December 2006: This time, they will not stole our illusions

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December 2006: This time, they will not stole our illusions

Having passed the Presidential elections in Mexico, Peru and Colombia, its preceding ones in Nicaragua and Ecuador had great value, to confirm the general turn of the Latin American continent towards leftist tendencies. Even if Colombia was to be excluded from the bunch, it still could be said that almost, most of Latin America is leftist. Even Peruís election of Alan Garcia (who is a crook and a thieve) possesses subtle leftist tendencies, and lets mention Calderon, who is trying to reach political reconciliation nationally, and perhaps might even recuperate part of the programs of the so popular candidate Lopez de Obrador. It seems that even the most conservatives and conformist of governing leaders, have realized that they canít keep on ignoring their people.

At the same time in the United States, the so expected political changed has occurred. The Democrats have won the majority within the Senate and the Congress. G.W Bush is facing two years of parliamentary commissions and senatorial investigations, that will put to light the truth about the war in Iraq, the oil concessions, the contract attributions for the rebuilding of Iraq, about the U.S Army, about all types of surveillance and the list goes on.

Since the electoral fraud in Florida, six years ago and the outraging terror alerts, that have submerge the world within an ideological misery with no prior warning, never before has the winds of changed felt better than ever.

In the U.S.A and the rest of the world, it wonít be an easy task for the democrats to repair 6 years of nonsense; the war in Iraq, the impunity in Guantanamo Bay, the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, the kidnappings done by the CIA in Europe and torture chambers within friendly countries (Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey) the complicity with the Israeli government and its Army, the humiliation to the UN, the rejections to the agreements in Kyoto, the abandonment of Africa, the return of religion within politics, the pressures inflicted upon freely and democratically elected governments in Latin America, the shaky situation of discrimination that experience the minorities in the United States, specially the African-American and Hispanic Communities. On the other hand the situation of Fidel Castroís health issues, which has an important political change that would perhaps reconciliate some in Miami and Cuba. How much longer will the Cuban boycott last?

Having said all of this, what most gives me hope, is not that the United States starts repairing its mistakes, but that it will hopefully stop committing them.

Prior to this change, it is important that Europe comes out of immobility and into playing a decisive role towards aiding international political changes take place, so that everything reaches and equilibrium. I believe that Europe (along with the U.N) is the only credible official road, which has enough means to propose and lead an international change.

Could Uncle Samís European friends be able to understand this change of political tendencies? Particularly Blair, the ambitious candidates Sarkozy and Royal, the current generation of the Spanish PP, the Putin mafia-FSI-cracia, the European to come, Kaczynski and the European candidate Erdogan. To be quiet honest, I donít have much trust on them.

We have to trust in ourselves and recover the spirit of struggle and the desire of changes that we had prior to 9/11.

We had to go back to the old ways of peaceful protests, in which we can display our discontentment with the national and internationals institutions that pay the salaries of the multinational corporations. We ought to obtain, once again, an open mind that is always awake and alert. We ought to listen to once again to J. Saramago, E. Galeano, R. Menchu, N. Klein, I. Ramonet, C. Taibo, J. Bove, S. George, V. Maathai, M. Yunus, F. Mayor Zaragoza, M. Moore, and M. ChaoÖvoices which have lost their echo within the past years, due to lack of interest that the media have to support their testimonies, messages and ideals. In this world, where the official sources of information is on the hands of small financial groups, we canít forget the freedom that the internet offers to many countries, to inform us and give us access to other alternatives.

We are responsible for what we read and learn, and we are also responsible for what we teach and broadcast. We have to generate an illusion around us, we have to once again, believe that change is possible before chaos strives. The world is now changingÖChanging for what?
Is it now or never?
Could it be that it is only false illusions?
I donít knowÖ. nobody knows!
But without a collective illusion of hope, absolutely nothing will happen.
All of us have to put in efforts, a lot of courage and a lot of hope if we want the world to be a bit better.


:: Mono Lo (Translation by Dariana) ::



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