April 2005: Radiochango Compilation!!!

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April 2005: Radiochango Compilation!!!

This month it is more than worthwile to start talking about good news. In first place we are proud and happy to announce that Chango, the god of party, pachanga and rebellion comes back to give us joy. Rebellion with happiness, with musical ideas, thoughts …… and of course…this is also the goal we would like to achieve throught our compilation "RADIOCHANGO AÑEJO RESERVA" that will be launched in all Spain (and, as soon as possible, throught internet to all the world) next april 21rst. This compilation is composed of 19th unpublished tracks, peculiar versions, acoustics…little parts of several records that we have loved during all these four years toguether. This compilation´s aim is also to make a tribute, in its first volume, to everybody that has supported us, artists, intellectuals, managers, individuals, places…..to everybody that throught their own way have contributed to make us a big family. Our list of greatfullness would be too long to put it here so we rather yourself to recognize all these people while you listen to the music.

You might have already noticed by this time that our illusion with this proyect is beyond any frontier, the biggest proof is that, we have worked hard during nine months. We must say it has been complicated, as we have had to deal with lawyers, multinationals etc….and this is why we are proud to know that we have achieved our purpose to give you this piece of our four years of history, summarized in 72 minutes that go by like a story tale.
On second place, my next good personal news, is the launch in april of the second cd of one of the most interesting groups I have heard during the last years "Elbicho" a really nice fusion of music that I really recommend you the hear, and of course to send me your opinions!.
Finally , we really hope from Radiochango that we all keep on fighting for and throught our hopes, ideas, dreams and most of will.

:: Cindy ::



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