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EDEN-new release by YUMMA-RE - The Forum for LA SELVA SUR :: EDEN-new release by YUMMA-RE - The Forum for LA SELVA SUR ::
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  EDEN-new release by YUMMA-RE - The Forum for LA SELVA SUR :: EDEN-new release by YUMMA-RE - The Forum for LA SELVA SUR ::

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 EDEN-new release by YUMMA-RE
The band Yumma-re comes to the light in the spring of 1996.
Lines sung by an hypnotic female voice, lyrics, rhythms and atmospheres, typical of the transition underlining the passage form one millennium to another, take you on a mystical tour of the mind. The overall sound embraces the various contaminations of modern contemporary music: electronic is only the frame to a picture made up of rock, reggae and afrobeat…this is the bottom-line to the project Yumma-Re.
The lyrics centre on the problems of “nowadays”, even if the starting point is apparently different to the usual commentary of every-day life.
Live gigs, thanks to an incredible impact of sound and visionary rhythm, lead the audience into an ecstatic flight of magnetic force
The band gains the favour of specialized reviewers, partakes in the most important music festivals nationwide such as "Arezzo Wave '97", "No Playback '98" and the finals of the"Festival di Recanati '98".
The band plays in the most important music halls in the country such as: "Auditorium Flog","Supermarket", the ' "Indhastria", "Agricantus", the "Fefe's Cantina", etc.
In the years that go from 1998 to 2002, the band plays over 250 gigs, supporting bands of the likes of Prozac+, Afterhours, Chumbawamba, Parto delle nuvole pesanti, Enzo Avitabile, 24 Grana, David Thomas and many others.
Yumma-re take part in numerous festivals such as "Suoni di tutti i colori", "Nel nome del rock", "Festa della musica-Napoli", "Ecolove", "Orte di note", "Giffoni film festival", "Feedback", "Over the rock", "Casentino rock".
1998 coincides with their first record release, Radio Tirana, a mini-cd. The work is reviewed positively and this takes the band into the most important Italian radio-stations such as :"Radio cittŕ futura (Roma)", "Radio Popolare", "Radio rock-FM", "Radio wave (Arezzo)", "Italia 1 (Planet)", "Match Music TV", "Radio Rai 2", "Radio studio-M (Napoli)".
After the release of "Radio Tirana" the band undergoes a few changes. At a certain point in time the band decides to dedicate some of its time to a number of soundtracks, the most important of which is the short film: "Nero lavoro". Time is also dedicated to a number of art exhibitions.
Form 2003 onwards Yumma-Re cooperates with many artists from the Italin indie-scene; Spasulati band, Beltrame, Lef, Zero Consequences, Le Nčon Noir, Alessandro Mancuso and Beati Paoli…just to name a few.
In the year 2004 the band “enters” the recording studio -Monochrome - to start work on their new record. After three years of experimentation and hard work, “EDEN” sees the light..
"EDEN" is an insight…a journey that “visits” paranoia, the fear of the “new millennium individual”.
The record sees the participation of many musicians: Armando Luongo, Valerio Morrone (Hana-B), Gianluca D'Ambrosio, Giovanni Sica e Paolo (Spasulati band), B.B (RobMC Tribe), Vincenzo Nolfo (Meloni one), Domenico Nobile. Important was the coolaboration of Donato Guarino (LEF) who translated the lyrics and “lent” his voice to the track “Try”.
 :: :: 27/08/2009

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