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Chango's Forum - CHE SUDAKA

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Hi Leo and the band,

I would like to send you some presents to thank you for the wonderful
time in La Citrouille in St Brieuc and especially for signing Manon's
guitar (my daughter).

I am an active member in a surfing association, and i was wandering if
you would like to receive some of our tshirts as a big thanks you for
your kindness and generosity!

It would be great to see you again next week at the Andel'ir festival.
Would it be possible to let me know how we can manage the meeting to
give you your gifts?

All the best...
 :: stephane :: 17/04/2010
thanks a lot for your beautifull,messagge!!!!!...big hug to manon...nos vemos por la vida!!!!
 :: kachafaz :: 18/04/2010
thank you to you, I'll tell Manon, she'll be happy
 :: stephane :: 18/04/2010
see you in bretagne the next week!!!!...arriba la vaina!!!!
 :: :: 18/04/2010

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