July 2005: The Capital Sin of reason.

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July 2005: The Capital Sin of reason.

It is more than necessary to demand to our readers my most deep apologies due to the lack of actualization of the English page during the last two months. Sometimes music keeps us busy.
During the last days Spain has become a boiling pot of contradictions and ideas. On one side the government has finally approved a law that permits marriage and adoption to homosexuals. On the other hand, on Galicia (north part of Spain) several years of modern fascism have finally perished.
The approval of such a law, has arrived with many difficulties. The most important one is to realize that still nowadays, many people continue absorbed by religious beliefs. During several days all the catholic associations, or better yet, all the catholic branches of the multinational Vatican, have fought against this law under the arguments of god, under the arguments of ignorance, discrimination and fascism. For this reason the church has surprised us with several statements that I proceed to reproduce:

"the homosexual behaviour deeply distortions love, therefore this behaviour can only damage the integral development of the person who wrongly attend it…..therefore we must take care of those who SUFFER homosexuality…we must stop this law, as if not, marriage of homosexuals will come to destroy the construction of the civilization of love."
This statement is what Nietzsche would have called "the great capital sin of reason". Religious statements are characterized by believing in realities that do not exist, therefore, moral judgements such as this one, are part of a level of ignorance, in which the concept of reality has not appeared yet, there is no distinction between reality and imagination. This way the "Primitive church" fights against passions through the castration of feelings, what they do not realize is that the attack to passion equals to a direct attack to life. If someone has understood this last argument then he should agree with me when I state that in the name of love, of love to life, church should "autosuppress" itself, only then, they would almost deserve existing… Religious convictions are jails, the believer, of any type, is necessarily a dependent person, he needs not to see many things, not to be objective, he needs to have a rigid vision in order to believe, this is why faith is the antithesis of truth because the believer does not have enough freedom to achieve conscience of what the reality is. An the truth is that human beings, men or women have feelings and passions that should not be diminished, controlled, punished or prohibited by nothing. Therefore, progress and development does not mean, creating a law that allows marriage, progress and development means understanding and respecting. Only through this attitude we can achieve social conscience. The interior sphere of every human can not be the aim, object or purpose of any kind of external judgement or limitation, as this would suppose a direct attack to dignity, honour and integrity, all of them basis of human rights. In conclusion we must state that the sickness of religion, has to be overcome, only this way we will free ourselves from the symptoms of every illness, debility, indifference and lack of will.

:: Cindy ::



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