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 ┐Como puedo contactar con Manu?
Hola a tod@s,
Me llamo Carlos, vivo en Madrid y es muy importante para mi contactar con Manu Chao o alguien cercano a Úl, pero no conozco a nadie que pueda ayudarme.
┐alguien puede echarme una mano?
Muchas gracias,
 :: :: 23/06/2008
suerte im sure were theres a will theres a way
 :: soar :: 23/06/2008
thanks soar, I hope I can get it

I didn't realize this is an international forum, so I will make my ask in the other language i can speak (less than more :))

My name is Carlos, I'm living in Madrid and it is very important to me, to contact with Manu Chao or someone close to him, can anybody help me?
Thanks a lot
Kindest regards
 :: :: 23/06/2008
para que es exactamente
 :: :: 24/06/2008
H´ Carlos!!
I'd like to give you an answer!
maybe you can try near the "zona pro" (at the right bottom corner on this web-site).
When Manu is in Espa˝a, maybe you can find him in the Barcelona popular quarters.
His father and his mother are leaving in Galicia, and Ramon Chao before the last year was working in RFI (Radio France Internationale).
Or, if you go to "radio bemba vivos"...
Some years before, I know that Manu didn't get any cell phone ; so it's probably very hard to contact him, even if you know him lol
Or, you do investigation to find one of his own e-mail (good luck lol)

With the hope you find your hapiness, say you good bye and...

Arriva ESPANA!!!!!!!!! (para el EURO 2008 :p)

(excuse me for my english) :p
 :: :: 24/06/2008

Consider visiting the Louvre and asking to borrow the Mona Lisa for a
week -- I think your chances of success would be greater.

Sorry to be so cynical. I really DO wish you best of luck and hope you
can contact Manu.
 :: :: 24/06/2008
 :: :: 24/06/2008
Papilloposa - you're something else!

Still cracking up . . .
 :: nubiasol :: 24/06/2008

I mean, you never know -- maybe the Louvre administrators are really nice guys. And Mona
would only be on loan for a week...
 :: :: 25/06/2008
uff, moi aussi:P
 :: Belena :: 07/12/2008
hola carlos! did u maybe find him till now? :)
try with Bar Mariatchi in Barcelona. i don't know the exact address, but for a start u can visit a site
as i read in one article, u can find him playing there every night whenever he's out of his tour time.
so if u find him, plese ask him when can I find him there myself because i live in croatia and as i work i must have a plan when to take my free days for holiday!! ok? :) i'm not joking! i need to see him cause i want to hug him! and if u find out anything here's my mail address so please if u'd be so kind to inform me. i'll be satisfied with any kind of information!
wish u all the luck of the world!!!
 :: tandja :: 08/12/2008
en la pagina ofisial hay una parte que dice contacto.. ahi.. estan los numeros y fa .. por que no tratas eso?
 :: tryo :: 08/12/2008
Tandja.... so far from the true story...

no live music at bar, no right to play live...
then manu playing at bar mariatchi...
is nearest from a tale....
 :: moimeme :: 08/12/2008
what do u mean?! it means that manu himself was lying when telling about it in article or that an article was made up??!!
sorry if i put a wrong information..i read that the bar was closed at the time but..????
anyway, thanx if u're more informed! it means that i was dellusioned!
and tryo..sorry i don't understand spanish that well! as i understood from ur words there's an official site that gives us a contact? yes? no? can u pass a link, please?
or carlos, if i'm not wrong, the official gives CORIDA, 120 Boulevard Rochechouard, 75018 Paris
fax no (+33) 142 23 67 04
 :: tandja :: 08/12/2008
I drank few beers at Bar Mariatchi when I visited Barcelona with my girlfriend last weekend.. I loved the bar, atmosphere was great and the locals there were really nice people (even if I was a bit too drunk towards end of the night which is possible)! Moltes grÓcies bar Mariatchi!

Didn't see Manu Chao though there is one track of his on the CD I bought from the bar. I kinda suspect he is not playing there every night ;D .. But still, it's a great bar and definetily worth a visit.
 :: limonaati :: 05/01/2009
wow..thanx limonaati! :)
 :: tandja :: 06/01/2009
mmm te lo veo dificil... no es de pesimista, pero contactar a un famoso? ;O jaja che alguien sabe si planean...? ir a dar recital a argentina?
 :: :: 06/01/2009
Cual sera la gira de manuchao 2011???
 :: manonegra505 :: 14/02/2011

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