June 2003: To vote or not vote

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June 2003: To vote or not vote

...is it worth it? And for whom?? In the days which have preceded the recent elections in Spain, I had several conversations with friends and explained to them how I had changed my view on this subject since the day when France almost shifted into extreme right. I have insisted with them to take the trouble to fight their Sunday hangover ...on one hand out of respect for the historical struggles due to which the right to vote was conquered, but also because I believe that some politicians can be less harmful than others. The good ones - in case they exist - often do not dispose of the minimum media exposure to become adequately known, whereas others resort to mere posturing. In today's democracy it is impossible to attain some power - always keeping in mind that the real power is held by banks, multinational corporations and other mafias) without lies, "pacts" and a long and dark series of similar practices. I believe, however, that some politicians are less xenophobic than others. They will not change the course of things, but maybe "thanks" to them the worsening of the world will be somewhat delayed. C'mon, that sure is something, isn't it? And besides, it is within reach! We can notice this, for instance, when an immigration law is being written or when one gets a fine for standing in a park drinking, oh well, a can of beer... We all complain about this, but if three out of ten of us refuse to do what is within reach with minimum effort...and sure enough many of those three who stayed at home on Sunday attended demonstrations against the war, this is what really pisses me off, well, maybe almost as much as the PP's victory in Muxia (small Galician village which suffered heavily with the wreck of the Prestige).
I understand that in many cases it is not so easy to choose. In Argentina for instance politicians mock people's confidence brazen-facedly and people are fully conscious (mmm...?) of the fact that the serious economic problems are not to be solved by politicians. In 13 districts of the Guipuzcoa province (region of the basque country comprising San Sebastian), however, the votes for the previously illegal AuB party outnumbered those for any other competitor.
I do not know if these lines helped some of you to reflect on the importance of using the ballots (among other means) to express discontent, but it is important to keep in mind that if we really anat a better society it is not necessary to wait five years to act consciously: a simple conversation with friends can make a difference.

Now with your permission, I will report on the efforts and achievements of the Chango team...La Radiolina, still being developed - has begun to broadcast and we believe that this will represent the beginning of a close collaboration with Manu Chao with our webpage. After having taken part in the first Colifata tour in Catalunya, RadioChango will be present in August at the Esperanzah festival in Belgium (with Cheb Balowski and Che Sudaka), in September at el Mercat de la Musica in Vic and at the Les Mediterraneenes festival in Argeles, south of France, accompanying other bands from the Barcelona music scene. We are widening our contacts and our enthusiasm is always growing. "Las Noches del Chango" are becoming reality at last. The catalogue has suffered some delay in its development due to the maddening amount of paper work required to make it happen, but don't worry, be patient, this too will be available soon. The Chango community is also something in which we have been working, after the revamping of the forums and the chat, there are more tools which we want to make available...we work without haste, but without pause...I would like to thank all of you once more for all the support that you have been giving to RadioChango, so that it can become an increasingly potent means for the spread of multiracial culture (not only in Barcelona) and of commitment to social causes.

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