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 Clandestino LP
Hello.I just purchased the Clandestino LP.Does anyone has it?The original release?I want to see if it is original and not the unofficial release of 2012.It seems quite good to me,but I must be sure,cause I've paid some 130 euros for it! Some say that the unofficial one has a white inner sleeve and not a printed one (wich mine has).Sound it's nice and clear without noise and jumps. Can anyone help me compare please?? I will post photos or information if needed (seller,barcode etc).
 :: :: 21/03/2013
Hi Ephemar, the copy from 2012 got as well a printed circle, so itīs not a
good argument. But you should see straight the quality of the print. The
colors as well should be bright.. You can send me a photo if you want..I
will tell you straight, I got the 2 versions at home !
 :: :: 21/03/2013
Will do as soon as I can!thank you!
 :: :: 21/03/2013
So,here we go.I really have my doubts about the cover,whether it's original or not.It came seperatly.Meaning the cover was in a sleeve,and the vinyl with the inner sleeve was at another one!Quite bizarre.
The number writen in hand on it (as all vinyls) ,are : 7243 845 7831 2/A for the side A and 2/B for side B. and also : DFI-98-3 and some other numbers that I can't get. Hope for the best...
 :: :: 21/03/2013

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