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Chango's Forum - CHE SUDAKA

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 Video de Nuremberg
Video de "Ciego" en Nuremberg el pasado sabado!!

 :: che sudaka :: 05/08/2008
buenos dias amigos.

i saw your great show in nuernberg on the bardentreffen. i like the music and the show very much. unfortunatley i can't understand alot of the lyrics because my spanish is not realy good but i can felt the vibe! excelente. and i can understand the main message... KEIN MENSCH IST ILLEGAL...
later i met leo, cordobes y cheko at the private aftershow-"party" in the flat. maybe you can remember (the guy with the white shirt on the lounge). haha... you are hombre muchachos!

if it's possible for me, i will come to your show in Jena at 29.08.
i hope so... maybe we see us there again!

it is possible to buy a shirt and cd's in jena because i didn't had money to buy something in nuernberg?

so, have a good time y hasta luego.

take care!

check www.myspace.com/trusticesound
 :: Jenson :: 05/08/2008

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