March 2005: Reasons, desires and reactions.

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March 2005: Reasons, desires and reactions.

To my father.

Every month when I grab a piece of paper and a pen (at least mentally cause I must confess my submission to the keyboard) many thoughts tend to invade my mind. I wonder how many things I would like to express, how many things can I change, how many things I should not say, or how many things occur every day that we do not notice or we do not realize.
These last ones are the most complicated ones, as I still do not know if we, as human beings, would be prepared to hold in our hearts, and in our minds, the pain and suffering of our fellow beings. On one hand, it could be positive to penetrate under the skin of other humans as this would help us to develop a bigger sense of implication, comprehension and solidarity. On the other hand it could be negative as a great part of non violent conformity drifts from the ignorance to which entire nations are enslaved. Therefore the reaction to this situation, would be different if the enslaved ones would be acknowledged people, this ones would not only react with disconformity but probably with violence, with non acceptance.

Consequently it is difficult, but at the same time interesting, to ask ourselves, what would be our reaction to the constant oppression that other human beings suffer everyday? Because everybody can dominate and control a pain, except the one that suffers it.

It is difficult, when we live in a developed country, to imagine a reality different than ours, moreover if the only path to see it is through the squared screen. Device that turns reality into fiction, into a show that it is seen while having lunch, and forgot by the time you have the dessert. This happens because some nations are bribed with their good life level, so they can not stop to think about the one of those who supports ours.
The reality in the world is that, every 2 seconds a child dies because of avoidable diseases as measles, every 44 seconds a child is born into poverty, every 7 seconds a person dies of hunger. Finally….. every minute a person is killed by a firearm. Six months ago, in some minutes… my father and my sister were kidnapped and killed by a human, with a firearm.

For me its hard to understand, moreover is hard to believe that is real, as we always tend to avoid feeling pain. Still, the hardest thing is to realize that this occur everyday, to hundreds of families, to hundreds of daughters, sisters, sons, wives…..and nothing can stop the feeling of absence. What would be your reaction in this situation? The answer is only part of the one who reads (if someone does), but my reaction is a desire: I desire that no one suffers what I have suffered.
To achieve this purpose, maybe it is not necessary to move an entire world, but to start in our own place, street or neighbourhood, little by little, with fixed aims that can be achieved, and through the ones positive results can be obtained. Start by “cleaning” everything that surrounds you, start by having a desire, a reason, because even that is difficult nowadays, and that is the most important step.

:: Cindy ::



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