January 2005: Pangea: All lands.

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January 2005: Pangea: All lands.

It is said that in the early beginings, all earth was one. A supercontinent surrounded by a vast ocean called "Panthalassa", greek word for meaning "all the seas". As time passed by, Pangea broke into two parts, a southern part called "Godwana" and a northern part called "Laurasia". It is not surprising to know that, since the Jurassic period we have maintained this real and ideal subdivision. North and south, rich and poor, good and bad. Moreover, we human beings, have not only supported such divisions but created new ones, and as a result of this situation, unreal differences are constantly created among the equals as well as turned into facts. In regard to this, simultaneously, it will suffice to understand that for ages the causes that have always increased human inequality have always been political, social and economical. As a result of these three main categories, we have an inequality of opportunities, opportunities to live. However, the problem arises when it comes to eradicate the already settled concept of inequality, this is, one being more, the other less (one superior, the other inferior) in some respect. During the last year, the consequences of this situation have become more evident than they have never been. The entire world (not just some parts) has lived under a permanent tension, apprehension and strain. According to investigations, approximately 2000 people have died only by terrorist attacks and thousands have been wounded. Millions die of hunger in this world divided by two important classes, those that have more food than appetite, and those that have more appetite than food. Millions die of treatable diseases….. in summary people die due to the most deep consequence of globalization: inequality. And is that all humans are born equal, but that instant, is the last moment were they are considered as so.

Still…..a new year is coming and a new opportunity is given. Unfortunately we can not control nature disasters such as the recent ones that have left thousands of dead people, but on the other hand we are able to control humanly provoked ones. We are able to give someone the option of living instead of an irreversible future of death. Therefore it is important for us to remember not only that if we do not learn of history we will be condemned to repeat it, but that if we do not change the future, we will be obligated to bear it. This could be the worst part.
Our nature, our past, is that of a world bounded together, a Pangea. Consequently we need to unify our will in order to avoid divisions, human divisions that as mentioned before, grant ones with the opportunity to live and others with the obligation to die. This unification must start with individual efforts that step by step can create a general progress. In other words social progress must be a consequence of individual progress.

From here we hope that this new year, this new chance, awakes in us the sense of will, the sense of implication, the sense of humanity that is more than essential in order to avoid a future with more inequalities. At the same time we wish that every one of us, during this new period can transmit in some moment, strength, will and passion, with this, another life is possible. With this we can create a new Pangea of humanity.

:: Cindy ::



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