June 2004: The prince owes us a beer…

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June 2004: The prince owes us a beer…

…not to mention the PP…

I have to admit that I had some trouble deciding which subjects to discuss in this editorial. There have been a lot of different subjects and figures on the front pages of the newspapers. I will try to only discuss a few of them. The Champions League will soon be over, and I still don't know who is going to be the winner… (I would like to ask you not to debate this subject in the forums).

I will start by returning to the subject of the 'pink' event of the year. I read the article 65.1 of the Spanish Constitution; " The King receives money from the State's Budget, an amount to support his Family and his House, and which he freely has at his disposition". That does it! Nobody asked us whether or not we wanted a monarchy. Last year, this family received no less than 7.224.390€ from the pocket of the taxpayers, and this year it will be 7.512.970, wich means a raise of 4 points above the CPI (Consumer Price Index), all because of the royal marriage, and all this, without even looking at the costs taken on by the different ministries and Government machinery. Still, nobody is capable of making an accurate estimation of the true costs of the royal wedding. Speculations differ from 4 to 21 million €s. (source: basefinanciera.com).

But this is nothing if you compare it to the amount the War in Iraq has cost Spain. The war which was opposed by 90% of the Spanish population. Its costs : 370 Million €… No comment… In addition, CEPSA and REPSOL compete for the purchase of 15 million barrels of oil, an affiliate of UNION FENOSA is going to sign a contract of which the first phase of 20 millions will be approved of, and since yesterday 50 Spanish small and medium-sized buisinesses participate in the International Salon of Baghdad, to depvelop their export towards this country (source : 20 Minutos - 26/05/04).

In last months editorial, Mono Lo talked about the Cultural Forum of Barcelona, but without mentioning a small detail, which I would like to explain in order to give you a genuine view of the situation : " The total budget of the Forum is about 2000 million €, of which only 319 will be used for the for the content of the Forum itself, while the trifling amount of 1740 million € will be used for urbanistic projects. Naturally, the enterprises that are most interested in this urbanistic project, and gain from it, are the large real estate lobbies (SerciHabitat, Procivesa,…) and the multinationals that bought the terrain around the Forum - after the neighbours of the Poble Nou district were expropriated - ; LA CAIXA, RETEVISION AXA, DEUTSCHE TELECOM,… (source: fotut2004.org). Culture seems to be just an excuse to make money of the people behind their backs; which is very sad for a popular city that has an enormous amount of culture to offer and share.

The most scandalous figures of the month are the 30.000 to 300.000€ fines that could be inflicted to the Madrid association LADINAMO, found 'guilty' of "disdaining the values and norms of the community's Constitution" by the Madrid Department. The cause: having organised a concert of Fermin Muguruza in Madrid - accidentally- on the day of the wedding of the Future King of Spain (more information at www.ladinamo.org/apoyo). The fascist persecutions and never ceasing pressure on one of the best and most coherent artists of our page, continues now for two years. It is because of this that we ask all the chango's not to forget Sunday 13. The use of your vote has proved itself in Spain on March 14, 2004, and it is time to show that Europe can change too. It has cost over 200 deaths and who knows how many injured, until a fascist party finally was eliminated. On Sunday 13, we have to show that we don't need terrorists to mobilise us and legitimate express our ideas.

You know that I like to finish my editorials talking about Chango and thanking everyone who follows us. And since I have mentioned several figures, let me also show you how many we are, together on RadioChango. In May 2001, two month after its start, RadioChango's page had 12.000 visitors. One year later, this figure rose to 70.000. In the same month of 2003, our page was visited 230.000 times, and this year in May our record was set to 400.000 visitors. I'd like to mention that we will continue to be a means of totally independent communication and that all the content we present is the choice of our guts and heart, without any influence nor obligation. We hope to continue our progress with you, and your comments and critiques as well as your support as our motor to continue improve this site for all.

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