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Chango's Forum - CHE SUDAKA

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hola querria saber si el concierto en andel sera acustico como en saint brieuc o esta vez hara bateria y keyboard?
 :: vaseu :: 21/04/2010
habra bateria...keyboard...y ganas de hacer un show a tope!!!!!...arriba la vaina!!!!
 :: che sudaka :: 21/04/2010
genial! me gusta mucho en acustico tambien pero con bateria y keyboard...sera explosivo como la ultima vez que les vi de esta manera en saint colomban el ano pasado! nos vemos viernes!!
 :: vaseu :: 21/04/2010
thank you for the concert,emotion,atmosphere.....

Manon happy, and little Evan 3 years super happy to have seen the afternoon....

sorry forgot Anthrax "tshirt surfing association"!!!!! give concert festival "papillons de nuit" in france, 30 May 2010...

Manon wrote a song, can you give it to mail you send (my mail, stephmanonevan@orange.fr)

for guitar lessons Manon, teacher full course next September ....
I'll try to learn a few chords Manon, pending....

beautiful road all the group and happiness ... long live rock and roll ..... in harmony as stated Gambeat
 :: stephane :: 24/04/2010
un abrazo to Cordobā ^^^la proximā vez en espaņol ..
hasta pronto !!!
 :: djahya :: 27/04/2010

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