everyone)-In most of cases when I'm searching for some lyrics, they give me little number of songs and these are the most popular...So do you know some good site with lyrics and theyr translation...?
You harmless?
Hehe...Maybe something happend to us becouse overdose of laugh... :-)
 :: :: 15/01/2009
Piggytat - yes I know how to find lyrics, but I'm too lazy.............. And I'm not Tracarica ('cause that has a meaning on Croatian)....... You have a great talent, share it with us.......

Nubiasol - Thank you for the lyrics, and translation! I'm relying on your relying............

Marija - neighbour of mine! I like kidding when I'm kidding! And when you're kidding!

I want to be weird like Al Yankovic!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: travarica :: 15/01/2009
Travarice hi! Neighbour of mine too!
Great for you...! Be weird... ! That's easy...!

ps: How are things with Tonnino...? :-)
 :: :: 15/01/2009
Hello everyone!
Aren't we all living in the same cyber-neighbourhood?
Travarica thank you for recognising my talent! It's the only one I got! By the way what does tracarica mean? I can't believe that you didn't expect me to ask about it. My curiosity is HUGE.
'How are things with Tonino?' Tonino who? THE Tonino?
Marija, I don't know any site with lyrics translations. But if you put the title or some of the lyrics of the song in the google search field, you can find ALMOST everything. Almost is not always good enough. Because when you have an 'almost', there comes Murphy and makes this 'almost' true. F@cking asshole! I didn't mean the google search of course, but the search field IN the forum.
Nubiasol, what can I say? You are so so nice. Thank you very very very much. You are always SO helpful! Sometimes you are bad though - and then you are even better! So, lyrics and translation are not enough. What do you think this song wants to say?

PS: Kariola is a bad word in Greek. Really bad! xoxoxo
one more PS: Pap! Pap! Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! Where are you? And yes normal is highly over-rated - and BORING!
 :: piggytat :: 15/01/2009
Ah, chuckling with your Paaaaaaaap! comment.

What song? 7 The goat plague? Well, I did a search on google: "The goat in brazilian folklore" and a google book link came up:

Apparently, the goat is very gullible in this fairy tale. He is easily fooled - so he steps into dangerous situations, goes hungry, and gets blamed for the misdeed of others.

I doubt if this has anything to do with the song because the speaker of the song is not from Brazil, but from Galacia. He likes and feels lost in the Brazilian region of Ceara. The women are either hot (alluring) or they incinerate the hearts of men through their kisses (or passion). But he also compares himself to a goat plague, so he either infects everyone he meets or he is everpresent - perhaps even a threat (a virus one cannot kill or control).

Could also be that he is a foreign man in a land of fiery women, but something about him - perhas his daring and vagabound ways - keep him from settling down. Eventually women tire - there goes his girl, there goes his wife/woman, and his horse.

But then, he's asking the people to rise - rise against what? Trespassers as himself? The European colonist who objectifies native women?

I haven't a clue!
 :: nubiasol :: 15/01/2009
Hey Piggy - you meant that song, right? Not the 7 agnos?

By the way, here I make fun of your spelling errors and I've made a whole bunch above! Ah, how quickly knocked off the lofty perch was I.
 :: nubiasol :: 16/01/2009
Here I am, Piggy! Piggy! Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigy! How's life?

Knocked off your lofty perch, were you, Nubiasol? Ouch! I keep a trampoline under mine for this very
reason. ;-) BTW, I quite like Greg Brown's voice, and his lyrics. The voice doesn't sound in any way like a
goat being strangled. Rather, it makes me think "Who is this melancholy soul? He needs a hug."

Travarica - Maybe your little *girl problem* is over by now, but I still thought you might appreciate this:

PMS = Psychotic Monthly Situation ;^)
 :: :: 16/01/2009
Yes Nub, I mean that song not the 7 aNos.
Why did the horse go? Is it female?
 :: piggytat :: 16/01/2009
Hi guys!
Something's wrong with me! I'm laughing all day! First Pap now Piggy!
You gus are craking me up...
And Piggy you beat me when you wrote xoxoxo!
On 15 january she is still writting xoxoxo! :-D You crazy chica!

ps: Piggy It's about Tonino Carotone...Travarica and know... :-D

 :: :: 16/01/2009
Oh yes, I remember now! Love is in the air... Oh! Love is in the air!
Marija, I - unlike you - have Christmas spirit and I intend to keep it for the whole year, just like my Chrismas decoration - last year I kept it until May. xoxoxo
Nubiasol, I decided not to worry about the mistakes I make. Some time ago I was careful not to make mistakes - that doesn't mean I didn't make - but now I don't care. I will write in manuchaoenglish language.
Pap, life is hard, but for others is harder... and how stupid am I that decided to mess up with Murphy yesterday...?
What does one have in mind when writing a song with the title goat plague???
By the way, am I blind or there is no english in the shop page?

Buenas nights!
 :: piggytat :: 16/01/2009
There's English there. Look again.
 :: nubiasol :: 17/01/2009
Piggytat -- what is the meaning of kariola on greek?dont be shy, tell :-) anyway kariola is dalmatian word for..............some kind of trolley. :-00
 :: kariola :: 17/01/2009
Kariola - Okay, my mom is Dalmatian. so I should be able to figure this out, but right now I'm too sleepy and wasted to guess, so please tell me what
"kariola" means, in English or any other language. SO sleepy. Must go now...

L... zzzzz.....
 :: :: 17/01/2009
Piggytat - Murphy is an asshole; don't worry about him!

 :: :: 17/01/2009
Nub, I can't see it. Where is it?
 :: piggytat :: 17/01/2009
Piggy I love to have Cristmas spirit for long time, but you'r so funny...

:-D xexexe
 :: :: 17/01/2009
I can't see it too.
 :: :: 17/01/2009
Have anybody iformation or least rumor where and when MAnu have intetion to play?I hope that will be europe..:-!
 :: kariola :: 18/01/2009
Am I looking at the same thing? Or am I misunderstanding you guys? I see T-Shirt. Book. My Account. Basket in English, French, and Spanish.The descriptions of the items are in French, but I can understand the jist (gist?) of the menus.

And the order form has Bosnia, Canada, Croatia, Greece, United Kingdom, United States as an option under pays.

As far as tour rumours - I haven't heard any. Did you try his myspace page? Sometimes they (the mysterious they) post tour information there before they post it here.
 :: nubiasol :: 18/01/2009

Papilloposa - yes my (how you call it) Psychotic Monthly Situation is gone............. hip hip huraaaaaaaaa
Now I can be weird in my everyday style...

Pyggitat - I'm very glad that you appreciate your talent, and that you'te working on it!
I downloaded new Tonino's album! And I realised, that I don't like hi m because of his music (with some exceptions), I like him because he's weird, and I'm weird, and it would be too weird that weird me is not weirdly attracted to weird him..........or is it too weird??!!
Tracarica or tracerica means a woman who likes to gossip, i t's not me! I'm travarica, and that's brandy with herbs, and that's what I like to do! I like to drink it...I'm drinking my own name in my own name.......
 :: travarica :: 18/01/2009
I liked your message, travarica. Weird as that may be! Put a smile on my face.
 :: nubiasol :: 18/01/2009
I like Travarica. (The drink, I mean. But of course I like the person too.) Travarica (the drink) is very good for tummy aches.
 :: :: 19/01/2009
Nubiasol, I don't know what you are talking about. Where are you seeing these things?
 :: piggytat :: 19/01/2009
Travarice have you drink too much travarice and the consequence is that you'r weird...??? You weirded (Hmm...?) your message the best that you could... :-) I like you both... :-)

Piggy, for every item you have it on French, Spanish and English.
 :: :: 19/01/2009
When you click my account, there is a menu toward the end of the page that allows you to enter the country of your choice. The box is called pays.

Marija sees it - so I think that's a good sign.
 :: nubiasol :: 19/01/2009
Hehe Nuby If I can see it, than somethin's wrong with Piggy... ;-)
 :: :: 19/01/2009
Not possible! My eyes are new!
 :: piggytat :: 19/01/2009
Thank you Marija I like us both too, me and drink of course! And you!

Papilloposa - I know that's good for tummy aches, that's why I started to drink it........but that was just a start
I don't want to say that I'm an alcoholic and I won't say that I'm not! I'm still thinking.......

Papi you're guilty for all this weirdness because it started with Weird Al Yankovic! I'm still singing amish paradise........

So, you people are buying something? T-shirt? Book? Manu himself?
 :: travarica :: 19/01/2009
Travarice I would buy Manu If I could... :-)
 :: :: 19/01/2009
Marija - depends on what's the price?! Or not?! If you decide to buy him, buy one for me too! I'll give you the money!

About goat plague! Cabra da peste! I found in a dictionary the word cabra is a word for a guy and peste can mean nuisance!
 :: travarica :: 19/01/2009
Oh that makes sense. So, let's see. This vagabond nuisance of a guy is in a strange land bemoaning the cruelty of women? Or mourning their loss?

Or is he a pest because he can't stop singing about it? I have to say, I still don't understand the meaning of the song.

Amish Paradise? It's All About the Pentium!

If you have ever listened to Eminem's "Cleaning Out My Closet":

Then you should listen to:
 :: nubiasol :: 20/01/2009
I totally dig this version of Manu's song. I don't know why, but I just do:
 :: nubiasol :: 20/01/2009
Piggy than seller fooled you. You bought chines product.... (no offence :-))
Travarice I didn't saw him on the shop page, but If I found him I'll buy 4 or 5 him, just to be shure that I'll have him till the end of my life... I'll buy one or how much do you want for you...Deal...?
Haha Nubi, It's all conected, you see, If my plan go well, than I'll ask Manu to explain us the meaning of the song...

I gonna take nap.......Somethin's wrong with my head..........

 :: :: 20/01/2009

Zzzzz is right! Keep dreaming!

Well, Obama is now our new President. President Bush seemed moved by his inauguration sppech - even though Obama said things that were in contrast to Bush's policies. A begrudged respect, perhaps?

So the nation is on the right path (I hope).
 :: nubiasol :: 20/01/2009
Hi Nubi...!!!

What ploblem I have with sleeping I can't understand...! Last night I feel in sleep around 3 o clock! I want to sleep but I can't! I think I'm going to try with drugs in the end! I want that Zzzzz but I have it just a little... :-(

And it was about time that Bush is gonne now. I really don't like that guy, I don't want to be rude or something like that, but I'm against him and I'd better don't tell my oppinion about him. This is like 1/10 of my oppinion...So the other 9/10 are really really bad.
Piggy I have also talent to be rude, so is it good or bad I don't know...?

Sleepy hugs to everyone...
 :: :: 21/01/2009
 :: :: 21/01/2009
Israel must be judged at the International Criminal Court - Universal petition

Approximately 300 among NGOs and associations ask the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to open an investigation on the war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza. Our support is indispensable. Sign and circulate this urgent «universal petition».

To the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Law is the distinguishing mark of human civilisation. All progress made by humanity coincides with the consolidation of rights. The challenge that Israel’s aggression against Gaza poses to us consists in affirming, when confronted with such great suffering, that the response to violence is justice.

War crimes? Only courts are able to bring about a sentence, but all of us can bear witness, because a human being only exists in his relationship with others. The circumstances show the breadth of their dimension in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1949, «All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.»

The protection of populations, and not only of States, is the reason why the International Criminal Court exists. A population without a State is the most threatened of all, and before History, they are placed under the protection of international bodies. The most vulnerable populations must be the most protected. Killing Palestinian civilians, the Israeli armoured tanks have caused humanity as a whole to bleed. We have been insisting that the power of the Prosecutor be put at the service of all the victims, and this task must allow that the entire world receives a message of hope, that of the construction of international rights based on human rights. And together, one day, we can pay homage to the Palestinian people for the contribution that they have given to the defence of human freedom.
 :: :: 21/01/2009
Thanks, lolalola.

I usually check the Israel/Palestinian post, but most of the dialogue is in French. I get emails from English sources, but I had not come across this one.
 :: nubiasol :: 21/01/2009
I sign
 :: canabinola :: 21/01/2009
I signed the petition too. BTW, the page takes a while to load, so if anyone else wants to sign, be patient.

And now, being the freak most of you know and graciously tolerate, I'm going to share a little anecdote:

Of course Gaza has a long and bloody history, and one time, back in university, I was having coffee with a dear friend -- a gay, Jewish,
sweetheart of a guy who had a slightly effeminate but endearing way of expressing himself. So there he sits, reading a newspaper article
about the latest atrocity the Israelis had committed against the Palestinians. After a minute, he stops, looks at me, shaking his head and
rolling his eyes dramatically. "Honestly! If they keep this up," he says, "I'm going to have my foreskin sewn back on." I laughed so hard I
nearly spit out my coffee!
 :: :: 21/01/2009
That's too funny!
 :: nubiasol :: 22/01/2009
I'm also signed!
Marija-one Manu will be enough for me! But if there are radio bemba members on sale too, then one madjid and one david for me! Ok??
 :: travarica :: 23/01/2009
I signed to...!
Travarice it's okey, but if you buy them others will be sad... So you should just to not break their hearts, take hole radio bemba... :-)
 :: :: 23/01/2009
Hi everybody,

If there are any american among you, a concert recorded in Austin last september will be broadcasted on US tv tomorrow:
Any chance anyone of you could record it and share it with rest of us? That would be greatly appreciated!!
 :: :: 23/01/2009
hi again!

it's me -- i posted a reply in french about acl -- i'm going to try- but it looks
like the earliest i get to see it is next wednesday - sadly enough, they've
apparently made some special schedule changes on my local pbs
station for this no acl for me this weekend.

perhaps there is someone else who will get the chance to see it on
 :: carlsbad :: 23/01/2009
Hi everyone!

I hope someone can record the concert in Austin....Nubia?

Does anyone understand how to buy things from the shop? When you get to the checkout it asks for your postal zone....but it does not list countries but only Zone 1, Zone 2 etc and also DOM....what is DOM? I am very confused....I need a new t-shirt for keeping up my New Years resolution of exercising more....and thought the green El Golfo one would be perfect!
 :: Teresauk :: 24/01/2009
I posted this on the other thread as well:

Unfortunately, it's a special PBS channel not the public one. So even those of us in the U.S. will not be able to watch it if all we have is basic cable.
BUT maybe you can watch a portion here:

As far as Zone 1 is concerned, look at this link:

Zone 2 countries:

Now are these zones univerally recognized? I don't know.
 :: nubiasol :: 24/01/2009
A more comprehensive list of Zone 1 (the previous link was telephone related)
 :: nubiasol :: 24/01/2009
Pssst. Did you guys notice that lolalola is trilingual? THREE languages this woman speaks!

Papillo, you better work on your second ; )
 :: nubiasol :: 24/01/2009
Thanks for the zone info nubia : )
 :: Teresauk :: 24/01/2009
I just thought that I would share these great images from around the world of Obama's Inauguration : )
 :: Teresauk :: 24/01/2009
Croatia is in Zone 2! I don't understand the zones!
Buy them all Marija, we will share them!
 :: travarica :: 25/01/2009
You don't have to understand them.
Accept them as they are! ;)
 :: piggytat :: 25/01/2009
Hi guys...! Nice to see everyone back here...!
Haha Travarice I agree! :-)
 :: :: 25/01/2009
If I accept them I must accept the price, and I don't want to!

Weird Al Yankovic rules:
 :: travarica :: 25/01/2009
It would be an unusual reason for revolution.
And you can always make your own T-shirt.
I don't understand anything there anyway...
Zones is a post-graduate level for me.
 :: piggytat :: 25/01/2009
I agree I wanted to buy a T-shirt but the postage costs more than the shirt!! Thats crazy!
 :: Teresauk :: 25/01/2009
Yes It's easyer to make you'r own T-shirt and It would cost you less...!
Piggy you aren't onlyone that don't understand it... :-) And that's way high level also for me... :-)
 :: :: 26/01/2009
NOW I SAY XOXOXO...!!! :-)))

I selebrate to much that could be bad luck.....Ok I need to calm down now........
 :: :: 26/01/2009
Marija - You are going to Argentina???
 :: Teresauk :: 26/01/2009
Can you stop in Vancouver and pick me up???
 :: :: 26/01/2009
Nubi - I do speak two languages fluently (mas o menos): English and Croatian. I'm working on the third
now, el español. I've enrolled in a Beginners *2* (2, mind you!) course at my local community centre.

I also "learned" French in junior high, where it pretty much went in one ear and out the other. Gosh, I'm
just now thinking of one pauvre petite French teacher who found our class so unbearably irritating, she
quit and probably went back to France. Can't say I blame her!
 :: :: 27/01/2009
You know, if you combine all of us together on one trip, we'd get around pretty well!

Hmmm. Am I the only one who speaks TWO languages? In the U.S. that's pretty good, but outside of these borders it doesn't mean diddley.

Jr. high and high school probably isn't the best time to learn. a new language. Kids in elementary schools are so curious - they have fun learning new sounds and not to mention that they are minds are like sponges.

Suddenly I feel like a Brillo pad!
 :: nubiasol :: 27/01/2009
All of us together on one trip? I'm in! Where should we meet? ;-)
 :: :: 27/01/2009
Pap, don't worry this thing with the french and the ears happened to most of the people I know - I am one of them too. I guess it's a difficult language.
I like the trip idea.
Nub, you can go anywhere with these two languages that you know.
Almost everyone speaks english. And those that don't, there is a big possibility that they spanish speaking. So, no problem!
Marija, if you can pick me up too...
 :: piggytat :: 27/01/2009
I speak 1 and 3/4 languages.....english and spanish.....I am hoping to get the missing 1/4 as soon as possible!!
 :: Teresauk :: 27/01/2009
I can belive. I don't have passport. I'm going to kill myself. I don't have passport and I can't see Manu. Great. I know that something's wrong is going to happend!

Some friends of mine are going on business on tour Brazil and Argentina, and at that time Manu is playing in Cordoba!
Aaa what shit....
I was singing all day ruta Argentina and always something go wrong! I hate that! Every my story don't have happy end... ;-(

And what language do I speak.....Hmmm Italian like Pap Franch, from one ear to another and out....English as you can see all, Serbian, and I'm gonna start espanol in closer future....

I'm feeling like I have alas rotas now..... ;-(
 :: :: 27/01/2009
Don't give up! Contact whatever government department deals with passports; maybe they can do one in a
hurry, but you might have to pay more. It's worth checking anyway. Good luck!!
 :: :: 27/01/2009
Thank you Pap, I'm gonna try tomorow...
 :: :: 27/01/2009
Go on Marija! Pay and get your passport as soon as possible,don`t
miss Manu in Argentina : ) but...27th of what? February? I hope you will
make it..
 :: canabinola :: 27/01/2009
Ive only seen him in Tijuana

that was the best show IVE seen of him

I know it get way better in other places... but when I saw him in LA

it wasnt that great... still fun tough
 :: TJesse :: 27/01/2009
Marija, I'm gonna be so so sad if you can't make it. So sad...
Can I go with your friends? This would make me a little less sad!
 :: piggytat :: 27/01/2009
nubiasol o teresa -

¿Ayudarme, por favor?

So I'm taking a Beginners 2 Spanish course at the community centre near my home. I'm looking over a handout the teacher had given
us last week, and under Actividades it says: Presentación de un tercero a partir de datos.

The translations I've found online (e.g. "Presentation of a third from data") make no sense. Any guesses as to what she's talking

PS The Beginners 1 course I took a couple of years ago was taught by Rosa, a really sweet older lady from El Salvador. The one I've
got now is a 40-something from Argentina, and she doesn't have that warm-fuzzy thing going on so much. :-( Oh well, we've only had
one class; maybe she'll lighten up a bit. I'm only taking the course for fun, so I do hope it turns out to be that.
 :: :: 27/01/2009
Pap - Its hard without knowing the context of the sentance.....but yes it literally means "Presentation from a third party data" or "a third part of the data" Can you give any more info about the context of the phrase?

Spanish doesn't have as many words in it vocab as English so its even more important to know the context of the phrase....unless nubia has a better idea....she does seem to be super ineligente ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 28/01/2009
Marija - are you with us or with Manu? I forgot to give you my address to pick me up! You can't go without me, we're neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to make my own T-shirt! I know how to write El Golfo! And it's going to be blue, they don't even offer that color!

And, it took some time until I opened this page! It's too long again??
 :: travarica :: 28/01/2009
Teresa -

It was like this:

Tiempo presente de los verbos terminados en ar, er, ir, afirmativo,
negativo, interrogativo

Actividades (based on intros, what-do-you-do, what's-your-favourite-
music... that kind of thing):
Presentación en el grupo.
Presentación de un tercero a partir de datos.
 :: :: 28/01/2009
Hi Papilloposa,

My guess - and that is because when I speak Spanish, it's not THAT formal.

You will do group presentations, perhaps based on what you do.

Then it seems you will present data from other sources (third party - not yours or your classmates). It sounds like a report that you present to a class after you've researched a topic.
 :: nubiasol :: 28/01/2009
However, if it's a beginner class, they you may be doing the following:

You: Hola, Manuel. A mi me gusta bailar.
Manuel: Hola, Clara. A mi me gusta cantar.

(Third-party, perhaps?)
You: Pedro Infante tambien le gustaba cantar. Fue un hombre muy guapo. Los Tiempos de Los Angeles dijo que él era el ídolo mas importante de los mexicanos.
Y luego esto, y luego el otro.
 :: nubiasol :: 28/01/2009
Thanks for your help, chicas. Actually, nubiasol, I think that last thing
makes most sense, as the teacher had us
gather in groups of 2 or 3, ask each other questions and then do little
individual presentations to the class
ABOUT a given person in our group.

E.g. Eso es mi amigo nuevo Miguel. Miguel es un electricista que le
gusta tocar la guitarra y comer insectos, pero sólo los insectos muy
pequeños, no es Renfield...

So maybe she (the teacher) meant the third person voice. M'kay, that
 :: :: 28/01/2009
Am I missing it normal in Canada to eat small insects?
 :: Teresauk :: 28/01/2009
I guess not! If it was, it wouldn't be worth mentioning.
 :: piggytat :: 28/01/2009
Yes piggy I guess that is true....but I have a hangover and am easily confused in this delicate state : /
 :: Teresauk :: 28/01/2009
Hi guys....

I looked on net for informations about passport, and it seems that it isn't some normal passpost now, the new one is with something with your EYE! It's like they look in your eye and see who you are. Why are they always complicate everything...? I think that is good idea but not now when is emergensy for me...!

Canabinola concert is 27 February in Cordoba, and the trip is starting from next week and till the 28th February...!


Ok I'm gonna try everything I can, and I allready see myself how am makeing problems there and how security is throwing me out!
 :: :: 28/01/2009
Marija - Over here you can go to government department where they deal with passports with all the correct forms and photos you can get one same day if you are prepared to sit around for hours. Is there something similar in you country?
 :: Teresauk :: 28/01/2009
Marija -

Honey, whatever you do, pleeeeease don't lose your temper or even try to be funny. People who work in the customs and immigration parts of
government very RARELY have senses of humour! Be strong, sistah!!

 :: :: 29/01/2009
Teresa, how's life in Graphic Designlandia UK? I've been checking out Craig's List lately in the hope of landing some new business, but man,
it's demoralizing. My man and I have a theory that at least some of those ads are fake (i.e. people just doing market research). Anyway, more
and more it seems to the way to go is to collaborate with other people with talents that complement (but don't duplicate) one's own. Know
what I mean? How do you feel about emigration, anyway?

Hugs & Oops-did-I-say-those-things-out loud,


A defeated, deflated, and yet stupidly optimistic Papillon
 :: :: 29/01/2009
Ah, that Craig's list. When I was looking for a job last year, I sent resumes to so many agencies that never responded. I always wondered what happened given that I was overqualified for most of those jobs. Market research. Hadn't thought of that.

So is the economy biting you as well? I can't imagine what people felt during the depression. This is scary enough. Even if Manu played a mile from here, I wouldn't be able to justify the expense. Sitting in the parking lot listening to his concert for free? Now THAT I would do.
 :: nubiasol :: 29/01/2009
it sucks man... I havent had a job in so long... and cant find anything at all.. I dont know how Im paying for school...

I had an interview for Tmobile and most of the people waiting for an interview where either ex Loan officers or realtors
 :: TJesse :: 29/01/2009
Nubie - The Canadian media tries to put a positive spin on the situation here, and I suppose it's not QUITE as dire as it is for you guys
and some other countries, but let's face it: the effects of a crippled US economy are felt far beyond US borders. If you guys aren't
buying, where do we send our exports? And so it goes, a chain reaction. And everyone is affected, so I'm going to keep my stubborn
little chin up and try very hard not to be a whiny, annoying beeatch. ;^)

To better days ahead, good peeps!


PS Nubie, you will NOT miss a Manu concert in your area. Not on my watch. I'll violate that line of credit just a teensy bit more and send
you a cheque if need be! :-D
 :: :: 29/01/2009
I believe that thing about market research too.
They are just assholes that can't move their ass to do their work and fuck with people's hopes.
Nubiasol, I'm sorry to hear that it's not a very good time for expenses. I wanted to suggest you to go to the world figure skating championship. It's in LA, 22-29 March. I would die to gooooooooo!!! I wouldn't miss it if it was in my country...
 :: piggytat :: 29/01/2009
Oh, I forgot!
Pap, you have a great talent in introducing people:
Here is my friend Miguel. Miguel likes to play the guitar and eat insects.
These details make the difference.
And I always hated hated hated this kind of group exercices.
And I hate being put in any kind of group that I don't want to get into.
And I don't want to get in any king of group, because I hate all kind of groups and I hate getting into groups.
I think my point is clear and I can stop now.
 :: piggytat :: 29/01/2009
It's over.... ;-(
I've can't make it....I've been to the government and they sad there is no way that I get it for less then a week, they've sad it's souch mess with passports becouse everyone are going on skiing in other countrys.... ;-(
I've should tryed to ofer them cigarets, Pap you sad that it works....Merde... Y ahora que....
To better days...I agree.... :-(
 :: :: 29/01/2009
The economic problems are hitting hard over here too. It makes you wonder how bad is it gonna get! Our high streets look completely different over here with well known retailers all going under. There are 1000's of job losses every day. And me personally, I am not earning enough to cover my basic expenses and live off my credit card an a bank overdraft. Its all very depressing and makes me feel more than a little trapped by the system. I really feel like dropping out of society completely and joining some chilled out hippy community somewhere : (

Pap - Designlandia is going very slow. I agree with what you say about working together with others. It looks like I maybe getting a few jobs from a fellow company who are also trying to set up on their own. Me doing the web design and they are doing the technical stuff and the Repping side of it. ALso I have another designer friend trying to start up on her own, but she knows nothing about web design so the idea is that I do any web stuff that she gets. But there is nothing concrete as yet......I am thinking of really getting to grips with Dreamweaver so I can offer more myself. Do you get involved with Dreamweaver and Flash etc?
 :: Teresauk :: 29/01/2009
Marija - Oh that is so annoying!!!! But as I understand were going with friends who were leaving for Argentina earlier than the concert. Which is why you needed the passport so quickly. But will it cost that much more to go to Argentina alone than it would with you friends? Then you could order your passport today still with enough time to get to the concert!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 29/01/2009
I would certainly try - so you fly alone. You can alway join your friends in Argentina.

So some of us are feeling this pinch, too, huh? TJesse, you're based in Los Angeles, right? The job market must be tight over there.

I like Papillo's attitude: Chin up.

I read an article about survival - how some people survive tragedy and others don't. Apparently there are some people who die that didn't really need to - but their attitude got in the way of seeing opportunities to exit dangerous situations.

(The article states that some people never have a chance to survive, but the authors refer to those who DID have a chance to survive, but did not.)

A lot of it is attitude. If you think you are a lucky person, then you will be looking for opportunities to better your situation. If you think you're unlucky, you will only look inward at your own failures or moan about how things didn't work well. In doing that, you miss ways that you could get ahead a bit.

So in that spirit, I've looked at the tax laws in this country to figure out how to combine my jobs so that I could deduct expenses to lower my tax obligations next year. Believe it or not, I felt so much better taking this proactive stance.

They have this test - look at this URL and tell me what you see:

I suppose this is what hope feels like, yes?
 :: nubiasol :: 29/01/2009
This one reminds me the time at school when we knew we shouldn't be laughing and that was the reason that we couldn't stop:
 :: piggytat :: 29/01/2009
Well done, clever Nubie! You made me use my brain before I've even consumed half a cup of
coffee. The cup is now half FULL, by the way!

Teresa - I "learned" Dreamweaver and Flash some years ago, but I haven't used them in
forever. My husband knows them well enough to build functional websites. For anything more
complex (e.g. a stats tracking function), we bring in the propeller-heads. But when it comes to
print media, el jefe has done everything from business cards to billboards.

Marija - Aw, crap. I'm so sorry. But viva esperanza -- I'm sure he'll play Europe again soon! :-)

In closing, I'll say to all of you what my man said to me when I was all gloomy yesterday:

We're gonna get through this.

 :: :: 29/01/2009
 :: piggytat :: 29/01/2009
I think your positivity is catching.....I feel better already!! : )
 :: Teresauk :: 29/01/2009
Hi guys, I'd like to recomand everyone movie Secret, it maybe change you to think positive in thise days. It works on me, I'm always going to have esperanza and If Manu don't came here or everywhere near....he'll see......
And maybe is better for me to wait for him I don't have that much money and he'll get here soon....!

I feel better now, and we can make it....! :-)
 :: :: 29/01/2009
I am glad to see that in Paris they are protesting tonight about the bailing out of the banks! I hope this extends to more is unacceptable that the ones that got us into this mess are the ones that are bailed out by governments!!!! Power to the people!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 29/01/2009
I know! It reminds me of George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Oh by the way, the opportunityisnowhere link wasn't for you to actually click on the link - it was to see if you noticed this:

Opportunity is nowhere


Opportunity is now here

Clever, I thought.

Hey, Pap. Have you ever heard the song "Breathe"? It goes "Another day. Just believe. Another day. Just breathe. I'm used to it by now."

Piggytat: I laughed so hard at that video. It is one of those moments when you KNOW you shouldn't laugh, but that makes it funnier.

Yeah, see, Teresauk. Those Parisians don't take bull$&%@ from their government. The banks over here created the mess they are in AND they created the conditions that allowed people to buy homes they couldn't afford. If they hadn't done that, the housing market (prices/values) would have been stable. But people were buying homes like it was stock. Buy low, fix it up a bit, and sell high. A lot of people who contributed to the mania were home flippers. They had no intention of living in the homes they bought.

Meanwhile, people who really wanted a home because the rents are so ridiculously high, panicked and bought high thinking they were never going to be able to afford a home if they didn't act NOW. Unfortunately, this happened in the 1980s and people forgot. This little bubble was bound to burst. I knew something was going to happen. I just didn't think it would create a domino effect.

Marija, the movie Secret. Who is the main actor? I can't seem to find a database that let's me isolate the movie title to one word. So I get Secret this and Secret that and the list is loooooong.
 :: nubiasol :: 30/01/2009
Nubie - Yes, I knew the first time that's what you were getting at with the link, although it took me a few seconds to see
the words the other (i.e. positive) way. BTW, the only song I've heard called "Breathe" is the Pink Floyd one, but I don't
think that's what you're talking about. Who does do the song you quoted?
 :: :: 30/01/2009
Nuby, look for The Secret - Jack Canfield...I found it in google search and it was on top of the list...
It isn't really a movie, you'll see if you found it... :-)

And here are things little difrent, It'd be better for some person to rent flat or house, it cost less than if you bought it becouse credits are huge and you can't afford to buy things that you need for a liveing when you are paying a monts more than 2000 euros...! I think that prices are even higher then this. I rented a flat in November becouse of that problem...! And to me is worthed...Exapt it is on 5 floor without elevator...but It gets you in form...
 :: :: 30/01/2009
Pappilloposa: Telepopmusik

Marija, that's interesting. The prices you gave are about right for one-bedroom condos in California - except in dollars not euros.

Fifth floor? You must have nice legs from all that climbing - not to mention a stronger heart.

I'll look for Jack Canfield and see what I find around here.
 :: nubiasol :: 30/01/2009
Okay, much, MUCH different from the Pink Floyd song! Actually, now that I've heard it, I realize I've got a remix
of it on some compilation CD or another. (Maybe one of the Buddha Bar ones.) That little kid in the video is
right eerie, isn't she? Looks like something out of a Stephen King movie adaptation!
 :: :: 30/01/2009
Nuby it's good for if you want to be in form, but on Sunday when I came back from market, you need to get everything on fifth floor! And you can't immagin how was when I moved, all furniture needed to go without elevator...tragedy...
 :: :: 30/01/2009
Good thing you don't get drunk - otherwise, those stairs coudl be hazardous.

Papillo: Someone on youtube posted a remark about the video, which I thought was a good analysis. The guy that kills the butterfly is bothered by the perfection he sees around him. He kills the butterfly to make the world more perfect for himself - a world WITH flaws. Of course, that little Children of the Corn girl won't have none of it. Yikes.
 :: nubiasol :: 30/01/2009
Nubie - LOL, Children of the Corn is exactly what she made me think of!

Teresa - I love the "chill hippy community" idea! Let's a bunch of us sell everything, pool our resources and buy some land...
somewhere warm and coastal and Spanish-speaking, for instance. You and I can make gig posters to promote the many
musician friends we're sure to make. Someone with a green thumb (not me) can garden. Someone can go fishing, or better
yet, we can buy seafood from the locals. With your language skills, you can be our community liaison. I can cook, but
someone else has to do the washing up. Naturally, we'd live in sarongs. Sign up here for Papillon's Utopia....

 :: :: 31/01/2009
Please don't you call this Utopia!!!! ...That surely is the way to go !! ;)
 :: :: 31/01/2009
 :: :: 31/01/2009
Great idea Pap!! I am signin up,I will take care for medical problems and
look out for health of community : )
 :: canabinola :: 31/01/2009
Pap - Lets do it!!! I am serious.....I would love to live like that!!!
Also I have no idea who that guy is in the link.....but hopefully all the men in the community would look something like that ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 31/01/2009
Hehe I'm in...!!! I love you'r idea Pap...! I could design our home or whatever...!
Are we going to have computers...?
 :: :: 31/01/2009
Give it away Marija! We should run as far as possible from
computers,cell phones and television...we only could have some cd
player that we can listen Manu,because I couldn`t live without his
music...maybe we can suggest Manu and RB to come with us : )
 :: canabinola :: 31/01/2009
Ok ok, that's good one Cannabinola... :-) Hmm... I'm looking for place where we could go...I would like that is some beach house in Spain or Mexico...Maybe it's better Mexico becouse Manu and RB are always there...Others oppinions and ideas...? :-)
 :: :: 31/01/2009
Marija - I'm thing Puerto Rico with those white sandy beaches and palm trees!!
Canabinola - Can we make an exception for Apple Mac computers and iPods please......I am not sure I could cope without them......sad as that maybe : (
 :: Teresauk :: 01/02/2009
LOL, can relate about the Mac & iPod, Teresa! And I must confess I've got a cartoon and
movie addiction, so maybe a TV as well. Besides, we'd need something to do at night aside
from becoming alcoholics like so many ex-pats do! ;^)

As for a place, hmm... I'm intrigued by Spain, but you can swim year round in Mexico, plus
the food and beer are great...
 :: :: 01/02/2009
All this talk of sunshine and beaches sounds so appealing even though I can't swim and I live about three or four miles from the Pacific Ocean. But it's cold and damp down here - nothing like the warm ocean weather with good food, a Tecate with lime and salt. Sopita de camaron. And company.

Ah, yes. Company. That's probably the most important ingredient of all.
 :: nubiasol :: 01/02/2009
Haha,why run than? I imagine escape from civilisation without
computers and tv...only beautiful nature and good company,of course : )
Version no.1: Warm tropical night,sand beach and huge sky full of
stars.Teresa is sitting with Apple mac on her knees and surfing,Pap is
in her cottage and watching cartoons,Marija is sending sms and I `m
lying with headphones in my ears....
Version no.2 warm tropical night,fire is burning in the beach,we all
sitting together,someone is playing guitar and singing (that`s why we
need Manu :)) Pap is frying fish and vegetables,and after dinner we all
run to the ocean for night swimming
What do you think?
 :: canabinola :: 01/02/2009
Canabinola - Camp fires......I forgot about camp fires!!!! Yes they are one of the most important ingredients!!! I think in Version 1 we would all be doing our own separate things and not coming together as one like minded group...and thats not Version 2 is the only way forward I think. Especially if Manu is going to be there ; )

Oh and has everyone seen the movie The Beach? I love that movie!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 01/02/2009
That's it...! No.2 for me....!!!!
No tv and computers, just guitars and little player full of Manu's songs and nothing more...!!! Ah I can manage without comuters and tv....I think so....
Now is time to re this unice frase that moved our ideas, YES WE CAN...!!!

Nuby don't worry we are going to learn you to swim, but one problem....I'm afraid of sharks.... :-)
 :: :: 01/02/2009
Yeah! Version 2,it is really better,isn`t it? I mean,I love computers,I love
technology but I could live without that,with nice pepole around me,and
just a little music is what I need...Manu,come with us!!!! : ))
The beach...Is that the movie where group of people live on beautiful
island,far from everything...I am not good in remembering details from
movies,but I remember that they were cultivate cannabis? Are we talking
about the same movie? Can I cultivate cannabis on our island ; )?
Hmmm,sharks,brrrrrrrr....I was born by the sea,I live by the sea and can`t
imagine my life without sea,but I am too afraid of the sharks! Although
there are no dangerous sorts in Adriatic sea,I am still afraid. I watched
too much documentary movies about the great white...
But...we don`t need to swimm in deep sea,we can lie in the shoal : )
 :: canabinola :: 01/02/2009
Canabinola I love to wach documentary movies about them but I wouldn't like to swim in the same water with them....I'm afraid just when I think about them....! We could make pool...! :-)
And something more, they've sad that in Adriatic sea don't have dangerous sharks but I watched about great white in Italy that attacked boat...! Thise are ones that are lost, but all together, they could be lost everywhere, even ther where is called safe...So I'd rather sprinkle only my shoal.... :-)
 :: :: 01/02/2009
Normally,there are no great white in Adriatic sea,but,they always can
straggle here,following big ships...this summer one attacked slovenian
diver near island our sea lives,I think,only one for human
dangerous sort called "modrulj"..I saw one,not in sea but trapped,I
touched him,he was so ugly,with rough skin and two lines of teeth,sharp
like needle...and than my fobia begins...
 :: canabinola :: 01/02/2009
A mordulj.......I wouldn't touch him with stick...
Hehe if you touch him again maybe your overcome your fobia... :-)
 :: :: 01/02/2009
Hee Hee Canabinola I thought you would like to be Chief Cannabis Cultivator.....judging from your name ; ) Yes that is the correct film....although in the film some people get sick and the chief of the camp does not let them take the sick people back to the mainland to the hospital in case the police find out that they are living on the island. So I think we need to make sure we have at least one trained doctor on our island so we don't end up with dead members of the camp : (
 :: Teresauk :: 01/02/2009
Ok,I am not a doctor but I am head nurse,and I have pretty experience in
taking care of human health...I know all about medicaments,synthetic
and herbal ; ) and I will cherish all of us...I will bring a tons of
medicaments with us,so consider that as solved : )
Marija,I don`t want to tuoch him again,even after 15 years I can
remember it so clear,it was most disgusting feeling for me...bljak!
 :: canabinola :: 01/02/2009
Canabinola we are going to need one more house if you bring all that medicaments...And how we are going to bring all that medicaments...? They would think that we are selling it on black market...!

And I' like to say to everyone, congratulation! We made over 390 mark for 3 months...! :-)
 :: :: 01/02/2009
Don`t worry,when I said tones I mean little of everything we
need:atibiotics,antiseptics,anti-inflammatorics and something against
diarrhea : ) but...we will live in fresh air,taking healthy food,I hope we will
not need medicaments at all
 :: canabinola :: 01/02/2009
canabinola - Yikes! A diver got attacked by a shark, in the Adriatic? That creeps me out; I dove there several
years ago. Did he/she survive? (The diver, I mean -- not the shark.) Actually, we were taught in my divers
training class that sharks are very seldom interested in divers; they prefer surfers, because I guess to sharks
surfers look like fish. I saw a small, sleeping shark one time when I was snorkeling in Colombia -- cool
experience, but I was glad the shark was asleep! BTW, I'd be happy to bring some very nice seeds for your
garden. ;-)


Anyway... I think I must have been a dolphin in a past life, because I'm absolutely drawn to the sea. No
swimming pool needed on my account. The only marine phenomenon that scares me is a rip current. Get
caught in one of those, get swept out to the deep waters and you're pretty much f***ed. But actually, even with
a rip current, if you can keep your wits about you, you might be okay. The thing to do is swim diagonally back
towards the beach, because you're not fighting the full force of the current that way, and it (the current) will
dissipate eventually.

Oh yeah... sorry guys, I'm going to have to insist on some form of DSL and my laptop. Just because I'm
abandoning civilization, doesn't mean I won't want to keep in touch with it! I think it would be fun to keep a blog
about our little community, don't you?

Re: the movie The Beach -- Nice little example about how Utopia can go horribly, horribly wrong. Oooh, that
poor Swede!
 :: :: 01/02/2009
OK Pap I think you have just made yourself the perfect candidate for all things ocean based! And Canabinola might have to work hard as the Canabis grower and medic......It all makes me seem a bit inadequate .... does anyone need a flyer? : /
 :: Teresauk :: 01/02/2009
Hi Teresa! Of course you're not inadequate! You and I could design the utopia website and funky little menus
for our little beach-front bistro. Hmm... And maybe I should get my Dive Master's certificate so I could teach
those who were interested... oh, this just gets better and better. I'm sitting here drinking coffee and looking at
the rain outside... with a big-ass smile on my face. :-)

Oh, and apropos of nothing... I can't believe the same guy that played the ultra-creepy psycho in No Country
for Old Men also played the monogamy-threatening artist in Vicki Christina Barcelona. Dreeeamy Javier...

Well, I should get off my lazy, Sunday afternoon daydreaming ass and go have a workout.

 :: :: 01/02/2009
I am there with you on the Javier thing Pap......I could really perv out on that one ; / Have you seen Vicki Christina Barcelona, is it released yet? I have had it on pre-order on DVD for sooooo long now!
 :: Teresauk :: 01/02/2009
I vote for Scarlett!!!
 :: piggytat :: 01/02/2009
Scarlett? Am I missing something, Piggytat?

Hey, Pap. That guy looks like my dad. Not at all attracted to him (or my Dad!). It puts a strange twist to the come-hither phrase, "Come to Daddy." Uh . . . no.

FYI: That book by Manu's dad is soon to be released in English. I received a notice from Amazon that the book is available to preorder. Not that expensive. I may have to rethink my no unnecessary expenses stance.
 :: nubiasol :: 02/02/2009
Check out how young and slightly self conscious Manu looked:

I've no clue what he's saying.
 :: nubiasol :: 02/02/2009
Hehe I'm not a little bit attrected to him...sorry Pap... :-)
Few days ago I watched film with him when he was with over 300 women becouse his loveone left him and married some else guy....I feel in sleep so I didn't saw end, but that could be first time that was good to feel in sleep becouse I didn't like movie...It's called I think Love in the time of cholera....
 :: :: 02/02/2009
No Pap, you are not missing anything. I just think she is very beautiful and i generally like to see her in a movie. I'm not attracted to Javier, so I made a joke.
I looked very young in 1991 too. xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 02/02/2009
Pap,that diver lost his leg,almost bleed to death.He said on television
later,from hospital bed,that he was watching that shark swimming
above him and than attacked him...scary story.When that happened
nobody belived him that it was the great white,but...belive or not,they
found sharks tooth in his leg bone,and it was tooth of great white,exoerts
estimated he was 6 meters long..he attacked him because diver had
some fish fixed on him,he was hunting with underwater gun and
normally,shark was attracted by blood of fish.
Yes,bring me some seeds,you will make me so happy : ) ruta
Dalmatia soon??
 :: canabinola :: 02/02/2009
experts,not exoerts..I type too fast
 :: canabinola :: 02/02/2009
Great, now I'm never going to Adriatic sea again...
 :: :: 02/02/2009
Nubie - Javier reminds you of your DAD? Yikes, I'm sorry to have taken you there sweetie. As for MY dad, picture Ernest Borgnine's
eyebrows on Don Knotts's face. No issues there for me to discuss with a shrink!

BTW, *I* know what Manu is saying in that clip. He's saying:

"Look at me, I'm only 12 years old and I'm the frontman for continental Europe's coolest punk band. Got a cigarette?" ;-)

Piggy - Yes, Scarlet definitely got more than her share when God was handing out Beauty Units. But if any woman in that movie could
make me think about um... "playing for the other team", it would be Penelope. She just gets sexier with each passing year!

Marija - I loved the novel Love In The Time of Cholera, but must admit I found the movie a little slow-moving and dull. I did enjoy the
gorgeous scenery of Colombia, though.

Canabinola - Ahh, now it makes sense. Blood attracts sharks. If the guy hadn't been hunting, the shark probably would have left him
alone. Ruta Dalmatia? Hell, YEAH! Anytime. BTW, my mom was born and raised in Zaton, close to Sibenik. Beautiful little town!
 :: :: 02/02/2009
Teresa - V C Barcelona has been released on DVD, here anyway. We rented it a couple of nights ago. Good film, but it made
me a leetle sad because I can't afford to go to Barcelona any time soon. Oh well -- keeping that dream gently simmering on the
back burner of life! BTW, there's a really romantic moonlight scene with the Javier character and an ENGAGED American
woman. Close in for the inevitable kiss and all that... My husband goes "Okay. You are SO not going to Barcelona on your
own." Yeah, yeah, honey -- I saw that one coming! ;^D
 :: :: 02/02/2009
Too bad there are no men in this conversation. They would enjoy it very much. I like Penelope too. Not only beautiful, but also clever enough to dump Tom.
12 years old??? I think just a little older.
 :: piggytat :: 02/02/2009
I agree with you all about Penelope......did you know she has a sister...not sure if she is a twin but she looks just like her but in my opinion even more beautiful. She is an actress as well in Spain but I don't think she has made it internationally as yet.

Pap - The movie sounds great but it only gets released here in uk this week. I am sad to say I didn't get some handsome guy offer me a threesome when I was in Barcelona...maybe I didn't hang out in the right places......I'll have to go back and give it another try ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 02/02/2009
Teresa lol! You can make a T-shirt - offer me a threesome - just to be sure!
But write it in spanish, I don't know how it is in spanish, but you certainly have more knowledge.
 :: piggytat :: 02/02/2009
LMAO! Teresa, I think "the right places" are Woody Allen's fantasies. Anyhow, being married, I wouldn't be at liberty to
accept such an offer -- but my ego would certainly enjoy the flattery!
 :: :: 02/02/2009
Hmm I'm not sure but possibly the T-shirt would say "ofrezcame un grupo de tres" lol!!! Can you imagine how many offers you would get...ha ha!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 02/02/2009
 :: piggytat :: 02/02/2009
And what if the first two people you saw were, oh, I dunno... Manu and Madjid? ;^)
 :: :: 02/02/2009
I'm not sure, but I think the correct phrase might simply be "Me ofrece un menage à trois".

Nubie... anything to add to our little Pervathon here? ;^)
 :: :: 02/02/2009
She will call me immediately. My mobile is ..........
 :: piggytat :: 02/02/2009
LOL!!! So now its "un menage a quatre"

We are gonna have a full blown orgy if we are not careful.....Is it me or is it getting a bit hot in here?

I think I need to go and think about something else and calm down : /
 :: Teresauk :: 02/02/2009
Tee hee! Okay, for something a little different, here's my favourite scene from Hedwig & The Angry Inch. It's a wee bit homoerotic, but
I'm more amused about the notion of sunbathing on "a piece of broken church", as well as the somewhat utilitarian nature of East
German confectionery. Mmm... Gummi Bären!
 :: :: 03/02/2009
From Zaton! Great,so close to me,I live in Sibenik...So,have you visited
my little beautiful town? What was your mother`s surname? Zivkovic?
Whole Zaton have surname Zivkovic : ) Do you have grandpa or
grandma in Zaton?
I have feeling that we will meet each other some day : )

Marija,don`t be scared (look who`s talking,haha)...yesterday,while I was
writing about shark,my friend came,he has relativs on island Vis and
spend every summer there,he said:Oh,you don`t know nothing...there
are always some sharks around Vis because there are plenty cages
with tunas near island,but people don`t talk about that (don`t want to
scare turists)...brrrrrrrrrr.Better not to think about that or I`ll never come
in sea again...
 :: canabinola :: 03/02/2009
Haha,about that video above...Manu was so sweet when he was
young,sweet and confuzed : ) I mean...he is still sweet...I enjoyed looking
Mano Negra`s Out of time...great,great person,I just love him...
 :: canabinola :: 03/02/2009
Who don't..??? :-) Hehe, uje Canabinola! :-) I love his smile....a lot....

I'm not scared now, but when comes summer...
 :: :: 03/02/2009
canabinola - Wow, small world! I visited Sibenik many times as a child, and then again in the summer of 2001. Love that place.
My mother's surname was Coga (with a litlle "v" thing on top of the C), but I'm probably related to some of those Zivkovics. I'll
ask my mom next time I talk to her. I'd love to meet you! One fine day, we'll be able to afford travel again! :-)

marija - Don't be afraid of sharks. Just stay away from the tuna farms! I think of jumping into the sea the same way as I think of
getting into a car or a plane. Sure, accidents happen, but they're very rare, and I refuse to allow fear to rule my life.
 :: :: 03/02/2009
You right pap, I should think like that....... :-)

Hey happy new year to all of you........
 :: :: 03/02/2009
I agree, we must not allow fear to rule our lives.
Even better, do what you are afraid of so as to overcome your fear.
Happy new year!!!
 :: piggytat :: 03/02/2009
You right, but I'm not going on swiming with sharks to overcome my fear...I'd better leave him...What fear do you have...?

I moved my xmas tree today... :-(
 :: :: 03/02/2009
Public speeches. Talking to a big, or a not so big audience is my worst fear I think.
And I don't want to overcome it either. I was just trying to sound brave or encourage you. xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 03/02/2009
Thanks Piggy, hehe that's not soo bad, I have that problem to, but it's not like fear for me, I never could speek something important to somebody properly. I allways need to say wrong word becouse I'm talking to fast and not thinking about what I'm saying...I hate that! Than I need 5 minutes to explain it right...
I haven't had many opportunity to speak infront of audience and I'm glad I haven't and I'hope I wouldn't have them...
 :: :: 03/02/2009
I have to give a 10-minute presentation on Thursday. ¡No me gusta! Very stressed right now.

I'm also afraid of driving and of any sport that presents a high risk of falling down and breaking bones. Skiing,
snowboarding and skating are not for me! Hard to believe I'm Canadian, isn't it? ;^)
 :: :: 03/02/2009
Hi! Sorry guys for this, but I laughed so much!
There was a guy that created a subject - I don't remember the title - it was about the Shop. He was asking how to buy something from the Shop. Sooooooooo, the webmaster took his question and put it under the subject: Webmaster ayuda con La Tienda. I found it very funny, because he read it, he put it in the right place, but didn't think to answer the question MAYBE because he is the one being asked. It reminds me of some civil servants that send you to the complaints desk... No offence! Just funny!
 :: piggytat :: 04/02/2009
I don't understand why webmaster made subject webmaster ayuda con la tienda when isn't answering on questions...?

Pap I love skiing and skating...! Thats only reason why I love winter...! Oh you awaked my desire for skiing... :-) Hehe I love your fears...! :-)
 :: :: 04/02/2009
Piggy - That doesn't surprise me...the webmaster is not very talkative is he!

Everyone - Public speaking is my worst fear!! I had to do a 10 min presentation for my Spanish exam last year. I just turned into a complete stuttering idiot. We had to role play and I was a doctor and we had to discuss the state of the traffic problems, people driving under the influence of drink and drugs and public transport in Pamplona, Spain. My first words were "Hola, me nombre es Teresa y estoy doctora" Wrong!!!!! The examiner was even trying to give me signals with her eyebrows to get me to correct myself, but I just rambled on and on and said it all so quickly out of nerves, that I finished everything I had to say in about 6 minutes. It was terrible. I did pass though....but have it all to do again this year and its gonna be even harder : (
 :: Teresauk :: 04/02/2009
Marija he didn't make it. It was already there, he just put the question under this subject.
Teresa, did you know the subject you would talk about from before?
It sounds quite difficult for the first degree, or wasn't this the first one?
 :: piggytat :: 04/02/2009
F**k! My fear from public speaking is riseing up...!
My worst is similar to yours Teresa, I had an exam on Italian, little test presentation and becouse I was intensively listening to Manu I forgot italian words and I told them on spanish...! And I continued like that for 10 minutes...!!!! In the end they've sad to me GRASIAS, SIT DOWN...!!! And than I realise what I have done...!!!! GRASIAS! GRASIAS...! AAA!
 :: :: 04/02/2009
Small world Pap! : ) So,it´s a deal,see you in Sibenik one day...we will
meet in bridge of Sibenik. Ok? : )
Haha,C with a little v on said that you speak croatian? That is
nice.Do you think it is difficult language to learn?
Ok,I join in "fear of public speaking" club...hey,guys(I mean girls)do you
get red in face when you stand in front of public and need to start
speech? I hate that so much!
 :: canabinola :: 04/02/2009
Piggy - This is my 3rd and final year of the degree course! It's getting really hard now..I am studying spanish language, literature, history and art.....and there are some things that when I translate them into English .....I still don't understand them!!!

I have an even worse public speaking story....once when I was unemployed I went on a course about starting up your own business. I had to do a presentation about my graphic design business.....I was so shy that I leant against a table for support and looked at the floor while I read my speech. The organiser of the course, who was an ex-army sargent, screamed at me in front of everyone "stand up straight, whats wrong with you, look ahead!!" I was so destroyed by his comments that I ran out of the building!!!! I am now mentally scarred it all : (
 :: Teresauk :: 04/02/2009
My sister has a funny story about public speaking.

She prepared her report. The teacher called her name.

She went to the front of the room. Looked at everyone. And

Went back to her seat and sat down.

The teacher gave her a C for effort!
 :: nubiasol :: 04/02/2009
Ok, so if we can't speak, we wouldn't be able to sing I guess...
 :: piggytat :: 04/02/2009
Trust me nobody would want to hear me sing ;)
 :: Teresauk :: 04/02/2009
Me neither! But I could get paid for stop singing if I had the courage to sing!
 :: piggytat :: 04/02/2009
God bless deaf people when I'm singing...!!!
 :: :: 04/02/2009
Singing is good,god for soul : ) Don´t you all like turn on Manu and sing
loud,when nobody can hear you( accept neighbours if you sing really
loud:))and you can jump around the apartment and sing,sing...
 :: canabinola :: 04/02/2009
Canabinola you know that I love that...! :-)
 :: :: 04/02/2009
OMG, Teresa – you poor thing! Public speaking is almost never easy, but it’s really tough when you’re addressing assholes. Military
intelligence … contradiction in terms, no? What a d*ck!

At least I’m lucky in that the people in my business group are very nice. A couple of weeks ago I stood up to do my 60-second pitch, and as I
did, I managed to send a glass of water tumbling across the table. I looked at everyone and said “And on that graceful note, I’ll begin…”
Meanwhile, the travel agent sitting next to me cleaned up the mess with her napkin, shrugged, and reassured me “No big deal, it was only

A good trick is to find one or two people in the audience that you like and trust, and then periodically make eye contact with those people.
Humour also helps. E.g. “Now I’d like to share a little story about how we deal with panicky clients. And no, that has nothing to do with slipping
tranqs into their coffee… the tranqs are for us.”

I only hope I can remember my own advice when I’m standing there doing my 10 minutes tomorrow. Or I could pull a total John Cleese and
fake a heart attack,,,

 :: :: 04/02/2009
Thanks for the tips Pap. I will def play the humour card in my next presentation. I have to do an oral presentation every other month as part of my course work but you have to record yourself and hand it over for marking, which is easier. I think it will make me sound more relaxed even if I am not in reality. BUT as far as a business presentation goes I don't think I am ready to try that one again for a while yet. Good luck for yours tomorrow....somehow I think you will do just fine ;-)
 :: Teresauk :: 04/02/2009
Good luck tomorow Pap..!!! Haha John Cleese...!!! Have you watched movie Fish Called Vanda....? I love that movie, cracking comedia...!

 :: :: 04/02/2009
Thanks for the good wishes, chicas -- right now the fake heart attack
idea is pretty tempting, though. ;-)

Marija - Yes, I've seen Fish Called Wanda... funny, funny movie!
 :: :: 05/02/2009
Hehe hello Ken'ssss fishisss... :-)
Pap just relax and talk like you were talking to us few days ago,
your spanish is very good so you just need to concetrate on what
are you talking... Good luck again! Mucha suerte...!!!
 :: :: 05/02/2009
Marija - I have to do a presentation about my graphic design work to a business group. I'll be grateful to make sense in English -- man, if i spoke in
Spanish, that would REALLY mess with them! ;-) Anyway, I'm on in about 3 hours. If I had any fingernails, I'd be biting them right now....
 :: :: 05/02/2009
I thought Marija was confused!

Hey, does anyone know about the new little icon buttons that are at the bottom of this page?
 :: nubiasol :: 05/02/2009
I noticed that too nubia!

I can't really work out what the buttons either.....possibly if you have an account with say...Facebook or Myspace it posts a message advertising onto your profile. But I am not sure : /
 :: Teresauk :: 05/02/2009
They weren't here last time I was on, but I'll definitely check 'em out! I'm intrigued by the chili pepper....
 :: :: 05/02/2009
These buttons are links to other pages like
facebook,yahoo,myspace,google and some blogs.When I stand with
mouse on some icon the adress appears at the bottom of my internet
browswer so I know where that link leads
 :: canabinola :: 06/02/2009
So how did it go pap?
 :: Teresauk :: 06/02/2009
She is recovering from the fake heart attack.
About the buttons, I think Teresa you are right.
I don't think I'll use any of them, but they are cute!
 :: piggytat :: 06/02/2009
Hehe Pap how was it...? :-)
 :: :: 06/02/2009
It seems that Pap is recovering from a real heart attack...
 :: piggytat :: 06/02/2009
Or she is sleeping...
 :: :: 06/02/2009
And First Prize goes to.... Marija!

I was sleeping until about 20 minutes ago. Now I'm having my first (but certainly not last) cup of coffee and seeing
what my international pals are up to.

The presentation actually went quite well, thank you for asking. No heart attacks, real or faked. And I even
remembered to include a joke (based on a true story) that takes a second to kick in, and then the looks of
puzzlement turn to snickers. Since writing is part of my work, I was talking about how it bugs me when people don't
proof-read before getting things printed and distributed. "It's important to realize," I said to my audience, "that there
needs to be an L in public."

 :: :: 06/02/2009
Pap, good to know you are alive! And that it went well!
So, lets gossip a little now.
I always have the impression that no one reads this subject apart from us ten people, so I guess I can say anything that comes to my mind.
Can someone of you - multilingual people - explain to me what are these two subjects about: special manviv and webmaster c'est pas cool.
From the little I can understand I smell a civil war between the french forumers - I don't know if this word exists, or I invented it - which amuses me really much. Plus I like to gossip.
 :: piggytat :: 06/02/2009
ha ha! Spot on Miss Piggy, it's a civil war!! lol
war in the east
war in the west
war up north
war down south
la la la la.......
I guess it's that thing about people reclaiming their power you know... why should we be caught up in the wars of the world political leaders, when we can create some of our very own ...ha ha! yes we can!!
 :: :: 06/02/2009
lolalola - You're hilarious! And style points on the Marley lyrics. ;-)

piggy - Yeah, the "webmaster c'est pas cool" subject line caught my eye too. I wonder what the issue is?
 :: :: 06/02/2009
Great Pap...! No heart attacks John Cleese way...!

Piggy one more who loves gossip...But I don't understand one single word
on franch...I know to count to ten and thats all...If I havent forgot even that...
And this subject open every leapyear someone that isn't in that 10 people like
lolalola now...Strange but it isn't leapyear....To get back on gossip, oops I don't have nothing right now as long someone don't explain what is going on...
 :: :: 06/02/2009
I have no gossip either, but I do have a song/vid dedication to lolalola. This put a smile on my face that will probably last all day:
 :: :: 06/02/2009
Great song pap! I know what you mean about the proof reading thing....they don't even check their phone numbers which always gets me!

Am I going blind or has the "webmaster c'est pas cool" subject desaparecido?
 :: Teresauk :: 06/02/2009
I think Lily disagrees about this subject - special manviv - because it's personal and it's not about manu and she would like the webmaster to do something about it, - delete it??? - but this is as far as i can go IF i am right. The other one disappeared, so no need to talk about something that doesn't exist anymore. Really, where did it go? xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 06/02/2009
Oh oh oh! I have a question here! Why do I have to check if the phone nubmer is right if i have given it correct? What about spelling mistakes? I repeat that I have given everything correct. Why should it be my responsibility to check if you have done correct your work?
 :: piggytat :: 06/02/2009
Sorry piggy its a graphic design thing related to pap's speech that she gave obviously doesn't make sense to anyone else : /

Lol.....I wonder whay Lily would think of our little english forum......50% of our subjects don't have much relevance to anything let alone Manu.
 :: Teresauk :: 06/02/2009
No it makes to me! I know what you are talking about. I think. We had that thing with a collegue and our advertising company. She used to send the text, the advertising company did their work and always sent back to her to check it and told her that she was responsible for that, so she should be very careful to correct the mistakes. She could never understand why this was her job and not the advertising's company.
 :: piggytat :: 06/02/2009
Or maybe the advertising company's.
 :: piggytat :: 06/02/2009
As for the "special manviv" subject I can't understand what its about but I do like reading manviv's replies cos he uses such crazy words. I especially like the "boomshanka!"
 :: Teresauk :: 06/02/2009
Piggy - To answer your question from a graphic design perspective, it comes down to who provided the text, and in
what format. For example, if a client emails me the text (including their contact info), I will cut and paste that text
directly into the layout, on the assumption the info is correct. IF, on the other hand, I've written the copy myself, or re-
typed it and made an error, then of course the responsibility is mine. I hope that clears things up. :-)
 :: :: 06/02/2009
Yes, it did take a while to understand why L was needed. At first I thought, L? Lesbian? OH! (I guess that TV show "The L Word" causes me to think lesbian every time I see a free standing L.)

Funny, song, Pap. "Well, I'm not much of a passionate guy." (Thanks for letting us know BEFOREHAND. I wish more guys would do that :-). Otherwise, I find myself singing this song:

Irrespective of whose responsiblity it is, if it is advertising you need to have the correct contact info. If people can't get a hold of you, you've essentially paid for nothing - so it's in your best interest to check.

It's like those bank statements. Sure, the bank should get its calculations right. It is their responsiblity, but I make sure both the bank and I agree on whatever is on that statement nonetheless.

I've given up trying to make my statements relevant to Manu. Every so often I'll throw something in to have a reason for being. Besides, if Manu were to visit our sections of the world, we'd be talking non stop about our experiences.
 :: nubiasol :: 07/02/2009
Hey, cute vid indeed, PapiilonforPeace;) ....I'd never paid attention to the lyrics
 :: :: 07/02/2009
Ah, yes. Lola is a transvestite - so good, she could fool any virgin.
 :: nubiasol :: 07/02/2009
Ok,this is Manu Chao forum,I suppose we should talk about Manu but I
don´t see reason why not talk about other,can somebody
explain me this: after Manu`s concert in Pula I put a link with pictures
from concert and webmaster deleted it.I couldn`t see too much sense
for doing that,I was confused...
 :: canabinola :: 07/02/2009
Are you sure it was deleted and not put in another place?
Because I know he loves deleting, but not as much as he loves changing places.
 :: piggytat :: 07/02/2009
I don`t know,it was new topic named Manu Chao picture gallery from
Pula,something like that.I put it and after 15 minutes it was gone...but if
he moved it,it would be nice that he wrote "moved" like webmasters do
on other forums
 :: canabinola :: 07/02/2009
I guess you were unlucky that he was online the time you posted it. Other subjects have survived for hours before finally dying. Bad luck! This one died young! I don't believe he deleted it though. I think there is a subject about pictures, I'm not sure, my memory doesn't help me right now. Something about photos... maybe it's there.
 :: piggytat :: 07/02/2009
Why don't you try again...? Maybe it's new webmaster. That one from summer receive a refusal... :-)
 :: :: 07/02/2009
I was thinking about that,and only one reason came on my mind:in
concert in Pula sign "no cameras allowed" was sticked on concert
poster in front of Arena, and people were talking that we can´t bring
cameras in. Stupidity...everybody has cameras and gorillas in entrance
was not checking people.
So,maybe officialy we shouldn`t record that concert?? Why is that,I don`t
know.And this is official forum so "no pictures from Pula allowed" : )
 :: canabinola :: 07/02/2009
canabinola - Please post it here!

 :: :: 07/02/2009
You want me to try again? ok,here is the gallery,I hope webmaster will
not visit our topic soon :
 :: canabinola :: 07/02/2009
I don`t know why link doesn`t look like link,but just copy them to address works
 :: canabinola :: 07/02/2009
Thanks canabinola great photos! Also looks like a great location for a concert it must have been amazing!!

I am wondering if Manu realizes that the webmaster he employs acts in this manner. I really don't understand why he/she doesn't communicate more, some forums have a list of "rules for the forum" so that it is clear to everyone what things are deemed appropriate to post and which are not. Because at the moment I can't see any logic to it at all!
 :: Teresauk :: 07/02/2009
Yes,great place for concert! It was amazing,12 000 people,I will never
forget it :) I hope Manu loved it and will come back soon...
I agree,some rules must exist on every forum,and he should`t delete or
move topics or posts without explaning.
 :: canabinola :: 07/02/2009
One more thing to say,all images were taken by two girls from Manu
Chao Hrvatska forum,they unselfishly gave it to me so I can put it on
Manu Chao Hrvatska site.
 :: canabinola :: 07/02/2009
Look left from :: send ::, thise are rules, but it isn't saying anything about why topics are deleted...
 :: :: 07/02/2009
Just that he have right to close subject...
 :: :: 07/02/2009
I really like the day photos of Manu. Great photos! And what a wonderful looking place to attend a concert. You have the night air blowing its coolness on the crowd - because we all know how hot it gets in those first rows.
 :: nubiasol :: 07/02/2009

The webmaster did not delete the link. He placed it on this page:

Manu en Pula - muy de corazón
 :: nubiasol :: 07/02/2009
Krasne slike, Canabinola -- thank you for sharing! But hey, I think this is the first time I've seen Madjid with a shirt on. ;^)

I'm sure Manu loved Pula and will come back. Of course, I've heard he loved Vancouver and would come back too. WE'RE STILL
WAITING. Siiiighhh....
 :: :: 07/02/2009
Nubie - I've been meaning to say, I loved the story of your sister's school (non)presentation. I could so picture it! Thanks also for Peggy Lee clip --
that's gotta be one of the most jaded songs ever written. ;-) I don't know how many of you this applies to, but for those in a relationship, here's an
excellent passive-aggressive way to let your partner know you're pissed at him. No need to play it super loud, just loud enough to ensure he
hears the lyrics:
 :: :: 07/02/2009
Thanks for sharing, Papilloposa!

Reminds me of Lily Allen - will definitely check out the artist.

I'm not a big fan of Peggy Lee, but we (as in my family) borrow that line "Is that all there is?" when we are disappointed with a partner. It's mostly said in humor.

We have to travel to those out of the way places to see Manu in a cafe. I can dream, no?
 :: nubiasol :: 08/02/2009
Nubie - I hear that! I'll take my dream lucid, please... ;-)
 :: :: 08/02/2009
Nubiasol,I have seen that topic,it wasn`t mine,some other girl put some
other pictures from Pula there,and I put my link there again,for second
time,that topic were made days after deleting? my topic...but,it isn`matter
now,I am glad that you girls seen that photos : )
About fresh air blowing...uh...belive me,although it was at open air I was
suffocating,my hair was all wet like I came out of the sea,two and a half
hours of wild jumping,even if I had mask vith oxigen it wouldn`t help me.
 :: canabinola :: 08/02/2009
Pap,I am laughing whole day because of Madjid and his shirt :-) you
really made me thinking...was that my first time too to see him with shirt
 :: canabinola :: 08/02/2009
Hehe he had shirt when he was here... :-( Why, oh why...??? :-(
 :: :: 08/02/2009
Hello English thread, it's about time we make the English-Speaking Fans III thread, don't you think ?

When we reach 500 posts it starts to get really slow.
 :: :: 08/02/2009
Hehe we need just 60 more to get to the maximum... :-)
 :: :: 08/02/2009
I didn't know there was a maximum... is it 550 ?
 :: :: 09/02/2009
And 500. Any takers in starting a new page? The webmaster will close this one if you label it English Speaking Fans III.
 :: nubiasol :: 09/02/2009

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