February 2004: Year of the monkey and the beats of wings of butterflies

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February 2004: Year of the monkey and the beats of wings of butterflies

Bush, in his State of the Nation Speech, advised sexual chastity in order to fight against AIDS. And if father Bush and Barbara had adapted this philosophy of life, other illnesses would have been surely avoided. As Michael said: "morality becomes rigid when the remainder is not it any more".
The new Chinese year has just begun under the sign of the Monkey. Astrologers say that this is a year favorable for changes. From the year of the Sheep to the year of the Monkey. It is true that the year 2003 was the year for sheep. We were fattened upon media lies, generated without a doubt, by politicians and monks (Opus Dei in Spain, Berlusconi in Italy and fundamentalist Christians in the US). As Coluche said; "the problem is not that the journalists repeat what the politicians say, but that they believe them!"
But the changes on this webpage did not wait for the auspicious chinese year 4702 to be marked with the golden seal of the monkey. Vinx, our web magician, set up a new Conscience page, which makes it possible to make keyword searches, and which contains more categories for better indexing the whole of the articles. This new page is really meant for all readers and please don’t hesitate to send in your contributions. A news category also appeared on each artist page to regularly update information on each artist.
I adore the theory of chaos, where the beat of wings of butterfly on the other side of the planet can set into effect a chain reaction which ultimately causes an earthquake here. This theory is regularly used in economics to excuse the faults in the capitalist system which result in millions of people unemployed as well as international crises. In economics is called the theory of chaos, but in a social situation, you could call it the theory of revolution. Under a positive light, this theory could also mean the small positive actions each one us does can have, can cause true positive revolutions on a grand scale.
Each drop of cooperation, each smile, each small gesture, to change the world in your neighborhood can change the lives of million people for the better. When you choose your clothes by looking at the label, ethics and their use, when you buy your shoes by including/understanding what there is behind the logo, when you open your tap with intelligence, when you re-use a paper sheet, when you help your neighbor, when you listening to your brother, you can improve the living conditions of people located thousands of kilometers from your neighborhood.
Because of this, the politicians and the media, seek to transform us into frightened sheep in order to make us believe a certain undeniable reality, to destroy any temptation of rebellion. They know that any action which counters the system, even unimportant ones, can lead to the end this system. They try to control the world by searching for all the butterflies and cutting their wings off.

In Spain, this January, a campaign of pressure and harassment took place on venues who had booked Basque singer Fermin Muguruza. Fermin is a free man and has never been charged in court for advocating terrorism, or support for an underground army. On the contrary, he has condemned any kind of violence. However, extraordinary pressure, threats near the venues, ended up forcing those to cancel Fermin’s concerts. Curiously, this occurred in cities controlled by the ruling Popular Party and was carried out by two organizations (España 2000 and Victimas del Terrorismo) which are funded by the Spanish government. How can an association fight terrorism and use the same methods which it condemns? This is a little of what currently occurs in many countries. Under pretext of fighting against terrorism, governments end up using the methods which they condemn. Let us listen to what Ignacio Ramonet thinks was interviewed on Catalan television Canal33 regarding the censorship of the press while I finished this editorial (January 30)?
"Whenever a country, a government, goes in war, the media tend to denigrate those who are not at the sides of their soldiers. Journalism, in times of war, is put at unison and they are often the journalists who are not directly related to the war, which is most objective.
Its common to think that only totalitarian states use censorship. That’s a mistake, because the exercise of any capacity (in the democracy, there is a exercise of the capacity), comprises a certain degree of censorship. In dictatorships, the press is controlled and any variation or opposition to official positions is banned. In democracy, censorship functions through the quantity of information. The more versions circulating from one source, each slightly different, one can hide and marginalize the information from alternative sources.”
Has our understanding of terrorism changed since September 11?
The word terrorism is used often but the concept does not have a clear and accepted definition. For example, Nelson Mandela, who received the Nobel Peace Prize, spent 30 years in prison for terrorism. Bouteflika, who used terrorism against the French, is today the respected President of Algeria. Before September 11, terrorism was associated a requirement of revolutionary change, with a claim of release of people, social justice? Since September 11, everything changed. Nobody knows really what the terrorists of September 11 wanted and this act was still not asserted besides. No one knows what Al Qaeda wants. Their objectives are unknown. If Al Qaeda’s logic is followed, they want "to punish" those which do not respect Islam, but that is only speculation. They use revolutionary methods and are revolutionized each day. That makes them imperceptible and not easily identifiable. For these reasons, the US administration has decided that the terrible threat is worth reducing everyone’s freedoms because terrorists can be in our midst. As the current terrorism is diffuse, the fight against it is also diffuse.
But when one arrives at this type of extreme situation, as in Colombia, those involved do not have any more an other choice but to seek peace and to seek dialogue. However peace can only be made with one’s enemies. One cannot make peace between friends. It is necessary to seek a dialogue with one’s enemies to find peace. When Israel and Palestine starts speaking of peace, everyone is happy to note that the enemies are able to approach and to find with agreements. Nobody wants their failure. The policy takes a lead in the remainder and everyone applauded ".

Without transition,

Ignacio Lundo, singer and leader of Chango Family, who are in Barcelona today after a short Atlantic crossing by plane. He slipped me a small poem, an extract of the song “Canto Por Tierra”, which finishes this editorial with a note of hope in this year of (small) changes of the final and total revolution: "The west, rusty with accidents and excess, death by leaden teeth, for your wet dreams, for gold you laid down, livid temerity, indexed by hundreds, with a drop of blood. The west, oxidized, rusty with commissions, your bookie’s emissaries, tremble in their shoes, the crowd which growls and seems without armor, those that you massacred are your offspring ".

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